Chinese speaking Black man catches Asian nail salon workers gossiping about him, He responds

Mar 21, 2021
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  • 6:39 think she was flirting 😏

    Nigel DreherNigel Dreher29 minutes ago
  • Love it ... they all whiplash. Lol 😂

    CeCe Keeping it realCeCe Keeping it realHour ago
  • She was about to put herself on a plate 🤣🤣. They charge for extra duck sauce, but gave him $50 in free food because he spoke Mandarin.

    CJ RaifordCJ RaifordHour ago
  • I’m using Duolingo to learn Japanese. I’m actually getting better at understanding, just hopefully one day I can have a conversation with someone.

    Mrboy21fulMrboy21fulHour ago
  • Damn havent seen anyone use doge thug life or the mlg glasses in a fat min

    Rafael AmayaRafael AmayaHour ago
  • OMG no one is going to point out that the waiter at the restaurant had a fatty 😍

    TheFern ManTheFern Man2 hours ago
  • New friend here bud

    AlexJUSSMEAlexJUSSME2 hours ago
  • Lol that Chinese women serving him food wanted him lol

    Final FlareFinal Flare2 hours ago
  • And this is why I like speaking hawaiian. Not only is it my native language but I get to talk shit and literally only 2% of this world will get what I'm saying. Lol

    Brittney HolbronBrittney Holbron3 hours ago
    • @Frankie Light lol no doubt.

      Brittney HolbronBrittney HolbronHour ago
    • Lmao don’t get too confident I’m pretty sure I can learn it if I shut up and listen long enough 😉

      Frankie LightFrankie Light3 hours ago
  • was that james harden? nah no way

    Kai LewisKai Lewis4 hours ago
  • And it doesn’t hurt that you’re handsome. But nice very nice.

    Colleen MylesColleen Myles4 hours ago
  • That is awesome! Great skill to have. My son speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. He already spoke Spanish and English but his first year of college he took Japanese. I begged him not to thinking he would not do well. To my surprise he excelled! In fact, he went on to advanced courses and was even asked to teach it by his second year at another college. His Japanese conversation partner recommended that he teach it. He has gone to Japan many times. After mastering Japanese he went on to study Mandarin and Catonese. He loves learning languages and has also visited China. Some people are gifted in this area and you young man seem to be one. I think it is awesome!

    Pat C.Pat C.4 hours ago
  • Wow this is mad motivation to learn a new language

    Reviewers CornerReviewers Corner4 hours ago
  • Bro you are so brilliant! It would take me 1,000 plus to learn any dialect of Chinese much more two. LOLOLOLOL

    Rod ZillaRod Zilla5 hours ago
  • I am loving this. Thank you

    Dee D L.Dee D L.5 hours ago
  • Dude's very impressive. To be honest I just got this mad love for Asians.

    Buzo DanfilloBuzo Danfillo5 hours ago
  • You should of waited until the end to see if they say anything else

    SPSP5 hours ago
  • I loved that server.

    Jayson EmileJayson Emile5 hours ago
  • zixue always gets them

    IrohsProdigyIrohsProdigy5 hours ago
  • Very Very badass bro...u rock....just motivated me to honestly prepare me and my children to be multi lingual

    Dangelo HarrisonDangelo Harrison5 hours ago
  • Asians talk shit about everyone! Especially black people! How do I know? I recorded a conversation IN THE NAIL SALON AND got it translated! FYI they are straight VICIOUS!

    Diana DundiditDiana Dundidit6 hours ago
  • That dude be hating on you in the background when that waitress brings y'all more food 🙌

    William SimpsonWilliam Simpson6 hours ago
  • I'm fluent in 8 different sign languages. Plus English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Cherokee, and French.

    Joe BaumgartJoe Baumgart6 hours ago
  • Lmaoo I know they be talkin crap lol

    Claudia Pierre LouisClaudia Pierre Louis6 hours ago
  • I’m liking it cause I see a lot of dislikes.

    glenn fordglenn ford7 hours ago
  • Good vibes only. I got the same hat 💪🏾

    GrimOftheNorthGrimOftheNorth8 hours ago
  • So whats the Hong Kong diss? I'd like to know.

    Marco OrtizMarco Ortiz8 hours ago
  • This is why I want to learn different languages to see who talking shit lol

    Darth RevanDarth Revan9 hours ago
  • Im tryina understand why she said he sounds like he from Hong Kong. What was that suppose to mean🤔

    J SJ S9 hours ago
    • @Frankie Light Ohh lol .. now i get the shade comment too

      J SJ S6 hours ago
    • they don't speak Mandarin in hong kong which is what i was speaking implying that my mandarin is awful lol

      Frankie LightFrankie Light8 hours ago

    KryzeKryze9 hours ago
  • Yooo IDK if it's just the mask but Jasmine looks like the spitting image of the actress Frankie Adams that plays the character Bobbie Draper from the Expanse. Am I trippin? Anybody else see it? Look at the part where they walk into the nail salon.

    WoppaloppWoppalopp9 hours ago
  • I love this video!

    Kundai MachakaKundai Machaka9 hours ago
  • You know what? I quit going to nail shops because it really does feel like they are talking smack about customers. Actions speak louder than words people!!!

    Noneof UrbusinessNoneof Urbusiness10 hours ago
  • respect

    stepyourshirtup iamunlimitedstepyourshirtup iamunlimited10 hours ago
  • Man you my inspiration

    SSS SSSSS SS10 hours ago
  • the man in the back at 8:50 was giving a looks that could kill lol

    Amy StevensAmy Stevens11 hours ago
  • He's kute & funny

    Angela ThompsonAngela Thompson11 hours ago
  • This Inspired Me Lol

    kemora lightningkemora lightning11 hours ago
  • Yooooo...we all are blessed with this ability notice the Chinese are speaking English too. you tapped into it beautifully king.

    Mark KnightMark Knight11 hours ago
  • This guy can get all the tight Chinese WAP he ever wants

    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol BittiesConnoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties11 hours ago
  • Omg!!! I want to learn Mandarin, this is a goal of mine. What was the best way for to learn Chinese? I have an app that I used to help me and I watch Chinese movies to help me identify the words through sounds. Can you share some of your tips?

    De BryanDe Bryan12 hours ago
  • Definitely didn’t sign up for the POV of man drillin food

    Jay LoveJay Love12 hours ago
  • He look like a young Bruce Leroy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sam BaskinSam Baskin12 hours ago
  • That shoulder slap though ☠️☠️

    KiKi babieeeKiKi babieee12 hours ago
  • Yo when tf and how tf did laoshu5000???

    Marcus ThompsonMarcus Thompson12 hours ago
  • Love this

    Christina HaynesChristina Haynes12 hours ago
  • How can i learn Mandarin?? I've always wanted to learn. I've tried duo lingo. Takes forever lol I'm impatient lol

    Liz BLiz B12 hours ago
  • Dope!

    maclac48maclac4812 hours ago
  • I so want to learn Chinese

    kourtneyxxxxkourtneyxxxx13 hours ago
  • Hello thank you for this video sir

    Angel NavaAngel Nava13 hours ago
  • Doing laoshu proud

    JPcopterJPcopter13 hours ago
  • So where’s the part where they talked shit?

    GlitchInTheMatrixGlitchInTheMatrix13 hours ago
  • Dressed urban xD lmao a blazer over an orange saeater???

    FG PDFG PD14 hours ago
  • I love these videos. Language is beautiful ❤️

    Weirdo MakerWeirdo Maker14 hours ago
  • I wonder..... What would conversation be like if she would've brought the "free" "CHICKEN" OUT FIRST? 😂

    Leong CrawfordLeong Crawford14 hours ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we would have a real good reaction video then !

      Frankie LightFrankie Light13 hours ago
  • Please! How exactly did you teach yourself?

    RealTimeXRealTimeX14 hours ago
  • I LOVE that this is a black young man speaking Chinese! Encourage all to learn languages, my daughter speaks Japanese and I think it is so cool that she can be in a line and ladies talking abt her long blonde hair, she turns around and holds a conversation with these ladies!!! Shocked them!

    Marcie DavisMarcie Davis14 hours ago
  • I Love It 😍😍

    Vero YoungVero Young14 hours ago
  • It’s the reaction to I taught myself 😂

    Diamond WilliamsDiamond Williams14 hours ago
  • Your a cutie. Yeah I can see how any young lady would flirt with you. Plus your smart so that’s a plus 🥰🥰

    Maria F CortinasMaria F Cortinas14 hours ago
  • This here was amazing footage. Bilingual period! You going places homie!!!

    Yung DerelikYung Derelik15 hours ago
  • Hey! Hi. So, if a white man did this, it would be a terrorist and racist attack on asian culture and people

    Woke AloneWoke Alone15 hours ago
    • @riyah f Its true though.

      Woke AloneWoke Alone14 hours ago
    • stop making everything about white people and race. grow up. no one cares in the real world. stop trying to act oppressed

      riyah friyah f14 hours ago

    Veronica StephensVeronica Stephens15 hours ago
  • I subscribed because of this!!

    Gregory Payne JrGregory Payne Jr15 hours ago
  • I couldn't focus when in the nail salon she didn't use gloves and desinfection. Specially these days maaan. Also I agree waitress were seeing her future with you already :))

    rhythmayrhythmay15 hours ago
  • Learn ✍🏽 mandarin ✍🏽 get ✍🏽 free ✍🏽 food ✍🏽

    justus lizmariejustus lizmarie15 hours ago
  • RIP LOASHU505000 ( He would be proud to see a young brother as yourself following in his footsteps)! Stay humble and playful in all things that you do!!

    Lady BoeLady Boe15 hours ago
    • Prayerful in all things!!

      Lady BoeLady Boe15 hours ago
  • I just found your channel by accident and I too was a follower of the “big guy, RIP”. I salute you on learning the different dialects of the Chinese language! Continue on, with much success!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Lady BoeLady Boe15 hours ago
  • My dawg definitely clapping cheeks out there!!

    WickiedGrinzWickiedGrinz15 hours ago
  • Apply to be a CIA SPY doing spy work in China.

    Trading WizardTrading Wizard16 hours ago
  • 5:46-5:55 🤣

    Jordan WassilJordan Wassil16 hours ago
  • Dude, I am impressed, self taught?! That is a natural (God given) ability. I just manage enough to function in english, my only language. You making me hungry with that food.

    CarportCarlCarportCarl16 hours ago
  • A colored man that can speak an Asian persons native tongue is like a unicorn because now they can communicate with the woman’s parents, which is important.

    Eazy CEazy C16 hours ago
  • I wonder how much it cost him to learn

    King BoshKing Bosh16 hours ago
  • We need a part 2!!!!

    Amalya LivingstonAmalya Livingston16 hours ago
  • Impressive 😎

    TiaTia17 hours ago
  • You taught yourself 🤯🤯

    KshaisKshais17 hours ago
  • Is that his girlfriend recording? Maybe that's why he wasn't flirting with the waitress.

    The KnightShowThe KnightShow17 hours ago
  • He’s cute!!

    Charvette ShumakerCharvette Shumaker17 hours ago
  • What camera do you use ?

    Ayo StrawberriAyo Strawberri17 hours ago
  • I wanna know what soup he had. That looked so good 🤤

    Jas fucking OrtegaJas fucking Ortega17 hours ago
  • Dont watch this when youre hungry. But good its a good video 🙌

    Mohammed Abdi AliMohammed Abdi Ali17 hours ago
  • Why do U let them in on it so fast. Let them sit a hole then to them up.

    Sneaky BurrSneaky Burr17 hours ago
  • She likes u bruh,u were supposed to shoot ur shot

    Leonardo PretoriusLeonardo Pretorius18 hours ago
  • That's wassup bro, represent 💪

    Malik HaynesMalik Haynes18 hours ago
  • I was to busy listening to Beyoncé to pay attention 😂

    Tianna CurtisTianna Curtis18 hours ago
  • How did you learn?? What materials did you use?? I want to study Mando too 😭

    ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ19 hours ago
  • When shorty hit him...everyone knows that means 😏

    Fox HowellFox Howell19 hours ago
  • 14:25 ma'am what did you say 👀

    POOWUSWORLD gamingPOOWUSWORLD gaming20 hours ago
  • We should ALL be doing this. Kudos brother!

    Feehan FanFeehan Fan20 hours ago
  • 8:56 dude in the back didn't look to happy

    Aaron the martial mechanicAaron the martial mechanic20 hours ago
  • So attractive

    Nineteen OctobersNineteen Octobers21 hour ago
  • We will all be speaking Chinese soon 😫😷😩

    Debbie WilcoxDebbie Wilcox21 hour ago
  • This is freakin AMAZING! I am so inspired

    ShaliShali22 hours ago
  • They treat you differently when they learn that you know their language, Mong, Cambodian and Chinese people look at you strange especially if you're a black person trust me I know

    Aaron DavisAaron Davis22 hours ago
  • Man that girl was fine, she was into you

    kopes28kopes2822 hours ago
  • subscribed !

    SuaveSuave22 hours ago
  • bruh I need learn a lan that isn't just bri ish

    kyle a botkyle a bot22 hours ago
  • You mentioned Moises.. If he was your teacher, God bless that man.

    bullie phantombullie phantom23 hours ago
  • The time your looking for is 9:53

    Niles LeeNiles Lee23 hours ago