Nov 13, 2020
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- You can do all diary steps at once! Don’t need to wait for him to finish talking to activate the next one!
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  • I find it strange that you call it an easter egg, but its the main quest of the map. Even the achievement says so. An Easter egg is the coffin dance or the jump scare ghost after shooting the bodies.

    DeadEyeSavageDeadEyeSavageHour ago
  • how can u get the die machine for all of your teamates

    geberti1geberti1Hour ago
  • I’m so irritated. I had most the upgrades done on round 15 and I had the ray gun packed but the ice upgrade glitched and I couldn’t get the upgrade so ended the game

    DEGAMER619DEGAMER6195 hours ago
  • I spent so long trying to do it and i died by a right outside of the helicopter

    A GuyA Guy6 hours ago
  • Hey man! Been watching a lot of your videos lately! Are you supposed to shoot the cylinders each time you build a different wonder weapon when doing this solo? Or can you switch wonder weapon types once you have them all built?

    Perry Warren DPerry Warren D7 hours ago
  • You need a Masters Degree in Physics to figure this game out .......or you could just watch this video !!!

    Manny RiveraManny Rivera7 hours ago
  • Take my advice try to practice each step 1 by 1 and first get familiar with the map.

    Uncle MjbrUncle Mjbr7 hours ago
  • just completed the full easter egg solo, only went down once, took me 25 rounds

    Grungle DungleGrungle Dungle8 hours ago
  • Why is the electric one so hard to get

    Jack IeongJack Ieong8 hours ago
  • Did u know u can get the die shock wave from a trial

    Jack IeongJack Ieong9 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who pronounces it "Dye masheen" and think "Dee masheenay" sounds really stupid. Am I pronouncing it wrong?

    Matthew FMatthew F11 hours ago
  • That FUSE part, basically you could shoot it with a gun and only a gun, I recommend the shotgun since it’s close and you could shoot it at the easiest rounds too, but Noah frigged me up by saying “gO tO ThE dArK aEThEr”, like brother all you have to do is just shoot it, if it lifts up, then you basically have it.

    Herbert Got YouHerbert Got You13 hours ago
  • Why i cant get the lighting wonder weapon? iam already shoting it with that electro charge from the crystal but the thing on the box is not working so do i need a normal wonder weapon or what?and if i need it how i can get it back after upgrading it?i know iam asking alot but iam in a game right now so i need help pls🙂

    Osama 448Osama 44814 hours ago
  • how i can get the normal wonder weapon back after upgrading it

    Osama 448Osama 44814 hours ago
  • Wasted my time Noah, with that fuse part.

    Herbert Got YouHerbert Got You14 hours ago
  • You don't know what cutscene is...

  • So the question is can I use all upgrades at once? If no wich one is the best to get

    GAME RGAME R14 hours ago
  • wait do you need to separate die shockwaves or do you just switch the upgrade to the base version

    CodeNameArchieCodeNameArchie15 hours ago
  • You call the boss I call them BIG BOI

    gamerfox5760 supgamerfox5760 sup15 hours ago
  • I was doing it solo got to round 42 on the last step and died

    Stupid TownStupid Town19 hours ago
  • I just carried a random squad to the part where u do everything

  • It's funny how it sounds like he's bullshiting but it's real! Lmao "pick up a sentence and toss it perfectly on the tank door. It will shoot out an item" like what?! 😂😂

    Jose BaütistaJose Baütista19 hours ago
  • Do you have to do these upgrades at early rounds or can you do it at later rounds?

    ArvinPlayzArvinPlayz23 hours ago
  • There the 5 hidden lights easter eggs too for a powerfull gun and free juggernog

    Joe RobertJoe Robert23 hours ago
  • So if we're doing this solo should we shoot the dial above speed as we get the WW upgrades?

    Katie JankowskiKatie Jankowski23 hours ago
  • 4:00 not spawning area

    Jack IeongJack IeongDay ago
  • Thank you so much i did it on my ownnnn!!!!! im so Happy This was very helpful it took me 3 day so do this and I did it and completed it your the besttt

  • for some reason i could not find the last supercharge, i missed one and im tryna find it

    U YouU YouDay ago
  • When I got to the fuse box under the plane it wasn’t there even though I had done everything

    Rhys DentonRhys DentonDay ago
  • i just tried to do the easter egg on my 2nd try today and i got the the last step then died....

    CortanaCortanaDay ago
  • After all this time this is still the clearest guide

    Tom OramTom OramDay ago
  • Is it die machine endless or 20 round die maschi e

    Richard NacesRichard NacesDay ago
  • It took me 2 hours to this with randoms and 1hour and 30min with friends to do it so if u do it u might wanna clear ur schedule

    Corona- ChanCorona- ChanDay ago
  • ive failed twice so far i will update this every time i fail...

    Antonio DuranAntonio DuranDay ago
    • I just failed my first attempt on the last boss fight where you have to protect the scientist. There were too many zombies dogs & megatons.

      JUGGERNAUT 2086JUGGERNAUT 208622 hours ago
  • WTF

    bob is godbob is godDay ago
  • I did the whole thing by myself and died bye the lighting coming out the grounds 🤦🏽‍♂️

    RXEAlZ 969RXEAlZ 969Day ago
  • @noahj456 my version is not the same as yours! The second ghost is in front of the weapon/armour upgrade! After that, based on your video's, my next step is clearly not the same as yours! No idea what to do???? ANYBODY HAVE AN IDEA????

    Jeff The Echo StepkoJeff The Echo StepkoDay ago
  • I failed at the last step First try solo.

    nightblade 2.0nightblade 2.0Day ago
  • You I barely did the Easter egg lest go

    Nena OlivaresNena OlivaresDay ago
  • Nicely done

    Duke OfearlDuke Ofearl2 days ago
  • This guide is not 100% accurate

    giofuse 19giofuse 192 days ago
  • Silly question but can you spawn more than one wonder weapon?? So that the whole team has one

    NesiaN_ JandaLzNesiaN_ JandaLz2 days ago
  • This is stupid long! This must have took months

    Stuart LishStuart Lish2 days ago
  • I ran out of time getting the third thing for the electric and why does t the anomoly spawn in the same spot so how I get the third thing?

    RussianManiaRussianMania2 days ago
  • The decontamination unit got stuck in my hand and I couldn’t drop it

    SUSBOYSUSBOY2 days ago
  • Omg u so fast to say guide:|

    Angry IdiotAngry Idiot2 days ago
  • I didn’t know you actually had to shoot the fuse box. I thought he was just showing where it was by shooting :(

    Frosty PhoxFrosty Phox2 days ago
  • Apparently if you get to round 100 you can skip all this and go to the boss fight?

    Peaceful PillPeaceful Pill2 days ago
  • Foooking great! Love COD CW!! :)

    BadPolako07BadPolako072 days ago
  • Can multiple people get the D.I.E weapons, and if so. How?

    Rudi NourRudi Nour2 days ago
  • Can multiple people get the D.I.E weapons, and if so. How?

    Rudi NourRudi Nour2 days ago
  • Can multiple people get the D.I.E weapons, and if so. How?

    Rudi NourRudi Nour2 days ago
  • im confused, can you have all the upgrades for the d.i.e shockwave at once?

    illuminousilluminous2 days ago
  • Why are you yelling? You got a touch of the tism?

    MOVER DIEMOVER DIE2 days ago
  • with some motivation and being top 10000 for zombies players i did this with ease lol

    Toxix ivToxix iv2 days ago
  • When the game glitches and you cant obtain the fuses

  • I did this solo I am god

    Sniff PuffSniff Puff2 days ago
  • Just did it first try solo it’s easy

    jacobsreallygoodjacobsreallygood2 days ago
  • Help I charged the compositor with 3 elements but the ice won’t work on it is this a glitch only the ice won’t charge the compositor all 3 elements worked

    I like hawkI like hawk2 days ago
  • Who tryna do the Easter egg with me plz sumone

    Gg DdGg Dd3 days ago
    • U still tryna do the Easter egg??

      Gg DdGg Dd2 days ago
    • @Trace Bulloch yea your gamer tag

      Gg DdGg Dd2 days ago
    • That’s activision ID

      Trace BullochTrace Bulloch2 days ago
    • What your Id

      Gg DdGg Dd2 days ago
    • @Trace Bulloch yea I’ll be on like in 5 min

      Gg DdGg Dd2 days ago
  • Do you need the weapon for the Easter egg? I kinda died with it😅

    xokhixokhi3 days ago
  • Couldn’t find the dark eather

    Jack SullivanJack Sullivan3 days ago
  • I got right to the last step walking into the computer room in medi bay and got cornered and died 😭😭

    CosmicfoxmayCosmicfoxmay3 days ago
    • u tryna do it again?

      Trace BullochTrace Bulloch2 days ago
  • Yo I get mad when I do the egg on round 100 and lose

    Caleb RomanCaleb Roman3 days ago
  • What a waste of an hour, you didn’t even explain it right. Thank for nothing lmao

    Anthony GAnthony G3 days ago
  • I don't have anyone to do this with😭🙃i just want to be able to do it

    That Boy JaredThat Boy Jared3 days ago
    • U tryna do it rn?

      Trace BullochTrace Bulloch2 days ago
  • I made this as easy as possible. step 1 build pack a punch. doesn't explain how to build pack a punch

    kyle robertsonkyle robertson3 days ago
    • Pack a punch build is the easiest thing to do.

      Kevin HKevin H2 days ago
  • Can I use the Aether field upgrade to get the parts; or do I need to use the portals?

    Mrsteelcat 11Mrsteelcat 113 days ago
  • Who wants to do it? I'm on PC, got the free week trial until 21st Jan. I'm super into EEs, and this one looks interesting to do ;) Send me your ID, and we will start asap.

    André GamerAndré Gamer3 days ago
  • Bruh who else died to the blue things

    XShushSinXShushSin3 days ago
  • Me and my mates did this by round 28.

    Richard MatthewsRichard Matthews3 days ago
  • Well finally beat it then I went down and lost jugg 😃

    Luke AtkinsLuke Atkins3 days ago
  • Are you a rapper?

    KennethKenneth3 days ago
  • Dude, no cap I did it on my first try, now I can die peacefully Knowing I completed my first eater egg zombie map

    meme guidememe guide3 days ago
  • I made it to the second little cutscene with the ghosts but I got trapped with no access to my Aether shroud for the first time trying the Easter egg

    Aqueous Carton82Aqueous Carton823 days ago

    Frank TheTank_QcFrank TheTank_Qc3 days ago
  • I finally beat the Easter egg on round 32 after 10 attempts solo. I wish I had friends to play with on there so it would be easier to accomplish.

    Jp PetrokovichJp Petrokovich3 days ago
    • @Aydan Alger Xbox

      Jp PetrokovichJp Petrokovich17 hours ago
    • What do you play on?

      Aydan AlgerAydan Alger18 hours ago
  • I did the boss fisht solo and in the tig I died wtf

    Saeed AlramahiSaeed Alramahi3 days ago
  • I just completed it thank you

    PlayerAnthonyPlayerAnthony3 days ago
  • Just did this solo. Fun and intense lol

    Xx_DaNk.HaNk_xXXx_DaNk.HaNk_xX4 days ago
  • This is a terrible guide. You can get all 3 parts in one go.

    Fox Of GAOAFox Of GAOA4 days ago
  • I was about to exfil to end the easter egg i got body blocked whilst i was getting out... the rest is history

    MauritszMauritsz4 days ago
  • Where did the big human guy go he get blown up there?

    Dylan BriggsDylan Briggs4 days ago
  • 3:36 smoothest transition ever

    NaJhae CarterNaJhae Carter4 days ago
  • My third crystal didn’t spawn so I failled

    Sneakythief39Sneakythief394 days ago
  • the box for the charged shot won’t spawn

    Dugg DickyberryDugg Dickyberry4 days ago
  • This Easter egg is so easy got it done alone on my first try the boss fight isn’t as hard as it seemed for everyone that’s trying this good luck and don’t panic cause I almost lost to that I started panicking a little also before you jump into the boss fight buy an attack helicopter if you get trapped call it and clear path and it’s easy sailing from there

    soggy slopstersoggy slopster4 days ago
  • Paused many times but did it first try finished on round 25

    It's HeriocIt's Herioc4 days ago
  • you said the name of the map right? Subscribed

    DAPiPDAPiP4 days ago
  • The megaton splits into the bomber and blaster

    Adam CooneyAdam Cooney4 days ago
  • Do you get gamer score for completing the Easter egg?

    Jackson and JosiahJackson and Josiah4 days ago
  • What one in pond do I take,the tree one or the one near ammo box

    CyroFreeze-CyroFreeze-5 days ago
  • Is this solo able

    The RealGioThe RealGio5 days ago
  • Guys when I was doing ee and I merged the megatons I never talked to him when he ran away I just started the computer and when I beat it I never seen the blue stuff come out of the ground

    Dark-CollisionDark-Collision5 days ago
  • On attempting to upgrade the DIE (ice), I completed all steps and tried to use the flask on the chains while filled with the blue stuff, however nothing happens when trying to open the crate. Anyone know how to fix this or is there a step in missing?

    Casual AvailCasual Avail5 days ago
  • What a shit long Easter egg this is.

    Big LincolnBig Lincoln5 days ago
  • Would someone mind running this with me

    Dylan HoffmanDylan Hoffman5 days ago
    • I’m on playstation

      Dylan HoffmanDylan Hoffman5 days ago
  • Literally tried this 2 times and the first time I fucked up towards the exfil and got trapped 🤬🤬😡😡😡😤😤 I’ll try again tomorrow 😩

    Carlos JavierCarlos Javier5 days ago
  • Who here can do this with me

    Corey HaferCorey Hafer5 days ago
  • First time I have ever done one of these easter eggs. Thanks for the super easy guide

    TacticalTigerFoxTacticalTigerFox5 days ago