Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! 😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Apr 5, 2021
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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking their England squads for Euro 2020 and clashed over several selections during a fascinating discussion.
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  • Didn’t man utd literally try to sign sancho to play above Greenwood? Lol.

    Levi CohenLevi Cohen3 hours ago
  • Is this scripted ? I find it very funny though!

    shivam surishivam suri4 hours ago
  • Jamie on Jude Bellingham: “he’s playing in the champions league with Dortmund” Also Jamie: “not picking sancho but will take Calvert Lewin, Jude Bellingham. Wtf sancho has top 5 most assists in last 3 years in top leagues and he’s 21!!

    Kris KerriganKris Kerrigan13 hours ago
  • These two clowns don’t have a clue when it comes to this England squad. How on earth can they overlook sancho? His stats at Dortmund this season are one of the best in all top leagues. He’s a far better player than rashford and these two idiots have rashford starting in the 11, yet no Sancho in 25 squad members

    Kris KerriganKris Kerrigan13 hours ago
  • Anyway England sux we're all know that don't see any different

    Tony Đinh BoleroTony Đinh Bolero14 hours ago
  • Will never win the f ing euros hahahahahah

    Joga BonitoJoga Bonito14 hours ago
  • England's Euro hopes reliant on Maguire... good luck with that

    Stephen QuinnStephen Quinn14 hours ago
  • Gary has so much knowledge he would make a good manager........ Oh no wait I forgot about Valencia he was tragic!

    Robert & Jacky GreenRobert & Jacky Green14 hours ago
  • If we lost Kane before the Euros it's over for England. If we lost Maguire before the tournament we could cope, total nonsense from Neville.

    pgrothschildpgrothschild17 hours ago
  • Souness dont like it, (dum dumdum dum) Rock the Pogba, Rock the Pogba! - only CLASH i care about (:

    Stephen TroutStephen Trout19 hours ago
  • Lol now we got CLASHES

    Zach ZZach ZDay ago
  • Believe in the talent we have, if they show they show Southgate or not.

    BaileyBoyBaileyBoyDay ago
  • Mings is fine in a back 4 wtf

    SalexSalexDay ago
  • what a load of tosh all 3 of them ...england are a poor team always have been ......i cant wait for them to be knocked out of any tournaments

    Don RebelDon RebelDay ago
  • Gary's facial expressions at 13:56 had me in stitches 😭

    CianCianDay ago
  • If England want to win a trophy the 2018 world cup squad shouldn't be disolve

    Ali 2020Ali 2020Day ago
  • Gary Neville picks Manchester United players what a surprise

    Josh CJosh CDay ago
  • If you ain't first your last. Gareth needs to gamble to win. Dominate possession and win. Foden, grealish should start. Henderson is number 1 without doubt. Look what he did for Sheffield United and what he will do for man utd. Play players that can keep the ball against quality opposition and we will win the euros. Put sancho in.

    Keify CurlKeify CurlDay ago
  • Can't be bothered watching the whole video who did they both choose as a keeper?

    Yxng ZuluYxng ZuluDay ago
  • Jamie is an idiot if you think that basing your tactics on not having the ball is a weak mentality try telling that to Zidane who just whipped the floor with liverpool

    Mohammed KhresatMohammed KhresatDay ago
  • Carregher at the end mocking Scotland 🖕😡... I hope they rip england a new arsehole now! just for the look on carra & nevilles faces it would be f***ing priceless 🤩👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    speckyhotdog84 Andersonspeckyhotdog84 AndersonDay ago
  • lingard starts! hes got man of the match in his last 3 games. and he is much more counter attacking than the likes of grealish/foden. and antonio would link up very well with lingard and rice.

    Drew RawlesDrew RawlesDay ago
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    Brooklyn HughesBrooklyn HughesDay ago
  • The fact that both of them never mentioned Sancho, and are in agreement that Harry Maguire is the centerpiece of England, apart from Kane. What a strange world we’re living in.

    ervin chuaervin chuaDay ago
  • Who’s here after Trent scored a stoppage time winner 😁

    Robert ShanahanRobert ShanahanDay ago
  • I don't understand what it is with Jamie Carragher's dogged defence and promotion of Jordan Pickford at each and every turn? After Pickford's brutal foul on Virgil van Dijk in the first Merseyside derby this season, which sadly went unpunished by match officials, I would have thought someone as reckless as that is the last person he would be standing four square behind each and every time. Amazing - unless there's a reason for it I don't know about.

    Michael PeperaMichael PeperaDay ago
  • Carragher's reaction to the Maguire Kane issue was gold😂😂

    niduoe streniduoe streDay ago
  • Poor squad

    Rogier BRogier BDay ago
  • The fact that sancho and Reece James ain’t in these squads show that pundits ain’t got a clue

    L LL LDay ago
  • Picking Jordan Pickford over Dean Henderson is baffling, and I'm not even a United fan. Pickford is woeful and so prone to mistakes.

    AlwaysRetr0AlwaysRetr0Day ago
    • Carra's deluded to think Croatia isn't among the very best and deserve due consideration.

      niduoe streniduoe streDay ago
  • Jude Bellingham was the best player on the pitch in his Champions league debut against Manchester City.

    AlwaysRetr0AlwaysRetr0Day ago
  • Eric Dier is terrible

    AlwaysRetr0AlwaysRetr0Day ago
  • Jamie is a dreamer, bless him, probably still thinks Liverpool are going to retain it

    imran gainimran gainDay ago
  • Carragher is so annoying in a debate

    Shane WhiteShane WhiteDay ago
  • No Sancho in both s teams?! Imo the team should be: Pope Henderson Pickford TAA Reece James Shaw Chilwell Maguire Stones Tarkowski Keane Rice Phillips Henderson Foden Mount Maddison Grealish Rashford Sancho Sterling Kane Calvert-Lewin Edit: starting 11 would be : Pope Chilwell Maguire Stones Reece Rice Phillips Mount Grealish Kane Sancho

    777d7777 777d7777777d7777 777d7777Day ago
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    Jon BrownJon BrownDay ago
  • Bringing up the notion of possession when talking about Trent is what's utter nonsense. Can not believe this guy used to help pick the squad, althought it seemed perhaps he just wanted something to say against Jamie. Having less possession is simply not a reason to not go with an attacker, it takes a matter of seconds to score a goal

    Edwardo CumberbatchEdwardo CumberbatchDay ago
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    Julius MaranggaJulius MaranggaDay ago
  • Pickford, Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Henderson Mount Rashford Kane Sterling. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽🏆

    Jhan DorielJhan DorielDay ago
  • The disrespect to Tammy Abraham

    K JK JDay ago
  • I don't know why carra is so bothered, he's a scouser and it's only England.

    michael murphymichael murphyDay ago
  • Sancho, Dier, Greenwood also Bellingham instead of Philips? Lingard missing out. Or Henderson, A-A, Stones, Maguire, Shaw, Rice, Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Kane, Rashford. Pickford, Walker, Dier, Mings, Chilwell, Henderson, Mount, Bellingham, Sterling, Greenwood, Lingard. Pope, W-P, C-L. Standby; Johnstone, Coady, Saka, Maddison, Alli, Barnes, Ings.

    Shadow AngelShadow Angel2 days ago
  • Harry Maguire is the shittiest Man Utd player and shittiest England player. Neville has always been obsessed about Maguire, for what ever reason.

    Maple MaplesMaple Maples2 days ago
  • Gary nevile making sky sports awesome

    Manish LamaManish Lama2 days ago
  • Carra's deluded to think Croatia isn't among the very best and deserve due consideration.

    born nakedborn naked2 days ago
  • Trent was a disgrace against Real

    Brrr RbbbBrrr Rbbb2 days ago
  • Two screeching boring sky company bellends

    TheManorBeastTheManorBeast2 days ago
  • Trent is a liability

    muhith16muhith162 days ago
  • Jamie Carragher - Picks 9 defenders, including 3 right-backs. Argument 'We must be pragmatic'. Also Jamie Carragher - 'WhY mUsT tHeY hAvE mOrE oF tHe BaLl?'

    mikin liroumikin lirou2 days ago
  • Gary is mustard at speaking sense. Best pundit about. Footy boffin!

    Paul BurlongPaul Burlong2 days ago
  • who is this kevin de bryne who plays right back?

    Jacob SlaterJacob Slater2 days ago
  • Carragher just tries to score points rather than think about the argument

    Paska PatersonPaska Paterson2 days ago
  • I would get on my knees and beg Jamie Vardy

    Andrew MackieAndrew Mackie2 days ago
    • “And lost every time the same way” “Ive been with you a lot of the time” Lovely lovely stuff Gnev

      mikin liroumikin lirou2 days ago
  • Is it me, or is Jamie Carragher a little bit too cheeky these days?

    Mark HenryMark Henry2 days ago
  • So Reece James out...are they kidding 🤣

    Matthew KheyfetsMatthew Kheyfets2 days ago
    • What about mount, rice, and foden in a mid 3 with mount and rice cm and foden as cam with mount doing mount things going forward and back?

      Matthew KheyfetsMatthew Kheyfets2 days ago
  • Carragher thinks way to highly of the players that we have

    Jack CollinsJack Collins2 days ago
  • Carragher is an absolute pineapple 🍍

    AspectRatioAspectRatio2 days ago
  • Total bullshit

    nishat kausernishat kauser2 days ago
  • Carragher the blue ha ha ha ha 😂

    pezpez2 days ago
  • Such long in depth discussions about who the best players are and what our best team will be. England have no chance of winning the euros lmao. I know we like to hope but surely noone really thinks that our team is anywhere near good enough to win anything. I'd be surprised if I ever see England win a major tournament

    Jack CollinsJack Collins2 days ago
  • Lingard?

    bmiailhebmiailhe2 days ago
  • where is Reece James i know im a chelsea fan but it has to be him or trent surely

    CarmodreerCarmodreer2 days ago

    Oliver WoodcockOliver Woodcock2 days ago
  • Best team we've had since the Bobby Charlton days, including 'the golden generation', wish Wan Bissaka didn't quit but it is what it is

    Cleo HettoriCleo Hettori2 days ago
  • Bamford for kane ez

    VizoMediaVizoMedia2 days ago
  • First of all how is Greenwood a better Finnisher than rashford? And second where the hell js bamford ?

    CaptainKezCaptainKez2 days ago
  • “And lost every time the same way” “Ive been with you a lot of the time” Lovely lovely stuff Gnev

    T F19T F192 days ago
  • Garys won? United united united ! 😴😴😴

    entre deuxentre deux2 days ago
  • These pundits think they know all abt modern football yh they may be stars at their clubs but sometimes their choices really p*ss u off sometimes waffling on TV How tf could you leave Sancho out🤦

    S AS A2 days ago
  • I turned off when Neville started talking rubbish about Maguire

    06cdancer06cdancer2 days ago
  • I really hope England fans, Southgate and the FA aren’t that deluded that they feel they can go to the Euros with out Sancho

    Jair MoralesJair Morales2 days ago
  • Jamie:"are the players in the Croatian team even that good for us to say they'll be dominating the ball against us?" Modric, Kovacic, Orsic: "Hold our beers"

    senni bgonsenni bgon2 days ago
    • brozovic....orsic wont play

      d. markod. marko2 days ago
  • Sancho isn’t here this is criminal

    Ethan McAuleyEthan McAuley2 days ago
  • Gary and Jamie are old school, not afraid to hurt each others feelings, they can take anything on the chin like men, both give professional opinions based on experience, then shake each others hands afterwards.

    lifty swiftylifty swifty2 days ago
  • Who's here after TAA score a worldie in the 91st minute, silencing all the haters?! Turning doubters into believers..

    TOTK HQ - Liverpool Football ClubTOTK HQ - Liverpool Football Club2 days ago
    • This guy is the worst England manager

      senni bgonsenni bgon2 days ago
  • Sorry, but in my opinion carragher is nothing but an ill mannered gobshite!

    Derek HorneDerek Horne2 days ago
  • I would personally try keane and stones

    Fredrik 17zzFredrik 17zz2 days ago
  • Since When’s did McGuire become a must have cb?

    jgivan6jgivan62 days ago
  • To provide people who don't seem to get the Maguire-Kane thing with another example: Under Luis Enrique, Barca's best three players were MSN. Yet, particularly in the second season, I'd say losing Sergio Busquets would have been a far bigger blow than losing one of the trio. The best player isn't necessarily always the most irreplaceable player

    TT 97TT 972 days ago
  • James Maddison a great midfielder

    Max SmithMax Smith2 days ago
  • But it's hard to pick strikers now a days

    Max SmithMax Smith2 days ago
  • Vardy left cause your manager left him on the bench :)

    Max SmithMax Smith2 days ago
  • Jadon sancho if he was English

    Max SmithMax Smith2 days ago
  • Gary’s getting mixed up with Maguires price tag rather than how good he actually is

    Richard GoldieRichard Goldie2 days ago
  • Who’s here after TAA won the Aston Villa game? 😋

    AdAd2 days ago
  • Gary 'England can't dominate the ball' Neville. Vs Croatia 55% of the ball twice in the Nations League Vs Belgium 55% of the ball in the Nations League.

    Michael JamesMichael James2 days ago
  • Gomez at the back

    Xav1er playzXav1er playz2 days ago
  • Magurie !!😂😂😂 some people will never stop being delusional. That's why England wont win a trophy anytime in the coming decades

    Albert AndersonAlbert Anderson2 days ago
  • I really hate that Gomez is injured it would be him and stones

    user13user132 days ago
  • This guy is the worst England manager

    user13user132 days ago
  • Ward prowse Coady Ings

    SoshiSoshi2 days ago
  • Sancho 100% in my England team even if he is injured 😂🤣

    Leo SeagullzLeo Seagullz2 days ago
  • Konsa. could be a good backup for maguire

    LolLol2 days ago
  • I think konsa could be class personally

    LolLol2 days ago
  • do these 2 dudes hate each other

    Graham SlaterGraham Slater2 days ago
  • Portugal will win Euro this year (Cr7,jota,felix,pepe,bernado silva,dias,fernandes...)

    flyvon fernandesflyvon fernandes3 days ago
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    miguel albarranmiguel albarran3 days ago
  • Why is Jamie being so rude???

    Shyam YoungShyam Young3 days ago
  • Jude Bellingham,Sancho and Saka has to be there and Tomori deserves a shout btw Nick Pope is soo underrated

    R AR A3 days ago
    • What about adding Ben Godfrey to the squad. First hes better all round than Shaw and can play right across the back 4

      butti fdftbutti fdft3 days ago
  • Carragher over neville 😂

    Gareth JamesGareth James3 days ago
    • where's lingardhino?

      butti fdftbutti fdft3 days ago