Casey Bishop Rocks Out With Paramore's "Decode" & A Brandon Boyd Duet - American Idol 2021

Apr 5, 2021
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Rock is BACK and it’s better than ever with Casey Bishop! Performing Paramore’s “Decode” for her Top 24 solo song, Casey brings all of the energy, power and talent that’s needed to put on a killer performance! Moving onto duets, Casey is paired with the incredible Brandon Boyd for an Incubus cover of “Wish You Were Here,” where they delivered powerful, yet smooth vocals for all of us to enjoy!

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • Gave me the chills.

    david collingedavid collinge22 minutes ago
  • I was wondering when will be the Disney night/week, because usually they had it during the 2nd episode of the Live Shows (but they're not Live) so it should be tonight but I guess it's not.

    Prince Kyran Mutia PabatePrince Kyran Mutia PabateHour ago
  • They're so right! She needs to rock the f*** out so much harder! Kick a** and take names girl and you WILL win this thing!

    Johny ProndzJohny ProndzHour ago
  • I don’t think she can “bring rock back” sorry. She needs to break a few hearts and go break some curfews first.

    L ML MHour ago
  • Idc brandon legend ty for bringing him on and ty for young talent like her to keep musical rock legends alive ive been missing all of them and glad to see them still performing great music 85 baby here thank you all

    Jeremy BrownJeremy BrownHour ago
  • Gooooo Casey🥰🤟💪

    Shirley Dela TorreShirley Dela TorreHour ago
  • That cover of decode was the most thrilling 1 minute and 18 seconds I've had since before quarantine :)

    Kendall HamiltonKendall Hamilton2 hours ago
  • I'm here for Brandon

    Angelica SantosAngelica Santos3 hours ago
  • She should sing some blues as she did during the audition.

    Judy BashamJudy Basham7 hours ago
  • Throw the mic😂😂😂😂

    TauqillaTauqilla8 hours ago
  • She is beautiful and of course can sing very well. What really bothers me is how the background band has to restrain themselves. As if America is still not ready for Heavy Rock in the mainstream. Look for Decode on the Voice of Germany. The Band blows everybody away.

    DocRaunchyDocRaunchy8 hours ago
  • I’ll never watch American idol again if she loses

    Dylan FleserDylan Fleser9 hours ago
  • Besides losing murphy this girl takes the cake she's amazing

    Daven GarciaDaven Garcia9 hours ago
  • DAMN.... i mean Brandon from Incubus... 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 bruh.... lucky girl

    AnaMoon.TravelAnaMoon.Travel9 hours ago
  • So awesome you two sounded beautiful together 💖

    Kari OwensKari Owens10 hours ago
  • She is kind of my favorite, even though i am freakin blown away by others. She is a true competition .

    Kaitlyn ConyersKaitlyn Conyers10 hours ago
  • She’s amazing 💕 . But also justice for murphy.

    Katherine ElleKatherine Elle11 hours ago
  • Her vibrato is absolutley amazing! I can't get enough

    jonmiller19845jonmiller1984512 hours ago
  • She killed decode!

    jonmiller19845jonmiller1984512 hours ago
  • I don’t even like rock but she’s clearly talented.

    J GonzJ Gonz12 hours ago
  • Killed it. Fave contestant. To quote Luke Bryan “i think she is the damn winner of american idol”

    Basil DabbahBasil Dabbah14 hours ago
  • This girl is so dope! She's a natural.

    Rae TorresRae Torres16 hours ago
  • I don’t like how the judges were telling her to have more attitude onstage. I think she’s great already

    Tanner EustaceTanner Eustace16 hours ago
  • Judges comments spot on! Especially Luke saying “You’re a 16 year old girl trying to bring rock back, so bring it back! “ You can tell that really resonated with her. Awesome job!

    Mehr SinghMehr Singh16 hours ago
  • not even half the bloodclaat song and mi cryin🥺🥺🥺!!! so beautiful gave me soo much chills

    Aaliyah AllenAaliyah Allen18 hours ago
  • Casey has my vote; awesome, amazing talent and she doesn't even know it, yet, but she is the real deal this American Idol 2021.

    Dianne RavanesiDianne Ravanesi18 hours ago
  • She looks exactly like streamer Valkyrae, dont you think?

    Aretas ŽarnauskasAretas Žarnauskas22 hours ago
  • I'm sorry... but the band absolutely butchered Decode...

    trent kleintrent kleinDay ago
  • Take off the stupid masks..

    machineing80machineing80Day ago
    • F U

      Doodle Pop'sDoodle Pop's12 hours ago
  • damn

    Keith JosephKeith JosephDay ago
  • What the heck did I just watch! She was frigging amazing.. OMFG!

    Mel B-MMel B-MDay ago
  • this season of A.I. is the worst season of...maybe all time!!

    ordazminordazminDay ago
    • Are you drunk? Maybe you should be. 🤔

      Doodle Pop'sDoodle Pop's12 hours ago
  • That's a vocal artist.

    Pablo PiccasoPablo PiccasoDay ago
  • Yeah, this was pretty bad.

    Eric BaileyEric BaileyDay ago
    • You know what they say about opinions... 98% of the people disagree with you. Enjoy your minority status

      Doodle Pop'sDoodle Pop's12 hours ago
  • I loved the way how other contestants hype each other

    Angel ReynAngel ReynDay ago
  • Omgggg she slayed my favorite song!!

    Angel ReynAngel ReynDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    MobfigazGamingMobfigazGamingDay ago
  • Wow! She is phenomenal!

    bearnpicibearnpiciDay ago
  • I don’t know why this doesn’t have more views she killed both performances

    Benjamin DillBenjamin DillDay ago
  • She us realllly good. Bring rock back to the basics. She is special & can do it. Really unique sound without being way over the top.

    Tina CookTina CookDay ago
  • Sing it girl!!

    Natalya AzorovaNatalya AzorovaDay ago
  • Like how is that man still so absolutely stunning after all these years. It's like he just gets hotter as he matures.

    Jasmine GreenJasmine GreenDay ago
  • I'd probably pass out the moment I saw him. All the big time judges I'm singing in front of, but Brandon is who I'd really lose it for.

    Jasmine GreenJasmine GreenDay ago
  • Forget her age, she has a simply brilliant voice head and shoulders above many singers

    topgazzatopgazzaDay ago
  • I don’t think anyone can keep up with her.

    wildseraphim2 1wildseraphim2 1Day ago
  • When she talks, you can't hear that she has the most powerful voice until she sings! Wow!

    kleopatrakleopatraDay ago
  • Yea, this duet made me realised I miss rock songs! Pls revive them again! Hahaha. Looking forward for Brandon's new album though 😌

    Karen GutlayKaren GutlayDay ago
  • What the heck this was amazing

    Kay MarieKay MarieDay ago
  • Top👍👍

    itaur rohmah03itaur rohmah03Day ago
  • I hear alot of screaming anx less singing. Her voice is not interesting.

  • So wait, Little Richard is rock, and this is what does that term mean?

    doobeedoo2doobeedoo2Day ago
  • Very raw, no auto tune. Thats the real singing competition

    Theopilo RamosTheopilo RamosDay ago

    lennonopelennonopeDay ago
  • 🎤

    Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
  • My Dream Come True. 🙃

    Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
    • 💙❤️💚💛🧡💜

      Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
    • The world will know how much I LOVE THEM! 🦁🎤🙏

      Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
  • Decode is a such great song

    Everaldo PetrosEveraldo PetrosDay ago
  • 7

    Quintin GoldieQuintin GoldieDay ago
  • Brandon was holding back so much this girl needs better song selection

    A RA RDay ago
  • Evanescence Song next ? :D

    WarrenHWarrenHDay ago
  • I'm obsessed with this girl! So good!!!

    Jason FraniJason FraniDay ago
  • She's such a pure soul! She's going all the way!

    SarenaSarenaDay ago
  • Omg she's my Fav..amazing

    Aden DavidAden DavidDay ago
  • One of the best moments in live TV... Make that stage your Bitch! YES! Thank you Katy Perry 💥

    lawpennerlawpenner2 days ago
  • Amazing young woman! Thanks for sharing your talent you should go a long way!!

    Harry Pritchard Jr.Harry Pritchard Jr.2 days ago
  • Holy hell on wheels !! Soooo good wow!

    Patricia FallisPatricia Fallis2 days ago
  • Wish You We're Here by Incubus ... on American Idol??? Whaaaaaa? 🤘🤘🤘

  • My power rankings after the top 24 performances - 1. Madison 2. Grace 3. Mary Jo 4. Ava 5. Cassandra 6. Alyssa 7. Alanis 8. Beane 9. Willie 10. Liahona 11. Colin 12. Casey 13. Alana 14. Hunter 15. Wyatt 16. Chayce 17. Graham 18. Deshawn 19. Hannah 20. Jason 21. Caleb 22. Anilee 23. Andrea 24. Cecil ❤️ Excited to see if my top 16 go through

    Austyn Smith SingsAustyn Smith Sings2 days ago
  • but like imagine it was Hayley Williams there 😦

    Sofia FarinaSofia Farina2 days ago
  • Wish you were here. Legendary.. the Warmth is amazing also. Much Luv.

    Daytone Caliknight951Daytone Caliknight9512 days ago
  • I like her but she needs to enunciate more...didn’t understand a word of her solo.

    Miss-TMiss-T2 days ago
  • can you imagine if Marilyn Monroe or Dorothy Malone had worn a mask, 90% of their appeal, for some anyway, was their facial expressions... check out a few movies sometime and see if you would want everybody wearing a mask...God-given features and facial expressions and personality behind a mask... think about it the mask today the vaccination tomorrow and the mark 666 will be ushered in very easy!

    Larry SmithLarry Smith2 days ago
  • I played the first performance at least 1 million times. God it's AWESOME 🔥

    Dann CondeDann Conde2 days ago
  • I wish I could give this sooo many likes!!

    Nia AriellaNia Ariella2 days ago
  • One of my favorite songs from Incubus! KP was right though Chayce got to get her rock star game up.

    Daniel GattuzoDaniel Gattuzo2 days ago
  • Brandon rocks

    Cape ManCape Man2 days ago
  • I'm addicted to this cover! 🥴

    John SuvaJohn Suva2 days ago
  • Nope. All the nope. And I'm a huge Incubus fan.

    FacelessFaceless2 days ago
  • Brandon Boyd may be the coolest person to grace the AI stage!

    Angie HamiltonAngie Hamilton2 days ago
  • Rock baby !

    james angeljames angel2 days ago
  • Love paramore

    Hannah BHannah B2 days ago
  • I'll buy her record now! Amazing!

    Jim WalkerJim Walker2 days ago
  • She has that, I haven't bathed in awhile look going on

    A CA C2 days ago
  • She needs to win!

    Rebecca MusselmanRebecca Musselman2 days ago
  • The pandemic really brought out the best of alot of people that otherwise may not have fought for the chance and its beautiful 🥰

    Kristin MorrowKristin Morrow2 days ago
  • She could have easily put preformed Brandon

    Sichael McottSichael Mcott2 days ago
  • Forever my fav

    Mohammad AbuhasnaMohammad Abuhasna2 days ago
  • She needs to cover the pretty reckless!!

    Maria PinzonMaria Pinzon2 days ago
  • Man, I don’t know the whole rights to songs legal thing, but I’d love to hear her sing “ Miss the Misery” by Lizzy Hale.

    perkadadperkadad2 days ago
  • I love how Brandon just took a step back and let her sing. Seems like he really enjoyed listening to her sing as much as we do!

    Amanda Jane BAmanda Jane B2 days ago
  • It’s so refreshing to see such massive all around genuine talent on American 🇺🇸 Idol, unlike the pervasive mediocre talent in the music industry that relies so heavily on branding disguised as talent. No bells, whistles and gimmicks with this group of actual talent. Thank you 🙏 one and all on American 🇺🇸 Idol. The country and the world 🌎 really needed this wonderful entertainment. What a wonderful reprieve from the branding industry, I mean music industry. 😉

    greatvibesgreatvibes2 days ago
  • I've been needing this!!!

    Stephanie MooreStephanie Moore2 days ago
  • Wow! That was fantastic, Casey !!!!!!

    VioletFlameMusicVioletFlameMusic2 days ago
  • She is already a star. Looking forward to watching Casey mesmerize the TV audience. Hoping to see a little Joan Jett, maybe a little Heart (Barracuda), Evanescence (Bring Me to Life) and throw in a bit of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan to draw in the older crew and she’s got this wrapped up

    dancingflowers2001dancingflowers20012 days ago
  • Now if anyone needs to sing creep by Radiohead it’s her!

    Shanna AnticoShanna Antico2 days ago
  • this sounded awful and she was probably one of best from audition

    Josh JonesJosh Jones2 days ago
  • Brandon Boyd 😍

    Kristina MorenoKristina Moreno2 days ago
  • OMG, this is amazing!!!

    Drew TuáDrew Tuá2 days ago
    • You Are!

      Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
  • You, Ms. Casey Bishop, are a ROCK QUEEN! You are one to watch in this competition. Good luck you beautiful soul!

    Keanu KanehiwaKeanu Kanehiwa2 days ago
  • 🖤🖤🖤

    Reydem KeyReydem Key2 days ago
  • Here because incubus brandon should be included in the future

    fanofflanfanofflan2 days ago