Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed

Mar 13, 2021
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Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed
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  • I felt especially made at the one who was going to see her girlfriend DJ for some reason

    Obi wan kanobiObi wan kanobi18 seconds ago
  • “a heinous crime” It’s flour💀

    The Alphabet mafiaThe Alphabet mafia10 minutes ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Vanessa IssaVanessa Issa11 minutes ago
  • I don't fucking care

    Norman JacksonNorman Jackson11 minutes ago
  • I wish I was one of those celebrities that were flour bombed 🤨 I really do because no security would’ve stopped me from killing the idiot..😏

    rogerio mariarogerio maria16 minutes ago
  • Lol all of these are just funny

    BlokBirbBlokBirb18 minutes ago
  • Yo atleast It's flour and nothing bad bad

    Jackson SkilletsJackson Skillets32 minutes ago
  • You like it!!

    Chris TownsendChris Townsend37 minutes ago
  • The last one looks like a twitch stream set up I’m sorry

    Dindin the Dinosaur [Puppy paw939]Dindin the Dinosaur [Puppy paw939]38 minutes ago
  • Heinous crime?? It's just flour I think they'll be okay

    the mysterious man 101the mysterious man 10141 minute ago
  • NO KIM

    Bluegamer blueBluegamer blue42 minutes ago
  • Get got boi How does no one see a massive bad of flour

    Potato LordPotato LordHour ago
  • I don’t see how anyone could care enough to do this.

    Aaron SatkoAaron SatkoHour ago
  • That is a battery and you will be arrested.

    Gordon CrouchGordon CrouchHour ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Red NailPolishRed NailPolishHour ago
  • “A Heinous crime”... that’s how you describe getting flour -bombed? Get a life.

    Aaron SteneLocomotiveAaron SteneLocomotiveHour ago
  • This is just funny

    Stanley HughesStanley Hughes2 hours ago
  • Who asked?

    kurumi tokisakikurumi tokisaki2 hours ago
  • “Heinous crime” do i have to explain how goofy this shit sounds?

    SapuSapu2 hours ago
  • Adam looked like he was ready to square up with them

    Trynity DavisTrynity Davis2 hours ago
  • Never heard of this until now

    James DodgeJames Dodge2 hours ago
  • It’s almost the safest most malicious thing you could do, honestly if I were in their shoes I would just laugh.

  • That's cocaine.

    Robert Robinson-PerreaultRobert Robinson-Perreault2 hours ago
  • this is so funny to me and i don’t know why

    allen -_-allen -_-2 hours ago
  • My opinion Kim looked better after she got flower bombwd

    左利き左利き3 hours ago
  • Heinous: hatefully or shockingly evil. Yes dumping flour on someone to ruin their outfit when its one of thousands uses the same word as many abominable acts throughout history ._.

    Notconnor01Notconnor013 hours ago
  • I'm allergic to wheat so like.... 🤚😶

    MirandaMiranda3 hours ago
  • I really don't care about celebrity's or the idiots that love them and hate them. Get your own life together is my way to ho

    Roman GreenRoman Green3 hours ago
  • Hilarious

    James J.James J.3 hours ago
  • I know it’s wrong but it’s hilarious

    Mily JaneMily Jane3 hours ago
  • Why is a gay guy narrating this

    Clete OBryantClete OBryant3 hours ago
  • I love the supportive fans going after the flower bomer.

    Soupy A personSoupy A person3 hours ago
  • Their security is a joke lol

    Blue Dragon GamingBlue Dragon Gaming3 hours ago
  • This is funny actually

    LursblLursbl3 hours ago
  • They said no body is safe .... not even the president lol

    Satrena K FranklynSatrena K Franklyn3 hours ago
  • “A heinous crime” hahaha

    ParzivalParzival3 hours ago
  • I don't think you know what heinous means

    Jez ParksJez Parks4 hours ago
  • Kim deserves it tbh

    Ryan Smith NoiceRyan Smith Noice4 hours ago
  • “Maroon 5 himself”... Maroon 5 is a group, not a single artist

    Bricen stewartBricen stewart4 hours ago
  • Linsey Lohan was just a kilo of coke

    White boi GamingWhite boi Gaming4 hours ago
  • Hahaha love it!! I could care less about celebrities

    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith4 hours ago
  • What a waste of flour.

    فهيمهفهيمه4 hours ago
  • I wanna make a cloud with flour and light it up uwu

    PedolskiPedolski5 hours ago
  • Caribbean:"...... happy birthday "

    Sean BernardSean Bernard5 hours ago
  • Why tho

    Lady.WhateverLady.Whatever5 hours ago
  • Lmao

    emz Oemz O5 hours ago
  • Where I'm from they flour bomb you when it's your birthday

    Angella ShawAngella Shaw6 hours ago
  • Flour: i wonder what would happen if i turned into white phosphate

    Randomness GamerRandomness Gamer6 hours ago
  • Why is this shit coming on my fucking phone.......

    IT'S ELL-S-DIT'S ELL-S-D6 hours ago
  • The women that got floured bomb missed a great opportunity to take some amazing pics by using the flour in their hair.

    VerbalHologramVerbalHologram6 hours ago
  • Why would anyone do that?? I mean it’s not dangerous to anyone I guess, but the time and energy invested to find out where are these celebrities are gonna be at which time and then getting past their security could be invested so much more sensible. What is the purpose of this except for pissing people off?

    troublemaker833troublemaker8336 hours ago
  • I didn’t even know this was a thing

    jabberjabber6 hours ago
  • In germany we flourbomb someone when they turn 16 years 😂

    kartoffel_klosskartoffel_kloss6 hours ago
  • I'm planning to become a celebrity and If I wasn't having a bad day I would probably laugh and just let them keep throwing the flour, I think it's fun lmao

    Momento BruhMomento Bruh6 hours ago

    ᴀᴅᴅsᴀᴅᴅs6 hours ago
  • Adam is rocking that powder Kim’s made me laugh

    Gerren4618Gerren46186 hours ago
    • He rockin it better than his normal fit, and me to😂

      fantassy -fantassy -3 hours ago
  • Okay but wtf? Why does people care so much when a celebrity gets flour bombed? Like, if that was a normal person, not famous and all, people would just laugh at them or just don't even care

    Nastik 26Nastik 266 hours ago
  • Kim made that flour look GOOD

    ʙɪɢ ᴄᴀᴛʙɪɢ ᴄᴀᴛ7 hours ago
  • Oh no... Who would want Kim Kardashian yelling in their face?

    Andrewguy1161Andrewguy11617 hours ago
  • As Lindsay once said: Ik how this would’ve been settled in the nature world

    I Honestly Don’t knowI Honestly Don’t know7 hours ago
  • The scumbag of Bill Gates was creamed out! God bless the heart of that hero...

    wiz of OZwiz of OZ7 hours ago
  • Thank god they're not smart enough to use acid. People are crazy.

    good mus1cgood mus1c7 hours ago
  • Not that I’m saying Celebrities deserve it because it is a dick move but there is something satisfying about people who think they matter more than they actually do and getting bombed. RIP

    StillSendingItStillSendingIt7 hours ago
  • Anyone else remember when someone something similar to this to tana at her wedding😬

    Marissa McCormickMarissa McCormick7 hours ago
  • Plot twist the last dude had cocaine dumped on him

    J.J JacksonJ.J Jackson7 hours ago
  • Envy is ugly

    Hollycat50Hollycat507 hours ago
  • Imma be honest this is kinda funny, like it's a lot better than hurting them and now they look like a ghost lmao

    Noah BobNoah Bob7 hours ago
  • Why people are this rude like I don’t get it they Human just minding their own business like what Go get a life dude

    Mouna Med LemineMouna Med Lemine8 hours ago
  • The last one made me laugh lol

    kron nkron n8 hours ago
  • ngl but that’s kinda funny

  • These guys are amateurs, you need a mate there with you who has a bottle of water, that shits a bitch to clean up

    Bob DillionBob Dillion8 hours ago
  • I didn’t even know this was a thing... but now I feel like this opened a brand new door for me.

    Jazmine BurnettJazmine Burnett8 hours ago
  • Not only is that dumb and rude it’s also dangerous because you don’t know if the person you flour bombed or the people around them are allergic to flour

    ThiccBrz YTThiccBrz YT8 hours ago
  • And nothing of value was lost

    GonzoSargeGonzoSarge8 hours ago
  • Damn, I love these people

    Gavins friendGavins friend8 hours ago
  • this is cool as hell actually and more people should do it.

    William ShaughnessyWilliam Shaughnessy8 hours ago
  • Its ironic seeing this because i just read the top 25 rude celebrities and everyone that got bombed were on the list. So theres that ...

    W TFW TF8 hours ago
  • Hahahahahahaha

    Bryson EasleyBryson Easley9 hours ago
  • I know I m not the only one who got a cruel sense of joy watching the Kardashian get flour bombed Really just me? alright.

    Lucid FerretLucid Ferret9 hours ago
  • The first one well uh instead of throwing hands nah throw your legs

    CROWVID -19CROWVID -199 hours ago
  • In Colombia, it is customary to flour bomb everyone during a celebration, like when your favorite sports team wins or when celebrating New Year's Eve.

    A. AlzateA. Alzate9 hours ago
  • POV you flour bomb a celebrity in front of dozens of loyal fans and their bodyguards:

    Itz_cockroach CItz_cockroach C9 hours ago
  • Bruh why is it always a chick throwing it on them. Or did I miss that there was a dude. Like y’all gotta chill. If you don’t like em don’t listen to em. It’s rhat ez

    The ChroniclesThe Chronicles9 hours ago
  • Plot twist: it isn't flour.

    Honky TonkHonky Tonk9 hours ago
  • Oh no what a heinous crime, I can’t imagine how much trauma that must have caused those millionaires 😢

    Max ChuMax Chu9 hours ago
  • Wait till this little guy gets flour slapped....see if he still makes videos

    jonny cjonny c9 hours ago
  • She should have sayd do u want some clothes with the plastik

    Gavin ConnerGavin Conner9 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😂🤣🤣😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Mac McGradyMac McGrady9 hours ago
  • Hhahahahhahahahahahhaha

    Samantha SarabiaSamantha Sarabia10 hours ago
  • Id be terrified that it was some sort of chemical, like a new acid attack

    RampageRampage10 hours ago
  • i like this

    theman with theplantheman with theplan10 hours ago
  • Satisfying

    DrooDroo10 hours ago
  • Damn this dude must’ve came out the womb gay

    vinvin _2litvinvin _2lit10 hours ago
  • Don’t give me any ideas😭💀

    Alice GleesonAlice Gleeson10 hours ago
  • This guy is definitely gay

    coutster 64coutster 6410 hours ago
  • I enjoyed this fuck celebrities with no talent Except Adam Levine and etc

    Uzi KhanUzi Khan10 hours ago
  • It's funny tho

    The KnifaholicThe Knifaholic10 hours ago
  • I think this is hilarious

    KuzoKuzo10 hours ago
  • Why do I feel like the people defending these dumb ass rich celebrities are the same people who say eat the rich.

    purplebluedinopurplebluedino11 hours ago