Busting Pizza Myths

Apr 6, 2021
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Should you knead your pizza dough by hand? How long should your dough ferment? Today, the Mythical Kitcheneers are busting pizza myths! Make your own pizza with the recipe below! Myth Munchers Ep. 4
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Dough Ingredients:
* 2 1/3 cups AP flour
* 1 tsp sugar
* 1 ½ teaspoon active dry yeast
* 2 tsp kosher salt
* 1 tbsp olive oil
* 1 cup + 2 tablespoons warm water
Sauce Ingredients:
* 1 28 oz can of crushed tomato
* 1 heaping tablespoon of Tony Chachere's
* Cheese and Toppings:
* 1 heaping cup of hand shredded mozzarella
* 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
* a small handful of lightly torn basil leaves
1) Warm water to 110 degrees. add in the yeast and allow to bloom for 5-10 minutes.
2) Combine flour, sugar, salt into a large bowl of a stand mixer.
3) Add the olive oil to the bloomed yeast/water mixture, and then to the bowl of the stand mixer.
4) Mix for 8 minutes in a stand mixer.
5) Oil a bowl and add the dough and proof in the fridge for 20 hours, removing from the fridge 4 hours prior so the dough comes to room temperature.
6) Punch down the dough and fit to a pizza pan.
7) Add pizza sauce and cheese.
8) Bake on a preheated pizza stone for about 10 minutes at 500 degrees.
9) Remove and top with parmesan cheese and basil.

  • damn they are annoying

    zip zipzip zip3 hours ago
    • Then kick rocks

      CedsoncoleCedsoncoleHour ago
  • this show,,, is so broken,,, i love it so much,,,

    SophoclesSophocles8 hours ago
  • I have a trick for Josh to fix the cast iron steaming issue. Put the cast iron in upside down and heat the oven then put pizza on the cast iron. Learned that in scouts over 25 years ago. You see pizza stones and campfires don't get along so we turned our cast irons into metal pizza stones. Also saves buying a pizza stone if you already have like a 12", 15"" pan or cast iron griddle.

    Dan BennettDan Bennett11 hours ago
  • Lmao she was not listening and kept kneading when he said to just roll it into a ball, the processor already did all the work. Probably why the crust was tough, dont over work the dough

    L RL R11 hours ago
  • 2:28 someone has been binging cobra kai

    Fageta BoutitFageta Boutit12 hours ago
  • Shoutout to Nicole for trying her best to participate despite her Jewishness lol

    Will BeckerWill Becker13 hours ago
  • The Global knife rebranded as Local made me laugh as a cook, thanks for the pun!

    ApplesmashApplesmash15 hours ago

    RYANRYAN16 hours ago
  • Yo I always break all them rules

    GeeGeeGiraffeGeeGeeGiraffe16 hours ago
  • Should have preheated all the pans and then put them on. That’s how I do it and it comes out great.

    Jack GarrettJack Garrett16 hours ago
  • Ideas for a follow up. Seeing if baking steel, as some claim, is better than a pizza stone. Experimenting with dough with a longer fermentation time and seeing if it pays to make a large batch, freeze it and use the dough ball after a day in the fridge.

    Jens Christian Gammelby JensenJens Christian Gammelby Jensen17 hours ago
  • Josh. My name is Josh, so believe me when I say, you *must* try the BakingSteel. I'm serious. It's a must. Get it instead of a pizza stone. 100%. Your life will change forever, Josh.

    Josh HallJosh Hall18 hours ago
  • I also had a red and white striped shirt. I threw it out because I couldn't walk 40 foot without some dad joking about how he couldn't find me.

    wasbeer nineteensixtyninewasbeer nineteensixtynine18 hours ago
  • Josh is forever my spirit animal.

    Gypsywolf 9807Gypsywolf 980718 hours ago
  • Never heard of Tony Chacheres but I went and got some and made that sauce. 👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Super tasty, super easy, just a tiny bit of spice

    HeavensDeclarePs19HeavensDeclarePs1919 hours ago
  • PIZZA THOUGHTS I prefer a slightly chewier crust. The fresh mozzarella pizza looked disgusting. Noticeable flour on almost anything (including pizza crust) that has been cooked makes me cringe.

    Proud Mizzou Fan .#TigerStyleProud Mizzou Fan .#TigerStyle19 hours ago
  • mythical garden when

    Aubrey RhoadesAubrey Rhoades19 hours ago
  • Earl Sweatshirt became a chef?

    kyleGoldstienkyleGoldstien20 hours ago
  • no..... ORIGANO??!?!!? BLASPHEMY!

    Radovan ObalRadovan Obal20 hours ago
  • I just got recommended this video, without ever seeing this channel before. And damn this comment section is just one giant inside joke, that I have no clue about.

    NickolaiNickolai22 hours ago
  • Man, cooking a pizza in cast-iron without oiling and preheating the pan is the wrong way to do it lol You have to heat the pan to the point that it sizzles when you hit it with a droplet of water, and then oil it down with about a tbsp of olive oil before immediately adding the dough and moving it to the oven.

    Capn SmashemCapn SmashemDay ago
  • I'm well glad they are comparing these methods, but... Those personalities, with the exception of Nicole, are a bit difficult to withstand for the entire episode. And the Where's Waldo girl has a disgusting nose ring piercing.

    B. Calvin SaulB. Calvin SaulDay ago
    • Oh my god, a NOSE PIERCING? NO.

      lazrpolazrpoHour ago
  • Ok so if you are Nicole, DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS COMMENT!!! You are a wonderful human and I am so sorry! I really struggle because whenever I hear Nicole speak or see her making facial expressions on screen, I just feel my lip start to inevitably curl is annoyance and disgust, and my brain just starts yelling at me to close the video. I so so wish I could watch/listen to their A Hotdog Is A Sandwich podcast, but any episode I try to start is immediately ruined by my brain when Nicole talks. I want the Mythical Beasts who love Nicole to comment on this and explain why they love her so much to try to overcome my irrational dislike. If you do not like her, please do not comment because I already have the negatives and I want to hear all the reasons why I am wrong so I can enjoy all their videos more.

    Paige W.Paige W.Day ago
  • Josh! You didn't test directly on the rack! (Or on parchment paper on the rack). I like it better than a pizza stone.

    Rachel RasmussenRachel RasmussenDay ago
  • Will josh ever say chacheres right? The world may never know

    dhuffudhuffuDay ago
  • Loved this episode, till I saw the mask then I got sad.... wanted to not live, thought of California and wanted to not exist. I'm sorry you folks live there.

  • My dough didn’t rise 😭😭😭

    shantiseidel2shantiseidel2Day ago
  • Bruh 2 1/3 cup of flour and 1 cup water just makes slime

    TheMagicKnightressTheMagicKnightressDay ago
  • Can someone tell me why at 10:20 they say they put the dough in the fridge, why not just leave it somewhere. bread and dough should not go in the fridge.

    Bradley MaguireBradley MaguireDay ago
  • Matzah Pizza. What a nice very jewish thing. I’ve had matzah pizza so many times

    Yanir GovrinYanir GovrinDay ago
  • "They called me a monster" (grinning maniacally)

    Devin FlowersDevin FlowersDay ago
  • how did you not make the ultimate recipe here?

    Thirst FastThirst FastDay ago
  • At this point they just stopped caring 😂

    OriOriDay ago
  • I don't think anyone says you need to use fresh mozzarella on anything other than a Neopolitan pizza. And you use maybe a third as much, otherwise you get soggy pizza. For standard pizza, the common wisdom is low moisture that you shred yourself.

    Paul FitzgeraldPaul FitzgeraldDay ago
  • The best pizza is Detroit style pizza pan, cubes of Munster cheese right to the edge so the released oil fries the dough, with three lines of pizza sauce on top the the cheese.

    ravingmad8ravingmad8Day ago
  • This is completely unwatchable. Energy =/= Entertainment.

    Cameron SkrypekCameron SkrypekDay ago
  • Pop tarts vs toaster strudels

    skkuzzskkuzzDay ago
  • just saw the beginning part. but these aren't really myths but rather they are just preferences to make the food taste better...

    Michael ChauMichael ChauDay ago
  • Missed opportunity to name it MythicalBusters

    RT GamingRT GamingDay ago
  • I thought Josh was Jewish too.

    EmilyCLColoradoEmilyCLColoradoDay ago
  • "Do as I say and not as I do, but also sometimes don't do as I don't say to do it."

    Madison TranMadison TranDay ago
  • I am really enjoying this new series. It's like real practical advice you can use in your day to day life.

    1990RoseRed1990RoseRedDay ago
  • Trevor you have become a mini Josh. That's ok lol

    ChrisChrisDay ago
  • this is by far my favorite series please never make anything without all four of you again

    Cyndil SmithCyndil SmithDay ago
  • What temp for the oven

    Caleb EvansCaleb EvansDay ago
  • Practicing a religion does not automatically make you a better person, Josh. You do you, dude! Good for Nicole, too!

    Jill KoczentJill KoczentDay ago
  • *Q U I E T*

    Stephen GedenStephen GedenDay ago
  • eh it's not that hard to get really good cast iron pizza...just use kenji's method from serious eats. gonna call user error on this one. also you gotta drain that fresh mozz lol. just use a paper towel and lightly press on it

    Brendon LeetBrendon LeetDay ago
  • Please dye Josh's hair V

    A CohenA CohenDay ago
  • just my though but the fresh mozzarella pie had WAAAAAAY too much sauce on it. I use fresh mozz all the time and never have had a sloppy soaked pizza

    Daniel LeeDaniel LeeDay ago
  • I know this wasn't part of the tests but judging from this video, cutting the pizza slices correctly is better than not cutting the pizza slices correctly

    illuminapeilluminape2 days ago
  • has anyone else tried this dough recipe?? i did but it was soooo wet i ended up adding like nearly another two cups of flour to be able to knead it at all so it didnt really work for me 😔😔 did I do something wrong

    IslaIsla2 days ago
  • You forgot to test Floor verse Corn Flour, for the bottom when setting it up. Or a mix on top of it.

    Wired WrongWired Wrong2 days ago
  • Idk how wise it is to give josh a small elite team that does w.e he says.

    jama655jama6552 days ago
  • Detroit/Sicilian style is the very best pizza at home. I mix together some no-knead 100% hydration dough in the morning before going to work, then when I come home, I add dry flour and knead in a standing mixer for 15 minutes, then I let the dough rest in an olive oiled pizza pan (or half sheet tray) while the oven preheats to 500. Once the oven is heated, I lower the temp to 400, slide the pizza in and bake it for 20 minutes. Presto.

    Gordon TubbsGordon Tubbs2 days ago
  • I'm waiting for Josh to start making "notice me senpai" Tweets at Ramsey

    Rowan QuinnRowan Quinn2 days ago
  • The selfish input semiannually fasten because baritone trivially kill despite a ill-fated tuna. keen, nauseating kayak

    DMV Shoe SupplyDMV Shoe Supply2 days ago
  • I actually think that you have to put fresh mozzarella when the pizza is almost done in the oven, at least that’s what my italian grandmother does, and it’s so frickin gooooood

    Julian FanelliJulian Fanelli2 days ago
  • Isn't corn meal what's s'posed to be on the bottom of pizza crust?

    DipeDipe2 days ago
    • Really, flour or cornmeal work.

      lazrpolazrpo2 days ago
  • Just found this channel and am only a minute in! Really excited to see what you guys discover! Please stop turning your whole shoulder to camera I am screaming

    ChandlerChandler2 days ago
    • it happens again at the end, looks like referencing the whiteboard flat on is what does this. perhaps slightly angling it would benefit - just my take of course! now time for some delicious pizza :p

      ChandlerChandler2 days ago
  • Trevor is honestly annoying

    Lube MillerLube Miller2 days ago
    • Nah.

      lazrpolazrpo2 days ago
  • I hope to DOG that the mythical kitchen has a restaurant and a pre-prepped food line in the works.

    Silas SkaggsSilas Skaggs2 days ago
  • Nice to know I know how to make pizza right

    Bella BallBella Ball2 days ago
  • My brother and I have used Tony's since we were children. He still refuses to eat scrambled eggs without it.

    Amanda WilliamsAmanda Williams2 days ago
  • "I'm not stoney bologna, not literally, not now." That's exactly what a stoney bologna would say.

    Charles JesseCharles Jesse2 days ago
  • I never use mozzarella in my pizza because it's tasteless.

    takku 88takku 882 days ago
  • Josh explanation for 48hr proof was still very understandable 🤣🤣 @13:40

    Louis O'Louis O'2 days ago
  • Fresh mozzarella is good in a pizza oven :/ it evaporates the moisture but you can use fresh in an oven just really pat it dry before putting it on the pizza

    artemismeowartemismeow2 days ago
  • When you use a cast iron pan for pizza its best to heat it up on a stove with the pizza dough in it untill you get the browning you want on the bottom then place it in the oven on a broiler setting on the highest rack, then it wont get soft on the bottom and the cheese will have that browning you want from the broiler setting

    daníel mikaelssondaníel mikaelsson2 days ago
  • But why didn't you make the perfect pizza with your results!!!!!

    Chonky PandaChonky Panda2 days ago
    • I think they take the winner from the previous round and use it in the next round.

      Holly JohnsonHolly Johnson20 hours ago
  • These people really can't make pizza this is just funny

    Tommo FTommo F2 days ago
    • They just made several.

      lazrpolazrpo2 days ago
    • Clearly they can, they just did.

      RussellRussell2 days ago
  • At the end you should use all the best and make one final product for you all to try.

    Cameron ZigasCameron Zigas2 days ago
    • I think they take the winner from the previous round and use it in the next round.

      Holly JohnsonHolly Johnson20 hours ago
  • Are u lot chef's ?

    Adam KAdam K2 days ago
  • Hand knead, 24 hr proof, detroit steel pan, wisconsin brick cheese. Can't go wrong

    Ahriman SAhriman S2 days ago
  • “Basil’s legal now. I grow it.”

    Jo GreerJo Greer2 days ago
  • Last time we couldn't get Vi to sing. Now she's remixing the Tony song lol

    Ahriman SAhriman S2 days ago
  • The move is a preheated cast iron. Better than a pizza stone imo. You can drizzle a little olive oil behind the crust and get the super crisp situation.

    Eli EndresEli Endres2 days ago
  • You don't know how to cast iron pizza, this is truth.

    XeroCoolXeroCool2 days ago
  • out of all these comments, how has no one complained about AP flour, pizza dough NEEDS High Gluten flour! it makes the Chew factor!

    DingleFramousDingleFramous2 days ago
  • Is levened bread not allowed during Passover?

    Shinigaara85Shinigaara852 days ago
    • No

      lazrpolazrpo2 days ago
  • How are you going to put someone on a cooking show who can't eat the food? Let her do something else for a short holiday and then get back to it. Have a guest if you don't have a fourth. It's like they were doing it to punish the poor woman.

    seymourglass26seymourglass262 days ago
  • I love Vi. More Vi please.

    megostomamegostoma2 days ago
  • That whole part with the “How to Cook More Better Than Gordon Ramsey” vision board was like a Charlie scene from IASIP and I am HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT 👏

    Natalia ZeccaNatalia Zecca2 days ago
  • Disappointed by the misuse of the cast iron. It's definitely the best method if you don't want to buy a stone that you will use once every 6 months and can only be used for one thing. Just heat it on the stove, plop the dough in it, sauce and cheese, and stuck it in the oven. But despite that, good to learn about the other stuff. I wish toppings was part of it so that the pineapple debate would surface, but I enjoyed it.

    Kieran MKieran M2 days ago
  • I just love Vi and Trevor so much

    Sale224 LewisSale224 Lewis2 days ago
  • Why did the thumbnail change??

    Colleen GreenlawColleen Greenlaw2 days ago
  • ok this was ok

    u140550u1405502 days ago
  • As a New Yorker I have never said yerrr in my life

    TheOutsider JessTheOutsider Jess2 days ago
  • Who is more powerful, Gordon Ramsay or Tony Chatcherie? Will Josh ever get the approval he seeks? Find out in the next episode of Burbank kitchen mysteries.

    Jopeymess MusicJopeymess Music2 days ago
  • some of these i'm like ok..., but this nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    u140550u1405502 days ago
  • You're supposed to preheat the cast iron too so you get the crunchy bottom. How else are you supposed to burn yourself multiple times on the cast iron handle?

    Andrea MooreAndrea Moore2 days ago
  • pizza tip. eat the crust first so only goodness is left

    Patrick SeymourPatrick Seymour2 days ago
  • He put WAY WAY WAY WAY too much fresh mozz on that pizza! As soon as he started I knew fresh was doomed. It is hands down the best but not when it's a pool like that. If he did it right there wouldn't be a contest.

    standinstandin2 days ago

    WhyspurZettaWhyspurZetta2 days ago
  • 8:29 that’s what she said

    Ben RinehartBen Rinehart2 days ago
  • Josh yells at his fellow chefs. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian

    Devon KrummeDevon Krumme2 days ago
  • I firmly believe that Vi, Nicole and Trevor are all perfectly normal human beings until Josh is around. He is THE! Freaky Facilitator.

    Jonny HampshireJonny Hampshire2 days ago
  • You guys are great together!

    Cole ForcierCole Forcier2 days ago
  • This has drama lessons vibes

    LloydLloyd2 days ago