Can Jerry Seinfeld Walk His Overly Excited Dog? Part 2 | Cesar911 Shorts

Mar 31, 2021
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Continuing this episode of Cesar911, Cesar teaches legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, how to walk their dogs and deal with their pent up energy!
Walking your dog should feel like a boat in the water.
Remember dogs are looking to us for direction, protection, and love.
Dog's don't care about money, fame, or power. What is important is your energy!
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  • Is Jerry constipated he walks like he is in the park or he has horrible foot pain

    DZ Troll PoliceDZ Troll Police40 minutes ago
  • Use a harness.

    Nonya BiznesNonya Biznes2 hours ago
  • Cesar please go to the White House and help our President out with the First Dog Major

    carlito matticarlito matti6 hours ago
  • Always felt like Seinfeld is above all and everything. Now he has become like a simple, approachable guy next door.

    kaypee1972kaypee19728 hours ago
  • The funny thing is Foxy and Jose are watching each other get trained. They will learn from when the other gets trained... just like Jerry and his wife. :P

    Paul McArthurPaul McArthur11 hours ago
  • are we not gonna discuss milan's EYELASHES

    mariah kmariah k12 hours ago
  • Jerry sounds like he doesn't want to be there lmao

    Jordan DelfinJordan Delfin15 hours ago
  • is this old video?

    super doggiesuper doggie18 hours ago
  • I have to try this with my dogs. The dog walking part plus the door barking issue. Mine drive me crazy. I need Cesar Milan to come to my home. Lol

    Kiki RoseKiki RoseDay ago
  • Seinfeld was cool, all great people.

    FredoFreedomFredoFreedomDay ago
  • The thing about dogs is that they want to actually be with homo sapiens. The fact that Foxy runs away from Jerry is revealing. I would run away from Jerry...even though his comic comic "schtick" is to be smug, he appears to be like that in real life, e.g. "...loves being a Seinfeld" when talking about José. I wonder if Cesar has been called upon to treat Trumposis and Trumpoids?

    chevalier de balibarichevalier de balibariDay ago
  • Jerry walks a fine line between comedy and being condescending

    City Tonight ProductionsCity Tonight ProductionsDay ago
  • The bigger story here is Seinfeld's cool hat 🤠

    TopazTopazDay ago
  • this worked on my doogo

    SouplingSouplingDay ago
  • Jose.. what a stupid name for a dog!

    Belinda KaysacBelinda KaysacDay ago
  • This is amazing

    Hali McEachernHali McEachernDay ago
  • Jerry's wearing the rat hat.

    PastaOfMyDomainPastaOfMyDomainDay ago
  • You're definitely a talented individual with animals

    Junior NashJunior NashDay ago
  • you’re the MAN CESAR🧿🤍

    xothenaa parragaxothenaa parragaDay ago
  • this pink jacket

    Barbara SchildBarbara SchildDay ago
  • 👍👍👍

    tenzin yontentenzin yontenDay ago
  • Cesar is a genius ❤️

    Monica MathersMonica Mathers2 days ago
  • His wife Jessica is holding the leash properly. A 6’ leather lead is best.

    Maria GMaria G2 days ago
  • They are definitely not dog people and not good at "hearing and observing"! Dogs know that both are not leaders! They are novice dog owners and obviously don't walk their dogs at all or properly. He keeps thinking this is a Comedy series, not funny. JS has got no intuition or feel it understanding of how dogs react. They are not human. I trust our Caesar will calm the dogs, JS and wife get it and dogs are happy and calm.

    Suzanne BergerSuzanne Berger2 days ago
  • Are you sure that dog doesn't belong to Kramer?

    Copywriter GenaCopywriter Gena2 days ago
  • Cesar I knew you could do it! 😉🥰

    Jacqueline NelsonJacqueline Nelson2 days ago
  • 👍🏾

    J PattersonJ Patterson2 days ago
  • Jerry have Barbie-plastic-feet. Not surprised.

    Krister HegsundKrister Hegsund2 days ago
  • Cool lesson!

    Fabian LawstudiesFabian Lawstudies2 days ago
  • Dang I wanted to see what happened with the doorbell after working with the aggressive one! Hope he got over it and is calm when someone's at the door

    Rainy DazeRainy Daze2 days ago
  • Cesar is a king among men and dogs. 👑♥️ 🐶

    Lil GLil G2 days ago
  • Y'know. There are those days when all that wasted time on the internet actually pays off. This is one of those times.

    e13c7r0nice13c7r0nic2 days ago
  • When he gets too excited just say No Way Jose

    jgk381jgk3812 days ago
  • Arg.. what about the doorbell! did it work..? No updates on that :( The training part with Cesar was amazing, but I was wondering if they were able to do the homework for that.

    Julia LJulia L2 days ago
  • I feel so sorry for Foxy, three years trapped in fear of someone she was *living* with. Poor thing, i'm glad Cesar could help.

    ReighostReighost2 days ago
    • It seems like something traumatic happened to her

      alí ciaalí ciaDay ago
  • Conclution: I 'm going to name my next ugly tiny rescue dog JERRY.

    Luis Rojas VázquezLuis Rojas Vázquez2 days ago
  • This video reminds me of the Seinfeld joke about how if aliens are watching us, they would assume that dogs run the planet because humans pick up their poop

    Jackson WillbertJackson Willbert2 days ago
  • Get a cool cat!

    MikentoshMikentosh3 days ago
  • that sweater is sweet yo. cesar got mad flavor

    tereasa morissatereasa morissa3 days ago
  • This was hilarious and so great that Jerry and his lovely wife were so humble and down to pride, just wanted to help the dog and Jerry share space and be a family pack. Loved it.

    ML LouiseML Louise3 days ago
  • Man!!! In one visit you got them dogs under control! Cesar the 🐐

    VICK. TORIAVICK. TORIA3 days ago
  • Gosh Jerry's home is soulless 😐

    Stars at Night SparkleStars at Night Sparkle3 days ago
  • No one cares

    Richard ChobakRichard Chobak3 days ago
  • I took my misbehaving dog for a tour of the pound. He shaped up tout suite.

    jbholmes99jbholmes993 days ago
  • this shows if you can train dogs without physical abuse, you can do the same with kids

    My Neighbor TotohoeMy Neighbor Totohoe3 days ago
  • Those jumpers are stopping the dachshunds walking properly 😳 Always the owners seldom the dog's. People seem to think dachshunds are little furbabies and treat them so differently to bigger dog's. Dachshund owner here with several in the home. Well done Ceasar helping to educate 👏

    Jacquie PitfieldJacquie Pitfield3 days ago
  • The wiggly potato firstly develop because chair cosmetically peck mid a young run. calculating, acidic patch

    Erum EllaErum Ella3 days ago
  • My dad made that noise to discipline us too.

    edmari440edmari4403 days ago
  • You can do anything Jerry

    Heather ElsleyHeather Elsley3 days ago
  • I'm confused on why they have dogs. They have zero skills with animals. As the owner of a bulldog I appreciate these are for teaching him how to keep his dogs from barking in the face of everybody personally I don't like walking and getting barked out either

    miaebamiaeba3 days ago
  • You’re the best!!!

    Juliana BiondiJuliana Biondi3 days ago
  • Little sweaters.

    Heather LHeather L3 days ago
  • I dont care what you say, Cesar is a gem....and it is the people who need to be fixed. BTW Doxies are very cool.

    diana browndiana brown3 days ago
  • i really like feeding my dogs. They are so excited when i feed them. Then playtime until they yawn.

    David PumpkiniDavid Pumpkini3 days ago
  • I love how Caesar isn't intimidated by Jerry

    ButterflyButterfly3 days ago
  • I would like to know what that sound means to dogs, too! 🐕

    Julie BeriaultJulie Beriault3 days ago
  • That was beautiful. 🐶 What a genius he is! Come and fix my sister. She makes all her dogs SO neurotic.🐕 Only problem here? TOO MANY ADS! 💜🐶💕

    Cat MagicCat Magic4 days ago
  • I had no patience with how clueless these people are (were!) in the beginning when the Master first enters the home. SO irritated, I made a not- so- favorable comment and took a break. Upon watching the walk in the park I saw how Jerry wasn't acting out and was truly engaged in doing his best. This and the ensuing work at home with the doorbell - just seeing these humans get it was very moving.I felt terrible about my earlier comment (which, of course, I quickly erased) . If someone doesn'comprehend something, he needs help, not criticism. This is a really big deal for me right here and now, because I see that this is how I operate with my very self🤺. Without elaborating on my personal saga here I do wish to say that I feel very grateful to have come upon this channel and witness the rewards that are generated by the playout of affections, patience and skill that prove to be the winning hallmark of this channel. Thank you ever so much. 🌿🌱

    Avery Joycelyn Barakuda BlockAvery Joycelyn Barakuda Block4 days ago
  • Haa Seinfeld lovely family in 2021💗❤️💗❤️

    SmeeSmee4 days ago
  • There's a guy exactly like cesar milan his channel is KIWI DOG WHISPERER it's a must see

    Jimmy DacashJimmy Dacash4 days ago
  • Jaky JimenezJaky Jimenez4 days ago
  • Excelente, César entrenando a Jerry

  • I am subscribed to this channel but the subscription has been blocked. Why? Cesar is not giving misinformation. Why is USworlds blocking me?

    M. HowM. How4 days ago
  • They have too many stairs in the house they need to ramp up.

    AB ABAB AB4 days ago
  • Does Kramer also think that Jessica looks just like Jerry? Comedians in parks getting borky.

    homersapienhomersapien4 days ago
  • Jerry Seinfeld does not want to be there lol

    John ChenJohn Chen4 days ago
  • Let's close the park and have extras walk by with their dogs pretending they didn't just see Jerry Seinfeld and Cesar Milan with a camera crew.

    Jonathan StewartJonathan Stewart4 days ago
  • Seems like a weird energy between Jerry and his wife. He seemed insecure and she seemed distant. Could be that shes just uncomfortable in front of a camera.

    Fluxion11Fluxion114 days ago
  • Do the dogs bark at George and Elaine when they show up?

    ZepGZepG5 days ago
  • Maybe jerry will come help lil moe

    Patti FreyPatti Frey5 days ago
  • Jerry has a very condescending manner. He thinks he’s above everyone. And he needs to be humble.

    Marilyn JonesMarilyn Jones5 days ago
  • I really think my dogs will break him 😆

    Snowball ChannelSnowball Channel5 days ago
  • You should post the link to the first episode here. Makes it easier 👍

    MonanaMonana5 days ago
  • This stuff is great for dog owners Thank you

    Superman 68Superman 685 days ago
  • can you get Kramer to ring the door bell

    Vodo LeLeVodo LeLe5 days ago
  • They both seems like a good guys

    John MenyhardJohn Menyhard5 days ago
  • Really!!

    RC4U 1980RC4U 19805 days ago
  • oh my Foxy laying down next to Jerry made me tear up!!

    Nicole RodenNicole Roden5 days ago
  • Sweet Fancy Moses! Jerry is sporting a Fancy Boy hat and a Gortex coat

    Starr PStarr P5 days ago
  • Jessica is pretty. So is Foxy.

    Gunther Ultrabolt NovacrunchGunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch5 days ago
  • Ha ha Jerry needs therapy! "A card trick?" No, love, respect, and trust.

    nyccheckinnyccheckin5 days ago
  • Jerry is a professional dog walker now

    Bear JewBear Jew6 days ago
  • I inherited a seven year old pitbull. He has been trained by his deceased owner to be a protective dog. I agreed to take the dog based on how he greeted me initially. He greeted me with a smile and his ears were relaxed. I’ve never owned a pitbull. When I walk him he essentially walks me. He’s over excited. I’ve watched many of your videos and I understand the need to be calm. I understand that I need to lead him. But he wants to hit every tree in his new environment and it’s exhausting. Please help. He is so affectionate towards me, it’s like he thinks he’s a lap dog! I want to keep him but I’m afraid he may be too much.

    Layer- SlayerLayer- Slayer6 days ago
  • WOW very kool great info. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work

    John LaCroixJohn LaCroix6 days ago
  • I loved this video!!! Cesar please do a video on a dog who constantly pulls when being walked (hounds) I’ve been trying everything and am going day by day and it’s so frustrating

    Berenice HerreraBerenice Herrera6 days ago
  • I think Jerry is secretly nuts lol like control freak nuts.

    Glenn ElliottGlenn Elliott6 days ago
  • Jerry is what like 70 years old, & doesn't know what to do with a dog? Is he an idiot of what?

    Letit BemeeLetit Bemee6 days ago
  • I love the name jose for it lol

    SosowhatSosowhat6 days ago
  • Is it just me, or does Jerry look that the Jerry in The Seinfelds

    Justin CasperJustin Casper6 days ago
  • O homem que judia de um animal, será judiado também

    Vera Lucia Alves de Assis GonçalvesVera Lucia Alves de Assis Gonçalves6 days ago
  • So wonderful the progress and changes made- both for the dogs happiness and wellbeing and the owners! Awesome 👏 well done everyone:)

    JinAKJinAK6 days ago
  • Fabulous xx

    Nicola HusselbeeNicola Husselbee6 days ago
  • In the next episode, Cesar slowly teaches Jerry on how to not wear that stupid fucking hat in the park.

    David EvansDavid Evans6 days ago
  • The dogs should be wearing harnesses to protect their backs.

    Marguerite WelshMarguerite Welsh6 days ago
  • Notice Caesar says in the outro, "Better humans, better planet." Isn't that something to think about.

    BamBamBoo YaajBamBamBoo Yaaj6 days ago
  • Jerry's thinking of jokes the whole time I bet he called Larry David right after or between takes

    Joe SchmoeJoe Schmoe6 days ago
  • Always remember it's not the dog.

    T GirlT Girl6 days ago
  • I have two Xoloitzcuintli's that are exactly the same. Pablo is overly excited and Lola lacks confidence. I wish Cesar can help me!

    Gabriel MedelGabriel Medel6 days ago
    • Didn't you just watched? Did you learn anything?

      elgurelgur4 days ago
  • they left it 3 years!!!!

    Nicola MoranNicola Moran6 days ago
  • Wonder if jerrys hat is mink or rat..... hahaha

    K LaplanteK Laplante6 days ago