Class 1B react to class 1A // BNHA//

Feb 20, 2021
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nothing to see here...


    genuinely confused but okaygenuinely confused but okayHour ago
  • I thought the black haired girl was mikasa omfg-

    Kenn Da WeebKenn Da Weeb4 hours ago
  • Guys i cant find monoma ik the blonde looks like him but monoma is like 100x uglier

    Chane TherathonChane Therathon4 hours ago
  • N I C E V I D E O WOW!! 👁️👄👁️✨

    Sunnyniee's Cousin!Sunnyniee's Cousin!5 hours ago
  • does anyone notice that deku is always in fights?

    Cass DevezaCass Deveza6 hours ago
  • Class 1b react to class 1a vs nine

    Jerg greJJerg greJ6 hours ago
  • Everyone be simping for izuku-

    ᯽Itz_SoftCoffee᯽ OwO᯽Itz_SoftCoffee᯽ OwO8 hours ago
  • Sorry for distubing? Idk how to say it but pls give credit to the original☺️

    ꨄMânīlã CrïstālꨄꨄMânīlã Crïstālꨄ11 hours ago
  • Beautiful 😳

    DJ ÀļîçëDJ Àļîçë11 hours ago

    softyysaturnsoftyysaturn11 hours ago
  • All of the videos were about deku

    Segundina CunananSegundina Cunanan11 hours ago
    • My fav is deku and toga

      Segundina CunananSegundina Cunanan11 hours ago
  • I will admit... I clicked bc I saw 1-B and setsuna

    Lilliana LaniganLilliana Lanigan13 hours ago
  • i almost cry

    16990009 Naomi Sinardja Rahardja16990009 Naomi Sinardja Rahardja13 hours ago
  • The amv like an the end game the movie tho

    anime killeranime killer13 hours ago
  • Guess I'm watching anime

    Darky PawzyDarky Pawzy14 hours ago
  • i dont know why people say bnha is bad,, its actually a really good anime if you look at it in a different way.

    AKIIT0AKIIT015 hours ago
  • Daddy be acting like he depressed

    Annette AndrewsAnnette Andrews15 hours ago
  • Can I pls have a shout out

  • 9:55 I've seen scenes like this around Tik Tok, what is it and where do I watch it? Is this season 5?

    Galaxy_ StarGalaxy_ Star15 hours ago

    Sammy Sam Sal SallySammy Sam Sal Sally16 hours ago
  • You forgot Awase :( But you added a lot more characters than usual! 😀

    -I n k E y e--I n k E y e-16 hours ago
  • Oh my god my heart😲-

    Hamid IdaHamid Ida17 hours ago
  • I got goosebumps watching the video in it with them. I was actually crying by the time this video ended. Good job, you are a excellent video maker.

    Jewlerygirl909 CassJewlerygirl909 Cass17 hours ago
  • Bro- You give them the saddest video ever and then you say "K Bai"

    Krispy_ PineapplesKrispy_ Pineapples17 hours ago
  • Who made the one at 3:26? There's no tiktok username

    Krispy_ PineapplesKrispy_ Pineapples17 hours ago
  • Taht first tiktok was BOMB

    Krispy_ PineapplesKrispy_ Pineapples17 hours ago
  • now THAT is why they are in class 1A and you are in class 1B 🙄🤭

    sammysammy18 hours ago
  • im a girl btw

    Ccs827 StudentCcs827 Student18 hours ago
  • #hotmhaboys

    Ccs827 StudentCcs827 Student18 hours ago
  • Did anyone else get so confused when the background for todoroki was the song pretty girl

    Mort HowesMort Howes19 hours ago
  • Nice😎

    Dont quickly RunDont quickly Run19 hours ago
  • Can they react to deku vs a random villian

    S e a n Y a p c i n c oS e a n Y a p c i n c o19 hours ago
  • does anybody have any editing apps for edits because i can’t find any also amazing video the character designs are amazing!

    Mha_HpEdits.xMha_HpEdits.x19 hours ago
    • @Nagito Komaeda Ok. Thank you!

      Mha_HpEdits.xMha_HpEdits.x19 hours ago
    • Kinemaster

      Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda19 hours ago
  • just to know who was mha dub and who watch it sub me i watch dub :)

    Selma El ketroussiSelma El ketroussi21 hour ago
  • Me yelling you got this deku my house shut the f up

    Lily MartinezLily Martinez21 hour ago
  • 1:20

    lemonadelemonade21 hour ago
  • awe man, i wanted that amv in the description, IT WAS SO COOL!!!

    Aishwarya GantasalaAishwarya Gantasala22 hours ago
  • Does none of you no that shinsou is in class 1-B

    Nezuko _demon slayerNezuko _demon slayer22 hours ago
  • 👎ANIME👎

    Maya MoslehMaya MoslehDay ago
  • Class B : We are better! Class A : Hold my KOOL AID. *class A fights off league off IOO times maybe?*

    SēanxpaiSēanxpaiDay ago
  • A random would you rather question : Who would you rather friend? Out of class B? (I’d choose Kendo.)

    SēanxpaiSēanxpaiDay ago

    Melon ColonialMelon ColonialDay ago
  • Woah that was amazing video

    Febreze AirFreshnerFebreze AirFreshnerDay ago
  • Part two

    Wionam JunioWionam JunioDay ago
  • yes

    bridgettebridgetteDay ago
  • The last video hit hard and was veey beautiful..

    terry milotaterry milotaDay ago

    Artha NengahArtha NengahDay ago
  • accckkkk I love itsuka!!!

    シawwastridシawwastridDay ago
  • The last video Me: is this.... Trailer?

    Flower -0-Flower -0-Day ago
  • What's the amv? Can I get the link?

    Miracula KwamiMiracula KwamiDay ago
  • *i can not stop twinkling~*

    •Diamond••Diamond•Day ago
  • Nice video! Wish Kaibara is there too uwu💕

    AllyStar 7AllyStar 7Day ago
  • *Fantasy: Inspirational and awesomely cool* *Reality:* *-haha depresso is here-*

    Cyrene RoseCyrene RoseDay ago
  • I am getting gostbumps

    Jeremy ManicdaoJeremy ManicdaoDay ago
  • I want them to react to Villain Deli ;-;

    Tachi YTTachi YTDay ago
  • The fact is class A always the smartess like mehUwU

    •little devils• ಥ‿ಥ•little devils• ಥ‿ಥDay ago
  • I finally found someone who DOES CLASS 1B THINGS NOW😭 also amazing video and new subscriber :D❤️

    《 • CløudyNxghtš • 》《 • CløudyNxghtš • 》Day ago
  • People who cried at the AMV 👇🏻

    Ochako UrarakaOchako UrarakaDay ago
  • 6:54 I started to cry alot....

    aaliyahuertaaaliyahuertaDay ago
  • Yo

    Candise GamingCandise GamingDay ago
  • Can I not have a shoutoutv

    Plot TwistPlot TwistDay ago
  • can i have shoutout

    balboa rockybalboa rockyDay ago
  • The white guy thathas the sme quirk at red riot just said "that one just ruined the mood" a.k.a dabi lol

    Neil Joshua CapillanNeil Joshua CapillanDay ago
  • 9:32 I was looking at this for a second and I just thought to myself "is this the trailer for My hero academia"

    Veronica Herington-ReeseVeronica Herington-ReeseDay ago
  • when the amv of mha makes you feel more emotion then he entire series of mha pluse the manga.

    tddragontddragonDay ago
  • Cries in you forgot shinsou.

    Dear, Michelle.Dear, Michelle.Day ago
    • Shinsou is in class C

      gummybearsღgummybearsღDay ago
  • It’s funny because bakugoes muscles are just smooth but deku’s muscles are like RIPPED

    Gacha_lollipop Gacha lifeGacha_lollipop Gacha lifeDay ago
  • I swear class 1-B can’t even deafeat izu and backgo 😐

    Lime The playerLime The playerDay ago
  • Im gonna subscribe now cuz its great 😌👌

    •_ᴘʟᴜᴛo's_sʜᴀᴅøw_••_ᴘʟᴜᴛo's_sʜᴀᴅøw_•Day ago
  • my name in a game is gummybear UvO

    kenji khorichkenji khorichDay ago
  • Me: liking Mineta *pauses video to see him*

    Tadashi SimpTadashi SimpDay ago
    • Please say sike/ april fools/ you thought- please-

      Bun BunBun BunDay ago
  • 2:28 Not gonna lie, I look pretty badass.. 3:56 too.. 4:28 too, damn bro..

    -ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴇɪᴊɪʀᴏᴜ ᴋɪʀɪsʜɪᴍᴀ--ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴇɪᴊɪʀᴏᴜ ᴋɪʀɪsʜɪᴍᴀ-Day ago
    • Kiripima 🥺

      Bun BunBun BunDay ago
  • 🙏 Pray for more likes. But have you prey for more likes??🤔

    rssutton23rssutton23Day ago
  • Psst- type on google who is monoma's crush

    Squishy GuestSquishy GuestDay ago
    • @gummybearsღ i know 😭

      Bun BunBun BunDay ago
    • The f(bleep)😳

      gummybearsღgummybearsღDay ago
    • Um.... okay?- Edit: OH- MY- GOD- NO- WTFFFFF-

      Bun BunBun BunDay ago
  • Omg when I hear katsuki's voice I'm dying🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣

    Mina AshidoMina AshidoDay ago
  • U forgot shinsou ;-;

    Cookie CatCookie CatDay ago
    • Shinsou is in class C

      gummybearsღgummybearsღDay ago
  • Hello can they react to deku with bakugo vs nine?

    Keane HizoKeane HizoDay ago
  • Al fin sacan a Kendo yo estoy en un grupo de bhna donde soy Kendo

    angel_demonangel_demonDay ago
  • Can I have a shout-out Pls I luv your vids

    Bri LandBri Land2 days ago
  • Make them react to deku vs overhaul

    no thingno thing2 days ago
  • Was like a whole movie trailer-

    K E!K E!2 days ago
  • I’m mad

    Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom2 days ago

      Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom2 days ago
  • 6:10

    lyle clarklyle clark2 days ago
  • 5:35 😵😵😵 Hot

    Sara 7u7Sara 7u72 days ago
  • Oh my god this vid was beautiful

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari2 days ago
  • i got too much spoiler next time please warn me

    CassidyCassidy2 days ago
    • I put a spoiler warning maybe you didn't see it

      gummybearsღgummybearsღ2 days ago
  • I totally love how this gives spoilers✌️😌👍

    am a Bad artistam a Bad artist2 days ago
  • 1-B: **reacts to a dramatic video** **video ends** Gummy: “K bye”

    Evelyn _ CloudyEvelyn _ Cloudy2 days ago
  • The last one literally took my heart- it's like a flippin movie trailer like- I'm just obsessed with the last one-

    Royale High UwURoyale High UwU2 days ago
  • 5:42 bakugou says cheese stake 😂

    Jelly fishJelly fish2 days ago
  • what have we learned today? THAT DEKU IS A BAD BLEEP YUHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Kamryn BenjaminKamryn Benjamin2 days ago
  • The reason they will become amazing hero's is because all they've been through together, they have learned life lessons at an exponentially quickened rate, compared to everyone else in the school; That is also why and how they have bonded so much that they seem like a family.

    Múne_ PlayzMúne_ Playz2 days ago
  • I guess monoma is not crazy abt class a :P

    ur local dead memeur local dead meme2 days ago
  • i like this i will treasure this moment always

    Andrei PotatoAndrei Potato2 days ago
  • Can you tell me the name of the seventh memes name? Cuz I like that one

    Xx AngelyxXXx AngelyxX2 days ago
  • can somebody give me the link to the video at 3:26?

    sparkle.blossomsparkle.blossom2 days ago
  • me: *is bi* me seeing Ibara and Kosei: **SIMP MODE: ACTIVATE**

    Rodel GanalonRodel Ganalon2 days ago
  • i got shivers watching the last tiktok

    Leah spinkLeah spink2 days ago
  • I think i feel weird after them reacting to ours-

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima2 days ago
  • Midorya's dad is i villain .^.

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya2 days ago