Cooking Challenge Against My Girlfriend Who Doesn't Cook

Apr 2, 2021
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My girlfriend Kate doesn't really cook. Let's see how this goes...
Also, let's get a round of applause for Kate for being a part of this and letting us put her through this.
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Ingredients you'll need:
technique and a lot of patience

  • It really looks like when Im following Joshua‘s recipes

    Ting ZTing Z2 hours ago
  • Michael Jordan vs. JR Smith

    KiraKira3 hours ago
  • Gordon Ramsay would end up a show like this shouting out against his wife: "Get this unseasoned raw piece of shit away from me!"

    Jorge JaramilloJorge Jaramillo3 hours ago
  • "Im doing great" *secretly sneaks* *figuring things out*

    daixxydaixxy4 hours ago
  • “Hot dog or hamburger”🤣🤣🤣 i lost it there

    Ashley AlvaradoAshley Alvarado4 hours ago
  • not this being that thing from tasty

    PUNKPUNK4 hours ago
  • 5:55 awwwwwww

    Ashley AlvaradoAshley Alvarado4 hours ago
  • I hope they'll have a reaction video for this so Josh will see how Kate really did all those stuff

    AyeMoan WhaleAyeMoan Whale4 hours ago
  • someone, GET THE TASER

    Max LotzofMax Lotzof4 hours ago
  • I thought he was gay😟

    Tiana DebTiana Deb6 hours ago
  • a woman who can’t cook 😭

    sour on plutosour on pluto7 hours ago
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    Garrett MahadyGarrett Mahady7 hours ago
  • expectations vs reality

    bambiccinobambiccino8 hours ago
  • women these days cant cook anymore smh.... we need women in the 90s and 80s. she seems not full in the brain

    Arnold AgreesArnold Agrees8 hours ago
  • U do't need to peel garlic if go thru micropa😘

    Eleven VdlnsEleven Vdlns9 hours ago
  • DUDEEE WHEN SHE CUT HER FINGER AND SAID “wait really” 🥺🥺🥺 he got so concerned🥺🥺

    Shamaurie Lewis JrShamaurie Lewis Jr9 hours ago
  • The opportunity for funny b-roll from Kate's cooking was terrible missed.

    Taylor WilsonTaylor Wilson10 hours ago
  • good thing this guys knows how to cook himself lmao

    Artan FilaniArtan Filani10 hours ago
  • How about the perfect food, but better, yeah, a good thing, but even better than better

    Void4GamesVoid4Games10 hours ago
  • 5:55 literally the sweetest thing

    talia zurtalia zur10 hours ago
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    Genaro ShultsGenaro Shults10 hours ago
  • His apron makes me wanna cry

    Domo PixDomo Pix11 hours ago
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    Keren IsslaubKeren Isslaub11 hours ago
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    Paul TomorrowPaul Tomorrow11 hours ago
  • Alternate title: Teaching my girlfriend how to cook with her just hearing it.

    LostAngelLostAngel11 hours ago
  • the smoke alarm when searing steaks!

    aola wiliaola wili11 hours ago
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    Greis DemiriGreis Demiri11 hours ago
  • You inspired me to challenge my boyfriend to bake. :D This would be a great date night.

    Kellie TrimbleKellie Trimble11 hours ago
  • "flakeysalt"

    Zwntyy- RobloxZwntyy- Roblox12 hours ago

    Ling CiLing Ci13 hours ago
    • 4mil

      aola wiliaola wili11 hours ago
  • 3.99 million subs, almost 4 million subs

    Mason PayneMason Payne13 hours ago
  • 5:54 Joshua be like:Where's that fuxxking knife that cut you,I'm going to throw it away

    Ling CiLing Ci13 hours ago
  • we didnt start in the cupboard

    madara uchihamadara uchiha13 hours ago
  • The lighting is genius. Josh has sunlight so everything looks vibrant and bright but her stuff looks dark and gloomy because of the sheet

    Nick PadrickNick Padrick13 hours ago
  • Y’all both ugly in white pple food don’t be well done at all

    Josh PainJosh Pain13 hours ago
  • Pleeaassee do one of these with Cody, I would die

    nnnooppeennnooppee13 hours ago
  • I want a partner like Josh to cook for me :(

    Phoenyx 18Phoenyx 1814 hours ago
  • Her sandwich was actually very well done. If she just had a but more mayonto giventhe sauce a creamier consistency it would of been near identical imo.

    DANKDANK15 hours ago
  • I love her! Omg, she’s so chill ❤️

    Edison UyEdison Uy15 hours ago
  • She’s a food digger

    AJ JacobsAJ Jacobs15 hours ago
  • Kate.... I am finally putting this together omg 😂😂😂

    Nick HNick H16 hours ago
  • Poor girl.

    Dániel FölkDániel Fölk16 hours ago
  • break up she didnt do good

    nDrew4frdmnDrew4frdm17 hours ago
  • 4mil

    Khunkhuu GvnsenKhunkhuu Gvnsen18 hours ago
  • Joahua is such a daddy...and i know all the other subbies here agree...

    Helena BoothHelena Booth18 hours ago
  • This is back-to-back chef.

    ijeremyoliverijeremyoliver19 hours ago
  • Girls are always right

    Ritu BhallaRitu Bhalla20 hours ago
  • Nice video, nice sharing. Thanks so much

    Sammi Kitchen 1Sammi Kitchen 120 hours ago
  • Can you make the sugar daddy candy??

    Jasmine ArielJasmine Ariel21 hour ago
  • Love Kate so much, totally bring her back 😂. I swear, she's so wholesome and real; the way she said yes every time you asked if she did something and immediately made a face and went to do it.

    SherbetLemon934SherbetLemon93421 hour ago
  • I prefer her sauce to sandwich ratio

    KendrickKendrick21 hour ago
  • Am I the only one who half way through the video what they were actually making?😂

    sarikaa 23sarikaa 2321 hour ago
  • 2:28 When you actually need help but don't want to admit it \-_-/

    Christopher DovbanChristopher Dovban22 hours ago
  • ngl she triggered me a little bit...

    Nafisa Rani AninditaNafisa Rani Anindita22 hours ago
  • THE poop sound effect is the reason ima stay awhile

    Ricky UrquijoRicky UrquijoDay ago
  • My boi ain’t no simp

  • Shes picks up big knives

    ReverseSneezeReverseSneezeDay ago
  • OKKKK Josh using his sweet boyfriend voice for this whole video is doing things to my loins

    Ashley HAshley HDay ago
  • Kate: *looks over at josh* Josh: *doesn’t notice*

    Demaster GamingDemaster GamingDay ago
  • Kates new catch fraze Ooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

    Box guy Gaming and animationBox guy Gaming and animationDay ago
  • Idea from big bob mike vs. 10 year old boxing challenge

    How toHow toDay ago
  • Need a Joshua Weissman Vs Binging With Babish Face Off where you have to blindly follow his instructions.

    Sean BodhaineSean BodhaineDay ago
  • The way this started she looked so meek and sad, then like 5 seconds later went straight to "there are no prisoners and you are my b#tch"

    gioyu comigioyu comiDay ago
  • I'm convinced Kate lied about her experience in the kitchen lmao. Either that or Josh's instructions on how to cook a steak really rubbed off on her over time. Great job girl!

    FlutterbreeFlutterbreeDay ago
  • Very cool! My lady & I cook together and we have a great time.

    J. VegaJ. VegaDay ago
  • Watching this with my fiancée and it feels like we are looking into a mirror, it’s freaking us both out lmao

    James PowerJames PowerDay ago
    • This is an early happy 4mil

      gioyu comigioyu comiDay ago
  • What the actual hell

    Gordon RamseyGordon RamseyDay ago
  • Can you please make these Into a series

    Mak Mak SanchezMak Mak SanchezDay ago
  • 4 milllo

    The Idiotic-ProfessionalThe Idiotic-ProfessionalDay ago
  • WHERE is the fucking B ROLL!??

  • He's like the micheal reeves of cooking

    Under maintenanceUnder maintenanceDay ago
  • Kate is the perfect representation of me trying to keep up with Josh when doing his recipes.

    Hunter McMullenHunter McMullenDay ago

      salma lulusalma lulu11 hours ago
  • lmao your gf is so funny dude, 10/10 should challenge again

    WtfcantfindanameWtfcantfindanameDay ago
  • Your sauce is dry!

    Midnight MajestyMidnight MajestyDay ago
  • I would love this as a series. #teamkate

    Selena MejiaSelena MejiaDay ago
  • early congrats on 4 mil

    Lucian CanalesLucian CanalesDay ago
  • We need more Kate

    AshleyAshleyDay ago
  • First time watching a video from this channel. I enjoyed the burger fart at about 15:18 which has made me a subscriber. Cheers

    silas the donsilas the donDay ago
  • This is how most relationships end 😆

    P GSP GSDay ago
  • text

    Ednwhwfncn DhznofeqopEdnwhwfncn DhznofeqopDay ago
  • This is an early happy 4mil

    ObamamanObamamanDay ago
  • He’s so serious about cooking it’s adorable

    LilacLilacDay ago
  • Make a whole episode on sauces! Please! I get lost in the sauce

    Hanson WrightHanson WrightDay ago
  • 15:18 that got me laughing idk why

    Roblox Gamer WolfRoblox Gamer WolfDay ago
  • They are an adorable couple:)

    jml 4jml 4Day ago
  • Kate has an underrated sense of humor.

    Debut HunterDebut HunterDay ago
  • I like how he went into full concerned boyfriend mode when she cut herself. That was cute.

    Athan CondaxAthan CondaxDay ago
  • cap

    Josiah .jJosiah .jDay ago
  • Josh sounded so worried when Kate cut her finger. His tone automatically changed, how cute 🥺

    hammyhammyDay ago
  • kate lucky fr imagine all the food he can make for her

    tottytottyDay ago
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this

    JZboofinJZboofinDay ago
  • I ordered a steak sandwich at a steak sandwich place and they brought me a patty of ground beef. . .

    camerica7400camerica7400Day ago
  • I love sauce, more is better lol

    Daniel Zaloga-LakatoszDaniel Zaloga-LakatoszDay ago
  • Yes!! More of these videos. This is great

    Isaac FrameIsaac FrameDay ago

    Yahya vlogYahya vlogDay ago
  • Everytime I watch these videos the chef always puts so much salt on the steak. When I do the same my steak comes out so salty lol. I'm using what I think is a pretty thick cut of meat and it still comes out salty.

    Jack DanielsJack DanielsDay ago
  • The depressed quail early thaw because night disappointedly walk afore a ill quarter. worried, squalid apparatus

    Kevin DoKevin DoDay ago
  • No one - Kate - I like urs better (sauce) I think mine is a little bit dry Josh - Ur SaUsE iS dRy!? lol

    Harini S.Harini S.Day ago
  • Why tf do you eat raw meat you crazy f's

    Didou msdDidou msdDay ago