Building a USB-C touchscreen monitor (new for 2021)

Feb 15, 2021
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In this video we'll be building a USB-C monitor! Also the first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

Mini speaker units (great for all sorts of projects):

Selection of interesting LCD panel sets:

Touchscreen + USB-C:
Mini ultrawide:
4k (HDMI + Type C):
144Hz + freesync:

Battery protection board:

How to make a DIY monitor (simple version):

  • Great video as always delivered.

    Major TomMajor Tom14 minutes ago
  • Can you link where you bought your lamp or was it custom built by yourself?

    Roger Callo IVRoger Callo IV52 minutes ago
  • if you want to avoid displacing brass you have already soldered together you should try putting wet napkins on the joints you don't want to melt, it works surprisingly well.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyHour ago
  • are there methods for creating monitors/ just a regular screen out of smaller screens? Like if you took apart a camera screen or a screen from game systems like a Nintendo ds? I don't think they make control boards for these types of screens so if there ARE ways to do this I'd really like to know. Thanks!

    Robert NextguyRobert NextguyHour ago
  • next up, gold

    ike oike o2 hours ago
  • Congratulations your video is now on hackaday website.🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Josue EscuderoJosue Escudero4 hours ago
    • 😘

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyHour ago
  • how you made the touchscreen? that i didnt get

    Peter CholakovPeter Cholakov4 hours ago
  • Beautiful build! The brass should be clearcoated after polishing so that it doesn't turn green/black over time. Unless that's the look you're after. I don't judge.

    LateralThinkererLateralThinkerer5 hours ago
  • I love how you use different materials in your projects

    Jamie DevineJamie Devine5 hours ago
  • How do you fasten the last U-channel? I would be hesitant to solder it with the lcd panel installed. Glue? Screws?

    Þórir Már JónssonÞórir Már Jónsson6 hours ago
  • I decided to make a tech USworlds channel because of you, you are the best channel I hope I am half as good as you are!

    Let's take it apartLet's take it apart6 hours ago
  • What if He will replace his invisible Monitor with this. And with his invisible PC? That could be more awesome as his Desktop will be invisible and it's Monitor's touchscreen and with Type C USB. That will be the most innovative Technology and Design I watched.

    Lyrical VibesLyrical Vibes6 hours ago
  • How did you make it a touch screen

    Shawn _luxtonShawn _luxton7 hours ago
  • *problem* : * exists * *this guy* : " hold my brass "

    AlanAlan7 hours ago
  • Can you do a room tour and show us all of your projects you had done in the past few years?

    Domenico EngmannDomenico Engmann7 hours ago
  • If only I had the materials 😥😥

    ឵8 hours ago
  • i love it... i think i just found my next project .

    nero synero sy9 hours ago
  • I'm asking that question again, was the screen already a touchscreen one, or is the LP156FW4 making it touchscreen?

    Peresson PaulPeresson Paul9 hours ago
    • Already a touchscreen. If you want to upgrade a monitor to a touchscreen you have to add another layer, the touch foil..

      SeamusHarper1234SeamusHarper1234Hour ago
    • The video shows that he took it off the laptop 🤔

      Peresson PaulPeresson Paul3 hours ago
    • He buy A Touchscreen monitor in Ebay.

      Lyrical VibesLyrical Vibes6 hours ago
  • A fancy touch screen with greasy fingerprints and Covid19 virus is just what I need ;-)

    Max EdelstahlMax Edelstahl10 hours ago
  • where can i get get this monitor? I would like to order one for me and do the same.

    Latest & Old EntertainmentLatest & Old Entertainment11 hours ago
  • 😘

    Gold FormationGold Formation11 hours ago
  • this is awesome to watch

    Latest & Old EntertainmentLatest & Old Entertainment11 hours ago
  • MATE, you can buy a usb c monitor for 100 bucks minus the painstaking fun of making one

    Jo MarkopoulosJo Markopoulos12 hours ago
  • Build a Talking Teddy Bear with AI interface

    Narthanan SriharanNarthanan Sriharan13 hours ago
  • Lol can I buy that, I love it 😳

    Daniel LozadaDaniel Lozada14 hours ago
  • This was so remarkable I tried to like this video 2 separate times on impulse.

    RJ MorenoRJ Moreno15 hours ago
  • That's some impressive ish I must say.

    Kabelo NkosiKabelo Nkosi15 hours ago
  • Matt I'm still waiting on my Vewlix easy to follow arcade cabinet build mate. Make it happen! xD

    SeNniNSeNniN16 hours ago
  • bro I watched half a second of this video saw the quality of it and instantly liked it , fastest Like on youtube Ive ever given

    Erick HendrixErick Hendrix18 hours ago
  • And now depending on how workable I personally find it, I might be switching to brass for some clips and hinges I'll have to hand make.

    Citrus LumpCitrus Lump21 hour ago
  • Wait, how did it become a touch screen without a separate digitiser panel on front???? No way! 🤔

    Mike KattanMike Kattan22 hours ago
    • The lcd probably has a built in digitizer

      Deli SandwichDeli Sandwich10 hours ago
  • how are you going to deal with patina? would a clear lacquer be practical as long as the bare brass was 101% cleaned of all finger print oils?

    TurkTurk22 hours ago
  • I have a 1st gen iMac 24" whose gpu died years ago - been waiting for a practical method to use the screen (possibly the remote control, speakers and i/o) as a monitor as the panel was extremely good - anyone know if there's a modern, affordable build for such?

    TurkTurk22 hours ago
  • Thank you for calling my last name beautiful

    Hunter BrassHunter Brass23 hours ago
  • thats amazing

    Yunus Emre SARAÇYunus Emre SARAÇDay ago
  • Incredible execution! Well done my man. Very well done ;)

    Adam ScottAdam ScottDay ago
  • How much did it cost to make?

    LestaBanLestaBanDay ago
  • This is absolutely amazing! It is a very pleasure to discover contents like this on youtube! Love it!

    Alessandro FarinaAlessandro FarinaDay ago
  • I would have liked more detail on just how/where you soldered the bottom piece of brass in.

    richardwernstrichardwernstDay ago
    • Nice video, the brass looks alot better then the older model indeed. And i see u managed to get a ps5 as well, which can be a project of it’s own. 😆

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiDay ago
  • i would love that you make video of gaming mouse like how to change

    jacob plantejacob planteDay ago
    • Absolutely fabulous. I've been considering selling my old 4k laptop, but don't know if the cracked screen will work for this

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiDay ago
  • if you took apart an old samsung phone that supported dex, you could add it add the back along with a 20,000MAH powerbank and make it a beast of a standalone portable laptop. it would be a little thicker but it wont be much really

    AgentPredator GamingAgentPredator GamingDay ago
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯😵😵😵😵

    ProgrammingWithSanaProgrammingWithSanaDay ago
  • The speakers were the perfect touch

    Exil3dExil3dDay ago
  • wow can this be made wireless?

    James NgosaJames NgosaDay ago
  • You're the Bob Ross of the IT, and engineering department

    StravadiStravadiDay ago
  • Beautiful job!

    CMOS FrazzledCMOS FrazzledDay ago
  • Nice

    Victor MuravievVictor MuravievDay ago
  • 13:04 And so begun the STEAMPUNK area for DIY Perks!

    Angry ReviewsAngry ReviewsDay ago
  • Very nice 👌

    Eoin BarryEoin BarryDay ago
  • Todos tus trabajos son impecables y muy buenos.

    JCarlos MBJCarlos MBDay ago
  • SO THAT’S WHY there’s always a huge border at the bottom!!,

    jomsartjomsartDay ago
  • I'm super impressed, but with videos like these, I've listened it's usually important to note what they don't show you. He's willing to show and describe the process of using a blowtorch and solder, but there's nothing on making the cutouts. That probably means it was really difficult and would be detrimental to a "look how easy and beautiful this is" video.

    fitztasticofitztasticoDay ago
  • Absolutely fabulous. I've been considering selling my old 4k laptop, but don't know if the cracked screen will work for this

    sparespareDay ago
  • Nice video, the brass looks alot better then the older model indeed. And i see u managed to get a ps5 as well, which can be a project of it’s own. 😆

    NL_the_GodfatherNL_the_GodfatherDay ago
  • One of the best DIY videos

    Mobile and Computer TutorialMobile and Computer TutorialDay ago
  • Great project! I'm definitely going to build my own version of it. Is it possible to use usb-c not only for data but also for powering instead of the battery? A "one-cable" solution would be awesome!

    Rkr_3Rkr_3Day ago
  • I am speechless you actually building this there’s no catch to this ??? 😞🤯🥺 Amazing

  • Sir can you please bulid a diy stylus pencils and you are excellent thank you

    P SP SDay ago
  • Nice work bro

    Lion LionLion LionDay ago
  • So its not a concern than brass is a conductor? Given all the ports and circuitry I’m just curious

    Wes StewartWes StewartDay ago
  • Bro, do you have a usb c board that can drive an 80" lcd tv? I want to convert my broken tv to a usable screen. Thanks.

    cJ delos santoscJ delos santosDay ago
    • You should look up the number and maybe u can find a board, but sometimes it’s better to buy the same model tv broken for cheap from someone who has like a cracked screen and the just replace the board only to get yours working again

      NL_the_GodfatherNL_the_GodfatherDay ago
  • Nice PS5 lol, I swear man all your videos make me wanna just go to the hardware store, buy everything and just see what I can do. Cant wait to try this. Thanks mate!!

    Mad MardigenMad MardigenDay ago
  • is he really sponsored by brass? A question to anyone, how could I control a pc with a wireless touch monitor? heeeeeelp :)

    ShyirShyirDay ago
  • new game: every time he says brass we all drink

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 days ago
  • Useful staff, nice work and your beard makes you really handsome!

    Mihály GyémántMihály Gyémánt2 days ago
  • Sir! please 🙂 make a video on DIY Nano leaf

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  • Harry Styles goes nerd.

    Mike KormendyMike Kormendy2 days ago
  • Incredibly useful and so creative :O Beautiful!

    Kelly SimonssonKelly Simonsson2 days ago
  • That's extremely lovely.

    dominuspopulidominuspopuli2 days ago
  • You gone Over budget on this one so for that reason I’m out lol

    duhok,duhok,2 days ago
  • Ah, Matt, how DID you flame solder the bottom to the frame with the screen already in place?

    kenneth krabatkenneth krabat2 days ago
  • Beautiful piece of tech. Very inspiring video.

    Roy FortunaRoy Fortuna2 days ago
  • I just loved your this amazing new project as always it is a unique one, thumbs up for you and thank you very much for sharing your idea.

    Malik KMAMalik KMA2 days ago
  • Respect !!!

    M AhmedM Ahmed2 days ago
  • me: ok...let's do it also me: dont have solder skill and tools, bought 13inch type-c hdmi IPS 99%rgb... for 75$, power banks 30$ xD

    Duc NguyenDuc Nguyen2 days ago
  • Absolutely fantastic work! Huge like with both hands!

    Денис СимоновДенис Симонов2 days ago
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    Suresh Kumar PKSuresh Kumar PK2 days ago
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  • Neat!

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu2 days ago
  • Could you please define the best DIY solution to degrees the brass and clear coat to make it robust enough for the long run.

    Adrian SAdrian S2 days ago
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    Will SwiftWill Swift2 days ago
  • Can you make 4k resolution same things with touch screen monitor

    science creativescience creative2 days ago
  • bro, beside teaching us all of this, we're waiting for you to complete your kindness and sell these "DIY sceens" to us.

    V. LeninV. Lenin2 days ago
  • impressive

    öRéhl D'manGüzöRéhl D'manGüz2 days ago
  • almost 97.1% of the viewers won't build this screen but still we appreciate your works and we gonna pretend it's easy and cool.

    V. LeninV. Lenin2 days ago
  • I love what you do !!!)) Amazing))

    7 The time is short7 The time is short2 days ago
  • Piece of art 🖼!

    bogdan mitreabogdan mitrea2 days ago
  • i just wanna say...thank you for being exist in this YT..this video really help for DIY geek like me..Keep up the good Work. :)

    Sadur ChicaritoSadur Chicarito2 days ago
  • Brass and bronze are highly underrated. Like charred wood. But I would've made a little air space between each component that has risk of heating, so it can at least get a little ventilation and lower exposure at the cost of taking a little more space.

    magnusm4magnusm42 days ago
  • slim and beautiful.. love it

    Abang010483Abang0104832 days ago
  • This is such an awesome project, thanks for always being an endless inspiration

    The Endless InspirationThe Endless Inspiration2 days ago
  • His crush:- I love you😍 This guy:- *B R A S S*

    Sound waveSound wave2 days ago
  • 12:04 why did you solder to the socket and not its pins

    runforitmanrunforitman2 days ago
  • 8:01 "g'day, chris here, and welcome back to clickspring"

    runforitmanrunforitman2 days ago
    • I thought I was the only one who noticed haha

      James RogersJames Rogers2 days ago
  • We need a collab between you and MKBHD

    iM4X1MU5iM4X1MU52 days ago
  • Is he flexing his ps5

    Asher MawhineyAsher Mawhiney2 days ago
  • Awesome!

    Andrw WaughAndrw Waugh2 days ago
  • All this brass talk is making me miss Clickspring's videos

    ThatOneGuy030ThatOneGuy0302 days ago
  • Just one question Matt, not every laptop LCD is touchscreen capable so how do you know if It's touchscreen or not?

    LeepshinLeepshin2 days ago
    • You could touch it.

      SeamusHarper1234SeamusHarper1234Hour ago