Chelsea v. West Brom | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/3/2021 | NBC Sports

Apr 3, 2021
470 840 Views

Thiago Silva's red card set the stage for a wild goal-fest at Stamford Bridge, as West Brom capitalized on their man advantage to grab a desperately needed win over Chelsea. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Chelsea #WestBrom
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Chelsea v. West Brom | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/3/2021 | NBC Sports

  • Game of the season

    Simon MahaSimon MahaDay ago
  • Chelsea need Kante in these situations

    Louis EchenozLouis Echenoz2 days ago
  • Jorginho had a disaster of a game as well

    Louis EchenozLouis Echenoz2 days ago
  • Does anyone think that second yellow was warranted? I personally think it was extremely weak.

    Carla DahlCarla Dahl2 days ago
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    Inger PitreInger Pitre2 days ago
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    Brooklyn HughesBrooklyn Hughes3 days ago
  • 2:34 wtf was that?? 😂

    FatmanJonesTVFatmanJonesTV4 days ago
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    Carla95 Beach74Carla95 Beach744 days ago
  • I really enjoyed this game and the commentary was really good as well. West brom were unplayable jeeeeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhh

    Joseph BlomgrenJoseph Blomgren5 days ago
  • Silva please

    InSanity-PhantomInSanity-Phantom5 days ago
  • 17:33 TFW....

    Christopher RaleyChristopher Raley5 days ago
  • im going to say this again and again. mendy the keeper is just as bad as kepa, he doesnt even try to make saves.

    Brannon PriceBrannon Price5 days ago
  • Pulisic has to stay healthy

    Luke JenkinsLuke Jenkins6 days ago
  • LMFAO😂😂😂

    JBWKZ_JOSE01JBWKZ_JOSE016 days ago
  • Chelsea fans mad quiet rn...

    H4VOCJDYTH4VOCJDYT6 days ago
  • That was not west brom. It was west barcelona.

    Zion AbrahamZion Abraham6 days ago
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    Brooklyn HughesBrooklyn Hughes6 days ago
  • this is why the PL is the best league in the world. For WBA every game is a Champions League final now and they play like it.

    Zach DenneyZach Denney6 days ago
  • both silva fouls came directly after jorginho give aways. this man single handedly loses games

    Matt DennenMatt Dennen6 days ago
  • No way Thiago should’ve been sent off

    Blong ThaoBlong Thao6 days ago
  • Watch Zooma at 17:22 just walking the whole time completely clueless. Pathetic.

    DoodooButtDoodooButt6 days ago
  • Why tf does Werner play?😂

    DoodooButtDoodooButt6 days ago
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    Legit PaircaptchaLegit Paircaptcha6 days ago
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    Daniel MasisDaniel Masis6 days ago
  • Pulisic needs to buy a new hamstring

    Taco SlayerTaco Slayer6 days ago
  • Thiago silva has some curse whenever he plays against west brom

    TiddlyuniformTiddlyuniform6 days ago
  • At 1:30 minutes: Listen to the commentator: Chelsea would command. Cataclysmic circumstances created a great contradiction.

    eddyvideostareddyvideostar7 days ago
  • Reminder - These man are most likely going to be relegated and they're banging out performances like these? Jeez!

    Aaron DAaron D7 days ago
  • 16:32 - This HAS to be a goal.

    Aaron DAaron D7 days ago
  • 15:24 - I mean he's not wrong!

    Aaron DAaron D7 days ago
  • West Brom were moving brazy!

    Aaron DAaron D7 days ago
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    Stephanie ChenetStephanie Chenet7 days ago
  • zouma staking his claim for worst defender in the PL

    Minsoo BaeMinsoo Bae7 days ago
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    zDeeeeezDeeeee7 days ago
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    Eddy AlverezEddy Alverez7 days ago
  • Top 5 team vs a bottom 3 team. West Brom play amazing!

    V0 2 10V0 2 107 days ago
  • Tuchel is a weak coach,,,, bad decisions Ziyech is a super star better then his boys Warner and more stupid manager

    Bleu SkyBleu Sky7 days ago
  • i really want west brom to stay !

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    Carla95 Beach74Carla95 Beach747 days ago
  • Lesson learned for Chelsea, *DON’T EVER LET PULISIC SCORE FIRST*

    David VasquezDavid Vasquez7 days ago
  • I’m an Arsenal fan so I love it but that 2nd yellow was a harsh call.. Bc in the 2nd half Norwich has a late tackle after a shot the same way and no call was made

    Christopher RChristopher R7 days ago
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    Nguyen Khac ThanhNguyen Khac Thanh7 days ago
  • The honey moon period is over enjoy 😊 use twats pundits thinking he is something he’s another Jose parks the buss couldn’t even win a champions league with mappe an neymar enjoy fans hel be sacked by Xmas

    Stewart MStewart M7 days ago
  • This is why the Premier League is the best league.

    Tony MorenoTony Moreno8 days ago
  • I love the commentary btw

    Blueblackfire97 18Blueblackfire97 188 days ago
  • *Amem* we have witnessed a instance which is called "A F*cking howler"

    kk1zer0kk1zer08 days ago
  • That was an awesome game

    Zeshan AhmedZeshan Ahmed8 days ago
  • Now every team in the pl will be licking thier chops. The outline is set. All opposition teams need to do is get us down to ten men.🤔

    JoeJoe8 days ago
  • Poor Tuchel he has players that can't fucking shoot or dribble

    Skully FadeSkully Fade8 days ago
  • Ole bring johnstone back to united this kid he is good

    Mohamed AdenMohamed Aden8 days ago
  • What a game for Allardyce and West Brom. They should feel very proud of this performance

    800 IQ800 IQ8 days ago
  • West Brom might still be going down, but at least on this day they played like Brazil. (Having a Brazilian midfielder and yellow & green kits helps...)

    jerseydevs2000jerseydevs20008 days ago
  • It’s only west brom they said, no way they could win they said

    Addi LawAddi Law8 days ago
  • Bruh the second yellow was some cap.

    Gabe FishGabe Fish8 days ago
  • Defense skills be ashamed of themselves, have zero help to the goal keeper. Disgusting lazy play all around.

    Chidozie OkoyeChidozie Okoye8 days ago
  • the second yellow to thiago was a bit harsh. he was trying to block the shot and barely caught him on the follow through. wasnt much contact at all.

    Butterpants1987Butterpants19878 days ago
  • and the Philips goal I was stunned just by looking at it and I just felt bad for him in general

    Fiyinfoluwa OmoleFiyinfoluwa Omole8 days ago
  • This commentary should win an Oscar

    Fiyinfoluwa OmoleFiyinfoluwa Omole8 days ago
  • Dang Jorghino is trash wtf 😂

    Willie ZhangWillie Zhang8 days ago
    • He is so unbelievably bad

      englenn806englenn8068 days ago
  • Credit to Kovacic though he had a great game

    FrogBichFrogBich8 days ago
  • Massive entertainment courtesy of Thiago Silva being a complete nonce.

    Ian ClarkIan Clark8 days ago
  • As a barca fan you gotta love it.

    Swab PlayZSwab PlayZ8 days ago
  • What a rootin', tootin' game of Soccer! Are Western Brom the best team in their division???

    E WE W8 days ago
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    Sanny Leaon Imran HasmiSanny Leaon Imran Hasmi8 days ago
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    Sanny Leaon Imran HasmiSanny Leaon Imran Hasmi8 days ago
  • Maybe West Brom can stay up after all?

    Temporary User Account #001Temporary User Account #0018 days ago
  • The scenes if the game had fans

    Mario GamezMario Gamez8 days ago
  • 8:40 that wouldve been 🔥

    Talea STalea S8 days ago
  • Bruv West Brom roasted the Shellsea punany

    Isaac MartinezIsaac Martinez8 days ago
  • That Phillips shot, my god

    Rage RocketRage Rocket8 days ago
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    Legit Pairv2Legit Pairv28 days ago
  • The red card doomed Chelsea.

    VladiatorVladiator8 days ago
  • When the ai in FIFA wants to win.

    Blueblackfire97 18Blueblackfire97 188 days ago
  • Chelsea better not play like this against Porto 🤣

    No NameNo Name8 days ago
  • Good goals, but since when does west brom look like norwich?

    Por la razon O por la fuerzaPor la razon O por la fuerza8 days ago
  • Chelsea: You can’t beat me Other teams beaten by Chelsea: But he can 🤣🤣

    Lauro VidsLauro Vids8 days ago
  • Can’t believe Silva was sent off for that. More poor officiating in the premier league

    DDeglane16DDeglane168 days ago
  • finally a commentator that says Pulisic’s name right

    Jasian1001Jasian10018 days ago
  • West Brom’s 3rd goal is absolute class, one of the goals of the season

    Duval In The WallDuval In The Wall8 days ago
  • Alonso rushing up like he feels the need to prove something when we don’t need that when we are 1 player down like yo defend and give them long passes to do something and wait off trust the team but then again Werner is just like get him off the field I know before we got him he was scoring a lot but right now it’s like why is he there if he can’t show he deserves it on the main field give someone else a chance play with a false 9 or something to give the team hope because he just sucks all the hope away he misses and doesn’t give hope the whole team just crumples the triangle of football with no apex predator hurting for goals we not getting anything and with Porto they are alive and ready to eat hope Kante is back and fit because he just destroys the law of the triangle and try’s to carry everyone on his back with a smile now that is someone that deserves every seconds

    Victor LizarragaVictor Lizarraga8 days ago
  • West Bayern Albion, right at ya!

    CatalysticxCatalysticx8 days ago
  • Chelsea look embarrassing I know they have one less player but they look like they don’t have any solid player on the field to tell everyone hey pull in together and let’s battle this if our lives depend on it and not concede anything at alll and mendy is getting scored on to easy as well no reaction or experience to know when to come out or not to come out his positioning at goal is not good at all

    Victor LizarragaVictor Lizarraga8 days ago
  • West brom kit is brutal

    I Enjoy BeesI Enjoy Bees9 days ago
  • They were trolling with their celebrations too 🤣

    Sneakytacos77Sneakytacos779 days ago
  • What a bad game for Thiago Silva. What a terrible late challenge to get the 2nd yellow

    Maegan BarrettMaegan Barrett9 days ago
  • werner 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    luissm4lluissm4l9 days ago
  • Prime Barca with the goat diagne😂

    Mr. Br8tsid3Mr. Br8tsid39 days ago
  • With pulisic and mount if they had hazard in the mid attack and timo in the mid and a younger defense they would be unstoppable

    Bledar PBledar P9 days ago
  • I think that the red card ultimately caused Chelsea the game

    10tenman1010tenman109 days ago
  • Very poor refereeing,is only in Premiere League will the world experience such a horribly bad referee decisions,I think England referees needs to be re-trained to better their poor officiating decisions in the football matches,hw can a well trained referee issue a card to a player or dismiss a player for such a tackling or challenge by Thiago Silva,the English FA must sit down and better their referee decisions,the referee just made Chelsea lost this game,am strong Man United fan but the truth be told, Piaaww.

    Frank Osei DonkorFrank Osei Donkor9 days ago
  • Jorginho horror show. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    manLIKE drogbamanLIKE drogba9 days ago
  • Thiago did dat on purpose

    Ebk KcstEbk Kcst9 days ago
  • Farmers Leauge 😂

    Squeaky LeaksSqueaky Leaks9 days ago
    • What

  • West Brom 👏👏👏 Interesting

    Ket NguyenKet Nguyen9 days ago
  • Lesson learned: never underestimate a actual relegated team

    Charles HenriquezCharles Henriquez9 days ago
  • Zouma had a stinker

    Sharif BashirSharif Bashir9 days ago
  • Touched welcome to the party man .menager of the month I love premier ligue 😁 Zuma was bad that game

    ina deheyehina deheyeh9 days ago
  • This match is a joke

    armando arciniegaarmando arciniega9 days ago
  • Lol and people think chelsea are gonna win the champions league

  • Werner has no confidence like yea sure he wasn’t selfish with it but your the striker if u can’t finish that then u shouldn’t be

    King KingKing King9 days ago