Can the 6.2-liter Supercharged Chevy Jackal Finally CRUSH The Ram TRX In A Drag Race?

Feb 27, 2021
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( ) So far, the Ram TRX has gone undefeated in our Run What You Brung challenges. Could Chevy (and the PaxPower Jackal, more specifically) be the truck to finally topple the Ram TRX? Let's find out!
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  • Great video. This was a fun series and the TRX was the champ. Thanks guys

    Dale JonesDale JonesMonth ago
    • Ford know the Shelby f150 it's faster then the TRX

      Vonjavien HamptonVonjavien Hampton22 days ago
    • Dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

      Dane BenicioDane BenicioMonth ago
    • 35s on TRX, 37s on jackal. Big gear ratio difference.

      WhatawdWhatawdMonth ago
    • The TRX would have lost to the International if they switched drivers. ;-D

      WilliamWilliamMonth ago
  • That andre guy doesn't know what hes doing smh

    Joey TaylorJoey Taylor2 days ago
  • Drag racing off-road trucks 😆 atleast do it in dirt?

    Joe GageJoe Gage2 days ago
  • Time for ram to make a single cab short bed with this engine.

    Ram RunnerRam Runner2 days ago
  • OK, the Ford F 150 Raptor V6 3.5-liter 450HP EcoBoost® engine and 510 lb.-ft. of torque and the 6.2-liter RAM TRX supercharged V8 with 702 hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. If this is a fair battle, the next one will be. Ram TRX vs Ranger Raptor? No I'm not a fan boys, just if you're going to take on a V8 then it must be against the VelociRaptor 5.0-liter 768-hp V8 how long can the happiness of RAM last? 6 more months?

    luis rodriguezluis rodriguez6 days ago
  • Why is it so hard for GM/Chevy to make a performance truck they have one of the most popular engines for performance and why is it so hard to design a performance v6 & v8 option for ford raptor it's not like it's rocket science

    Jeremy GJeremy G7 days ago
  • Next episode run from police with all 3 see which does better 🤔

    Enrique DuranEnrique Duran8 days ago
  • Either that raptor makes more than 450hp or the jackal doesn't make 650hp. Those two trucks shouldn't be running so close to each other time wise in a drag race. Definitely the jackal doesn't make 650hp after watching it race the 700hp TRX

    Jeremy PikeJeremy Pike8 days ago
  • Need to retire Andre and get someone who can actually drive

    William CostonWilliam Coston10 days ago
  • Now if only Chevy would actually produce their own version loving off-road truck what's a 755 Horsepower Supercharged 6.2 L from the ZR1... GM pioneering multiple things along the way like the magnetic dampening suspension made and patented by GM and Delphi that both Ford and Dodge use their own versions of so GM gets paid by each company that uses it including Ferrari

    D.D. HendersonD.D. Henderson10 days ago
  • They need real drivers lol

    1gramblam1gramblam11 days ago
  • Dodge really dialed in that TRX 😱

    AmbushPredatorAmbushPredator11 days ago
  • Love the Chevy Jackal. But I'm loving the Chevy Black Ops by Tuscany even more

    Fit ForceFit Force12 days ago
  • I have that same hoodie!

    OhmBoy T.XOhmBoy T.X12 days ago
  • It’s like Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson had a baby and gave it weird sunglasses...

    jjfore0921jjfore092113 days ago
  • Give till the end of this year, they'll have raptor out. The same way they did with the Jeep trackhawk & Dodge Durango hellcat

    Austin McCarthyAustin McCarthy13 days ago
  • Need to race the TRX up against Ford nitemare Roush

    cuda40 *cuda40 *13 days ago
  • Another example of completely rebuilding what GM should have been doing from the factory all along.. IDK why people even continue to support that company..

    Ant MajesticalAnt Majestical13 days ago
  • Probably just rocked the hell out of each other's trucks lol.

    Jordan WiensJordan Wiens16 days ago
  • You guys are big ford guys

    Nahum LuseNahum Luse16 days ago
  • Yeah dude. Hey dude. Let’s race dude. That truck is fast dude. Dude dude dude. Very professional.

    dylL1dylL117 days ago
  • Chevrolet needs to drop an LT5 on a off road truck

    javier perezjavier perez17 days ago
  • Ford should have never left the large v8 for a tt6. Maybe in a car, ok, not in a truck. I'm a ford guy and the trx smoked the EcoBoost.

    D KD K19 days ago
  • And the winner is the Tacoma TRD Pro

    LJTowersLJTowers20 days ago
  • Get the the Hennessey performance goliath

    Marcelo EsquivelMarcelo Esquivel20 days ago
  • You guys have no business doing these videos. Hire drivers that know what they are doing. You guys have NO CLUE!

    02oilburner02oilburner20 days ago
  • I've seen 6.2 Chevys eat all those

    Jason StallmannJason Stallmann20 days ago
  • chevy is wack but i fw the Ls’s but dodge way betterrr

    AdultKontent xAdultKontent x20 days ago
  • I love both trucks their awesome, but the Chevy has 37s and the Raptor has 35s.

    Dan SDan S21 day ago
  • Do you guys have a running database of the 0-60 times for all the trucks you’ve tested?

    J.P. PartonJ.P. Parton21 day ago
  • 😝Chevy 😝🙄😑I knew it

    Simple Pleasures MTBSimple Pleasures MTB22 days ago
  • Where's the Shelby Supernake F150?

    Greg WarnerGreg Warner22 days ago
  • At :40 ish.... look at the body line gap on the tailgate...🙄 When racing the Raptor it was all over the place. 😬

    Dont askDont ask22 days ago
  • T-REX POWER!!!

    Car NutCar Nut23 days ago
  • Afroad.

    bbmtgebbmtge23 days ago
  • That Chevy is sexy

    MedusaMedusa23 days ago
  • Enjoy it while it lasts dodge fans cuz it's not gonna be long before it ends the trx is pretty much at the top of what it can be the raptor has plenty of room to grow

    That1guy81That1guy8124 days ago
  • I actually work for Stellantis (Chrysler) and assembled parts of the TRX and on behalf of everyone at Stellantis formally known as FCA we like to thank you for the promo and my profit sharing check thank you also. P.s it is a great Truck keep your heads up we got more in store #TRX #Raptorkiller #Truckoftheyear

    Kendrick TerrellKendrick Terrell24 days ago
  • Come on man it's obvious you didn't make the 4 wheel drive race fair between ford and chevy

    Dewayne BootheDewayne Boothe25 days ago
    • So much for unbias testing

      Dewayne BootheDewayne Boothe25 days ago
  • TRX the best 💪🏽

    Efrain NunezEfrain Nunez25 days ago
  • 650 hp for the Jackal is only 30 more hp than stock for that engine.

    dematsondematson25 days ago
  • they cant claim its the only super truck when the gmc cyclone never got to race it

    C0ldyloxProductionsC0ldyloxProductions26 days ago
  • The even excellent excited sort qualitatively wash because lion finallly bare till a spotted invoice. determined, fluffy vein

    Carmela SuCarmela Su26 days ago
  • Yawn 🥱 so what did we learn Ford is weak and Chevy is pathetic.....

    American survivalAmerican survival27 days ago
  • Another example of shit chevy trying to compete with ford and dodge

    Ricky LafolletteRicky Lafollette27 days ago
  • Only thing that chevy will beat is maybe a lawnmower lol

    Ricky LafolletteRicky Lafollette27 days ago
  • Raptor sounds shit.

    IndexIndex27 days ago
  • I like logo under the engine cover of TRX, T-Rex chewing the raptor

    Izek ShteinbergIzek Shteinberg27 days ago
  • Let's see what it can do against ....... The Nightmare Hence, The Fastest Production Truck , by Roush. They claim 0-60 in 4.1 in a crewcab 4×4 and 3.9 in a regular cab shortbed 4×4

    Jeff ConnollyJeff Connolly27 days ago
  • TRX Best Truck Out There Right Now🥵

    BaBySn1p3zBaBySn1p3z28 days ago
  • The only truck that’s forgotten is the GMC cyclone😞

    Sherro KinchenSherro Kinchen28 days ago
    • This was an off road competition but if the cyclone was there it would've smoked them

      Guns are GreatGuns are Great19 days ago
  • Wow i was expecting somehow a lot more from the Silverado, what kind of suspension is in that one, one of those BDS full bracket BS lifts with big spacers and 2.0 rear shocks ? hahahaha, what a POS setup..

    Panas RSMPanas RSM29 days ago
  • Gotta wait for the yenko silverado cs with 800 hp coming later this year

    Majah SynMajah Syn29 days ago
  • manufacturers making trophy trucks for the street is cool but lowered muscle trucks with the same power would be even better

    CHuckChuckCHuckChuck29 days ago
  • Problem with the Chevy is it is not a factory build super truck it dosent have the research and development put into it a supercharger and lift don't mean nothing you could tell the front suspension was weak and all over the place . Trx is nice just like the Raptors but to me they will always be street trucks not made for real four welling might as well drop them and run street tires.

    rebel scumrebel scum29 days ago
  • Just buy a regular trail boss 6.2 ..... stick some 35's on it ..... with some 4.10 gears ..... a nice set of full length headers .... keep it NA and call it a day !

    Michael HornerMichael HornerMonth ago
  • that ford is so shitty build , exposed wire's everywhere...

    IndyGIndyGMonth ago
  • How much is that Jackal package ? HAAAAAAAA..

    Burke FoxBurke FoxMonth ago
  • Suspension system sucks, on the Chevy

    Trick DaddyTrick DaddyMonth ago
  • E/T on the Chevy was horrible in the first launch

    Jay SmokeyJay SmokeyMonth ago

    Dr of DoctorsDr of DoctorsMonth ago
  • How is the raptor as fast as that Chevy lmao. Oh yeah, and Andre is clearly the better driver

    Clayton rogersClayton rogersMonth ago
  • Dodge will always look ways to go faster than the competition.

    Jovani esJovani esMonth ago
  • Pax Power needs better tuning on trans algorithms, fuel response seems sluggish.

    Frank BobFrank BobMonth ago
  • Ford should be ashamed for having to pipe in engine noise through the stereo...

    AlexanderAlexanderMonth ago
  • That driver mod needed to be recalibrated on the first one hahaha

    Devildawg 0311Devildawg 0311Month ago
  • Chevrolet is always fighting for second place,, takes a Mopar to beat a Mopar!!

    Daddy ODaddy OMonth ago
  • Well the TRX has the engineering behind it. For everyday driving and off-road just buy a trail boss or rebel

    Clint CollinsClint CollinsMonth ago
  • I think its really just the driver

    StonerG StonerVisionStonerG StonerVisionMonth ago
  • if only the trx wasn’t ugly as all hell

    Harrison SelfHarrison SelfMonth ago
  • aww poor chevy last as usual

    Alice PooperAlice PooperMonth ago
  • If they are all off road trucks.....why don't you race them off road?

    J PowellJ PowellMonth ago
  • When Ford puts the bigger motor in the raptor, mopar will just put the demon or hellephant in the trx.

    Oliver ColeOliver ColeMonth ago
  • Since you used the pax power Chevy, why didn’t you use their V8 Raptor to make it more fair. They do 740 HP supercharged V8 raptor conversions, and they are cheaper than buying a normal v6 raptor brand new. Make it fair. Obviously you need a supercharged V8 to even compete with TRX

    Rowdy RileyRowdy RileyMonth ago
  • Watch this trucks drag race is as funny as watching a Ferrari tow a horse trailer.

    Zulu KaigueZulu KaigueMonth ago
  • 700 hp Ford F-150 Shelby in next video series?

    Larry PullomLarry PullomMonth ago
  • When you’re done crying about your TRX. Give it to me!!!!!

    D BD BMonth ago
    • 000

      softsoft23 days ago
  • Chevy looked like the front tie rods were about to snap as usual

    Braaap Life RacingBraaap Life RacingMonth ago
  • 6:54 you can see the chevys tie rods wanting to break

    Living Sky GarageLiving Sky GarageMonth ago
  • Well, now you guys have to get a Hennessy raptor

    Brennan Landaker 2Brennan Landaker 2Month ago
  • Damn that trx be pulling on the chevy 🤣🤣

    epic gamerepic gamerMonth ago
  • Trx is undefeated so far

    epic gamerepic gamerMonth ago
  • Ram is 2nd best truck

    ToyotaAE86 GamerToyotaAE86 GamerMonth ago
  • Big balls, ya. Still love my Chevy. Beat the sh#t out of them. Didn't let me down once. A 88 Toyota half tone was awesome, just was falling apart.

    William DotyWilliam DotyMonth ago
  • I cringe w that one host to much ..

    DarrenFainDarrenFainMonth ago
  • Every body saying the TRX is the king like. Did y’all not see the Chevy going all over the track lol. He couldn’t put the power down cause the suspension is off road focused

    SMALL FISH Big DreamsSMALL FISH Big DreamsMonth ago
  • Jackal looks the best

    casey brunecasey bruneMonth ago
  • TRX is STILL the champ!!!!

    Yankeefan8995Yankeefan8995Month ago
  • The Chevy looks good, but also looks to need a little suspension work.

    Badger PaBadger PaMonth ago
  • Andre sucks at driving.

    redndallasredndallasMonth ago
  • Nobody has a Track Hawk?

    Albert BernalAlbert BernalMonth ago
  • Can you build some boost....with a blower lmao

    Jonathan WheelerJonathan WheelerMonth ago
  • Why not run a roush on the ford??🤔 obviously it's not as high powered

    jsauce62jsauce62Month ago
  • Should have called it the chevy sissy

    Grant DavidsonGrant DavidsonMonth ago
  • I wanna see a roll race with the Shelby f150 and the trx

    RAPTOR LoverRAPTOR LoverMonth ago
    • Shelby vs trx

      Arayno PittsArayno Pitts12 days ago
  • I haven’t watched the series besides the super snake Ford, but you’re telling me a GT500 lost to a TRX?

    CJ MervynCJ MervynMonth ago
  • The Shelby F 150 gave the TRX a better race lol 😆😂 !! Thank you for pushing ford in to giving the consumers a better truck, it couldn't have happened without TFL i really do believe that !! You guys are putting out awesome video's 👌 !!

    Antonio GAntonio GMonth ago
  • Yeah 700+ HP and 650+ HP compare to 450 HP in what way?? Those are both 2021 trucks compared to a 2015 raptor. Like give me a break 😂😂

    Evan HughesEvan HughesMonth ago
  • I thought you guys knew that chevy douse not like to be reved just floor it at the start still injoyed it tho

    Javi MJavi MMonth ago
  • The TRX is champ in straight line only. Its 10-15k more than the Raptor and its daily driver fuel costs are higher than the GDP of small island nations... Especially if you run locally sourced, ethanol free REAL gasoline...

    Adam BahnsenAdam BahnsenMonth ago