Cody and Noel Do: Horses

Mar 31, 2021
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Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking (pt. 2)

  • Sorry but where the heck did you find that riding instructor, that was just all so cruel to the horses! I’m guessing she was the first one to pop up on craigs list

    Millie GarfitMillie Garfit30 minutes ago
  • my respect has grown

    zombie killazombie killaHour ago
  • I'm gonna say it. This chick is the reason people think horse people are all pretentious assholes. Just seeing the way she treats these horses is fucking disgusting. They need to go to a real facility, with a REAL instructor, that knows a bridle from a horse shoe. "Riding horses is easy" no, bullying horses and sitting on them is easy. This is gross and. Honestly disappointing as hell. This should happen again, elsewhere.

    Aleghast ZeddAleghast ZeddHour ago
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    Laila EileenLaila EileenHour ago
  • Poor horses

    Hang XuHang Xu2 hours ago
  • As an eqestrian its painfull to watch becus the horses will hurt their neck, bellies and their mouth. This is not okey!

    julia ankarcronajulia ankarcrona2 hours ago
  • the highlight of this video was the sponsorship read

    Aishwarya SankhéAishwarya Sankhé3 hours ago
  • oh wow from someone that doesn't know anything about horse riding the comments sure are enlightening, sad and terrifying ... damn

    EdelleaEdellea3 hours ago
  • This "riding instructor" is so uneducated, it's insane. Like, honestly, she obviously doesn't know anything about horses, the tack is so ill fitted, the bits are fucking trash and pure abuse and the way she's "riding"... it's not riding! She literally has no knowledge about how to ride. "kick the horse as hard as you can" and yanking the horses mouth and face to turn. She doesn't even have the balance to canter. Jesus... I don't believe for a second that she's been competing nationals and trained show horses. And if so, poor fucking horse. I'm so sorry that you guys wasn't taught properly to ride a horse, which is not your fault, cause you guys didn't know any better. But she sure shouldn't be instructing or even be with horses. She's a scandal to the sport.

    Bi WarmingBi Warming4 hours ago
  • All the horse-"experts" flamin the girl in the comments are too funny - they all about to cancel this chicks life fr. it is kinda uncomfortable how she tries too force the guys into kickin the horse even tho they clearly don't wanna

    CEIKO ProdCEIKO Prod5 hours ago
  • It’s alright Cody my dad grew his hair out when he turned 60 too

    Annie PorterAnnie Porter7 hours ago
  • long haired Cody seriously reminds me of Abby from Broad City LOL

    Angelica CardenasAngelica Cardenas7 hours ago
  • Cody: can I tell you what happened the other time I rode a horse? Kelsey: can you tell me why you haven’t proposed?

    Maria TrevinoMaria Trevino7 hours ago
  • I love this knock off Try Guys

    Maria TrevinoMaria Trevino7 hours ago
  • ayo...this isnt the that's cringe pony play reenactment...

    Ariel GAriel G9 hours ago
  • this so so disgusting because the are suing bad bad bits and shouldn't kick the horse as hard as you can and the trainer doesn't know what she is talking about and is abusing the horses

    adalyn lesteradalyn lester9 hours ago
  • I am new to horse riding but I KNOW for a fact that this lady is a horrible instructor. There is a certain position to hold your reins and you don't just pull on them nor do you kick your horse.

    lemon limelemon lime10 hours ago
  • This poor horse is in so much pain, this is the worst trainer I've ever seen and I use the word trainer loosely.

    Raven AustinRaven Austin10 hours ago
  • That "riding instructor" is a fucking joke- poor horses.

    katiekatie10 hours ago
  • This girl just abused these horses in front of these two, and they were like "Cool...It's time to ride now?" ignorance is bliss it seems.

    Morgue SanctumMorgue Sanctum11 hours ago
  • I know its totally not Cody or Noels fault, but....kick tas hard as you can?? girl are yOU SURE??? I DONT THINK THATS RIGHT AT ALL??

    riley kirbyriley kirby11 hours ago
  • Where do I even start with this video oh my goodness. The poorly fitted tack? The halters being worn with bridles? The Tom thumb bits??? The obvious horse abuse? The idiocy of the instructor and her disgusting “instructing”? Like where do I even begin. Please do not go to people like this, take the time to research proper riding facilities and get a real lesson.

    Charlie DrawzCharlie Drawz12 hours ago
  • This is actually disgusting. The trainer is literally trash.

    Charlie DrawzCharlie Drawz12 hours ago
  • Poor horses

    AvaAva12 hours ago
  • I have taught children who ride better than her. It’s a shame

    DariaDaria12 hours ago
  • I’m gonna reiterate what a lot of people are saying. This lady doesn’t know how to properly ride a horse. You don’t have to yank their heads around or kick them to get them to move and turn. Hell, you don’t even have to pull to get them to stop. A lot of riding communication is way more subtle and gentle than what she’s showing. Plus these horses have bits in, so all she’s really doing is hurting their mouths and torquing their heads. You can even see it when she’s demonstrating. That horse is not comfortable at all. Please, please, please no one go out and try riding like this. It’s just not how it’s done.

    Cider LordCider Lord12 hours ago
  • The instructor saw they were 5’8 and brought out the stool

    Lille SmithLille Smith13 hours ago
  • Cody’s ringtone is Sofia lol

    Meritedsmile59Meritedsmile5913 hours ago
  • Wanna play Xbox?

    Xavier GlauberXavier Glauber13 hours ago
  • Does this girl care about horses’ mouths at all?????

    Marie WiedefeldMarie Wiedefeld13 hours ago
  • neat as frick my bois

    Derek FletcherDerek Fletcher13 hours ago
  • I just... can't with this instructor. Makes too much sense she was a barrel girl :/ Also like let ur horse mf relax??? good god

    Payton RyanPayton Ryan13 hours ago
  • Me, as an equestrian, knowing that this person is doing wrong, hurts me so bad... This is terrible to watch. The saddle doesn't fit, the hackmore looks way to tight, and the back jockey looks just... ripped to pieces. She's telling them to, with all their might, kick them in the BARREL which the skin there is a TON thinner than our skin. The bit their using, is a terrible bit, and should never be used. (Especially for begginers)That bit is the reason that horses get gum surgery, chipped teeth, and ripped toungs. And the fact that she is YANKING the mouth when she is "turning" the horse, is awful. The place their riding at shouldn't even be illegal, therefore begginers should always learn how to ride in a safe, closed off area. And when she said, "If you hold the reigns up to your chin, then the horses' head will do that too." hurt me that she did that too when she herself was demonstrating how to ride. When you do this, most likely the horse is going to fall over on top of you, so when she said that the horse had toppled on top of her, I really wasn't surprised, nor felt bad. Cody asked how to drift a horse... You can't, and when she yanked the reigns backwards, you could just see the pain of the horse, just watching the horses mouth get ripped open. I just cannot beleive this trainor, and facility... (Environment) And you know what??? You just lost a viewer.

    PM - 06RN 959845 Belfountain PSPM - 06RN 959845 Belfountain PS14 hours ago
  • All ya'll hating on the horse instructor just cause she's a smoke show

    Alexander DobsonAlexander Dobson14 hours ago
  • this seems awful to the horses

    Chris GoubkineChris Goubkine14 hours ago
  • Did no one else crack up at 8:51 lmaooo

    Alexander DobsonAlexander Dobson14 hours ago
  • I rode horses as a kid and I got bucked off into a wall once, third degree concussion I had to lay in a dark room for weeks doing nothing

    Isadora McGinley MyersIsadora McGinley Myers14 hours ago
  • I dont even ride horses and can already tell that this instructor is complete BS. The way that she was yanking on the horse's head while demonstrating how to steer it just looked like it would hurt. And her saying that you need to "kick it as hard as you can" to make it go fast? Yea, no.

    H u hH u h14 hours ago
  • you open this vid, and see cody and noel doing horses. literally.

    Raheel ShayaanRaheel Shayaan15 hours ago
  • The fact that Noel literally said "im not gonna do that" and the instructor said "you will do that" after telling them to kick the horse

    Amy BAmy B16 hours ago
  • So many things wrong here. . I recommend watching RaleighLink's video about this

    zemaapzemaap17 hours ago
  • How is this video allowed on the internet🥺this is animal abuse!! and it gives a bad image to equestrians, this is not how you treat or ride a horse 🙈is painful to watch.

    Moni kaMoni ka17 hours ago
  • Guessing daddy bought her some horses and she used her hot girl instagram to start this business where she gets to be an "instructor" no skills required

    EmecoEmeco17 hours ago
  • the way she handled that horse really destroyed this rather funny video.

    enligenlig18 hours ago
  • It seems like the instructor was being really rough with the horse 🥴

    Complicated HComplicated H18 hours ago
  • I feel sick after watching this🤢 this is not how you treat horses🥺🥺

    Lisa MarleyLisa Marley18 hours ago
  • Cody and Noel DO horses... little questionable guys

    Mae BMae B18 hours ago
  • New Red Dead 2 DLC looking fucking sweet

    Andrew HusebyAndrew Huseby19 hours ago
  • Come on Malaysia fuck it up

    Shelby SShelby S19 hours ago
  • Oh man watching that girl "teaching" you guys was just so painful and cringe... she obviously tries so hard to impress you while hurting her horses. Those bits in their mouths are already very painful for the horse, especially if you yank them like she does. Ofc you guys couldn't have known she has no idea how to handle horses but i cant stand watching this girl jfc

    Amber GAmber G19 hours ago
  • dumb lady you're not supposed to kick them "as hard as you can" you just squeeze

    Crunchy B RollCrunchy B Roll19 hours ago
  • she did NOT go to Nationals, LOL. just FYI 😩🤣

    ChelseaChelsea20 hours ago
  • how was recreational horseback riding made so incredibly dramatic

    Imogene OneilImogene Oneil20 hours ago
  • horse lady: dont let the horses eat cody n noel: let horses eat within minutes on them

    Facing FearFacing Fear21 hour ago
  • Please guys.... we'd love for u guys to redo this event at a real facility- sincerly every equestrian watching this

    swr Rebels Ruleswr Rebels Rule21 hour ago
  • Please go to a real riding instructor!!! She doesn’t know what she is talking about at all, and you can tell. I’m not surprised that a horse has flipped over on her tbh, because she holds her hands way above where they should be.

    Gabi Gang❤️Gabi Gang❤️21 hour ago
  • I love you guys 😊 but please get a REAL riding instructor next time and not some chick who looks like she is trying to hit on you and rides worse than a 5 year old😂😂😂😂 And also Noel sits better on the horse than that chick

    KiraKira21 hour ago
  • Tf?! If she is a trainer then im Trump

    Maja FenkoMaja Fenko23 hours ago
  • This is the worst instructor I have EVER seen, wtf is she doing. You don’t kick a horse to make it go forward and you do not pull on the rein to make them stop. This girl should Not be around horses. Do not blame the guys.

    Märta StensjöMärta Stensjö23 hours ago
  • Your instructor is a physcopathic animal abuser I'm afraid.

    warmbloodsx xwarmbloodsx x23 hours ago
  • as an experienced equestrian, all i can say is YIKES to that instructor

    Taylor ETaylor E23 hours ago
  • This is what counts as entertainment now? Learning to abuse horses. Great. What losers.

    Ashley UnderwoodAshley UnderwoodDay ago
  • This is my favourite video 😂

    Sarah HansenSarah HansenDay ago
  • The riding instructor had no clue what she was doing. She honestly shouldn’t be teaching

    Sunny _GirlSunny _GirlDay ago
  • whenever noel tells me to like the video i feel like i have to

    politicalstonerpoliticalstonerDay ago
  • no don't kick the horse as hard as you can what the actual fuck?!

    lisitalisitaDay ago
  • “Kick as hard as you can!” Have you ever heard of....Squeezing....or clicking?

    ScreamingScreamingDay ago
  • They are using some of the harshest bits, most I'll fitting tack and riding the worst way. Those horses were put in serious pain

    Kaylie ClarkKaylie ClarkDay ago
  • EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW doing horses WTF????????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????

    Anrya FoubertAnrya FoubertDay ago
  • I was confused at "kick the horse as hard as you can" advice directed to the horse that children use, but comments made it click.

    Харли КрутошХарли КрутошDay ago
  • we're over one year into the pandemic and people still don't realize that bandanas and shit that aren't actual masks do NOTHING to protect you from the virus

    sarasaraDay ago
  • I would 100% watch them redo this video and go to an actual lesson barn, and get an actual lesson. It's not your guys' fault, you didn't know any better.

    BirdDanaBirdDanaDay ago
  • The trainer is so dumb she isn’t even holding the rains right , and don’t hold your rains that high on the poor horses face

    Forever BreyersForever BreyersDay ago
  • Just came here to see the comments..Have alreay watched reaction videos. I can see that everybody, even people who don't ride are worried about the way she treats these horses :(

    Tara LorraineTara LorraineDay ago
  • This woman is an awful rider and by no means should be an "instructor."She has horrible horsemanship.She is putting her horses in so much pain .She trying too hard to show off.Poor horses.I hope she sees this.

    Carrie FeguerCarrie FeguerDay ago
  • Noel kills me 🤣

    Carmen SandiegoCarmen SandiegoDay ago
  • Instructor: I was a horse girl Me: Tina? 👁👄👁

    Carmen SandiegoCarmen SandiegoDay ago
  • Cody: this is easy Also Cody: * being led by the instructor’s horse * Lmao

    Carmen SandiegoCarmen SandiegoDay ago
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    Samuel CasterSamuel CasterDay ago
  • Cody's ringtone tho🤭

    Roselyn SingsitRoselyn SingsitDay ago
  • I love Cody and Noel but the instructor is awful no good instructor would tell you to kick as hard as you can😦

    Jennifer Hanis-MartinJennifer Hanis-MartinDay ago
  • Glad you had a great time but I’m sorry you were taught by someone who is more about the looks vs horsemanship

    Morgan QuayleMorgan QuayleDay ago
  • Yanking and pulling on that poor horses mouth. You can see it’s pain in the face when she ask to back and turn.

    Morgan QuayleMorgan QuayleDay ago
  • Worst female rider I have ever seen

    Morgan QuayleMorgan QuayleDay ago
  • This lady is the worst riding instructor I’ve seen in ages. That is not how you make a horse turn. She is awful.

    AnnaliseAnnaliseDay ago
  • not an equestrian, nor do i like horses much but i grew up with a mom who used to ride them professionally and grew up around them... poor horses. beating them isn’t the way to get them to listen to you. they’re smart animals. this is the one cody ko video i just can’t watch without cringing knowing my mom would be close to tears seeing that horse get kicked and yanked around. it feels almost criminal to watch and shameful... an expensive animal worth thousands of dollars yanked around and kicked like absolute trash.

    midorimidoriDay ago
  • Pony play got advanced as hell

    aPlumpKoala INCaPlumpKoala INCDay ago
  • As an equestrian... has that girl taken a lesson a single day in her life? Asking for a friend. Actually asking for my HORSE who cringed in reaction to my reaction to watching this. The absolute worst, literally doing EVERYTHING wrong. Cries.

    Kell FrillmanKell FrillmanDay ago
  • For anyone curious about everything wrong with the instructor and her tour (not Cody and Noel, they don't know what they're doing.) Here it is 1.She put beginners in shanked bits (HUGE no-no in the horse world, these are the harshest bits you can get. They're in a group called leverage bits, which essentially double or triple the pressure on the reins or even more due to the design.) 2. The way she yanked the horses head around was appalling. Not only in technique, but also through how harsh it was. 3. The saddles didn't fit which is bad for working horses, or any horse. 4. She told them to 'kick as hard as they can,' which isn't how you ride, you squeeze gently and cluck, if they're stubborn they might need a tap but horses very rarely actually need a kick. 5. She got beginners to ride one handed, also huge no-no. I will not put beginners in split reins unless they're having an actual lesson. Novices are known for dropping reins and it is much easier for a horse to step on its rein and break it's jaw in a split reins instead of English reins. 6. She didn't use a grass rein. As a safety precaution we will also put grass reins on horses, so they can't eat. It's essentially a rope and buckle the attaches from the saddle to the head band or bit that just stops the horse from being able to quite reach the ground. Generally a necessity for tours 7. She let beginners ride without helmets. Hugely irresponsible, I don't think I need to explain it more. 8. She didn't even teach them how to ride, she just showed off for the camera by cantering around and telling them what to do, which isn't how you learn to ride. She just got them to mount up and then just started the ride and just told them to shorten their reins as they went. Not only is that unsafe since you can't learn how to ride from the ground, it's also bad business since it makes the experience stressful and not enjoyable. 9. She just made them trot with no warning or instruction. Not only is this unsafe, it's also agonising for the horse. You have to know how to move with the trot, which requires explanation at the very least, to not just be slamming into the horses spine repetitively. This is neglectful on her part, and if she does that often she will end up with a couple thousand in vet bills, and various horses with nerve damage. This is also why we don't ride bareback constantly, or ride with pads and stirrups, as it causes the same issue. Essentially she just had no regard for the horses safety and seemed to care more about looking cool for the camera instead of actually providing a fun, safe and enjoyable ride.

    Emma McLeanEmma McLeanDay ago
  • Cody looks more and more like mod sun

    Omer PazOmer PazDay ago
  • I feel bad for these guys. Paid for such a crappy "instructor" who knew nothing Yeah and now it's on YT 😬

    v jv jDay ago
  • Seriously, she needs her horses taken away from her. She is no trainer I would ever hire. Edit: I do not blame Cody or Noel, they didn't know any better. But she does and is actively abusing her horses on camera

    Dark KnightmareDark KnightmareDay ago
  • She is the worst trainer. You should never kick a horse as hard as you can also you don't need to kick at their hind quarters, you have to kick at the stomach area. Your more likely to spook the horse if you kick the back legs

    Maizy PaneitzMaizy PaneitzDay ago

    Jeny LobatosJeny LobatosDay ago
  • The instructor was horrible

    Sophie LitalienSophie LitalienDay ago
  • "don't let go, if you do ....... you'll die" noel: okay cody: we'll- WHAT

    Mariana CorreiaMariana CorreiaDay ago
  • The instructor needs to be stopped

    EnnardEnnardDay ago
  • alternative title: cody and noel take lessons from a horse abuser and make kids think this is how to ride

    Emme BrighamEmme BrighamDay ago
  • I know many other equestrians have spoken out about this but I feel the need to state my opinions. Firstly I think Cody and Noel are not at fault of this. They are beginners and this lady is awful. I do however think they need to make an apology and acknowledge that this woman is not a professional. They rented horses for a video which spreads misinformation about horses and proper horse riding to hundreds of thousands of people. So for that I really hope they make an apology at the very least. This woman is awful. The Tom Thumb bit is the harshest bit out there. It is known to inflict a lot of pressure in the horses mouth and can severely injure them. Beginners should not be riding in a Tom Thumb bit at all since they are heavy handed and don’t know anything yet. She also has ill fitted tack. Imagine you’re running with with the wrong size shoe. It could be pinching your feet snd be uncomfortable. Now do that while carrying 15-20% of your weight. That’d hurt. That is what this woman is doing. She is unprofessional as someone is would at the very least have properly fitted tack. Another thing is the halter. You do not need a halter under your bridle. It proves you’re not a professional as it is totally unnecessary and can cause rubbing. She is also not a good rider. She is off balance and relies on kicking, yanking and whipping her horses. The worst part of the video for me was watching her whip the horse with her reins. You just don’t do that. Whips and crops are unnecessary if you have a well trained horse. You also do not kick your horse as hard as you can. It has been proven that horses have thinner skin that humans as well as more nerve endings. Try getting kicked in the stomach. Does it hurt? Imagine how they must feel. Also she does not teach them anything. She is spreading misinformation and is setting a really bad example. Shame on her. Please get informed if you plan on riding snd go to an actual facility. Please go take a lesson than use overworked horses with an unprofessional instructor. If I went there as a beginner snd saw how brutal she was (you can tell the horses are in pain by them opening their mouths trying to escape the bit) I would have left immediately and reported her. This video is such a shame to the equestrian community. I get that it’s just a video but they have a large outreach on their channel and spreading this information is harmful and dangerous.

    JacquelineJacquelineDay ago
  • She thinks you have to control a horse to ride a horse, nah thats ANOTHER place where she's wrong!

    Whispered JumpingWhispered JumpingDay ago