Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

Nov 20, 2020
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Have you ever wondered what Shrek's a**hole looks like?
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Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

  • 1:47 why did i think Cody just said the N-word lmao

    Rachel Amber EverleighRachel Amber Everleigh25 seconds ago
  • you guys are inspiring lol

    Holly LlamahoHolly Llamaho34 minutes ago
  • Me when I’m watching this in my lunch

    Daisy DuncanDaisy Duncan2 hours ago
  • I love how Noel plays at messing Cody up but barely sabotages him and they both laugh

    AvoiceintheshadowAvoiceintheshadow2 hours ago
  • 😂😂

    mistakenmistaken2 hours ago
  • It's as if I'm in one of those really bad fever dreams you get when you have a cold...

    Andy GalvanAndy Galvan3 hours ago
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    Mc.NiallerMc.Nialler4 hours ago
  • so noel lost hair and cody gained some

    arianna ellearianna elle4 hours ago
  • when they fake boxed i was expecting cody to sock noel

    Miles SteevesMiles Steeves4 hours ago
  • “wheres the fuckin uh *crab pincers*”

    Eryn VREryn VR5 hours ago
  • "your glaze is money. Your pastry is better, thanks dawg"

    Darian CarverDarian Carver5 hours ago
  • Cody, do u even blaze bro? 🤔

    EcnerualEcnerual5 hours ago
  • They should get drunk and make another song together

    EzmoEzmo6 hours ago
  • I’m not firmly convinced Noel is the most savage man on earth holy fuck

    Sarah MillerSarah Miller6 hours ago
  • cody looks exactly like bobble from tinker bell with those glasses on ⛹️‍♂️😟

    savsav6 hours ago
  • Bruh this video is making me feel even more high 😂

    _Hokage Nani-san_Hokage Nani-san6 hours ago
  • I haven't genuinely laughed this hard in a long time xD this was great

    XeroThreatXeroThreat7 hours ago
  • not cody was touching his hair while cooking]

    kennederrr _kennederrr _7 hours ago
  • The dynamic duo. They’re so quick with their jokes I love it.

    bernadette rogersbernadette rogers8 hours ago
  • watching this made me feel drunk

    Hannah DumaineHannah Dumaine8 hours ago
  • they should make pie

    naylie afreenanaylie afreena8 hours ago
  • I love how noels just fine😂

    Faith QuinnFaith Quinn8 hours ago
  • i like how they genuinely compliment each others donuts. ur glaze is money bro. thanks your pastry is really fluffy hommie. just guys being dudes

    Aurora TovarAurora Tovar9 hours ago
  • The amount of sex jokes Noel made in this video 😭😭😭

    Alexandra MedranoAlexandra Medrano9 hours ago
  • Noel: Where are you watching this, during your lunch? Shut up. Me, watching it during my lunch: 👁👄👁

    Bryce ClarkBryce Clark9 hours ago
  • An eighth for twenty, I need his plug

    Gina LoyolaGina Loyola9 hours ago
  • “Fuck around come and mix up in your eggs homie” What What 😧🤭🤣

    Cylee BrownCylee Brown9 hours ago
  • You're looking like a hockey academy boy with that hair, Cody

    Rachel T.Rachel T.9 hours ago
  • Noel: half a teaspoon of vanilla...alright Cody spit in this Cody: *silence* ...*catches on a quietly laughs* 😂😂😂no he did not just call Cody a teaspoon of vanilla

    LexiLexi10 hours ago
  • I’m watching this while verrrrrry baked, what an experience ✌🏼

    McKinley MickelsonMcKinley Mickelson10 hours ago
  • Sad that they aren’t drunk. Clicking away.

    KRōckKRōck11 hours ago

    jk399jk39911 hours ago
  • do not watch this video when ur high or do idk im not ur mom

    AbbyAbby11 hours ago

    Aleyne MenciaAleyne Mencia11 hours ago
  • i havent laughed this hard in so long

    Dhara TrivediDhara Trivedi11 hours ago
  • The sound of squeltching when stirring the dough is seriously getting to me.....its like ASMR for those suffering with a compulsive need to self harm....

    Smarie IsMeSmarie IsMe12 hours ago
  • An 8th for only 20??!! Uhhh....Naw! I don't want any bammer bruh? Tryin to set me up with the snickelfritz BRUH?? Cancel that shit brosama!!!

    Smarie IsMeSmarie IsMe12 hours ago
  • That sound effect when the mix XD

    BlessingIsMyLifeBlessingIsMyLife12 hours ago
  • Damn, didn't even tag what/who's kitchen you guys are in....savage 🤘

    Patrick DraperPatrick Draper12 hours ago
  • The fact that their eyes are so distorted just makes all the more funny

    oursparklingplanetoursparklingplanet12 hours ago
  • I’m here begging y’all to bring Spock back and read through r/MenWritingWomen please it would be amazing

    moonriver incmoonriver inc12 hours ago
  • Bro you don't even burn do you

    BrandonBrandon12 hours ago
  • either noel or cody watched unus annus and i'm here for it. moar pls

    AlexandraAlexandra13 hours ago
  • hang on are cody and kelsey engaged?!

    Calum SandersonCalum Sanderson13 hours ago
  • How they bake drunk is how I bake sober

    Rochelle CooperRochelle Cooper13 hours ago
  • Holy fuck this one was funny

    NattraNattra13 hours ago
  • ohhhh shit i put these on im primary school because they were teaching us to drink responsibly when we got to highschool (because we were in primary 7) and in scotland people start drinking in secondary school like S1 its sad but yeah fun times these goggles actually simulate drunk vision so i find the video 10x funnier cause i know what theyre seeing

    bxnzxlbxnzxl13 hours ago
  • “I just came drunk” lmaooo

    MattyPlaysMattyPlays13 hours ago
  • You can't have Cody Ko content without Noel

    Harry TruongHarry Truong13 hours ago
  • Did Noel just confess to ERP'ing!?!?!

    Elizabeth DeckerElizabeth Decker13 hours ago
  • I initially was like wow this is lame not even getting drunk, but the goggles really add some extra spice to this

    Wyatt ZindleWyatt Zindle14 hours ago
  • Omg they are literally a married couple I feel like I was expecting them to make out at the end

    Fran XFran X14 hours ago
  • the editing is really what made this lmaoo

    Samantha CarterSamantha Carter14 hours ago
  • Why is the set so aesthetic - this beautiful kitchen cannot belong to either of them???

    Grace PrdaGrace Prda15 hours ago
  • Cody and Noel Do: Mountain Biking

    Top Shagger Susan FoleyTop Shagger Susan Foley15 hours ago
  • I'm all in favor of more cooking videos, drunk goggles or not.

    Bound BowBound Bow15 hours ago
  • I think Cody just absorbs all the hair that Noel shaves off

    Chubby GamingChubby Gaming16 hours ago
  • noel- someone does this every day??? why that’s hell man me, a pastry chef- 👁👄👁

    little chef churrolittle chef churro16 hours ago
    • he’s kinda right tho 😌

      little chef churrolittle chef churro16 hours ago
  • This content will feed my children for Christmas

    Ash SawyerAsh Sawyer17 hours ago
  • It's funny how Cody kept eating his salted donut even though he wasn't liking it.

    Diana NguyenDiana Nguyen17 hours ago
  • ,“If you try to find happiness through the pursuit of worldly things, it will elude you. The only way to find happiness is through the pursuit of God.”

    JESUS LOVES US *v*JESUS LOVES US *v*17 hours ago
  • i literally cannot look at noel in those goggles and NOT laugh hysterically.

    Ariel ThrasherAriel Thrasher17 hours ago
  • "wait half of 4 is 2?? unless...." had me laughing so hard

    ian davidsonian davidson18 hours ago
  • More drunk cooking!!!

    Reina StormReina Storm18 hours ago
  • Noel: stfu, where you watching this, on your lunch? Me: *halfway through a mouthful* 👁👄👁

    Shayna ChangShayna Chang18 hours ago
  • Why they look like they in a Sears catalog

    Shayna ChangShayna Chang18 hours ago
  • Unus annus energy

    Robyn WassermanRobyn Wasserman18 hours ago
  • this is a lot better than i expected

    Abdicated TrashAbdicated Trash19 hours ago
  • Cody and Noel do a mixology course? This way drunk goggles or no drunk goggles it's still a good time

    Jacob NiswongerJacob Niswonger19 hours ago
  • man i wish we had a pov that would make this that much better

    brachachobrachacho19 hours ago
  • The question is ,,, did yall do the dishes after?

    Sydney DivelySydney Dively20 hours ago
  • "Cody and Noel do shit together" needs to be a regular show that happens on youtube now. Im invested now and I hope they are too

    laskin riubnlaskin riubn20 hours ago
  • whole foods boiiiissss

    Sydney DivelySydney Dively20 hours ago
  • Noel acknowledging his big whisk at the very first second. lmaoooo He's all admiring it.

    Megan DelamarMegan Delamar20 hours ago
    • comedies

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn20 hours ago
  • Cody and Noel: making gingerbread houses while high

    Priscilla MoralesPriscilla Morales20 hours ago
  • Their haircuts are polar opposites

    Jack OBrienJack OBrien21 hour ago
  • i didn’t know shaun white had a cooking channel

    YY38YY3821 hour ago
  • For Christ use the drunk goggles for gingerbread houses !!

    y.n.k 219y.n.k 21921 hour ago
  • random question but does anyone know which Apple Watch Noel has? 😂

    fruity duckyfruity ducky21 hour ago
  • cody’s been stealing noel’s hair

    Maryssa BMaryssa B21 hour ago
  • Lets order sum pizza!

    02FoolsgoldGT02FoolsgoldGT22 hours ago
  • I’m not even old enough to drink and I felt intoxicated while watching this

    Esther DodsonEsther Dodson22 hours ago
  • actually funny minions

    Daniel PinheiroDaniel Pinheiro22 hours ago
  • Not me laughing like a crazy person at my computer screen...

    Peter LilliePeter Lillie22 hours ago
  • Good to see them in the same room again, hopefully the Rona doesn’t get too crazy again

    Mister TootsieMister Tootsie23 hours ago
  • yall are too composed i swear lmfao i woulda been hype af XD

    Aloe VeraAloe VeraDay ago
  • wholesome, just what i needed to watch xp

    Aloe VeraAloe VeraDay ago
  • Next pls do baked baking lol

    LowsoLowsoDay ago
  • I wanna let you know I had a dream last night the three of us were in a ski competition and I won sorry. Noel didn’t know how to ski

    Emmy MCEmmy MCDay ago
  • Cody looks like the type of dude that was extremely popular in high school, but fell out with time and now he only sits on the couch drinking Miller Light and watching romantic comedies

    Martin TomkoMartin TomkoDay ago
  • That shit looks like that special type of diarrhea after eating at taco bell, that shits green and textured.

    FelipeFelip ElufFelipeFelip ElufDay ago
  • i thank you two for being funny

    WoloidWoloidDay ago
  • 😂😂

    hhDay ago
  • “Watch a soccer mom take two Xanax and murder this” My stepmom has left the chat.

    ChelsieChelsieDay ago
  • Imagine if they had Gordon Ramsay teach them how to cook in the show

    Its JanuaryyIts JanuaryyDay ago
    • That would be the best collab ever

      dazzmindazzmin2 hours ago
  • Codel does something

  • As a professional baker, thank you lmao

    Alice BennettAlice BennettDay ago
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  • Did Noel cut off his hair and glue it to the end of Cody's?

    ChallyuChallyuDay ago
  • the first 5 min i want to scream JUST MELT THE WHOLE JAR AND POUR IT

    Brooke ScothornBrooke ScothornDay ago