Country Rap Facts by Who TF is Justin Time? ft. Adam Calhoun (Official Music Video)

Apr 6, 2021
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(Intro: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Check One
Sir you have a collect call from fuck your bitch
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
(Verse 1: Who TF is Justin Time?)
OG like I’m Brodnax
Feel like Demun in a straw hat
Only make hits like I’m Big Murph
Made 100 grand off t-shirts
Rap about guns but they been afraid
Shitstain Shane that boy been a lame
2500 now I’m Diesel Gang
Don’t grab my titty like what’s her name
If they a Big Po fan bet their missing a tooth
The only fire he knows is the flame to the spoon
Matt Townz said my name just to get him some views
He’s got a Z in his name cuz you hear him and snooze
Rappers real fake like a decoy
Pockets real big like I’m Leroy
Dropped real quick like a Big Smo show
Get smacked up bitch that’s a Haystak blow
Nerf Gun Ned wants back on the scene
Guess I gotta blockem like Shaq with the Heat
What’s Shane gon do not a god damn thing
Boy built like Ellen with an eyebrow ring
Switching my stance like I fight South Paw
Stay with The StiXXX like my drummer Jon Paul
Hustle like Strug that’s the real outlaw
Bad apple like Jelly till the wheels fall off
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
(Verse 2: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Dont touch my truck
Shut the fuck up
Little bitch you ain’t shot no buck
Fuck that you ain’t never seen mud
Luke Bryan never kicked up dust
Blanco Brown really couldn’t git up
Lil Nas X never showed up
Cuz he probably to busy taking dick in the butt
Shooting these shots I empty this mag and then I reload it
Say you the goat but really that’s Church cuz his records golden
Say that they real but shit hit the fan you know that they folding
Rappers be lying they really be broke & then blame it on covid
Stay with the iron I carry the club just like I’m a caddy
I am the 1 but stay with the 2 and point it right at him
Hosiers a bum he’s really my son I guess I’m his daddy
Checking the facts what has he done if it wasn’t for Adam
(Verse 3: Adam Calhoun)
Let me get the gas quick
Pour it on this corny ass rap shit
40 blast quick
Zip his ass up in plastic
Bout to get smacked like you texting in traffic
Dudes I’m with are ruthless savage
You are more into news and fashion
Looking stupid for views you acting
Wearing dresses and goofy hats
Man I see you in public I’m whooping your ass
Bitch stay loaded you know & I’m ready
Got a big 4 4 and that bitch talk heavy
With that Pablo flow sitting low in the Chevy
Hit the gas real fast they ain’t never gonna catch me
Slide so fast you ain’t never gonna catch me
Got a blicky in the dash and the cash on hefty
Put my city on the map like I opened up the levy
Put the 50 in the Mag like I’m opened up and ready
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
Written by Justin Stowers & Adam Calhoun
Produced by Butters Pro
Recorded at Times Tavern & Fort Knox
Mixed & Mastered by Ear Gawd
Video by Creative World Films
Artwork by Jesse Gordon
#CountryRap #RedneckRave #AdamCalhoun

  • Bro put the lyrics in the description so there is no mistake 🤣🤣🤣

    collins7426collins74264 days ago
    • @EC Stanton Been skinning and gutting shit since we were 8.... Stay in the city homie... To many acres to bury your ass in out in these hills.

      Thane BarrackThane Barrack4 hours ago
    • If a man can't survive in the woods they ain't worth the salt in their bread. And that would be pure sad 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've been hunting since I was 2 and shooting guns since I was 4. If I get hungry and have no money I can at least find me a deer or something to track and kill to eat and then I can eat the plants from the woods I live in. 🤣

      Hick ChickHick Chick14 hours ago
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    • You should put me on this track...

      Jeremy Lee ShaferJeremy Lee Shafer23 hours ago
    • He said "I'll stay in the city". Aka I wouldn't last a minute in the woods if I had to survive. The only thing this man knows how to work is a microwave and a TV remote. 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️😂😂😂

      boostcreep2440boostcreep2440Day ago
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