Cool Tech Under $50 - April!

Apr 3, 2021
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Today we've got a fire episode of some cool tech gadgets under $50! Want to save some money?
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  • Yup, as I predicted the RGBW ring light sold out in minutes. Just a heads up: the link below is correct. If you don’t live in the US it’ll obviously bring you to a different product, because it’s an Amazon US link lol. Keep an eye on it, save it to your Karma dashboard and it’ll let you know when it’s back in stock 👌🏻

    randomfrankprandomfrankp7 days ago
    • You can find the ring light on aliexpress. Search “ Nordic RGB Lamp Circle Led Table Lamp”

      crdnzcrdnz4 days ago
    • @Mopantsu aukey aura had something similar

      Maxime SchuckmannMaxime Schuckmann5 days ago
    • Top order 100?+ Give a way?

      pacasso and tamatopacasso and tamato5 days ago
    • Anyone have the link for the ring light for the UK?

      Nathan LiversedgeNathan Liversedge5 days ago
    • Just loaded the link up on the US Amazon and still takes me to the wrong product

      ADHD k1d VlogsADHD k1d Vlogs5 days ago
  • My favorite item would probably be the bass shaker because I game a lot and it would be really awesome to just feel like the gunshots, explosions, etc.

    Forest LedvinaForest Ledvina32 minutes ago
  • I hope I win

    Fahad ALNASSARFahad ALNASSAR56 minutes ago
  • Frank, what’s that mic boom mounted to your desk?

    Mikey PijuanMikey Pijuan2 hours ago
  • Hey i want RGB Ring Light thank you

    Muhammad FareezMuhammad Fareez4 hours ago
  • Wow 19 dollars for that 3d printed under desk hangar is a massive rip off.

    AeternusAeternus4 hours ago
  • I loved the first, because I sometimes use my phone for home schooling and I also make TikToks

    AntoxniAntoxni6 hours ago
  • What I really want to know is where did you get that work out / curl apparatus ?

    RyanRyan7 hours ago
  • The rgb ring was really cool always have wanted one would help with my setup

    janice chingjanice ching8 hours ago
  • My favorite one was the headphone hanger, my headphones are always on my table taking up desk space so it would help a lot to have this little clamp.

    Luca DicksteinLuca Dickstein8 hours ago
  • swole!!!! frank P

    Paul CruzPaul Cruz9 hours ago
  • That 360 tracking mount ;D

    Vic VergalitoVic Vergalito11 hours ago
  • That Ring light is freaking sweet!

    BlodhthringaBlodhthringa11 hours ago
  • Well the Ring light is already sold out... This feels like the. PS5 again.

    R0SSWildR0SSWild12 hours ago
  • I would like to get the base shaker my brother Loved it I want it because I want to give it to him as a gift

    Emad AldeenEmad Aldeen13 hours ago
  • The gorgon mount is easily my fav. I'm currently building my desk and need a headset mount

    ENLOENLO17 hours ago
  • I love how this community isn’t just bullying each other

    ArkyArky18 hours ago
  • I wanne win the bassthingi

    Mevvs mMevvs m19 hours ago
  • My favourite was the rgb ring because it is awesome and it would look awesome on my set up

    Kevin MalKevin Mal19 hours ago
  • My favorite item is the RGB ring because RGB is cool and it gives you more FPS.

    Kareem HamidofKareem Hamidof21 hour ago
  • The ring light 😍

    TristanTristan22 hours ago
  • That RGB lamp would work be so perfect for my rgb setup

    S5G GamingS5G GamingDay ago
  • 9:40 WHYY!!?

    LooftLooftDay ago
  • The RGB light would be great, working from home.

    mantiscitymantiscityDay ago
  • Loveeeee the face tracking mount and the light ring! Super cool! My son (14) and I (32) are currently following a course on getting started with dropshipping! We’re super excited and love your channel! 💯

    Laura DismoreLaura DismoreDay ago
  • I like the RGB ring light - I'm starting to get into streaming so it'll be nice to have something that can work as a mood light for the stream as well as a functional lamp for my desk. I was also thinking that it would be a great gift for my sister who is starting college this fall, and she might appreciate having a nice desk lamp.

    Zen JenZen JenDay ago
  • The RGB ring light is definitely my favorite, because my setup looks kind of crappy rn and the RGB light would make it look better.

    LassiLassiDay ago
  • That 360 phone mount looks great for my cooking videos or video calls with my cousins Might buy it with Karma

    Noa Gero CRONoa Gero CRODay ago
  • these are all super dope thanks for the video

    sPritecranberrysPritecranberryDay ago
  • The 360 tracking gimble is something I didn’t know I cool

    Rescue 24Rescue 24Day ago
  • 0:57 Are you trying to walk around like a gym bro who feels way more jacked than he actually is? Feeling a good pump from your fancy little Tonal?

    IanIanDay ago
    • Depends on the brand you're offering.

      IanIanDay ago
    • Need a new tampon?

      randomfrankprandomfrankpDay ago
  • Hands down, it gotta be the ring light. It would be kinda nice to have something like for my new setup in my new apartment. Havent really been doing much with it earlier but i Think now its the time for a nice setup and the ring light could really help with that

    SeolyeonSeolyeonDay ago
  • I love the light cuz it would look sick as a light for streaming or just for those late night study sessions😅

    yaboydtrainyaboydtrainDay ago
  • that 360 phone stand camera is my favorite.. super cool and something i've never seen or hear of before

    cxn.cxn.Day ago
  • That 3D printed item I say isn’t worth 20$

    angelangelDay ago
  • I want that DaytonAudio bass shaker to add some spice on my vehicle or maybe to my pc setup to enjoy more bass on my poor bass speaker. And also I like the RGB ringlight of course it's an RGB hahahaha kinda be useful as a night lamp to my room

    kevin lacandolakevin lacandolaDay ago
  • That phone mount would go great with epoccam definitely need one of them

    UwUUwUDay ago
  • Great Video. Anyone know what the name of that exercise equipment he was using is?

    Max EstradaMax EstradaDay ago
  • I really like that ring rgb light. I’m trying to build a setup and could make it stunning

    mongo eezymongo eezyDay ago
  • That rgb ring light looks amazing! Who doesn’t like rgb lights? Good luck everyone

    thegreenfrisbeethegreenfrisbeeDay ago
  • That 360 face tracking mount is very useful even just for simple videocalling.

    Manilette Ann FernandezManilette Ann FernandezDay ago
  • The Ring light, because I'm trying to spice up my home office with unique lights.

    T0mpkinzT0mpkinzDay ago
  • that vibration motor is kinda cool but also kinda dumb... a lot of people get vibration pads for their speakers not to feel anything. I think the idea is great for movies but anything else seems like it would get annoying after a week

    EdgematicEdgematicDay ago
  • Out of all the tech you showed, i really enjoyed seeing the mood light. I would really like to get it because when I do homework I have to turn on a bright light and it lights up my whole room a lot. That's why I would prefer having a smaller light sources like the mood light.

    HenryHenryDay ago
  • I just want the cool under-desk headphone/controller hanger. That is all

    SapokeeSapokeeDay ago
  • the 360 camera would definitely help with my videos !

    Herology GamingHerology GamingDay ago
  • My god keep your elbows tucked and still on them curls bud

    Alex SchultzAlex SchultzDay ago
  • 2:03 Luca's birthday. 💙

    Manilette Ann FernandezManilette Ann FernandezDay ago
  • RGB Ring Light

    wyatt bellwyatt bellDay ago
  • I really like your shirt! Can you please tell me where you got your shirt??

    DJ CruziDJ CruziDay ago
  • I like the ring light a lot!

    Lard LadLard LadDay ago
  • The face tracker would come in handy, as well as that light ring

    Juan UnzónJuan UnzónDay ago
  • 360 Face tracking mount...nice

    TheWhataman00TheWhataman00Day ago
  • I’d like that RGM Mood light, it looks very cool!

  • nice controller and headphone swap at the end. i was like noooo. lol.

  • I love there's videos

    Blas BecerraBlas Becerra2 days ago
  • Gorgon mount id my favorite!

    OlcjcOlcjc2 days ago
  • Frank, the beard - it's my favourite thing! good look!

    Jonathan FerreiraJonathan Ferreira2 days ago
  • Hi, is someone looking for a Gorgon Mount in Europe, we have created a similar mount, and will sell those of ebay soon? We just would like to know how many people are interessted before mass production, price will be 15€

    Angelo AlexisAngelo Alexis2 days ago
  • Rgb ring light cause I’m a sucker for rgb

    ZytrixZytrix2 days ago
  • Out of everything here it'd be dope to have the Gorgon Mount. I've been debating on getting a Razer headphone stand to match with my setup, but idk if I'm feelin spending $60 on that, lol. Great video man! Looking forward to next month's!

    R2 FriendR2 Friend2 days ago
  • Is it me or you bulcked up??

    Ayman CassimAyman Cassim2 days ago
  • I really like the first product but if it tracks your body, will it track my cats who often get in the shot lol. Tried to buy it through your link from Amazon UK but got this message: "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

    Pierre PlaysPierre Plays2 days ago
  • Oh that face tracking mount and the Anamorphic lens is so cool!

    kennytieshisshoeskennytieshisshoes2 days ago
  • Random Frank P is a terrible name, rebrand required.

    Gino ConteGino Conte2 days ago
  • Definitely would love the headphone hanger. Im building a new desk and have been looking for one to go under my desk to prevent clutter.

  • I'd definitely go for the headphone and controller mount I need one

    Hi nickHi nick2 days ago
  • 1 - the bass shaker - close call with the tracking camera until I thought about it and realized i don’t want my girlfriend to track me every second unless she sees this post then finally we can FaceTime all the time! But bass shaker - I have a vortex so the vibrations would really add to those effects and my sub is under my desk

    Drew MersolaDrew Mersola2 days ago
  • 0:57 you look like Chris hemsworth

    Sia YuSia Yu2 days ago
  • I really love your budget tech videos and I want that circular desk lamp I'll mount it on my ceiling, it would look cool.

    Sudhanshu ChibSudhanshu Chib2 days ago
  • for the give a way, i thought the controller and headset hanger was very helpful looking, considering i have broken a pair of dt990s because i didnt have a hanger. Would love to have it. Thank u

    Anthony MurphyAnthony Murphy2 days ago
  • Gorgon Mount would be the most useful thing for me. Also if you see this do you have any recommendations for a cheap USB mic because rn I'm using my phone as a mic and its terrible

    LonelyBabyYodaLonelyBabyYoda2 days ago
  • That RGBW ring light is just 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

    Leo LlLeo Ll2 days ago
  • Great video thank you

    Daniel MargitaDaniel Margita2 days ago
  • I would be really glad for the ring light for my streaming set up. I finally upgraded my mic and i mic interface but i sevearly lack lightning. Keep up the work Frank

    SnowySnowy2 days ago
  • Damn that subwoofer tho

    Thomas SwarbrickThomas Swarbrick2 days ago
  • Woah I love that phone face tracker

    Thomas SwarbrickThomas Swarbrick2 days ago
  • The light ring is pog and would fit in with my setup

    that one dude 12345that one dude 123452 days ago
  • Need that ring light!!

    Noob SlayerNoob Slayer2 days ago
  • You even lift brah?

    RODROD2 days ago
  • I really like that headset and controller mount I think it looks really clean

    Emman ExpertEmman Expert2 days ago
  • The bass shaker is going to make producing music a lot more fun!

    Dusty JDusty J2 days ago
  • Def have lots of interest in the right light. My setup lacks color and pop, so itd be a nice addition!

    Joon KwonJoon Kwon2 days ago
  • Who just checks the desc?

    Games For NoobsGames For Noobs2 days ago
  • Can you do a tutorial on how to set up the Bass shaker please frank!

    iGrindiGrind2 days ago
  • It me b day this week 😁😁😁😁🥳

    Prox R34Prox R342 days ago
  • The ring light looks amazing, would look awesome in my setup but it sold out super fast 😭

    José BejaranoJosé Bejarano2 days ago
  • that rgb oh i love it, i need it in my life

    diego valdez correadiego valdez correa2 days ago
  • I liked the gorgon mount, been needing one for my headphones (currently sitting on a command strip lol).

    Bradon VeluetaBradon Velueta2 days ago
  • Rgb is always what sells out lol

    Mya BeaufordMya Beauford2 days ago
  • That ring light sooo nice. So sad its sold out

    Tom Lücke KøsterTom Lücke Køster2 days ago
  • A lot of people use butt kickers for racing sims

    Brandom PopeBrandom Pope2 days ago
  • Wooouuuuullld love the gorgon mount :)

    Bjarne DassonnevilleBjarne Dassonneville2 days ago
  • Omg I am building a new desk setup and I could seriously use that RGB Ring Light 😍😍😍 That's my favorite item on this months list.

    Souhaib BenchakerSouhaib Benchaker2 days ago
  • My guy looks like Thor

    Kevin ShinKevin Shin2 days ago
  • what’s the link for the background

    smaccysmaccy2 days ago
  • Why he look like a undercover cop from a movie about to start an interrogation 1:00 😆

    SoloRiotzSoloRiotz2 days ago
  • The ring light is badass!

    TraePlaysGamesTraePlaysGames2 days ago
  • I would love to win the Gorgon Mount :)

    alexalex2 days ago
  • 1:01 I ain't do nun

    BlisseBlisse2 days ago