Can We Make This FROZEN Truck Run During A Polar Vortex!?

Feb 18, 2021
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Today we see if an abandoned 1964 Ford will run again in the middle of a polar vortex!
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  • That's a really nice old truck!

    Scott CuppScott Cupp24 minutes ago
  • As a Texan we were complaining because there were many people without power and we were on a boil water alert. We're not used to cold weather haha, that being said I was not born here, but it was indeed very cold, I believe at one point it got down to -12 or a little colder even. God bless and this was an awesome video! Subscribed.

    WrothWroth4 hours ago
  • The very defenition of a cool truck..... Best yet guys !!!!

    Robin GrayRobin Gray5 hours ago
  • This wasn't even a revival, this was a battery swap and tune up. Also, I didn't know aftermarket power windows existed so that's super cool

    M SharpM Sharp7 hours ago
  • I note a problem with your tools- no screwdrivers.

    Jeffry BlackmonJeffry Blackmon15 hours ago
  • I cant keep my eyes off that little rabbit though

    Alexander NazarkewichAlexander Nazarkewich17 hours ago
  • Hey man, seventh day Adventist here keep up the good work, keep saving those old rigs from the yard!

    Hunter GrahamHunter Graham17 hours ago
  • That is EXACTLY how I pour outta those plastic fuel jugs!!

    Pete DudleyPete Dudley17 hours ago
  • I was born in Flint, Mi,,,,went to first grade in Austin, Tx,,,2nd grade Flint,then to Corpus Christi,Tx till till 8th, ,,,2nd half of ninth in Flint,,then back to Corpus,,,,,not supposed to snow on the beach here!! Seriously,,,,,There's quite a few reasons not going back to Flint,,,that subzero is no bueno! LOL,,,,,the golf club didn't work cause of the karma! HAHAHA Enjoy the heck outta your channel !!! Great stuff!!! Was President of Auto Mechanics in high school then a career after the Navy as an Aircraft Mechanic,,,,Hats off to ya!! Great Job! :-)

    Trevor LieblongTrevor Lieblong18 hours ago
  • while pulling the starter you should pulling plugs and blast into holes making rings happy 😊

    shaggy2scooby4youshaggy2scooby4you20 hours ago
  • turn it over by hand

    shaggy2scooby4youshaggy2scooby4you20 hours ago
  • Right after your Ford advertisement joke I got a GMC ad! Lol

    KilolocksKilolocks20 hours ago
  • Go get the Golf

    shayne Lowthershayne Lowther20 hours ago
  • Thats a good deal for sure!!!

    Our Off Grid Alaskan LifeOur Off Grid Alaskan Life21 hour ago

    JediTimJediTim21 hour ago
  • Global warming? Lol. Oh.. Sorry. Climate change.

    Sir Loin of BeefSir Loin of Beef21 hour ago
  • You are correct that our infrastructure is just not set up to handle this kind of cold. Officially, what caused the power outages was that, first, the windmills started freezing and the solar panels don't work (those two furnish 25% of our power) when covered with snow and ice so that put more load on the generating stations which were already stressed by the increase in power demand. They started doing rolling blackouts which blacked out the Permian Basin which is where most of the natural gas comes from so many of the gas fired generating stations shut down. This exposed a basic problem in energy management. So we have all learned a lesson in preparedness.

    Jacque JeckerJacque Jecker23 hours ago
  • I need help identifying a ford... I know it's a 67-69 f350

    Adam BeckerAdam Becker23 hours ago
  • Went to a barn at the north pole imo

    The ViewerThe ViewerDay ago
  • at round i was 19 or so i needed some wheels..found a 69 3/4 390 4 speed furd f something - red for a whole hundard & 1/2 out of newspaper ** you yougins proly have no memory of pre electo tronic classifieds. I handed the man the money and with a twist of the key drove it home and dailyed it for the rest of the year..&:the red interor accent dome lighting was no extra charge

    jess dontcarejess dontcareDay ago
  • $500 is steeeep pricing for a truck that hasnt ran in 9 years ,i just know that guy was smiling😊😊😁

    Marc PerrettMarc PerrettDay ago
  • Looks like you should have brought some snow tires with you.

    James CampbellJames CampbellDay ago
  • And btw, my middle name is Angus!! Yeah the Scottish rock!

    Daniel FlatenDaniel FlatenDay ago
  • Rangoon red, custom cab, last year truck guys!

    Frank RangerFrankFrank RangerFrankDay ago
  • Need more episodes!!! Lol

    ManningiManningiDay ago
  • Oops. That's what you get for doing a 30 second starter crank in sub freezing weather.

    Winters Battle of BandsWinters Battle of BandsDay ago
  • How is this a frozen truck its -1 degree come to Canada and feel the real cold of -25 to -45

    Darryl HannahDarryl HannahDay ago
  • I fired up a 87 crx last week in the -25C weather got it going for first time in years

    Darryl HannahDarryl HannahDay ago
  • It helps if you hit the gas before starting the truck

    THOMAS AlleyTHOMAS AlleyDay ago
  • Needs a shot of ether to wake it up. Any good Yankee knows

    Rock Hill Farm Downeast, MaineRock Hill Farm Downeast, MaineDay ago
  • Why don't they put gas in the carburetor

    XxChicagoGuyXxXxChicagoGuyXxDay ago
  • Chevy, Ford, all the oldies too!

    RLLRLLDay ago
  • Thank you, Thing 21:45

    WelcometoVideoCityWelcometoVideoCityDay ago
  • PLEASE revive that little VW rabbit in the background!!!! It could be a good learning experience too. UwU

    Chris PekasChris PekasDay ago
  • Put a load of firewood in the back of the bed and you will take that truck just about anywhere. Yeah, I use to do that back in the day! Don't fill it up just a quarter in the back

    Steven NoblinSteven NoblinDay ago
  • It's like..get this thing running so I can have some

    White Trash Bandit270White Trash Bandit270Day ago
  • Man that's a nice solid old truck! Sucks that someone cut the grill for whatever reason - spare tire carrier? Those wheels are nice, and are the older version without trim rings. I'd say that Ford used those from the mid 1970s until perhaps the mid 1980s when they painted the wheels argent/gray and added the trim rings, and went to the chrome center caps. The ones which take the trim rings have an indentation/groove around where the 'spokes' meet the rim, which accepts the trim ring. The old ones don't have that groove, and came in white, and when used on certain Free Wheeling models, they were painted yellow! I have a later wagon wheel (missing its trim ring) for a spare for my 1977 F150, and I have a set of Ford slotted mags with those same black centers waiting to go on.

    Dan E. BoydDan E. BoydDay ago
  • doughnut i ment lol oops

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • doghut matereal man cool

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • oo no snow agle damn

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • people think were nuts living here

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • come to hibbing some of the coldest winters on earth

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • or timing

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • probably starter bad

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • ya never mind wide i herd just spaced

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • is it small block or big

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • real name is erek

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • nice i can remember alost everything that happened in highscool i graduated barly but i did some things id rather forget but ow well right my name changed cause im thinkin on starting my own you tube

    Down2Earth ParanormalDown2Earth ParanormalDay ago
  • The valve train, is not sounding too good.

    P DinardoP DinardoDay ago
  • i dragged ER UP ON THE SNOW thats when i

    captainnewbeecaptainnewbeeDay ago
  • beast in hiding.

    Darryl G. EvansDarryl G. EvansDay ago
  • How is this an Iowa truck? Has almost no rot in it.

  • just throw in a idi starter problems solved

    amazing orreoamazing orreoDay ago
  • What happened to that satellite you did a series with thunderhead 289?

    RandyRandyDay ago
  • Kinda getting tired of WILL IT RUN, WILL IT START, WILL IT DRIVE. Its the most abused boring title ever. Please stop it. Its not just you, its everyone. Oh yeah, SITTING 10 YRS, SITTING 25 YEARS, ABANDONED.

    Jeff FleischmanJeff FleischmanDay ago
  • You guys are nucking futs! Where is that truck today? What are you going to do with it?

    Martin TMartin TDay ago
  • What is the tool kit called?

    Krimson SixxKrimson SixxDay ago
  • Angus scored big time on that truck. Watching you guys get these going makes me want to do it myself but trucks are way more expensive here than what you find them for.

    zombiewrapszombiewrapsDay ago
  • Hey uhh buddy I noticed ur alryernater belt isn’t on the actual Lully it’s on the cylinder leading into the alternator it’s self

    storm colemanstorm colemanDay ago
  • What I really want to see is for Kevin to take one old truck, put it in good running order, and drive to the revivals. That shiny new Ford kind of looks out of place.

    PM in OregonPM in OregonDay ago
  • This vid needs more Mook in it !

    Ian walkerIan walkerDay ago
  • Nice call on the dog tags. Always nice to get the gas powered hand warmer running on a cold day.

    Jon RauJon RauDay ago
  • You got it running pretty decently toward the end there. I think you guys will like that 292. It may be a small engine, but don't let that fool ya.

    Michael PostlethwaitMichael Postlethwait2 days ago
  • Please, do make fun of religions, it deserves it!

    TheEmilTheEmil2 days ago
  • Is that a vw red rabbit back there....what is the address to this place I want that rabbit!!!

    Asheton Hunnicutt-HookAsheton Hunnicutt-Hook2 days ago
  • 12:40 *laughs in Canadian* the northern northern nerds say hi

    Killroy 3022Killroy 30222 days ago
  • Dude ur in iowa thats where american pickers store is

    Joshua HartfordJoshua Hartford2 days ago
  • 1964 ford f-100 sitting there nine years look good condition needs everything new battery cold outside near seventh day Adventist in lowa awesome video junkyard digs new partner paint job take care both gentlemen from Orlando Florida

    Craig PalmerCraig Palmer2 days ago
  • Loved it. Hello from Malvern, england. Subscribed!

    Moped In The MalvernsMoped In The Malverns2 days ago
  • I can’t imagine what over 10 year old oil is like especially in single digit weather lol

    Kaine GunnKaine Gunn2 days ago
  • That's honestly one of my favorite body styles of Ford trucks. Unfortunately there all rusted out here in PA

    MotorHead302MotorHead3022 days ago
  • Man I'm not a ford guy but that's a good looking truck

    Aaron AikmanAaron Aikman2 days ago
  • Chevy dodge Ford thay all brake down

    Christian berndtChristian berndt2 days ago
  • Give Derek from Vice Grip a call...he'd have that started and driving 10,000 miles before breakfast.

    simon lloydsimon lloyd2 days ago
  • Epic! Yes, here in Texas we aren't built for the cold. Worst part is we don't know how to drive in it! And our power grid sucks!

    Big JohnsonBig Johnson2 days ago
  • I'll buy it

    Ol GrizOl Griz2 days ago
  • With that lopsided miss @ 25:45 & 29:20 it Sounds more like a Wright R1820 on an old C47 than a V8

    Ben ClaytonBen Clayton2 days ago
  • When ever I am looking for this body style I can't find one but you seem to have them growing out of every field lol

    Zach sZach s2 days ago
  • That truck is worth thousands. $500? IDK.

    Boat OwnerBoat Owner2 days ago
  • Nice find new sub

    Lawrence JacksonLawrence Jackson2 days ago
  • "It takes an ungodly amount of fuel to rev" Some folks like that!!

    Ben TizzyBen Tizzy2 days ago
  • Less Wackin and more Mookin! lol

    clonetekclonetek2 days ago
  • The window motors were a JC Whitney accessory - and probably the seat cover and steering wheel cover. You can't hide money.....

    dno5779dno57792 days ago
  • Considering the shape the truck is in, it would be worth going beyond your normal "street legal" goals. That engine is a classic, but is know for lube issues. Just remember to use a zinc additive when changing the oil.

    Richard AndersonRichard Anderson2 days ago
  • Northerners: Why are the Texas complaining about the cold Meanwhile our pipes :💥

    FoxmpomasFoxmpomas2 days ago
  • Revive the mk1 rabbit

    Bowboy 1225Bowboy 12252 days ago
  • That seat cover and the electric window conversion tells me someone used the JC Whitney catalog back in the day.

    L.E. BatteL.E. Batte2 days ago
  • That truck would've come from the factory with a generator.

    L.E. BatteL.E. Batte2 days ago
  • So... What's up with the rabbit? That's more interesting than the ford

    bill waidbill waid2 days ago
  • Between VGG's LeSabre and you guys doing this old Ford, USworlds uses basically just driving my childhood. All we need now is a dang Chevette.

    Robot JusticeRobot Justice2 days ago
  • i have a 1966 ford f100 camper special

    Tyler Elwell gamingTyler Elwell gaming2 days ago
  • Nice it doesn’t have the arm burning exhaust crossover in the front.

    Turbo496VetteTurbo496Vette2 days ago
  • Man thats cool. I knew there was Oak Park Academy, an abandoned school in that town, but didnt know there was another school. Unless thats part of the one im thinking about. Never bothered to go there because its too small and not interesting enough.

    SilvySilvy2 days ago
  • its75 in phoenix lol what is all that white stuff all over everything

    Ronald VuckovichRonald Vuckovich2 days ago
  • Awesome deal for $500.

    MJM’s WorkshopMJM’s Workshop2 days ago
  • How do you find all of these cars?

    That Billy KidThat Billy Kid2 days ago
  • Ford power

    George ColeGeorge Cole2 days ago
  • I don't have any problem in my country because am from the west

    kyledaboss4ktraykyledaboss4ktray2 days ago
  • That's ok guy's us Texans normally sit back and giggle at everyone else in the winter months. Thia happens every so often.

    Leslie WashingtonLeslie Washington2 days ago
  • Great job, guys - you are freakin hard core doing that in such frigid temps! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

    John L. FahnestockJohn L. Fahnestock2 days ago