Chevelle - Remember When (Official Lyric Video)

Feb 19, 2021
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Remember you’re souvenirs
The memory’s fuel in space
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
Remember when
We’re right side up
Yet I’m falling off
The hope was to fool yourself
To suffer was worth the cause
As we’re drifting off to nowhere
Nowhere, nowhere
Remember when
We’re right side up
And yet I’m falling off, nowhere
Remember when
Remember your youth instead
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
We’re right side up
And yet I’m falling off
Remember when
Remember you’re youth instead
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
(C) 2021 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  • For every new day that passes...I lose another day of my past. Then I hear a song like this and it somehow creates a spark of memories that come rushing back. It's weird how music can do that.

    GrazedDonutGrazedDonut14 hours ago
  • Nice! Reminds me of early chevelle days. Still a great band 🤙

    kal kadiwelkal kadiwel15 hours ago
  • This song feels and sounds like home to me. 🎶💚🤘 Thank you CHEVELLE.

    Ash* LoTusAsh* LoTus15 hours ago
  • Chevelle 💜❤️

    Monica AnnMonica Ann17 hours ago
  • Y'all still got it🔥💯

    Dino GomezDino Gomez19 hours ago
  • All three of the new tracks are pretty much on repeat. Fucking love Chevelle 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Mike PurselMike Pursel21 hour ago
  • 1:54 that was it -peter so when I say I'm making a song with consent WITH HER, listen to me who is also producing it

    Amber StoneAmber Stone22 hours ago
  • I'll never forget...

    T PittyT Pitty22 hours ago
  • still hits the same 10 years later..........

    Daniel MohabirDaniel MohabirDay ago
  • I love the Superman the Movie- like lyrics!

    BluCru 84BluCru 84Day ago
  • Chevelle still got the pedal to the metal 🔨🇺🇸👊

    paul jonespaul jonesDay ago
  • Se vc está procurando uma banda de rock incrível, vc achou!!! Essa música é muito linda!! Maravilhosa!!

    danielesa 13danielesa 13Day ago
  • This song is dope but clones is my still my numero uno

    T FreezyT FreezyDay ago
  • I am so glad to be in have been in my prime during Chevelles reign. No one like them in my opinion. Almost as amazing as have lived in Leo Messis time. Someone put together Messi to Chevelle!

    Richard GouldenRichard GouldenDay ago
  • Chevelle would have millions of fans if the tool fans hadnt rejected them from the beginning and that was a large fan base to make up. I like tool but their fans are one group minded. I hope theyve learned to accept greatness.

    metal manmetal manDay ago
  • Chevelle and Deftones need to do a collaboration project!

    Scott FreeScott FreeDay ago
  • Chevelle is #1 out of Tool, Deftones and the others in this genre. The Chevelle haters are the Tool fans who were afraid this was gonna happen. Afraid Chevelle was actually one day gonna rule the genre. Sorry Tool and Deftones but Chevelle is on another level

    metal manmetal manDay ago
  • Fantastic song.

    PaulPaul2 days ago
  • This sounds nothing like Deftones this sounds like Chevelle of old and nothing else Chevelle is in a league of their Own always and forever! Stop comparing everything and just BE! THIS IS CHEVELLE!+

  • que buena canción

    Daniel GomezDaniel Gomez2 days ago
  • Until You're Reformed Pt. 2

    pablocv92pablocv922 days ago
  • Addicted. Right Click > Loop. Best track of 2021 so far. Definite favorite. Absolutely powerful.

    Mark ThomasMark Thomas2 days ago
  • THIS IS FREAKING EPIC!!! Freaking EPIC!!! Did I say this was good, excellent, or awesome, he’ll naw..... ISAID THIS IS FREAKING EPIC!!!! Like a fine wine, this band gets insanely good with age!! 👍👍👍

  • No pain

    FixateFixate2 days ago
  • Welcome back Chevelle! That was some epic shit!

    TheJoelsr1TheJoelsr13 days ago
  • You guys have stayed true through all these years, mad props. Keep killing it dudes

    Travis MontagnerTravis Montagner3 days ago
  • I hope the Deftones are proud when they hear this, I hardly find a song that puts my mind on a plain like the Deftones can but this did! Melodic is KEY and brings emotions to the surface.

    Brandon DeftBrandon Deft3 days ago
  • Hope theres a music video coming for this, cannot wait to see this played live!!

    J CarlJ Carl3 days ago
  • Esta canción toca muchas fibras sensibles. Sus frecuencias se conectan bien chido con las mías. Saludos desde México.

    CartonVaqueriCartonVaqueri3 days ago
  • I really really hope the rest of the album is as good as the 3 mother fucking bangers they just released

    Brody SchrieferBrody Schriefer3 days ago
  • masterpiece

    HarmRueHarmRue3 days ago
  • Freaking awesome!!

    CoelmatiusCoelmatius3 days ago
  • Sci-fi crimes vibes. Love this

    joehall55joehall553 days ago
  • I'd be down for a Chevelle/Deftones concert! Seriously tho, both bands having their signature sounds, throughout the years, sounding better as they age, never changing who they are, starting from their youth🤘🏾

    -Bear --Bear -3 days ago
  • Made me remember... Myself... :^)

    Paddy BestPaddy Best4 days ago
  • Listen to the first line in Point #1 and they've come full circle. Every song is incredible!

    Claire StichClaire Stich4 days ago
  • This might be the most important thing I've ever heard.

    Blaze TBlaze T4 days ago
  • To all the dislikes on this video...I have no words for this betrayal. If you don't love it then just go on and don't say anything. I love this band since point #1 man, so as an old schooler...fuck off, This band only writes masterpieces. Banger after banger...Much love and respect guys loved you from the beginning.

    Matt RushingMatt Rushing4 days ago
  • This sounds much like a send off song, but to be fair, so did punch line and it obviously wasn't. Also this seems like a part 2 to young wicked, looking at the other side of the coin. Maybe even Saturdays too, btw such an underrated song Saturdays is.

    Justy HJusty H4 days ago
  • Cool 🤪🤪😗❤

    Yayo GarciaYayo Garcia4 days ago
  • Thank you USworlds for recommending this to me. Been a few years since I listened to Chevelle. I'm back onboard! Looking forward to the release!

    Tyler MaysTyler Mays4 days ago
  • 😭😭😭 😍😍😍

    karen Alvarezkaren Alvarez4 days ago
  • This is the chevelle I've been waiting for, for years!!!!!! This is what us chevelle fans want !!!!!

    Jeremy PiquetteJeremy Piquette4 days ago
  • My favorite so far from the new stuff

    Jeremy PiquetteJeremy Piquette4 days ago
  • I always love how the guitar sounds!! ❤️

    stargazer nmdstargazer nmd4 days ago
  • Since send the pain below, always brought hard copies cd. Love this band and all the memories from 13 years old teen to now a father, much ❤

    Sky TarazonaSky Tarazona4 days ago
  • Jesus Christ just takes me back to the old Chevelle 😥

    WhatsHappening783402WhatsHappening7834024 days ago
  • soo good chevelle is still the best!!

    Brooke DennisonBrooke Dennison4 days ago
  • What are we thinking this is about? I'm saying drifting into a certain state of mind...drifting off to sleep and dreaming....or daydreaming/ remembering/ wondering about your past...or even slipping into death, life flashes before you. I've experienced all.

    Bradley NyeBradley Nye4 days ago
  • Kinda hard to read... wasn’t really smart putting black letters on a black background that fade away and get smaller

    Tool satTool sat4 days ago
  • Chevelle is 1000% the greatest band of my generation

    Krosby GeiselKrosby Geisel4 days ago
  • I'd love to have this lyric video as a screen saver. The song and the video are beautiful.

    Kelly CutiyogKelly Cutiyog4 days ago
  • Chevelle is eternal

    DanDan5 days ago
  • OK Can I marry this song?? IN LOVE :))

    Dar LevDar Lev5 days ago
  • Getting Sci Fi Crimes and HOTTB vibes. Loving it so far.

    KevonKevon5 days ago
  • Hell yes! I love the vibes I’m getting from this song. A true piece of art for 2021.

    Jason HyattJason Hyatt5 days ago
  • EPIC!!!

    Marco PetrellaMarco Petrella5 days ago
  • You guys are on fire, always have been.

    JA VWJA VW5 days ago
  • Since you were reformed.. vibes

    brandon fbrandon f5 days ago
  • You guys always hit my soul! Thank you! Don't stop!

    Chris ParkinChris Parkin5 days ago
  • My favorite band of all time without a doubt

    Robbie ThomasRobbie Thomas5 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    SRH SolocamSRH Solocam5 days ago
  • Your music will be eternal!

    Mark SevilleMark Seville5 days ago
    • Chevelle forever

      Paul-Michael PerdonPaul-Michael Perdon5 days ago
  • This Song is AWESOME!

    Mc LovinMc Lovin5 days ago
  • Lyric videos are hard to get right, but this is by far the best one I've ever watched. Very much aligns with the feeling of the song without taking away from it and I love the way the lyrics make the entrance on screen. And nice freakin' song, too! I can still hear that balancing act. Well done once again, Chevelle.

    Tyler SecrestTyler Secrest5 days ago
  • Whoever disliked this song should just quit music altogether

    Austin DeckerAustin Decker5 days ago
  • By far the best Chevelle sound.

    Prashant JaiswalPrashant Jaiswal5 days ago
  • Es hermoso!!!! New Chevelle fan

    camilo guerrerocamilo guerrero5 days ago
    • Welcome

      Paul-Michael PerdonPaul-Michael Perdon5 days ago

    Aquarius Ankh FiAquarius Ankh Fi6 days ago
    • Chevelle makes u beast at ANYTHING

      Paul-Michael PerdonPaul-Michael Perdon5 days ago
  • yes!

  • as a bassist, this fucking riffs really made me pick up the guitar. This shit is beautiful!

    Marco RomeroMarco Romero6 days ago
  • Oh my goshhhhh i remember the video on Facebook a year ago

    zandorizezandorize6 days ago
  • Beautiful video for a sublime track 🤘😎

    Shun GiteShun Gite6 days ago
  • Thanks for this Chevelle. I needed this! Thanks for always delivering through the years consistently.

    Jarifman XJarifman X6 days ago
  • Sorry guys, u ain't taking a break, we fucking love the new music

    Sebasti4n 1412Sebasti4n 14126 days ago
  • Those pyramids are flat! Great vid! Send the pain above! 20 seconds to Venus!

    Intrigued none the lessIntrigued none the less6 days ago
  • Traveling through other dimensions and universes while playing this song all day on repeat!

    SchmiddyHDSchmiddyHD6 days ago
  • Great song and you cannot replicate that awesome Chevelle music.

    Jason BostonJason Boston6 days ago
  • 👎

    Мойша ДядыкМойша Дядык6 days ago
  • COÑO! Los de Chevelle como que tienen a unos cuantos monstruos ocultos y los van a sacar en Niratias vaya par de bestialidades de canciones son Self Destructor y Remember When. Damn! It seems like the Chevelle guys have some hidden monsters and they're going to take them out in Niratias! What a couple of bestialities are Self Destructor and Remember When! Long Live Chevelle!!!

    Cy_MoNCy_MoN6 days ago
  • Nowhere. now here.

    AwakeServantAwakeServant6 days ago

    AwakeServantAwakeServant6 days ago
  • The music sounds great but the melody sucks. Too whiney sounding. I'll still buy the album though.

    Aaron MaccaroAaron Maccaro6 days ago
  • Bravo! Loving these new songs!

    Joe RuheJoe Ruhe6 days ago
  • this is going to be the best Chevelle album.

    the death of leahthe death of leah6 days ago
  • I could harmonize and scream with this band fuck would be so amazing

    James CashJames Cash6 days ago
  • 39secs in loving it already here we go🤘🏻 maybe 59secs now lol remember when

    James CashJames Cash6 days ago
  • Eagle216

    Terry MillerTerry Miller6 days ago
  • Sounds like a creed song with a "higher" voice. Just my opinion.

    LDJBLDJB6 days ago
  • Please guys I've read through all the comments please stop telling me that this is going to be their last album I can't handle that

    Paul-Michael PerdonPaul-Michael Perdon6 days ago
  • Can’t fight back the tears while listening to this song.. Amazing job

    Corey Ver PlanckCorey Ver Planck6 days ago
  • I remember when...when it was 1992... wait wrong song

    Brandon WBrandon W6 days ago
  • I'm getting the impression from this song that maybe you stopped caring if your fans like it

    Ryan BennettRyan Bennett6 days ago
  • Also Pete do you really care if we like this album?

    Ryan BennettRyan Bennett6 days ago
  • Ok so I don't care what you guys choose to do. I like this song. Peach kinda reminds me of myself in a bad way but that's ok I still like it. This song is very good.

    Ryan BennettRyan Bennett6 days ago
  • has a placebo-the bitter end kinda vibe

    Mariano Sandoval CuestaMariano Sandoval Cuesta6 days ago
  • So far this album is sounding amazing.

    Game WizardGame Wizard6 days ago
  • Wasn't thrilled about the first couple of songs..but this..this is good.

    N GN G6 days ago
  • damn. that scream at the intro. loved it already. they always have this melodic/psychedelic/melancholic/hair raising rifts all rolled into one.

    Man the LorianMan the Lorian6 days ago
  • It's always something really special when your favorite band comes out with something new that still manages to take you back.

    Chea7zChea7z6 days ago