But Did He Do It? The Mysterious Story Of Laci & Scott Peterson | Mystery & Makeup - Bailey Sarian

Feb 15, 2021
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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about the mysterious Scott and Laci Peterson story. I’m not feeling too hot so I am going to keep this short lol. Plus does anyone read this? Say meow if you do. Thank you. Love you. Be safe.
x o
Bailey Sarian
PS thank you for the 4 million subscribers 😭 unbelievable! I appreciate you more than you know and thank you for being here ❤️
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  • I'm a bit confused actually but yeah. I think he has something to do with it but who knows. I feel so bad for the family though. Also congrats to 4 million subs! You absolutely deserve it. I just think that this is so interesting to watch, not only because of the stories but also because it's Bailey telling us them. Hope you all have a great day/night!❤️

    _Itz your Cloud__Itz your Cloud_46 seconds ago
  • the fact that bailey is not trying hard like other youtubers but still get a lot of subscribers proves quality content matters.

    Dhianne BrionesDhianne Briones13 minutes ago
  • Heyyy, can you please do the story of Oscar Pistorius.

    Kea MaphakelaKea Maphakela23 minutes ago
  • Love watching ur vids ur so beautiful even with no makeup on love ur tattoos aswell keep up the gr8 work girl 💙

    Twisted FairyTwisted Fairy34 minutes ago
  • Scott telling his mistress, Amber that his Wife was dead before she went missing...is a huge thing in this whole case. I hope Amber included that in her statements to the police.

    Caitlin CondonCaitlin Condon44 minutes ago
  • Idk, he could have made sure she was seen then come back and picked her up from another area leaving the dog, knowing the dog would find it's way back. I dont know but I'm extremely convinced he did it. Also suspicious is she was told to take it easy I doubt she was walking her dog because she wanted to, as a new mother she would be more worried about her baby's safety and hers especially after the advice from the Doctor and it being known she wasnt really taking walks anymore. He could have pushed her into/talked her into walking the dog to be sure she was seen after he left. 🤷‍♀️ dont come at me, just some ideas, I know it's not air tight before anyone comes at it lol.

    Tk TTk T50 minutes ago
  • “He didn’t tone!” Lol

    Kentucky GirlKentucky Girl58 minutes ago

    Gaynor JonesGaynor JonesHour ago
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    Penguin GamingPenguin GamingHour ago
  • saru mana 😎😛

    AlliAlliHour ago
  • Meow!

    Christina Lombardi-LinChristina Lombardi-LinHour ago
  • Meow! Love watching you're videos 💜

    Carrie MerrellCarrie MerrellHour ago
  • i know im late and i don't if anyone said this already but maybe scott wanted Lacis inheritance.

    chloeslayallday 247chloeslayallday 2472 hours ago
  • Meow! Love your channel. 🐈🐈‍⬛🐱

    Mylee MaeMylee Mae2 hours ago
  • Idc how many times I’ve heard a story I wanna hear it from Bailey mouth🥲🤣

    Dureti BorantoDureti Boranto3 hours ago
  • There is a miniseries called “The Disappearance of Laci Peterson” and it goes into ALOT of stuff. But yeah, this one still keeps me up at night due to it being so bizarre. I honestly think the reason he didn’t take the polygraph was because of the affair. If your messing around on your 8 month old pregnant wife you will be public enemy #1 in a lot of people’s eyes. Also the fact that police didn’t do their due diligence in establishing the timeline of the victim is just SAD. You have 10 people stating they saw her AND a robbery in the house across the street and you wanna tell me there’s no connection? PLEASE!

    HyperactivelimeHyperactivelime3 hours ago
  • What happened to her is very very sad. But I also believe what happened to him is very very sad too! Like they really had no evidence against him and he’s in prison. So it’s like double whammy 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tory WhiteTory White3 hours ago
  • Hi Bailey😊from the Philippines here🙋😊

    Xaikirah BusaXaikirah Busa3 hours ago
  • Beautiful

    Luty MayLuty May3 hours ago
  • Do a live .to thank us.

    Tiffany DrackettTiffany Drackett4 hours ago
  • If he weighed her down by cement eventually due to decomp the body would rise up to the surface regardless due to the gases that break down in the human body . It’s completely possible for Scott Peterson to assume her body would just sink to the body since that’s how most people think but science says otherwise . At least that’s what I’m thinking . I think he definitely killed his wife and child .

    Shawnitha JohnsonShawnitha Johnson4 hours ago
  • Meow 🐈‍⬛🐱🐯🦁🐈

    PsychedelicqatPsychedelicqat6 hours ago
  • Heyy Bailey, you might not see this but i was wondering if you could please do a very popular story in australia about the port arthur massicure in tasmania (where i live). it would be aewsome to hear u tell it and your opinions about it. Thanks!!

    Nik BelletteNik Bellette6 hours ago
  • I had a really easy, and I mean ridiculously easy pregnancy and birth, but I will never tell anyone it was easy. It’s a huge thing that happens to a body, and I’m lucky that my body adjusted so well, but I was still uncomfortable all the time.

    Nicole FrankNicole Frank7 hours ago

    veritas6464veritas64647 hours ago
  • I disliked this Post just to get attention! Puleeeeze!

    veritas6464veritas64647 hours ago
  • What a bout this for a Gig,...I fly you expenses ex, plus fee to do a multi-cameo of all your colours and attitudes as separate interviews - Downunder...?

    veritas6464veritas64647 hours ago
  • Can you do the Jon benet story please???

    My jumpsuit takes me sø highMy jumpsuit takes me sø high8 hours ago
  • This happened like a little over an hour away from where I live like I live in Sonora ca when I want to go to a mall I go to modesto ca

    My jumpsuit takes me sø highMy jumpsuit takes me sø high8 hours ago
  • These videos are so awesome to listen to while writing!

    Elena DominguezElena Dominguez8 hours ago
  • You should check out Rachel Cooke’s case in Texas. She went missing while on a run in my hometown in 2002, it’s still unsolved 😔. The theories behind what actually happened are all over the place.

    UserUser8 hours ago
  • Personally I don't think Scott is guilty. Absolutely no proof to warrant condemning a man's life... Ugh🤮I hate the justice system never feels like justice 🙄

    Ijeoma AguoluIjeoma Aguolu9 hours ago
  • Imagine going on a date while your partner is home pregnant. And saying a friend convinced you. No bud you wanted to be there you’re grown if you didn’t want to be there you wouldn’t.

    Greyson KingGreyson King9 hours ago
  • The house across the street from Lacey was being robbed that same morning ~~ one theory was those guys took her because she could identify them. There were bloodhounds brought in to see if they could track Lacey. The dogs walked them out to the bay from their house.

    Susan RosenquistSusan Rosenquist9 hours ago
  • Sadly; it points to him; but “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard, a “preponderance of evidence” points to him... He shouldn’t have been convicted

    Princess GlitterschitzPrincess Glitterschitz10 hours ago
  • His boat was way too small for fishing in the bay lol. Also, Amber is the reason Scott got caught!! She was a huge help to Modesto PD

    Susan RosenquistSusan Rosenquist10 hours ago
  • In water that he fished at?

    RR10 hours ago
  • I remember this moment. zagat if she was alive when he killed her?

    RR10 hours ago
  • My husbands snoring!😳😁

    RR10 hours ago
  • Meow

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  • I think I'm digging you😊

    Ron BranchRon Branch11 hours ago
  • I was at the Berkeley Marina right before her body was found there 😬

    Adam&Chrys HammerAdam&Chrys Hammer11 hours ago
  • Dude! He is guilty. Please.

    Simple TexasSimple Texas12 hours ago
  • You say what the heck happened? He killed her and the baby that's what happened.

    Bridgett Wagner-cooperBridgett Wagner-cooper12 hours ago
  • Meow 🐈‍⬛

    sallieanne7sallieanne712 hours ago
  • Meow 1st of all! I hope you feel better soon!

    Geneva RidenGeneva Riden12 hours ago
  • Meow- you're my fave 😹

    Danielle MartinDanielle Martin12 hours ago
  • This happened close to where I grew up! Wild to see it come back in so many different ways. I think you did an excellent job telling this story.

    Stephanie GaddisStephanie Gaddis12 hours ago
    • Also I could not IMAGINE the idea of there being a bougie life in Modesto

      Stephanie GaddisStephanie Gaddis12 hours ago
  • Meow

    Sonoco KudoSonoco Kudo13 hours ago
  • Meow!!! Hi Bailey! 🙂🥰💕

    nunubussiness mindyourownnunubussiness mindyourown13 hours ago
  • It's not that we have or haven't herd these stories. We just love the way you explained them. I could listen to you all day long and won't even watch the video. I'd just listen all day at work.

    Rellik 781Rellik 78113 hours ago
  • I don’t understand why Scott and Amber’s mutual friend didn’t tell Amber that Scott was married! That has always bugged me!

    Cassandra PynesCassandra Pynes13 hours ago
  • I still reckon he did it, maybe not on his own though,I reckon he had an accomplice who Laci knew and who she would have been happy to go out with in the car..

    gold willowgold willow13 hours ago
  • You have to do Gary Heidnik

    Rachel GuyerRachel Guyer13 hours ago
  • New Sub here, love your vids!

    Rig Rat MedicRig Rat Medic13 hours ago
  • I’m from Fresno and my Husband is from Modesto. During Scott’s trial my husband was wading off to ILZ for boot camp and I was in high school. This case was HUGE! No way would he been able to get a fair trial.

    Alexis RivasAlexis Rivas14 hours ago
  • Meow hahaha love this

    Katrina SmithKatrina Smith14 hours ago
  • i love how you are so humble and down to earth, i really love your videos!!!!!!;)

    Tia LaRondeTia LaRonde14 hours ago
  • Congrats on the 4 million :) Your so beautiful and funny as heck

    Jean WiebeJean Wiebe14 hours ago
  • Scott also said his wife was dead before she was. Soooo he did it

    Tetra ResinstoneTetra Resinstone15 hours ago
  • So my sister’s name is Laci, and I’m Amber. And growing up, we were always reminded of this story because of the names!

    Amber TorrieroAmber Torriero15 hours ago
  • Anyone else get a ad for her collab with loud Lacquer?

    Kiyla HarrisKiyla Harris15 hours ago
  • Bailey love you and your channel! So I wanted to suggest the story of the Ariel Castro kidnappings, if you haven’t heard this story yet it is pretty crazy!

    Amy O'BrienAmy O'Brien15 hours ago
  • Idk I really don't think he did it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Kelsey PerkinsKelsey Perkins15 hours ago
  • Ron: what time you went fishing at? Scott: 9:30am Ron: *something’s fishy here*

    AliceAlice16 hours ago
  • I cant help but stare at your lips.... they are perfect

    Lippy kittyLippy kitty16 hours ago
  • This case was huge. I volunteered to make awareness ribbons for Laci and Conner, and had requests from all over the world. I drove by their house, and checked things out. It was very peaceful. I’m 99.9% sure that Scott is guilty. My heart breaks for Sharon, that she has to hear about this again.

    Li’Maren KudaibergenLi’Maren Kudaibergen16 hours ago
  • What if it wasnt really laci walking the dog. What if it was a dog walker or someone who looked like her.

    jessicab20178jessicab2017816 hours ago
  • Bailey you had me in deep; until you said “cause he didn’t tone” I lost it ! I had to rewind the last part because I laughed through it all.

    Jaqueline Lopez AgundezJaqueline Lopez Agundez16 hours ago
  • I remember seeing Lacy Peterson's missing flyer in Yosemite, this was when she was still missing

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown17 hours ago
  • I've heard it was called " an emotional verdict" and that Scott Peterson was safer in prison than out. I wish it would be positively solved.

    Eunice StoneEunice Stone18 hours ago
  • Has she done Amanda Todd before? I'm interested to see what she thinks about it

    Westielover2012Westielover201218 hours ago
  • The fact that he said he was golfing and then changed his story when he got caught and that he got the boat that it went into fishing just shows right there he has something to hide and he is indeed in fact guilty

    wakeup makeupwakeup makeup18 hours ago
  • Did they determine her cause of death? Cause that might make a difference in my thoughts. She might've been found too late to do that though.

    Westielover2012Westielover201218 hours ago
  • 13:34 got me 😂😂😂 EDIT: ***I LOVE YOU BAILEY❤️

    Marga LopezMarga Lopez18 hours ago
  • My hair ends up in everything of my husband's, because I shed a lot and it is curly and sneaky. If I died, they would find it in all sorts of suspish places. Can't believe a hair on the fishing supplies is evidence here.

    Samantha BellSamantha Bell18 hours ago
  • My cousin went to highschool with lacy and they had a couple classes together. He always said how nice she was

    Allyssa EarlAllyssa Earl19 hours ago
  • James bulger thats a sad story.

    OddballkaneOddballkane19 hours ago
  • The elephant bar in Fresno is no longer there it’s a lazy dog now lol 😂

    Fernanda RuizFernanda Ruiz20 hours ago
  • Ugh I was always puzzled about the ending and I agree. I wish we knew more to the story

    wendy javierwendy javier20 hours ago
  • I've watched so many different interviews on this case and whether or not he physically did it is pointless because no matter what he KNEW at the very least. The biggest piece of evidence, for me, is him telling Amber in early December it's his first Christmas without his wife but his Lacy didn't go missing until mid/late December.

    Heir WraithHeir Wraith20 hours ago

    Quish03Quish0320 hours ago
  • Hey Bailey!! I hope you are well, could you please shout-out my boyfriend on today’s video?!! It’s his birthday 3/1 Jorrell Singleton

    Destinee BoulignyDestinee Bouligny20 hours ago
  • You deserve absolutely everything you have I love you Bailey thank you for being yourself

    alejandra lopezalejandra lopez20 hours ago
  • I had no idea there was such a thing as "partying too much" for ASU. Like firing the Pope for being too catholic.

    Abby CrossAbby Cross20 hours ago
  • baileyyy u should try bleach browsss

    dan daltondan dalton20 hours ago
  • what if scott was just trying a new habit, which is fishing, because he bought a boat, hence the search on like bay levels and like not knowing the best time for fishing,, this is just my what if tho

    blublu20 hours ago
  • Some people go ice fishing. And some people go fishing in the rain.

    Taryn KosmerlTaryn Kosmerl20 hours ago
  • The first 8 months of my pregnancy I had terrible nausea!!! But my baby is so cute and adorable and I love her!

    Taryn KosmerlTaryn Kosmerl21 hour ago
  • Meow 😉🙃😂 I just wanted to say I absolutely love and appreciate your posts! These make my Mondays!!!!

    Spunchak90 *Spunchak90 *21 hour ago
  • giving me chris watts vibes

    Kaelin TantKaelin Tant21 hour ago
  • Hey ya Bailey. Sending a shout out from South Africa. Btw, what's your natural hair colour ?? Just curious

    Zenele SitholeZenele Sithole21 hour ago
  • I feel like someone else did it but set it up to put the blame on him and succeeded

    Jennifer RickettsJennifer Ricketts21 hour ago
  • Look into the elizabeth fritzel case

    Amber GearhartAmber Gearhart21 hour ago
  • We appreciate you!!

    Sara PalczynskiSara Palczynski21 hour ago
  • Meow! Love your videos!!

    ScorpioFaeryScorpioFaery21 hour ago
  • Hoping to see your beautiful face again soon! Missed you last monday!!

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