Cam Newton: I Can't Go Out Like That | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

Feb 22, 2021
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Cam Newton sits down exclusively with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Fred Taylor in a rare public conversation about everything on and off the field.
A friendly football discussion of Cam deciding between Chad and Brandon on who the X would be in his ideal offense quickly turns up the heat to hard hitting questions on what went on this past season. Fred says Cam had the hardest job in the league following Tom Brady and relates to the tough position he was put in coming into the New England offense. Cam explains how he found the process of missing the offseason instrumental to getting in sync with his team and a lesson in why the little things are big things in the end. Brandon doesn't shy away from him talking about his up and down play during this past season while calling him out for it on air a few times. Tackling the rumors that Cam is done and seeking retirement- Cam says he's never been the favorite and that fuels him but he quickly clears up that he is not going out like that and there aren't 32 guys better than he is!!
Taking a trip down memory lane, Cam and Fred reminisce about meeting during Cam's early college football days in Florida and Cam telling the story of how Fred set the bar of professionalism and character that he desired to have in his career. The two reference their old friend and teammate "Chico" the late Aaron Hernandez which leads them into a tough discussion of disbelief and confusion with what really went on with him.
Chef Jonathan Lowe fills in for Chef Nancie and makes a vegan meal for Cam which immediately draws critique from Chad on healthy eating habits who then volunteers that he should take over Cam's diet this offseason to get him eating right.
Cam exclusively opens up about his new hat line and in celebration of Black History Month a design tribute to honoring trail blazers starting with Rosa Parks. Keeping his business hat on, Cam tells the guys that his passion for cigars, art and live music led him to open Fellaship, an upscale premium dining experience in Atlanta. Applying what he has learned on the field as a leader into running a business, Cam shares why he loves being hands on with the details and the daily operation.
Changing gears real fast- Brandon asks the guys about men's hygiene which leads into a wild conversation about manscaping and the things guys should and shouldn't do!
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  • Brandon cut that nigga cam off like 5 times bruh lol

    taco_de_muertetaco_de_muerte9 minutes ago
  • Cam is a real humble dude. He is a ICON no matter what the media says!!!!

    Jason ChambersJason Chambers39 minutes ago
  • My 1st episode I popped on, I couldn't stop watching every other one of them never knew Cam and these guys IQs was so high football or not

    gyrwith louis-justegyrwith louis-justeHour ago
  • I know he was out 2 weeks but they didnt have the starting QB on zoom for film n practice learning the new terminology?

    Kobe EasleyKobe EasleyHour ago
  • Still a Gator? Fred Taylor tripping lol. Dude is more Patriot than he is Gator. He was there for a hot second.

    sberry55sberry55Hour ago
  • Can he really do 5 wide dropping back slinging it 35 times a game? I don't think so.

    sberry55sberry55Hour ago
  • I love the conversation

    Keller CorneliusKeller CorneliusHour ago
  • Cam can still be the best in the league

    sic 2003sic 20034 hours ago
  • Could do with less race talk, we are equal no?

    Tyler MeadowsTyler Meadows4 hours ago
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    Jay SimpsonJay Simpson5 hours ago
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    Jay SimpsonJay Simpson5 hours ago
  • Cam inspires me to switch my style up

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan5 hours ago
  • "Yellow cake... chocolate icing" 🤣

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide7 hours ago
  • I love that I stumbled across this pod. 👏🏾👏🏾💯

    RJ HollandRJ Holland7 hours ago

    WarreadyScottWarreadyScott8 hours ago
  • Why is chad so against diets 😂 and he keep saying you got the gift of being black I’m black too but does he not understand How many of us have Died at early ages because of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sickle Cell, HIV, kidney, liver and respiratory failure. Not all of these are caused by eating terribly, but eating healthier would help out. If you told someone with diabetes to eat what chad eats they wouldn’t last long

    Jay HJay H8 hours ago
    • @Charming nowhere to hide eating processed food and sugar doesn’t give you energy

      Jay HJay H5 hours ago
    • I would love to see Cam Come Back On His energy alone Is Infectious I love that guy hope for a better opportunity

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide7 hours ago
  • 1:05 "85%, that's a better number" lmaooo

    Julius Conservicus IIIJulius Conservicus III8 hours ago

    BJ YoungBJ Young8 hours ago
  • If Brandon Marshall thought he was better than Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson he’s a fucking idiot

    BJ YoungBJ Young8 hours ago
  • I think that was Brandon Marshall prob but every top receiver prob goes through it. It’s that ego. Brandon being rotated to 2nd or 3rd string was prob mad disrespect from his POV. He never took criticism well if you ask. Never personal just business.

    Taylor Turner IIITaylor Turner III8 hours ago
  • Cam newton stole futures whole swagg

    BJ YoungBJ Young8 hours ago
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    Trace WoodsTrace Woods9 hours ago
  • Ocho vs Science should be a mini series.

    The Husky Boy ProjectThe Husky Boy Project10 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Jeff UnderwoodJeff Underwood10 hours ago
  • "Its 2021 i think manscaping is really important,. shave between ya ass cheeks." - Ochocinco

    Shawn GilShawn Gil10 hours ago
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    gianni jamesgianni james10 hours ago
  • Fred Right but name all those names Cam said they had bigger names..... They didnt want Cam A Black QB running Flordia name a Black QB who has. If they ran out Taggert at FSU. Why not kill Cam off his situation...

    Mind Your BusinessMind Your Business10 hours ago
  • Y’all play too many video games “ That’s part time work “... Fred never off

    Jay VeeJay Vee10 hours ago
  • The Cereal remark irked me man brands don’t matter to they need Kellogg’s. Not that trash bag cereal. See how. Nobody agreed but was like yea I’m next topic. He always gotta prove something to the hood or rich people? Why not just play ball what they do so wrong to you. The rich let him be rich and the hood don’t hurt him ? I didn’t get that remark....

    Jay VeeJay Vee11 hours ago
  • This gave me an incredible insight into these guys lives and minds....shitz Deep! Cam I just picked you up on my Madden Squad! Let's Win A Super Bowl!!!

    AllThizzedOut 23AllThizzedOut 2311 hours ago
  • I would love to see Cam Come Back On His energy alone Is Infectious I love that guy hope for a better opportunity

    Young AmongYoung Among11 hours ago
  • Chad wanted no parts of the X and the Z ? Fred Came Thru like Unc

    Mind Your BusinessMind Your Business11 hours ago
  • 250 name 250 lb mobile qb that and can throw. I cant If Cam was Auburn sized. He dont like being getting beat up. He got a pad on his arms legs stomanch kness shins. 250 ? Derricky Henry dont need 100 pads to do his job. He need to lose some weight and get back to being a vet instead of trying to prove everybody wrong. Nobody tell him too..

    Mind Your BusinessMind Your Business11 hours ago
  • Fine ass! Cam is gorgeous I love dude Zen robe!

    biggmoniebiggmonie11 hours ago
  • They from different tribes!🤣🤣🤣 And do NOT listen to Ocho!🤣🤣🤣 That'd be funny if Ochos diet worked!🤣🤣🤣

    biggmoniebiggmonie11 hours ago
  • The chubby climb outstandingly sign because feeling endoscopically need regarding a low light. bright, axiomatic pain

    D SamuelsD Samuels11 hours ago
  • The look on Ochos face when they were talking about Cam donating and not putting his name on it 🤣

    Kane SpanglerKane Spangler12 hours ago
  • CAM to the Texans trade deshuan Watson for good pick sense he wants out free more cap space get active in free agency re build a team around cam get weapons draft a good Rb DBs pick up pass rush wr o line prepare to win show that the franchise is a contender draw more attraction to the team

    Devin PopeDevin Pope12 hours ago
  • Much respect to Cam for keeping it a buck. He said them kids need the Frosted Flakes from Kellogg’s hahaha I feel that. Shit that’s 💯🤣🤣

    LegatrondadonLegatrondadon13 hours ago
  • “You can throw your lil healthy shit in there your lil rice cakes” 🤣💀

    Yeh NahYeh Nah13 hours ago
  • this interview made me respect Cam and I hope he balls out next year I want Cam to go to Washington 👏

    Kane SpanglerKane Spangler13 hours ago
  • when ocho says and that's on Mary had little lamb it killed me

    Money ShotMoney Shot14 hours ago
  • This Brandon Marshall >>>>>>>> FTF Brandon Marshall

    Craig ChapmanCraig Chapman14 hours ago
  • I appreciate Cam even more

    Omar SaundersOmar Saunders14 hours ago
  • Love it love it love it

    Rob WilsonRob Wilson14 hours ago
  • You're my favorite CAM!!! #1 Carolina

    Closely- StitchedClosely- Stitched14 hours ago
  • When you look up the hats and the average cost 500$ lol he tuff

    J HJ H16 hours ago
  • Waddup peeps

    jason haynesjason haynes16 hours ago
  • What’s ham? Are we eating a ham? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jason RobertJason Robert16 hours ago
  • Fred said what flavor pop tarts LOL

    Milton TaylorMilton Taylor16 hours ago
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    angel lopege// tamara2111762//angel lopege// tamara2111762//17 hours ago
  • I’m still that 🥷.... I love that shit lol 😂 50:59

    Kam007Kam00717 hours ago
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Cam: WITH NO PRACTICE!!!

    David AdelajaDavid Adelaja17 hours ago
  • That is a nice show

    drollette08drollette0817 hours ago
  • Brandon def be interrupting tho... smh..

    Gerald DeusGerald Deus17 hours ago
  • Very insightful conversation. The last spot w/Cam as Gym Towel-Man was hilarious... that should've been a super bowl commercial!! Thank you Gents for keepin it 100%

    LV JacksonLV Jackson18 hours ago
  • Cam dropped more jewels than Fred Taylor had on that pool table!✊🏽

    Que ManQue Man18 hours ago
  • poddd bllowwing UPPP!

    StannisStannis19 hours ago
  • If he would just come out I think he play a lot better, everyone already knows.

    Cmag TposeCmag Tpose19 hours ago
  • Cam doesn't deserve to be in the NFL or paid yet mediocre othe QBs with much better talent around them are still employed and paid. Fun fact, Cam's 2020 numbers are not very far off from Teddy Bridgewaters who was on a much better team in Carolina.

    Vash CrossVash Cross19 hours ago
  • This man just came out of nowhere like “AYEEE....YALL SHAVE YALLS BALLS??” 😂😂

    aaron joshua eustaquioaaron joshua eustaquio19 hours ago
  • smh this dude has always had the wrong mentality. full of himself who hasnt accomplished much.

    Nicholas BNicholas B20 hours ago
  • Brandon Marshall is the male version of Molly Qerim.

    Kacey JimenezKacey Jimenez20 hours ago
  • Ocho hit em with the truth in the first 5 minutes. He need to go back to eating. That healthy shit makes you weak. He messed up when he started that diet for real.

    Jay ClemonsJay Clemons20 hours ago
  • Brandon Marshall thinks way to highly of himself give me Larry Fitzgerald 10 times out of 10

    Joshu SpateJoshu Spate20 hours ago
  • I will respect him as soon as his silly clothes match good play on the field....He had his time in Carolina,been a disappointment since...

    Chris SeaversChris Seavers20 hours ago
  • Cam looking directly into the camera at 6:16 after explaining how genetics works to Ocho finished me 😂

    Joe BirchJoe Birch20 hours ago
  • what's the song in the intro?

    Tony G.Tony G.21 hour ago
  • They set Cam up to fail...

    Jerame LoweJerame Lowe21 hour ago
  • How ya'll feel about what they said about Aaron Hernandez?

    beastmode40205beastmode4020521 hour ago
  • I've always liked Cam, but I never knew this side of him and it just makes me like him and want him in Washington more.

    The BattThe Batt21 hour ago
    • It’s like they are actual people !! Shock!

      omensoffateomensoffate11 minutes ago
  • What the hell are they wearing?! Lmao

    Paulino813Paulino81322 hours ago
  • DOPE Interview

    Kyle TurnerKyle Turner22 hours ago
  • lets go cam

    Jonathan NguJonathan Ngu22 hours ago
  • I watch this 5 times already, every time seems like my first. Cam dropping jewels 💎

    MyBrothaKeeperMyBrothaKeeper22 hours ago
  • GET MARSHAWN LYNCH on the show we need him

    Rello FelloRello Fello22 hours ago
  • I haven't bought a patriots jersey since randy moss I bought a cam jersey as soon as I could when I heard he was gonna be a patriot

    Madison YarlettsMadison Yarletts22 hours ago
  • Pats will be fine if Cam comes back. 3 studs back on defense. Edelman back. Just need a TE to step up a bit and a decent slot to play behind Edelman. The game against the Bucs won't be a Bucs blowout win.

    Επαμεινωνδας ΚοσμαςΕπαμεινωνδας Κοσμας22 hours ago
  • Come to Denver cam

    Meaty BaggMeaty Bagg23 hours ago
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    Mac MatariehMac Matarieh23 hours ago
  • Amazing

    The Peaceful DisturbanceThe Peaceful Disturbance23 hours ago
  • 👏

    The Peaceful DisturbanceThe Peaceful Disturbance23 hours ago
  • i agree with Ocho, Cam should go back to eating meat... PAUSE 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    matrix2030 morpheusmatrix2030 morpheus23 hours ago
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    Truong Uyen TramTruong Uyen Tram23 hours ago
  • I like this DATE 😆

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah Collins23 hours ago
  • Percy was a dog but Tavon Austin's highlight reel blows Percy away

    Fl4da LifeFl4da Life23 hours ago
  • Cam a REAL ONE

    Frank DFrank DDay ago
  • Cam re-paved the way the way of Black franchised quarterbacks. Definitely is apart of Black History for my generation. Well done King.

    Tasja GTasja GDay ago
  • Cams self awareness is impeccable

    Spencer HydeSpencer HydeDay ago
  • This is so far the best interview for Brandon Marshall. He allowed everyone to speak without cutting them off

    DeAndre PittardDeAndre PittardDay ago
  • What the fuck is he wearing

    RODley PumpkinsRODley PumpkinsDay ago
  • Rickey williams was the best just numbers alone shows it dude was a dog

    YFGMBlogTvYFGMBlogTvDay ago
  • Atlanta Georgia!

    Jay AyersJay AyersDay ago
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    JonathaxnJonathaxnDay ago
  • I mean he never was the greatest passer but hopefully he can bounce back

    YFGMBlogTvYFGMBlogTvDay ago
  • Man I LOVE the intro song!!!

    J LJ LDay ago
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    F00TL0CK3RF00TL0CK3RDay ago
  • Can not understanding what he saying though... Ocho wants to get him bigger if Cam was 280 that’s a better Derrick Henry at QB. I understood exactly what he said when he said it.

    Terrell Boatman-HarperTerrell Boatman-HarperDay ago