Buying and fixing a dump truck: 96 Freightliner FL70 w/ 8.3 cummins

Apr 2, 2021
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In this video I buy a 96 freightliner fl70 with transmission problems. Previous owner said it needed a clutch. It turned out to be the throwout bearing was not greased and failed. Project turned into alot more once I got into it.

  • We need a shirt that says "Jesse Muller" on the front and "Can't isn't a word" on the back!! 👍

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    • @James Reynolds we moved but some vids in the works

      Dan WheelerDan Wheeler6 days ago
    • @Dan Wheeler Where you been? Miss seeing your vids also

      James ReynoldsJames Reynolds6 days ago
    • @Jesse Muller we can tell

      Mike WilsonMike Wilson7 days ago
    • my mom used to say that to me all the time

      Bob RobertBob Robert8 days ago
    • @Jesse Muller It's helped me solve some hard problems over the years. Just grab on like a dog and don't let go.

      LegendLengthLegendLength8 days ago
  • Can't doesn't exist.. give it all the torque. The fun part is always getting those broken bolts out 🤣🤘

    Redneck MechanicRedneck Mechanic2 hours ago
  • Taking it down to the frame for blast and paint gets you into Pakistani truck territory, they do that routinely to straighten or repair frame cracks.

    SCH schSCH sch5 hours ago
  • It's a handsome truck. It's kinda cool all blacked out "murder" style dumping action.

    WaiakaluluWaiakalulu6 hours ago
  • great video !

    B11videoB11video7 hours ago
  • jesse you are very good with repairs interesting and useful to watch.

    Kresimir MilisaKresimir Milisa8 hours ago
  • 1200ftlbs of torc is only at the socket if you use extensions it cuts it in half!!!!

    Ben OrtizBen Ortiz11 hours ago
  • Jesse , put your money and you time towards building a big shop instead of that old truck !

    Douglas KnutsenDouglas Knutsen11 hours ago
  • i dont know how i landed here...but i liked it.

    Toby OneToby One12 hours ago
  • I have a new pump If you need it

    Mike CoyMike Coy12 hours ago
  • You've got a needle gun! Yay, everything is better with a needle gun. Sandblast the underside Jessie.

    Sos the RopeSos the Rope13 hours ago
  • Is this the same type of truck that Andrew has?

    Sos the RopeSos the Rope14 hours ago
  • Jesse when you start this beast of a channel, its Bryan M

    GorknessGorkness15 hours ago
  • What ratchet is that? Looks like it has 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” square drives?

    Josh LinkhartJosh Linkhart16 hours ago
  • Can that engine even be repaired? It looks like a stack of rust. Im not sure enough metal remains to hold the pistons together man

    Terminal InsanityTerminal Insanity18 hours ago
  • Your knowledge of mechanical stuff is just amazing!

    pvp64pvp6421 hour ago
  • Interesting video , clean job , great work . Thank You . YOU DA' MAN. KEEP ON TRUCKIN'

    BobBob22 hours ago
  • I think i would have made a gas tank for i would have spent 700 its not like its a storage size or shape thanks for the video.

    Robert RabRobert Rab22 hours ago
  • Finally someone knows how to pour liquids with an offset spout!

    Matthew NeweyMatthew Newey22 hours ago
  • Did you buy that from Andrew??? Lol

    Phil CovinoPhil CovinoDay ago
  • It's a c102 pump

    Drew HillDrew HillDay ago
  • #Shermaster

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  • Good !!! from Jajan

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  • Is that Andrews crane?

    Rob RathjensRob RathjensDay ago
    • @Jesse Muller nice! Don't roll it like he

      Rob RathjensRob Rathjens18 hours ago
    • its his old one, mine now

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerDay ago
  • Great repair adventure! Since you live in such a rust prone area, may I suggest you paint those parts with a rust converter such as Rust-Oleum rust converter or POR15? A rust converter chemically converts the reddish iron oxides into bluish-black ferric tannate which stops rust and seals the part from the elements.

    Fearless FosdickFearless FosdickDay ago
  • How does that air gate work on your truck? I Saw the air cylinder up near the dump handle.

    Kyle O'LoughlinKyle O'LoughlinDay ago
  • Nice work!

    Michael DentonMichael DentonDay ago
  • I think it was a good buy if you need that size AC upgraded to a larger one to save trips.

    Don't CryDon't CryDay ago
  • 1:21 if you didn't cut off the gears off the input shaft you wouldn't have been able to assemble it?

    Don't CryDon't CryDay ago
  • It must suck have to work on stuff when it's freezing. I know it sucks to lay on the ground in 70 degree weather let alone when there's snow on the ground

    Timothy KappelTimothy KappelDay ago
  • Clutches are cheap $4000 seems like a hell of a deal. The body and/or the frame doesn't look rotted

    Timothy KappelTimothy KappelDay ago
  • good afternoon from cyprus i just finished watching all your videos, i have been watching andrew camarata for a few years now and i thought that he was good buy YOU ARE THE MAN...... keep up the good work.

    Jimmy AlexandrouJimmy AlexandrouDay ago
  • Hard work fella , trucks Not my cup tea . i always used to do my own Car maintenence when younger every time i payed some garage to fix something back in it would go . so that got me Learning to Fix myself . & cheaper .

    Mark ArnottMark ArnottDay ago
  • 2 thing's to say about your videos. : no silly music and smooth talking = super 🇩🇰

    Abenog CyklenAbenog CyklenDay ago
  • Nice work, what will you use Truck for?

    Adams784Adams7842 days ago
  • i would love to see a break down on cost/resale value on something like this. flip cars would love to get into bigger flips

    Ryan BeshearsRyan Beshears2 days ago
  • You need a torque multiplier

    Hardline ManufacturingHardline Manufacturing2 days ago
  • That transmission makes me so glad they don't use road salt in Oregon. The orange stuff on my truck is just volcanic dust

    Edward RubinEdward Rubin2 days ago
  • You’re impact would work if u didn’t have a 12 inch extension on it

    Blake6.4Blake6.42 days ago
  • Excellent work ,very informative,

    James CartyJames Carty2 days ago
  • This truck needs a stripe as well.. White stripe in the middle or Light Gray. or call it Night Raider since its black if you don't wanna put in the stripe.

    Edward SethEdward Seth2 days ago
  • Jessie your videos are so fuckin good man.

    Road BlockRoad Block2 days ago
  • Filled Aluma-Seal.

    H3N2H3N22 days ago
  • Well done Jesse..great vid..

    DanDan2 days ago
  • Fantastic job,great truck.

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham2 days ago
  • Love that truck and the wheels are AWESOME

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham2 days ago
  • That was great,you're an excellent mechanic/engineer mate 🇬🇧👍

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham2 days ago
  • Sweet helicoil jobs

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham2 days ago
  • These electric impact wrenches are the dog's Bollocks aka the mutts nutts

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham2 days ago
  • The problem with old stuff is: you never know. $10.000 for a 26 years old truck with massive rust seems to be not such a good deal. If one accounts for the work time: no deal.

    Nothing IsRealNothing IsReal2 days ago
  • 1:32:00, the sound of that drive shaft sliding on. 🤣

    flailiosflailios2 days ago
  • جهود موفقة ,,, عاشت الأيادي

    علي سنافيعلي سنافي2 days ago
  • You will get your money back overtime. Great video, save it spray it.

    Dave PerryDave Perry2 days ago
  • More heat when welding ,longer weld,then use power tools all will turn easier

    Pavel PanasenkoPavel Panasenko2 days ago
  • WTF is with that tranny case? Was it under the ocean? Actually, I think that truck was used for salting icy roads. What else explains that rusted out chassis and undercarriage?

    EZ ZEZ Z2 days ago
  • Some years ago i drove 100miles to get home with a blown throwout bearing. As long as the clutch is fine is not a problem

    GravsteinGravstein2 days ago
  • I had the same issue like this, its due to been sitting far to long and rust sets in from not been move if you drive around a bit more normal it will break the fused clutch plate

    Damien EleanorDamien Eleanor2 days ago
  • Clamp or bolt trannys down when working on them. It makes it sooo much easier.

    fire surferfire surfer2 days ago
  • I heard Andrew C’s voice there after the hydraulic fluid was filled.

    W EW E3 days ago
  • Sweet hell did that truck come out of a salt mine??

    Jason HolleyJason Holley3 days ago
  • @7:50 that looks like never sieze aka never sneeze aka get all over everything.

    barrettgpeckbarrettgpeck3 days ago
  • Nice Rig

    Dr Pepper KevDr Pepper Kev3 days ago
  • The caring ocelot basally dream because skill findingsinitially repair amid a talented tyvek. roomy, unwieldy cart

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  • Ahhhhh, watch the oil at 8:20.

    Spac8Spac83 days ago
  • Alumaseal👍

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  • From a proud USN Tin Can Sailor Veteran: BRAVO ZULU Jesse Muller, Bravo Zulu!

    Rob SmithRob Smith3 days ago
  • You really need to put that lil Makita bullshit away and go get a real 1/2 impact. Milwaukee 2767-20 is so good its almost a religion.

    SRVDeanSRVDean3 days ago
  • I enjoyed your video. Quite eye opening

    Dean TatlowDean Tatlow3 days ago
  • Makes me cringe when I see all that brute force being used on those fasteners. Try tightening them just a little and give them a tap before using force to undo them. Or heat if you can safely use it.

    Matt WilliamsMatt Williams3 days ago
  • Thanks for showing this project can be done on gravel and plywood. I use most of the same HF tools.

    Sparkle FarmSparkle Farm3 days ago
  • It's good to see people working on stuff in this rusty condition. This is how vehicles look in my country too and these are the problems we share :)

    eggypickleeggypickle3 days ago
  • i swear jesse muller and andrew camarata are related

    Pink MountainPink Mountain3 days ago
  • Next: POWER MODS!

    Lucas SkullLucas Skull3 days ago
  • Well impressed with your knowledge as a youngster and what you achieved Jesse. Im a truck driver in the uk and driven some 30 years and not known half of what you know . Keep the vids coming buddy

    Andy EllisAndy Ellis3 days ago
  • I never drove any semi or dump truck, yet here I am watching... Is very interesting

    Lucas SkullLucas Skull3 days ago
  • Looks like you weld just about everything with FCAW, smart guy. I hate messing around with bottles too.

    Bill the Welding SlothBill the Welding Sloth3 days ago
  • How is that concrete work bench holding?

    mitch yelvingtonmitch yelvington3 days ago
  • What you have to do is break every bold head off and spend hours drilling it out.

    Archie The DogArchie The Dog3 days ago
  • Feel very cold the weather

    Mdf trucksMdf trucks3 days ago
  • soonasbreak oneheat all the others

    SuperJlonerganSuperJlonergan3 days ago
  • will be a really nice truck when you finish it, definatley need to get all that salt dirt and rust off before it rots even more

    andrew brownandrew brown3 days ago
  • Best thing is it's got a two speed axle and you used it not like some in the uk who are to lazy to use it nice to see x 18 wheeler driver retired hope gives you a good service it sounds good you have a nice one.

    Jeff MeeJeff Mee3 days ago
  • Some guys take the grid heater out for more air flow

    Daddy deezDaddy deez3 days ago
  • have a look at youre ujoints in your driveline, i seen one had cap has a shiny circle around were it sits in the yoke, it probably worn and wearing into the yoke, check it out before it chews the yoke to rat shit

    Ryan LakhanRyan Lakhan4 days ago
  • If it's not in good shape, get yourself a new earned it! Nice job!

    NancyNancy4 days ago
  • You should go fight the guy that sold you the truck.

    Matt BrewerMatt Brewer4 days ago
  • Great video, excellent filming, your explanations of why you made the decisions you did were appreciated. I’m a mechanic and deal with constant should I or shouldn’t I with the cost . I will subscribe. I give you a 10 ! Great job.

    Dave HevnerDave Hevner4 days ago
  • This is the first video I watched on your channel and I loved it. I dont know jack about larger machinery like this but I find it fascinating. Subbed and anxious to dig into what other stuff you have! Love it!

    Mike's Virtual GarageMike's Virtual Garage4 days ago
  • It looks like it was used as a boat anchor

    josh Nielsenjosh Nielsen4 days ago
  • Pretty rare I watch one video from a channel and subscribe. You do good work man. Been enjoying the hell out of your videos all day

    JacksonkellyfreakJacksonkellyfreak4 days ago
  • I found your channel by watching Andrew awesome guy but I'm beginning to like you more right now for your longer content Andrew's giving us these short vids lately keep up the good fight my brother

    S GS G4 days ago
  • gotta admit, the driveshaft falling on the camera fucked me up more than it should've

    PizzaKittyPizzaKitty4 days ago
  • Nice. Brings back memories of driving real stick shifts trucks . I hate these autos these days

    Anthony Porreca FPVRCAnthony Porreca FPVRC4 days ago
  • try welding a flat washer first to broken bolt... then weld a nut to washer... always tighten to right first then left and back and forth to get bolt out...hope that helps... thanks 4 video. be kind.

    1944chevytruck1944chevytruck4 days ago
  • Great job

    sal287sal2874 days ago
  • Hi, Great job!!

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  • good find on the trans

    Fred SpindorFred Spindor4 days ago
  • it is a pleasure watching your videos you do a lot of work with few tools, you get a lot done

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