Colin and Analyst Daniel Jeremiah fill out their 2021 NFL Mock Draft | NFL | THE HERD

Feb 25, 2021
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Ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft, Colin Cowherd and Daniel Jeremiah fill out their 2021 NFL Mock Draft.
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Colin and Analyst Daniel Jeremiah fill out their 2021 NFL Mock Draft | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • What are your predictions for the 2021 NFL Draft?

    The Herd with Colin CowherdThe Herd with Colin CowherdMonth ago
    • The Jets are NOT passing up a top QB.

      Kannon McAfeeKannon McAfee19 days ago
    • Not What urs r

      Giants4lifeGiants4lifeMonth ago
    • And with the Jacksonville jaguars 2021 nfl draft 1st rd pick they select ......... .... 3 2 1 0 and the jets choose Trevor Lawrence

      Dadson worldwideDadson worldwideMonth ago
  • 3:53 this dude

    malachimalachiDay ago
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    Kevin YangKevin Yang13 days ago
  • I am sick of hearing how great Trevor Lawrence is. His entire hype is based on the 2018 championship game against Bama. However, in that year, he was only the 21st rated passer in CFB. In 2019 and 2020 he was 10th and 8th respectively. Never got within sniffin distance of number one. In fact, his best year wasn't as good as Tua or Mac's worst years. Here are his stats per year compared to Tua and Mac Jones. Yeah, I'm a Bama fan but numbers don't lie. Here they are. Now convince me how great Lawrence is. QB COMPARISONS TREVOR LAWERANCE CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT RTG 2020 231 334 69.2 3,153 9.4 24 5 169.2 2019 268 407 65.8 3,665 9 36 8 166.7 2018 259 397 65.2 3,280 8.3 30 4 157.6 TUA CMP AT T CMP% YDS AVG TD INT RTG 2019 180 252 71.4 2840 11.3 33 3 206 2018 245 355 69 3966 11.2 45 6 199.4 2017 49 77 63.6 636 8.3 11 2 175 MAC JONES CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT RTG 2020 311 402 77.4 4,500 11.2 41 4 203.1 2019 97 141 68.8 1,503 10.7 14 3 186.8

    steve edwardssteve edwards16 days ago
  • Devonta smith is not falling that late

    Connor FetskoConnor Fetsko16 days ago
  • Colin is the worst mock draft analyst ever

    Connor FetskoConnor Fetsko17 days ago
  • Actually kind of like the Waddle Pick for the Eagles. Confuse defenses. "I GOT JALEN"...... "Which one? Hurts?".... "No!"...... "Reagor???".... "NO!"...... "Waddle?"... "Yup!".. Playing chess not checkers.

    Sloppy Joe's Sloppy ShowSloppy Joe's Sloppy Show18 days ago
  • None of these pics will actually happen lol

    Mr.OrtegaMr.Ortega19 days ago
  • Really liked this video, should do the whole 1st round!

    Larry FryeLarry Frye19 days ago
  • Colin: 2nd pick of the draft, I'm taking Kyle Pitts. Ok i'm done watching these idiots.

    R3tR0actionGamerR3tR0actionGamer20 days ago
  • Lol

    Adam WattAdam Watt22 days ago
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    avxm dkeavxm dke22 days ago
  • This is such a bad mock draft

    Drew BureshDrew Buresh23 days ago
  • Jamarr chase has done absolutely nothing to prove that he’s better than devonta smith

    Brenden KnightBrenden Knight24 days ago
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    Wim DoeterniettoeWim Doeterniettoe24 days ago
  • Love the show.

    Reggie OrabuenaReggie Orabuena26 days ago
  • Jaycee Horn has the highest ceiling of any corner in this draft.

    Jerad OdellJerad Odell26 days ago
  • Jeremiah and CC BOTH whiff on Mac Jones.. TOO funny. Mac is the best passing QB in the draft. No close seconds.

    D22 Williams.22D22 Williams.2226 days ago
  • Colin jus wand hot takes😂so he can comeback and say he’s the only one who said that

    Von FergusonVon Ferguson27 days ago
  • Mustache looks ridiculous.

    Mark’s Travel VideosMark’s Travel Videos28 days ago
  • Just ffwd through Colin to hear daniel

    trentbatemantrentbateman28 days ago
  • Is there anything worse than this mock draft? Colin's mustache.

    John HallmanJohn Hallman29 days ago
  • It’s crazy how different this mock draft is to all the other ones I’ve watched.. wasn’t the biggest fan of Colin Cowherd before watching this and....nothing has changed

    Devon MarshallDevon MarshallMonth ago
  • Awful mock

    Pasha 23Pasha 23Month ago
  • Stupid

    Krandle 47Krandle 47Month ago
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    Hank BluzHank BluzMonth ago
  • I think jets should draft Sewell number 2 and trade up using that 23rd pick for a qb

    Wise RiseWise RiseMonth ago
  • If lions get Wilson they should trade Golff to Patriots

    Brandon KleinBrandon KleinMonth ago
  • Trevor Lawrence is going to play for the Jets.

    Robert OwenRobert OwenMonth ago
  • Do this segment every year

    Munch818Munch818Month ago
  • The only way I want Philly taking a QB is if Zach Wilson falls to them at 6

    Mikey HopeMikey HopeMonth ago
  • Hot take - jets keeping Darnold

    IsaiahwmIsaiahwmMonth ago
  • TE/WR both in the Top 3 lol I get it's just a mock draft filler segment but come on lol

    Matt CarberryMatt CarberryMonth ago
  • The jets don't take a qb? The cards don't take an olineman as murray runs for his life or a wr while fitz is at the end? Yeah I'm going over there now 😬

    Ja HaJa HaMonth ago
  • Zach Wilson to the jets

    Penn State, Notre Dame and Eagles Nation .Penn State, Notre Dame and Eagles Nation .Month ago
  • I think that was the worst mock draft I’ve seen

    D DanD DanMonth ago
  • Lol what is wrong w these ppl. I’ll bet anyone D Smith is gone before the Pats pick and if he is there they don’t take him!!!! Devonte smith is the best WR in this draft. This year last year and next year. Seriously Colin and girl

    C SilkC SilkMonth ago
  • I guess dude didn't hear that the owner gave Hurts QB1, therefore, they're not taking any QB at pick number 6. And I love the kid from BYU, he's a strike throwing machine, that I believe will be better than the kid from Clemson, whom I see as a little bit of a wild thrower do to mechanics.

    David AbonyiDavid AbonyiMonth ago

    Noah LoganNoah LoganMonth ago
  • Doesn’t get any better than DJ

    Patrick ArcherPatrick ArcherMonth ago
  • ngl i thought this mock draft was pretty good intel pick 2 rolled around

    Fissey GamingFissey GamingMonth ago
  • Slater over Sewell is hysterical

    I ManI ManMonth ago
  • Jalen Hurtz played in what... 4 games he hasn't shown enough? My god some people are just stupid.

    SammybreeSammybreeMonth ago
  • 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Pitts 4. Fields 5. Sewell 6. Chase 7. Smith 8. Lance 9. Parsons 10. Surtain 11. Slater 12. Waddle 13. Tucker

    Nicholas WoodsNicholas WoodsMonth ago
  • I give a thumbs up for anyone who doesn’t give Atlanta a qb at 4. If you think they need that, you don’t watch. Defense and rb is what they need

    Realistic thoughtRealistic thoughtMonth ago
  • Is colin related to the dude from the office?

    Richard GonzalesRichard GonzalesMonth ago
  • jeremiah looks like justin thomas

    Daniel SchultzDaniel SchultzMonth ago
  • I love u Joy Taylor...💘 freakin wow u are somethin special u beautiful dimey dime

    Heisenberg 2420Heisenberg 2420Month ago
  • This the drunkest mock draft ever.

    Spencer VSpencer VMonth ago
  • Colin “USworlds talent” cowherd

    Kevin 81Kevin 81Month ago
  • If the Lions pick another CB, I will quit being a Lions fan.

    Seoung LeeSeoung LeeMonth ago
  • I don't think Waddle will go that high because of him coming off of a injury. He may be viewed more as a return guy. I think he'll be a little further down.

  • Every Ohio State qb ever has flopped in the NFL

    Troy BakerTroy BakerMonth ago
  • Colin Herd is doing a mock draft and he doesn’t even watch college football lol.

    Mikhail HearnsMikhail HearnsMonth ago
  • You don’t take a te in the top ten ever....

    Joshua PultzJoshua PultzMonth ago
  • Jaycee horn 16

    Aiden SparksAiden SparksMonth ago
  • Penei Sewell has bad tape??? WHAT 😂

    sandman415sandman415Month ago
  • Don’t see a heismen trophy’s winner falling that far back

    nick villanuevanick villanuevaMonth ago
  • I would love to see Wilson go to the Lions but he will be off the board by the second pick guaranteed.

    Jake SaylorJake SaylorMonth ago
  • Kyle Pitts at two 🤣 what a joke.

    Jake SaylorJake SaylorMonth ago
  • Trevor Lawrence will be a bust

    Oppressed PandaOppressed PandaMonth ago
  • Where is the video for D J for the rest of the first round mock drafts???

    Band Of LifeBand Of LifeMonth ago
  • Wilson at 7 is INSANE. No way. My Panthers will snag him or Fields at 8.

    Rico HendrixRico HendrixMonth ago
  • I would LOVE if Wilson slipped to the Lions. I don't see it happening, but that would be great!

    Devon PetersDevon PetersMonth ago
  • Colin cowherd knows less about football than Steelers fans🤦‍♂️

    Focus BlazeFocus BlazeMonth ago
  • What is Colin doing lol

    richard reachrichard reachMonth ago
  • I like Colin but man the things he says are just ridiculous and some of the stuff he predicts and thinks are just awful. Like you seriously a big time national sports analyst and your takes are this bad?? There’s no way he can actually be serious

    Roy McCoyRoy McCoyMonth ago
  • I love this channel but this has to be the WORST mock draft I’ve ever seen

    Cooper Duncan555Cooper Duncan555Month ago
  • The Cards need a CB , I would take Horn in this position, if Farley or Surtain are available I would pick them but if not Jaycee Horn would do just fine in my opinion.

  • The worst mock draft

    Penn State, Notre Dame and Eagles Nation .Penn State, Notre Dame and Eagles Nation .Month ago
  • You can’t take Waddle over Smith bro

    Casper The GhostCasper The GhostMonth ago
  • This is what HE would take, not what they think the team would do. So don’t freak out lmao.

    David Del PurgatorioDavid Del PurgatorioMonth ago
  • For all you casuals, DJ is way better then Todd and Mel Kiper.

    Far and BeyondFar and BeyondMonth ago
  • Let’s be honest, Bill ain’t gonna draft Devonta Smith if he’s available. He’s gonna draft some unheard of player from some D3 school🤣

    Far and BeyondFar and BeyondMonth ago
  • If I’m trey lance im praying I fall to the 49ers🙏

    Far and BeyondFar and BeyondMonth ago
  • I’m putting Sewell at gaurd if I’m the giants, I think he would fair off better playing inside anyway. Not as technically sound as you would like your Tackle to be.

    Far and BeyondFar and BeyondMonth ago
  • DJ tryna put Colin down soft with that terrible Micah Parsons pick

    Far and BeyondFar and BeyondMonth ago
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    James KongJames KongMonth ago
  • This is the worst mock draft I have ever seen in my entire life. This is terrible.

    Big_ALBig_ALMonth ago
  • LOL colin takes a tight end #2 overall. not belitting pitts as a playmaker. but go back the last 20 years and see how many first round tight ends were worth the pick. I think the answer is exactly 1, and his name is tony gonzales.

    Luke KnoxLuke KnoxMonth ago
  • Everyone: Colin: What are you guys looking at me like that for? 8:47

    Rob TrennepohlRob TrennepohlMonth ago

    Tyler ButlerTyler ButlerMonth ago
  • I like there four pic. Let’s hope Slater falls to 7. No way Detroit drafts a qb. Or at least I hope not. There’s no career qb’s in this draft. The first pic is going to fail like Leaf. Detroit needs Slater. Or a personally I’d like to take an ol man. If one is worthy at 7. But yeah as a Lions fan I hope we get Slater.

    David LaBeanDavid LaBeanMonth ago
  • Colin acts like he watches tape. So dumb. Reads his source's notes and tries to appear smart. If he actually believed these things, he'd be better at analyzing QBs.

  • this was awesome!

    stephen conestephen coneMonth ago
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    Ivan EspinozaIvan EspinozaMonth ago
  • A LB at #4. Get out of here. Falcons take Justin Fields. Don't be dumb and pull a Mitch Travenski.

    Travis SmithTravis SmithMonth ago
  • Don’t worry about Dan Campbell, Colin. You clearly proved you have limited brain capacity with this mock...

    Austin HollerAustin HollerMonth ago
  • that was a fun segment.

    SizzleSizzleMonth ago
  • uh oh... Colin's gonna be big headed for the rest of the week. lol

    SizzleSizzleMonth ago
  • Thank god dj made giants pick😂

    Giants4lifeGiants4lifeMonth ago
  • I don’t want anyone to ever say Colin doesn’t know his stuff

    Andre PhillipsAndre PhillipsMonth ago
  • Quarterback to the Lions is gross Detroit fans will riot in the streets all they want is offensive lineman

    Matthew Praay Jr.Matthew Praay Jr.Month ago
  • Collin: Cardinals need to draft a edge rusher *the next day* Cardinals: Signs JJ

    Noah KoontzNoah KoontzMonth ago
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    Becca HoldsworthBecca HoldsworthMonth ago
  • Love when Colin does things he you sports every day for 20 years! He’s the 🐐

    Michael StopperichMichael StopperichMonth ago
  • Just gonna say it, nahhhhhhh

    ThatGuyMattThatGuyMattMonth ago
  • I want Colin in my Fantasy League!

    SlougoSlougoMonth ago
  • Colin & Skip are Brothers! Are you SERIOUS, Pitts at #2???

    SlougoSlougoMonth ago
  • Uhh isnt hurts a Heisman trophy winner?

    phillyboyfloyd 70phillyboyfloyd 70Month ago