Carrie Underwood - How Great Thou Art (Official Performance Video)

Apr 5, 2021
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Carrie Underwood’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” as part of “My Savior: Live From The Ryman.”
“How Great Thou Art” is featured on Carrie Underwood’s album of gospel hymns, titled “My Savior” available everywhere now.
Listen to “My Savior” now at​​.
“My Savior” consists of covers of traditional gospel hymns and is a spiritual companion to Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album “My Gift.” “My Savior” is co-produced by Carrie and GRAMMY® Award winner David Garcia, with whom she co-produced her critically-acclaimed 2018 Platinum album "Cry Pretty".
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  • 🥀This is a Powerful and Beautiful Song the way she puts her all into every note just grab's me into the lyrics it's so real, pure straight to the point of unconditional love within for our Lord Jesus Christ🥀☝️🥀

    Denise HeddenDenise Hedden29 minutes ago
  • Carrie es maravillosa, canta hermoso y ahora con esta joya de album muestra que puede ser fiel a sus creencias y seguir cantando, Viva Cristo Rey :D

    Ingeniero por la vidaIngeniero por la vida2 hours ago

    Christalen BauerChristalen Bauer2 hours ago
  • Oh Carrie, How absolutely stunning. Both the song & you. You smashed it. I would like to share this version from the late, great Maori New Zealander, Sir Howard Morrison , who sadly is no longer with us in this realm. He sings some of it in his native Maori tongue. You don't have to know or understand the Maori language, this still hits hard. Enjoy. John from New Zealand.

    John WilsonJohn Wilson4 hours ago
  • Beautiful voice for a BEAUTIFUL PERFECT GOD!!!

    Derek MaddalenaDerek Maddalena4 hours ago
  • That is a very pretty ham and yes God is wonderful he's done so much for us and we thank him everyday carry keep going singing those Christian Sims you do a very good job thank you so much for this video

    Judy HortonJudy Horton4 hours ago
  • The performance with Vince Gill MUCH MUCH better. And...YOUR LIPS ARE NOW just to BIG...and .NOT NORMAL..don't look normal... NOWHERE NEAR AS BEAUTIFUL AS ....THEY/YOU WERE!! JUST being HONEST

    Tonya CarrTonya Carr5 hours ago
  • Carrie, you sang how great thou art great. Your the greatest singer and the queen of country music.

    Allen BenedictAllen Benedict5 hours ago
  • Never has the Ryman auditorium been blessed with such a voice!!

    Eugene IlsleyEugene Ilsley6 hours ago
  • DAMN.CARRIE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Duane Kaimana-Scott EdlaoDuane Kaimana-Scott Edlao6 hours ago
  • After I lost my son I would listen to this song with Carrie and Vince and just weep. Beautiful voice as ever. WOW!

    Kathleen Janz-AndersonKathleen Janz-Anderson8 hours ago
  • This lets me calm down through the pandemic. God bless y'all!

    Rahel TeubnerRahel Teubner9 hours ago
  • Simply incredible!!!

    Stacy WinkleStacy Winkle10 hours ago
  • Awe how awesome!

    Lupe GreggLupe Gregg10 hours ago
  • Wow!!

    Cindy UrbanCindy Urban11 hours ago

    TT11 hours ago
  • Beautiful as always ❤️👍❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

    Susan LaroucheSusan Larouche12 hours ago
  • My God, My God, My God. I just love hearing her sing this song. She puts so much emotion, conviction and power into it as she does with every song she sings. Carrie is such an incredible talent. I love her so much. As an entertainer as well as a person. Her voice is truly a gift from God.

    Juan'Tom JonesJuan'Tom Jones14 hours ago
  • Absolutely stunning, perfect and beautiful. It is so very refreshing to see and hear such a song praising the one and true King. Thank you Jesus and amazing job Carrie 🙌 🙏 👏 ❤

    Cara DooleyCara Dooley15 hours ago
  • Yesss, remember in these trying times that "In God We Trust."

    MeowzurrrMeowzurrr15 hours ago
  • Amazing !

    Yadi Cuenta y CantaYadi Cuenta y Canta16 hours ago
  • Praying for you Carrie as you lift up the name of Jesus🙏🙏❤️

    Rebecca CressRebecca Cress16 hours ago
  • Just amazing performance

    larbat37larbat3716 hours ago
  • This is probably my all time favorite Hymne. Idk why it just is.

    Don HoustonDon Houston17 hours ago
  • Thanks Carrie, beautifully sung. Praise to our Lord Jesus.

    Peter van NiekerkPeter van Niekerk17 hours ago
  • Thank you.

    musicaroo22musicaroo2217 hours ago
  • Absolutely amazing performance !! Beautiful !!!

    rachel pitmanrachel pitman18 hours ago
  • Amazing. So sad to sing in an empty stadium.

    laneb2024laneb202418 hours ago
  • So good

    Brittany SiscelBrittany Siscel18 hours ago
  • Thank you for doing this

    Sarah HeckmanSarah Heckman19 hours ago
  • love from Mizoram,India 🙂🙂🙂🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏

    Eni PautuEni Pautu20 hours ago
  • I’m crying, beautiful

    barbara Johnsonbarbara Johnson23 hours ago
  • Very nice...Vince made it breathtaking...

    Robert ApplegateRobert ApplegateDay ago
    • Vince Gill isn't on this one. He performed this song with her 10 years ago at ACM Girls Night Out. This was recorded just a few weeks ago

      Really Tired 64Really Tired 647 hours ago
  • Angelic

    Stewart's Window CleaningStewart's Window CleaningDay ago
  • Wow, Glory Glory Glory,!! I can't wait to attend a concert that is full of Worship and Praise all to Glorify Jesus!.

    Terra BearTerra BearDay ago
  • 🙏🏻❤️

    Ott GavrasOtt GavrasDay ago

    MaryJo DeBlasisMaryJo DeBlasisDay ago
  • WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!!! An angel and her trumpets sent out from heaven on Earth!

    francis90kmfrancis90kmDay ago
  • This was one of my Mom's favorite gospel songs. Carrie you sounded beautiful, I love your voice. I can't wait to hear some more of your gospel album. 🙏🙏❤️❤️

    Kelly AngeloKelly AngeloDay ago
  • Chicken bumps! Enough said............

    Brian SpauldingBrian SpauldingDay ago

    god563616god563616Day ago
  • GOD is great! Continue singing for GOD's Glory! The Lord Jesus be praised forevermore!

    Jeremiah CeraldeJeremiah CeraldeDay ago
  • Wow!! Beautifully done

    Jen EllerJen EllerDay ago
  • love carrie underwood singing

    Margaret O'MearaMargaret O'MearaDay ago
  • My favorite hymn, and an incredible performance!

    Team Jesus OutdoorsTeam Jesus OutdoorsDay ago
  • My soul sings this song to Jesus Christ through Carrie.

    Harold NesmithHarold NesmithDay ago
  • Such a beautiful voice. Praise God in all things!!!!

    Brittney R.Brittney R.Day ago
  • This song never ceases to bring the feels.

    Called to ShareCalled to ShareDay ago
  • God bless u sis Carrie. Make use yr voice for the glory of God.

    Ibanaphi DkharIbanaphi DkharDay ago
  • Take note cardi B... THIS is how you perform..

    Dee PaucDee PaucDay ago
  • I love this song so much I want a to try to record it using the smile qpp..what key is it in

    Kristi OwensKristi OwensDay ago
  • Bravo ❣️ God deserved this performance! Fantastic !

    Nelly TchilingirovaNelly TchilingirovaDay ago
  • Breathtaking! So moving.

    Jacque DooleyJacque DooleyDay ago
  • My all time fave

    Camila LopezCamila LopezDay ago
  • I don't think anyone could ever sing this song the way you do!! Absolutely God given Talent and I'm glad your using it to share his word through song

    Amanda SmithAmanda SmithDay ago
  • P.S this is totally demonic. Her “God” is Satan.

    Clare BearClare BearDay ago
  • Tamara HaroTamara HaroDay ago
  • Just WOW!!

    Chris BarrChris BarrDay ago
  • Hos don't G are eat they either don't G anything except Mac-n-Cheese are they Don't G shit

    Christopher HarrisonChristopher HarrisonDay ago
  • hymn ngainatu tan chuan My Savior album hi ngaihthlak a nuam dap² mange.... zai ki kawi, vocal power han showoff vak² ang kha awm bawk si lo.... Carrie zaithiam si 😇💯

    HB RamengmawiiHB RamengmawiiDay ago
  • I lost my 2 bffs jesus take the wheel is helping me cope

    Jennifer WattsJennifer WattsDay ago

    ShannonShannonDay ago
  • I love I love this beautiful Christian song.

    Amanda FergusonAmanda FergusonDay ago
  • I’m an Atheist but this woman is so amazing I would never close myself off from her music just because we don’t believe the same things. This song is great. 👏🏽

    Lawrence SpellmanLawrence SpellmanDay ago
    • "I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an Athiest, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens and say there is no God". --Abraham Lincoln

      Kathy KBKathy KB12 hours ago
  • Beautiful!🕊❤

    Kat PKat PDay ago
  • I love Carrie, but that is a lot of white guys in the background...

    Ellie BerlynEllie BerlynDay ago
    • So?

      Really Tired 64Really Tired 647 hours ago
  • Beautiful ❤️

    Angela PirieAngela PirieDay ago
  • 50 thumbs down? They must be Cardi B fans.

    C PC PDay ago
  • Such a beautiful Performing, gives me chills. ✝️❤️

    Kim RossKim RossDay ago
  • The best cover of this song by far!

    ImNotGoodAtVideoGamesImNotGoodAtVideoGamesDay ago
  • Yes Carrie...give all your talent to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings Jesus Christ !!

    Corinthians 1348LoveCorinthians 1348LoveDay ago
  • Beautiful voice, beautiful saint with a beautiful heart, God pour extra blessings upon you Carrie!!!!!

    Frank HronopoulosFrank HronopoulosDay ago
  • When you have relationship with the Savior you only need an audience of one to sing for - HIM!!! NOBODY sings this like Carrie!! All glory to God!

    Stephanie NuceStephanie NuceDay ago
  • Glory to God🙌🙌

    Joan-Ann HenryJoan-Ann HenryDay ago
  • Pretty woman sings pretty song..

    Elzack GusnadiElzack GusnadiDay ago
  • BEautiful..I love this and her voice is beyond mesmerizing! God Bless You Carrie you definitely are a true beauty and artist😇🙏😇🙏😚

    Annette DeleonAnnette DeleonDay ago
  • Wow what an incredible performance I could see Jonathan Antoine sing this with her. As Jonathan’s performance of this is just stunning.

    hayley loves godhayley loves godDay ago
  • Carrie has an unbelievably Perfect Pitch loving and giving voice. When she sings this song with the deepest part of her heart and soul. She wants everyone else to hear about the Lord and Jesus and how she knows he died for us to forgive us our sins. I think that she's the most fantastic singer we have. Thank you so much carry for singing your religious song and I hope it reaches a lot of people's heart and soul so they will become saved as well I'm a True Believer and Christian. However when you sing these songs religious songs. When you sing a song it reminds me of how deep the Jesus Christ loves me so very much and died on the cross for me and my sins.💕❤🙏

    Nancy RevillNancy RevillDay ago
    • Carrie you arsurgeon and knows what you're doing to witness to people. You and your husband and family are great witnesses to God.

      Nancy RevillNancy RevillDay ago
  • This song gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up, everytime I hear Carrie, sing it

    Terry MintleTerry MintleDay ago
  • Wow.... You know you’re AMAZING when you out-sing... yourself! 😳🙌🏽 Her and Vince singing it has always been my favourite version; I didn’t think I’d ever hear it sung better - and sing it LIVE, at that. But man, was I wrong... This is EVERYTHING 🙏🏽And it’s all so effortless for her. No one will tell me she isn’t one of this world’s greatest blessings from God... Not just for her effortless and insurmountable amount of talent, but for the humility she has along with it. A classy lady, in every sense of the word 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️

    Bonnie MiltonBonnie MiltonDay ago
  • Carrie God Blessed you with this voice. Thank you for giving Him all the Glory!! You did a beautiful job on this album!! You put your all in it!!

    Patti PajestkaPatti PajestkaDay ago
  • This rendition is great. IMHO The ACM performance is spectacular. The harmony with Vince Gill and his guitar solo MAKE that rendition head an shoulders above this recording.

    MWong2005MWong2005Day ago
  • You have such a beautiful voice

    Angie AAngie ADay ago
  • I love this song me and my grandma sung this song in church when I was a little girl when I hear this I can hear her voice

    Angie AAngie ADay ago
  • Looks like she's been lifting weights 💪

    crispy ghostcrispy ghostDay ago
  • Absolutely Heavenly!!!!

    Gene HauserGene Hauser2 days ago
  • Has anyone cared to check on the type of church she goes to? I suggest people check .

    Cora OliveCora Olive2 days ago
    • Her private life is none of your business, so don't judge and butt out.

      Really Tired 64Really Tired 647 hours ago
  • Carrie impress to me every time she sings this hymn, with that powerful voice that has

    BillNavy1BillNavy12 days ago
  • I prefer singing this one at church, not watching a rich celebrity sing it.

    Maria DominguezMaria Dominguez2 days ago
  • wonderful

    Joanna CraftonJoanna Crafton2 days ago
  • Beautiful!

    Cowboy GeologistCowboy Geologist2 days ago
  • Fantastic.

    laceypennieslaceypennies2 days ago
  • So.......... BEAUTIFUL truly angelic her singing and performanance .

    Diane LopezDiane Lopez2 days ago
  • Xxx

    Caarl FaabiCaarl Faabi2 days ago
  • This and the version with Vince Gill absolutely flawless

    Chris HambyChris Hamby2 days ago
  • Absolutely phenomenal!

    Phyllis JonesPhyllis Jones2 days ago
  • This is my favorite version of “How Great Thou Art”. She did a fantastic job singing it.

    Samuel MorrisSamuel Morris2 days ago
  • Awesome performance.

    Maria Luz McFarlandMaria Luz McFarland2 days ago
  • Carrie what a beautiful voice God gave you. And you are using it to praise him and I know he is smiling down on you. Bless you and your family.

    Wanda SpigelmyerWanda Spigelmyer2 days ago
  • The anointing upon your life is radiating throughout the world 😭🙏❤

    Neemy KempNeemy Kemp2 days ago