Cavity Palette 🦷 & Blood Sugar Anniversary Collection! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Feb 20, 2021
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It's time for the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection!!!! 3 years ago we launched the iconic Blood Sugar palette and I wanted to celebrate it by creating an anniversary collection with new items and give you a whole RED experience! The 'Cavity' Skin Frost Palette is the perfect counterpart to the palette and we also have a MINI!!! After years of requests, she's here! Watch the FULL reveal to see everything swatched and up close!
THE ENTIRE COLLECTION launches FEB. 26TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on our website and ALL retailers!!!!
🦷 Cavity Skin Frost™ Palette - 4 shades ($38.00)
💉 Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette - 9 matte/frost shades ($28.00)
❣️ Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Edition Palette - ($52.00)
🍫 Blood Sugar Mini Liquid Lipstick Vault (25 shades) - $160
♥️ Fashion & Accessories -
Blood Sugar Soft Touch Star Mirror - ($25)
Blood Sugar Dye Hoodie ($45)
Blood Sugar Dye Joggers ($55)
Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($70.00)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($100)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette, Mini Liquid Lipsticks Vault & Star Mirror ($250)
WANT MORE? 🐶 Watch the OG Blood Sugar Reveal ▷
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+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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  • VCR unit carton? You mean VHS? I mean if they call it “VCR” then hey whatever have fun, but that carton is the shape of an actual VHS tape and not the VCR.

    Rose LeeRose Lee7 minutes ago
  • Oh man the dark Tented red Misery Lip Very Beautiful

    Ashley CarbajalAshley CarbajalHour ago
  • Caution: dear jeffree⭐,, the portland poe-poe hauled me into the coo-coo ward on Thursday afternoon.ekgz,,psycho drugz,,,24 hours and 50 abrasions later I wuz released AND my makeup wuz still perfect.i love yew.sincerely yer endlesss fan

    Jeremy PullenJeremy Pullen2 hours ago
  • He is literally releasing makeup products left and right

    AddisonAddison2 hours ago
  • It looks like shit

    Beyblade FablesBeyblade Fables3 hours ago
  • Can someone PLEASE for the love of God tell me where to get all of the minis to the blood collection pallets? I have asked on every site I can think of (yes even his) and have got NOTHING!!! I am begging for an answer. Or do I have to wait for the anniversary of each pallet? SHIT!!!!!!

    DeDe NichollsDeDe Nicholls3 hours ago
  • He should review the chinese florasis make up brand

    Selena KleySelena Kley3 hours ago
  • Jaclyn Hill Part 2.

    Levi CarverLevi Carver3 hours ago
  • whats w the outfit in the thumbnail?? looks like he hand made it... take a break jeffree.

    Apple SeedApple Seed3 hours ago

  • I dont know why you have many subs but i can't forget what you messaged Michelle Dy in instagram just to say that she's "copy cat rat" omg its heartbreaking. I mean you are an influencer though you have such a bad behaviour 💔

    maimaimaimai4 hours ago
  • if I had the money I'd buy everything that Jeffree makes it's crazy how good his stuff is.....*sigh* if only I had money.

    Leigh-ann MorrisLeigh-ann Morris5 hours ago

    Nathalie SantosNathalie Santos5 hours ago
    • @tedy ryt ha! The hypocrisy ur also doing the same thing. What im saying is that making false and serious Accusations is a bad thing

      JC Rave RemixerJC Rave Remixer8 minutes ago
    • @JC Rave Remixer excuses for JC ...... people like you let JC get away with things ...have Fing same energy

      tedy ryttedy ryt18 minutes ago
    • @tedy ryt jefree is also

      JC Rave RemixerJC Rave Remixer25 minutes ago
    • @Nathalie Santos sp preying on 14 is your idol??

      tedy ryttedy ryt2 hours ago
    • @tedy ryt EH WRONG

      Nathalie SantosNathalie Santos3 hours ago
  • Candy joint is my favorite!

    Robyn MyersRobyn Myers6 hours ago
  • I still can’t get this out of my head when trying to rationalize this fanbase: By H3H3

    Aymara FanAymara Fan6 hours ago
  • Yasser queen im dropping 500 on palettes when I get my taxes so excited

    Danie NicoleDanie Nicole7 hours ago
  • 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

    Danie NicoleDanie Nicole7 hours ago
  • Can you please review the new bad bunny collection!!!

    fabiola benitezfabiola benitez7 hours ago
  • Can someone confirm if there is black pallette or goth style one I don't wear make up but I would start with that

    Yaya the Gaming LlamaYaya the Gaming Llama7 hours ago
    • Cremated palette

      BazilBazil6 hours ago
  • First time I've ever seen him without fake nails... 💅

    Haley AnnHaley Ann7 hours ago
  • Lovely my little island here never believe in hard make up. But you inspired me I will always be strong in my make up and always grow stronger

    Khalinda MadeleineKhalinda Madeleine8 hours ago
  • I am an old Granny and I just LOVE you!

    Cassandra TinderCassandra Tinder9 hours ago
  • I’m glad the comments align with my views, I used to love/die for Jeffree but he has changed ... there is something different about him that I can’t put my finger in. Maybe it’s his desire for “money” and wanting more and more #greed - love love his make up but he isn’t selling it for me anymore. We need a fresh start! PR needs to be fired.

    D OneilD Oneil9 hours ago
  • Beauty ... and 16:23 I like Misery ...

    ThursdaySunThursdaySun10 hours ago
  • I’m gonna say it how it is : your a horrible person and your not addressing what you have done because your to selfish to ever admit what you have done

    Imma pig LolImma pig Lol10 hours ago
    • go support james who preys on teen boys by forcing himself on them

      tedy ryttedy ryt3 hours ago
  • Love the last two lip shades!!

    mllee2008mllee200810 hours ago
  • Where u in the video for falling in reverse for I'm not a vampire?? Cuh I just someone tall with pink hair kinda in the shape of how your hair was in love to my cobain n I just want to know so ya...

    Hailey DavisHailey Davis11 hours ago
  • Who else feels like vomiting when they see ppl like this? 🤢 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮

    big ballzbig ballz11 hours ago
  • Holy shittttt that liquid lip vault. I’m deceased😍

    Kaylee CookKaylee Cook11 hours ago
  • I love your products other than the eyeliners! I’m always here, a loyal customer!

    PsychicJuliana SandersPsychicJuliana Sanders12 hours ago
  • i didnt know 21 min ads for makeup existed until today

    D BugD Bug12 hours ago
  • Sumn so sexy about that pop up you get when you dislike a toxic persons video...yk the one that says "*you dislike this video*"

    CaLiPsoCaLiPso12 hours ago
  • Your channel is dying dude

    Sebiha TirpanSebiha Tirpan14 hours ago
  • Hope you’ve put your Gucci bags for sale cuz yo career slowly endin

    Lovely Angelic slimeLovely Angelic slime15 hours ago
  • Fuck me, this guy pumps out some product ..

    Itchy Eyes McRealizeItchy Eyes McRealize15 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Samuel JimenezzzSamuel Jimenezzz16 hours ago
  • Que hago acá viendo a un señor ehhh no se, hablando? Ni se ingles.

    EzequielEzequiel16 hours ago
  • Are you boy or girl

    Pekka MoilanenPekka Moilanen17 hours ago
    • He is a man who considers himself androgynous.

      BazilBazil14 hours ago
  • 😂🙏🏼 so many ppl asking about a pink palette when you just gotta use white 😂

    Bo JanglesBo Jangles17 hours ago
  • You look like a clown. Happy Halloween.

    Mr_K3vin RMr_K3vin R17 hours ago
  • Trump must be a Jeffree Star fan because the new golden statue has Trump Holden Jeffrey's iconic star wand check it out.

    auber thereauber there18 hours ago
  • One of the only ones I don't have yet.... 😍😍🥰🥰❤❤💖💖

    WrennybabyWrennybaby19 hours ago
  • Yellow pallete 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    King PrinceKing Prince19 hours ago
  • … hi everyone. This guy is the perfect example of what is a psychopath. I know that the term is thrown around loosely, but this bozo is just perfect. He checks all the boxes. It’s amazing. Did you notice how everything that involves him at this point in time, it’s just stoically ignored by him to this day? The way, not only it seems but it’s true, that nothing bothers him? No matter how big is the scandal, no matter deep is the hole, nothing seems to get to him. And, truth be told, it doesn’t. And it doesn’t because he’s unable to feel. To feel anything. For him, that concept is just something he can’t picture. To him, it doesn’t make any sense. He is unable to feel remorse or empathy, can’t even relate to the pain of others. To him, there’s only one thing that matters. Himself. And he’s not even bothered about whatever others think about him or his actions. He just doesn’t give a rats’ ass. By the way, all of that, it's just funny to him. All of you that keep following this guy are just enabling this behavior. Enabling, facilitating, and legitimizing his conduct. Star is the perfect example of what’s a “toxic person”. Unfortunately, he’s in a place, financially and status-wise, that the only thing that can bring him back is his own will to do it. He is not going to do it for his fans, not for his family or anything in the World. He doesn’t need so. There’s so long that his behavior has been supported by his fans, validated by them, that he sees no reason to change. That’s why the only thing that can bring him back is his own will. Nothing else. Your support created this monster. Now, you just have no choice but to keep him. To keep him with all his ugliness. I’ll bet you that the all-Shane Dawson situation is nothing but enjoyment to Jeffree Star. Just enjoyment. And he is loving it. While Shane is unable to even look at his mirror. It's funny, isn’t it?

    20 hours ago
    • Kay, I'm gonna buy everything of Jeffree's.

      BazilBazil14 hours ago
  • Waaaa

    Florence TangFlorence Tang20 hours ago
  • When someone said the reason a person still has a fanbase as an awful person is because their fans think the same way. All I can think reading these comments. Get you some education.

    M&MM&M21 hour ago
  • like canu make a vid swatching ur lippies according to the colour family like all nudes together,all pinkies, all reds,all browns,all funn colourssssss

    Yara MuniYara Muni22 hours ago
  • Please ship to malaysia too! I really want that mini and lipsticks

    Christine OngChristine Ong22 hours ago
  • I support people who are men, women Transgender Cisgender Binary, Non Binary Gender fluid Air Benders Gender bender Transfusions Transformers Attack and Surveillance Helicopters. And Jeffrey Starr

    Red PillowRed Pillow23 hours ago
  • Are the colors getting random now or have I just forgot he was like, Still uploading after cancelled came out????? lol....

    infinitytoastgaminginfinitytoastgamingDay ago
    • What do you mean colors getting random?

      BazilBazil14 hours ago
  • Guys Cancel Culture is OVER! Sit down, lick your feelings

    gfpipergfpiperDay ago
  • Nobody is wondering where your nails are

    aieegeeaieegeeDay ago
  • omg views a dropping drastically, people don’t even want to speak about him anymore

    wakingupinsurgerywakingupinsurgeryDay ago
  • Really people?, y'all gonna trust another Jeffrey... Its not like the last one killed himself.

    Vedant HoodaVedant HoodaDay ago
  • My favorite is the one on the left like second or third from the top I forgot the name but it looks almost identical to the color above it but with a little hint of gold? sadly I can’t remember the name of the shade but imma huge fan of coma that was a diff pallet tho

    Marc YangMarc YangDay ago
  • NO NAILS???????!!!!!

    Kat SmithKat SmithDay ago
  • I think you are bathing in Wisdom right now.

    Bunny LangBunny LangDay ago
  • Stop making videos ❤️

    Nicole HaymanNicole HaymanDay ago
  • I wish a purple palette was made

    Enrique vEnrique vDay ago
  • You're hair and makeup is so beautiful ❤️😍

    Dominique AbellDominique AbellDay ago
  • Can you release a bronzed goddess palette with sunset inspired colors with coppers & golds for this beach babe?🤩🏝 Love you, your vibes, & your creativity💛🌻✨

    Sarah LoflinSarah LoflinDay ago
  • Jefree should make a palette where you can choose different shades from any palette and include some makeup brushes to

    Abigail BrownAbigail BrownDay ago
  • Poor OLD Jeffree..

    Nico LasNico LasDay ago
  • The packaging is shit omg.

    Virgil Sanders is my spirit animalVirgil Sanders is my spirit animalDay ago
  • I’m going to sit here on my 50,000 dollar Versace couch and pose like an Afghan hound

    Tristan InfanteTristan InfanteDay ago
    • D R A G

      r/IP3 On Redditr/IP3 On RedditDay ago
  • I'm SOOOO happy I got EVERYTHIIIIING from this launch! I absolutely LOVE launches like this when I can afford everything and my Collection will be as Full as it possibly can be!! Now I just have to wait for it to get to me! Lol. Xoxoxo

    BrandoncyeBrandoncyeDay ago
  • So fucking cringe hahahaha.

    Malik LightMalik LightDay ago
  • You need to repeant as well I'm only saying this because I love u when I see the things people are doing in this world it brings me to tears 😔😞

    Touraine mossTouraine mossDay ago
  • I'm thinking of buying the highlighter palette, and using the red as a blushlighter...2 in 1 type of thing. I love red blushes, and to have a highlight built in would be awesome!

    Wild HeartWild HeartDay ago
  • I really love the shade 'thinly veiled narcissism'! looks great on you 😘💋

    Melissa MoonchildMelissa MoonchildDay ago
  • I just want it all Dx :(

    Tyra DeeTyra DeeDay ago
  • Can we see Shane Dawson bitc- * COUGH * I mean please?

    Ninoska MCCormickNinoska MCCormickDay ago
  • I been saving to buy your beautiful make up you should do a rainbow pallet or purple

    Sylvia RodriguezSylvia RodriguezDay ago
  • Omg your so beautiful

    Sylvia RodriguezSylvia RodriguezDay ago
  • No one asked for your face to be on the palettes... I assume it has more to do with production budget.

    MeghanMeghanDay ago
  • You’re a horrible person inside and out you bring out so much negativity I can’t wait until more realize this soon 🖤

    Nancy OrtegaNancy OrtegaDay ago
    • Why did you bother to come here really?

      J WJ WDay ago
  • Could you please review florasis beauty?

    Σοφία Αργ.Σοφία Αργ.Day ago
  • I purchased the collection bundle!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! Thanks Jeffree!!!!!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Teresa TalkssTeresa TalkssDay ago
  • Queen of highlighters

    LauraLauraDay ago
  • dafuq happened to its face?? Its right cheek looks like it has a badly inserted lump

    trugsatrugsaDay ago
  • I love me some you ❤️🩸💷💰

    I’Cis HammondsI’Cis HammondsDay ago
  • Why is everyone complaining I swear first people were like “put urself on the one of the palettes!” And now that he does y’all are hating smh

    JacquelineJacquelineDay ago
  • Jeffrey Star stays UNBOTHERED 👑

    JacquelineJacquelineDay ago
  • Jeffree Star came back to manipulate us to buy his make up! Yaaay 🎉

    Israfil KhIsrafil KhDay ago
  • Big gay

    pretty boipretty boiDay ago
  • Gay

    pretty boipretty boiDay ago
  • is it just me....or is his upper lip much smaller?????

    Hi. EniHi. EniDay ago
  • Your so cancelled

    ZZDay ago
  • Wow, what a bunch of evil trolls.who cares if Jeffrey is working back with Jay, its thier business.

    Tina BrewerTina BrewerDay ago
  • Too bad my ass is too poor.

    Alexandra JohnsonAlexandra JohnsonDay ago
  • No one: why is he still here

    Jasmine GainerJasmine GainerDay ago
  • Love this 😍

    TiffanyTiffanyDay ago
  • the packaging with his face on it is cringe. also, he seems a little erratic in this video.

    Patrick E.Patrick E.Day ago
    • @Jessica Seven my guess is that sales have gone down drastically so he recycled his campaign photos and shades. gotta make that $50,000+/month mortgage payment somehow i guess!

      Patrick E.Patrick E.Day ago
    • Creepy right?

      Ninoska MCCormickNinoska MCCormickDay ago
    • The packaging looks very cheap.

      Jessica SevenJessica SevenDay ago
  • I will never buy from this nasty human again unless he really fires jay

    Makeup_Luvr 21Makeup_Luvr 21Day ago
    • No one cares

      BazilBazilDay ago
    • Bitter bitter mad hahahhahahahah

      Lermont DonaldLermont DonaldDay ago
  • Hmmmmm everyyyything assiiideee .. plz just react to James Charles's New drama 🤭🤭🤭😅😅😅 Omg jeffree I am such a big fan hope to see your cosmetics in India soon ... Hope to see u in India 🇮🇳💓💛❤💗💖🇮🇳💓💛❤💗💖🇮🇳💓💛❤💗💖🇮🇳

    Blossom Slimes IndiaBlossom Slimes IndiaDay ago
  • People. If you don’t like him why do you bother coming here? I really don’t understand. If I don’t like someone I just don’t waist my time with them. This is insane

    Keka EvaKeka EvaDay ago
  • Ew this is the worst makeup drop he ever had.. #sorrynotsorry I expected more. No wonder he’s dropping subscribers fast.

    Eazy MacEazy MacDay ago
  • but Jeffree pls whenever you'll release a rainbow palette, can you please make it in *rainbow order* like really! you never did it...

    מיקה לוי מירוןמיקה לוי מירוןDay ago
    • @J W yeah but it's not in rainbow order I think...

      מיקה לוי מירוןמיקה לוי מירוןDay ago
    • Isn't the Jawbreaker pallet a rainbow one?

      J WJ WDay ago
  • I love ya 😍😍😍 my idol😍😍😍😍

    salwa yusofsalwa yusofDay ago
  • we are celebrating your tone deaf approach to literal bullying & abuse from members of YOUR staff that you continue to work with after publicly saying you fired him?? 🤡

    VapeWRLDVapeWRLDDay ago
    • @Lermont Donald the only thing going mad is your brain on jeffree star

      VapeWRLDVapeWRLDDay ago
    • Mad mad angry cry louder : )

      Lermont DonaldLermont DonaldDay ago