Broussard react Frank Vogel calls LeBron the ‘greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen’

Oct 13, 2020
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Broussard react Frank Vogel calls LeBron the ‘greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen’

  • LeBron is the IRONMAN of the NBA!;)

    John MinxJohn Minx3 days ago
  • Now! If you were to compare the 2 players ....their careers on who would be the GOAT??? then it would be easy! LeBron would be a Lock!!! He had the Better History of winning! Period!!! Everywhere he goes? He wins!!! Jordan had a long career! but struggled threw a lot with it! as far as winning....His success...was in handful of years and then some...after that Nothing!!! Even the first part of his career Nothing!!! Not with LeBron!!! His was Great threw Most of his career at Winning! and he is Still going strong!

    John MinxJohn Minx3 days ago
  • In the 80's and 90's it was much repeat! than today!

    John MinxJohn Minx3 days ago
  • Brandon is so dumb. His point is not even good enough.

    Yet NewYet New7 days ago
  • Nick just nailed it!!!!

    Yet NewYet New7 days ago
  • Jordan is not the 🐐

    Jefferson Tillery Deep sea fishing OkinawaJefferson Tillery Deep sea fishing Okinawa15 days ago
  • Ban Nick and Skip

    Karan DesaiKaran Desai16 days ago
  • If you look at lebron's stats he also dominated the league, just got useless teammates and so his team loses.

    DazzleGazzaDazzleGazza16 days ago
  • Lol lebron has done wat Jordan did he stop alot of teams from winning tf he talking about

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams18 days ago

    JessieJessie18 days ago
  • How can you hold bron accountable for rings from 07 to 2020, but only hold jordan accountable for the 6 years he won

    Thomas LThomas L18 days ago
  • How many years did Jordan play? So there was a lot of people eating on his watch. Didn’t he get bounced out by Shaq? Didn’t he get bounced out in playoffs previous and after? Didn’t he go to the wizards and look less than but lebron continues to win?? Ok

    VII CentralVII Central19 days ago
  • Plz remove marshall from this show his takes are stupid af and he just not likeable

    Jorge LuisJorge Luis20 days ago
  • Lebron has a higher chance of making it to the playoffs than mike had at making a shot just proccess this information

    Themba NleyaThemba Nleya23 days ago
    • Finals!!

      Themba NleyaThemba Nleya23 days ago
  • Umm he said micheal never had a melt down....i remember seeing nick anderson stealing the ball from jordan in the eastern finals to elinintate the bulls lmao jordan at this point is a tall tale his myth overpowers the facts

    Shaneosaurus GamingShaneosaurus Gaming23 days ago
  • Nick was talking facts!!!!

    Jay CarterJay Carter23 days ago
  • Nick Wright butt clinch when people calling MJ the goat😂

    Anthony MilneAnthony Milne23 days ago
  • Lebron can't win unless he has 2 all star players on his team. Miami he had bosh and wade. Cavs he had love and kyrie, lakers he had Davis and ex champ in rondo

    Jake WelshJake Welsh24 days ago
  • finally i see someone telling the truth.thanks nick.brusard didnt now what to say and start say things for the burber shop

    tilemahos michostilemahos michos24 days ago
  • Why is this goat debate still going on lol. Jordan never said he was the goat the fans said that. He don't even entertain the discussion. Look at facts lebron moved to Miami with dwade and Chris bosh who were top 10 players then. Then he went back to Cleveland were Kyrie was top 3 point guards and Kevin love wasn't a scrub.

    Hate A HaterHate A Hater26 days ago
  • Nigga Broussard stupid bro 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    Erick GarciaErick Garcia27 days ago
  • Nerdy Nick, shouting at the top of his lungs, sounded like a crying girl who snapped after being dumped - - - trying to win her boyfriend back 😂😂😂

    Joel San AgustinJoel San Agustin27 days ago
  • how can it be not powerful if jordan didnt got over the 1st round?

  • You got people who cant even do what Jordan or Lebron can do but they got a opinion on who is the GOAT 😂💀

    Daisuke AkiyoDaisuke Akiyo28 days ago
  • Nick right d goat of media

    Chris OchugboChris Ochugbo28 days ago
  • Nick wrong strikes again. He speaks like a millennial

    Guy MoshayovGuy Moshayov28 days ago
  • Damn lebron need to send NICK NEEDS A CHECK

    Leary &Son'sLeary &Son's28 days ago
  • Nick make some good points but MJ beat the Pistons, Lakers, Utah, Knicks, Pacers, Magic etc! all loaded with HOF. - WTF you talking about 1 HOF in the east.

    Ashish PatelAshish PatelMonth ago
  • Broussard also on Lebrons pay roll hahahahaha

    bigben1986bigben1986Month ago
  • So what happens after Lebron. you kids act like this is the last finals ever and the NBA is going to close their doors. Lebron great for his era, goat,, not even close.

    bigben1986bigben1986Month ago
  • MJ the Goat

    graphix buddygraphix buddyMonth ago
  • You can’t compare the eras.

    Josiah KingJosiah KingMonth ago
  • It was ALOT easier to dominate the league in Jordan’s time. The league is always evolving. The skill level in Jordan’s era was NO WHERE NEAR today’s era. The players today are so much better than they were 25 years ago.

    Josiah KingJosiah KingMonth ago
  • Why is he yelling....damn ny ears hurt bruh 😂😂😂

    Tyler STyler SMonth ago
  • If we were to base all these stats and achievements on European rules then Lebron is the GOAT by a country mile. But for some reason Americans seem to turn the word “Greatest” into whatever suits their arguments. I’m neutral and have heard arguments from both sides, but if it is judged PROPERLY on statistics then Lebron is the GOAT. Pretty sure I heard someone has more championships than Jordan, so shouldn’t he be in the debate instead?

    Gab PeterGab PeterMonth ago
  • Nick just killed your debate Chris

    Akiem WingfieldAkiem WingfieldMonth ago
  • Great G.O.A.T. Debate..

    Shaylon WalkerShaylon WalkerMonth ago
  • Lol they’re just laughing at nick 😂😂😂 me to tho 😭😭😭

    Dash FetchemDash FetchemMonth ago
  • Jordan never stopped Hakeem 😂🤣😂 Hakeem played in the west and is a 2x champ 🤔

    Mark WilliamsMark WilliamsMonth ago
  • So by Broussard comments Bill Russell should be the goat because nobody are he won 10 rings in 11 years. Also Hakeem and them won a ring remember jordan came back and they lost that year in the playoff. But I would say jordan is the goat because more people have been killed over his shoes then anybody else.

    James WaibelJames WaibelMonth ago
  • It's more enjoyable watching this nick take after watching Doug Gottlieb take it apart.. nick NEVER wants to put his points against MJ in context... bron is all time, but if you're a bron fan, just put it ALL in context, dont just listen to this fool... He brought up Tim Robinson Shaq and Kobe... right when MJ came back, as a near 40 year old, WAY past his prime, with the wizards... way to put it in context Nick... Magic and bird ohhh right right when MJ had bum squads? And chicago was a laughing stock still right right nice work nick Put it in context cause you know if it were lebron he'd make sure to put it in context

    B VB VMonth ago
  • I’m not concerned about the goat conversation so I’ll just say who I think is better and it’s very simple, those of us who saw both players in their prime know of a surety that JORDAN as a basketball player had an aura of invincibility. If you didn’t know anything about basketball just the “eye test” would tell you who was the more dominant and better player and that was MJ

    Albert AndersonAlbert AndersonMonth ago
  • It’s amazing to me how everyone Somehow forgets or believes that Jordin didn’t play through the 80s in which he lost To Isaiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons 4 years in a row in the playoffs , Even getting swept by them! It wasn’t until he joined up with Phil Jackson (Greatest coach ever ) ,His super sidekick Pippin (HOF) DID he Finally Win his six championships Which obviously makes him Top 5 or even the best player of all time but this is all based on perspective ! I just get sick and tired of Generation X , Argument that he is the GOAT ,And no one else comes close!

    Aaron JohnstonAaron JohnstonMonth ago
  • MJ change The game forever and put on a show for 82 games and turn up his play in the playoffs

    HitmanKing JayHitmanKing JayMonth ago
  • Lol that's was funny nobody isn't near MJ

    HitmanKing JayHitmanKing JayMonth ago
  • More like what Nick Wright, Shannon and NBA don't want you to know about lebron

  • Nick acting sweaty, stretching, reaching and thirsty at the same time! Dis 🤬 spittin! 😆

    Robert WilliamsRobert WilliamsMonth ago
  • Compared to jordan, he waited too long to be greater than jordan.. Jordan did all what he did in 13 seasons.. he played 15 but those other 2 seasons he was 39 and 40..

    Alik BeyAlik BeyMonth ago
  • This is a prime example of someone trying to make a case an excuses instead of actual facts. If anyone on here is going to tell me winning 6 for 6 championships 3 times in a row twice on 1 team vs 4 for 10 in 3 different teams in a free agent era is worse then it says alot of what people's perception of reality is. If you talk goat you look at overall stats offense, defense, team accomplishments, impact on basketball. MJ 5 MVPs LeBron 4 MJ 6 championships LeBron 4 MJ finals MVP 6 LeBron 4 MJ 10 time scoring champion LeBron 1 MJ All defense team 10 LeBron 1 In the clutch last 3sec shots overall career Jordan 50% from the field LeBron 20% these are facts. If the greatest of all time to me is the best offensively and defensively. Lastly people are trying to make a case for LeBron when no one needs to for Jordan. Also When did LeBron past Kobe?? LeBron has played in 200 more games then MJ and still hasn't accomplished what Jordan has statistically and overall. Common guys jeesh you got to be kidding. LeBron. Is Top 3 but no where near MJ

  • Chris I like that

    RobertRobertMonth ago
  • First take pls let nick wrong read this. Hakeem, drexler, duncan, shag, kobe, kwai, robinson, did not win nba championship during MJ watch, i think nick forgot that MJ never lose in the finals, but the point is robinson, duncan, hakeem, drexler, kwai, shag and kobe won their championship when MJ was not playing, it just happened that MJ had played with this guys, these guys thanks MJ for he retires.

    Robert EstrelladaRobert EstrelladaMonth ago
  • LeBron didn't win without other super stars and the cupcake era LeBron is winning in makes all the difference in the world, he never had to deal with the bad boy pistons or New York Nick's or any of the physical teams in Jordan's era.

    Gordon JonesGordon JonesMonth ago
  • Uncle shay been tellin yall wat nick said 🤷🏾‍♂️😂💯

    I BeJhutI BeJhutMonth ago
  • All these millennials that only started watching basketball since 2010 are under heavy recency bias. Lebron is great, but he’s not better than MJ. Kids nowadays are delusional as fuck lol

    Edward ParkEdward ParkMonth ago
  • Nobody talking about Bill Russell 11th championship rings so anybody it is the 🐐 it Bill Russell and no f****** body else no discussion f*****

    Darryl HaskinsDarryl HaskinsMonth ago
  • Media protects MJ so bad its sad

    Stephen AlemanStephen AlemanMonth ago
  • Why is Nick acting like Scotty was this big mega star when he joined the bulls, he wasn't even an all-star. How about the fact that LeBron didn't even make the play offs his first 2 years.

    Marlon RenwickMarlon RenwickMonth ago
  • Jordan did not have a winning record against Houston

    Deric WilsonDeric WilsonMonth ago
  • jordan my bad years do not count

    John CapoJohn CapoMonth ago
  • "Thats not HOW THIS WORKS"

    John CapoJohn CapoMonth ago
  • MJ is the GOAT for these reasons: 1. MJ has most Finals MVPs in NBA History (with 6 Finals MVP). 2. MJ has second most regular season MVPs (with 5 MVPs) after Kareem. 3. MJ won the scoring title 10 times (most in NBA History). MJ averaged the highest PPG at 30 ppg on 50% shooting (similar to LeBron). MJ averaged the most PPG in regular season and playoff history on excellent efficiency (around 50% shooting). MJ was an amazing free throw shooter at 80%+ and his midrange game is second to none. Only knock on MJ was the 3 point % at 32% but he wasn't taking that many threes and it wasn't his game. 4. MJ has won DPOY and made 9 first defensive first teams in his career. Very hard to win DPOY and he did it. He is an athletic specimen that is an amazing defender on-ball and team defense. 5. MJ has the HIGHEST PER in NBA History (over LeBron the King of PER). 6. MJ has won the 2nd or 3rd most rings in NBA History (6 rings with two 3-peats). Only Kareem ties him in rings and Bill Russell won more with 11 rings and Horry with 7 rings. 7. MJ has NEVER underperformed even when he lost to the Bird Celtics in his first 2-3 years in the NBA with NO Help (no Pippen to help MJ against the dynasty Celtics with Bird). Especially as the favorite he always showed up. Even against Detroit Pistons he lost the first three times to, MJ always showed up and didn't collapse. 1995 not really a case because MJ came back with 17 games left in season and didn't have proper conditioning after playing baseball. 8. MJ is not known as a passer but he averages around 6 APG which is great for a SG. It was Pippen job to distribute the ball but MJ can pass when he plays point once. 9. MJ averages 6 RPG which is great. LeBron only LEADS in APG and RPG (although MJ has more offensive rebounds per game). LeBron is a passer by nature but MJ is a scorer by nature. MJ weakness is 3 point shooting and LeBron weakness is free throw shooting. I think free throw shooting is more important than 3 point shooting especially under pressure in a tight game. MJ leads in PPG and PER and has more accolades defensively. Also MJ has more rings and MVPs and Finals MVPs and did all that in less seasons than LeBron. About competition, the East in the last decade is weaker than the East MJ struggled in the 80s (from 84-90). The Bird Celtics and Detroit Pistons with Isiah Thomas would annihilate Lebron East competition. Throw in Ewing Knicks and Reggie Pacers and they would give the top East teams trouble. LeBron certainly had tougher FINALS opponents in Spurs and GSW (with KD). They are similar to Bird Celtics and Pistons. I will admit GSW with KD is arguably the best team ever assembled. This is where MJ remains the GOAT and where the separation occurs: LeBron 2011 Finals against an inferior Mavs team as the favorites with an excellent Heat team. LeBron got outscored by a bench player Jason Terry and disappeared in the entire series. MJ never let an inferior team beat him with Pippen. All these factors taken into consideration, MJ has the balance of individual accolades/stats and winning which makes his NBA resume the best of all time. Therefore, MJ is the GOAT over LeBron James.

    Dew ManDew ManMonth ago
  • Nick is on point with his points, he's like the Ben Shapiro of sports media. #factshurtingyourlittlefellings

    Danthe3rdDanthe3rdMonth ago
  • Nick actually made a Valid Point 💯🤣

    Sha MSha MMonth ago
  • And Jordon had Pip that whole time and an all-star cast before Pip no chips

    StopnGoStopnGoMonth ago
  • If my memory serves right Kobe & Shaq & The Twin Towers WON after MJ retired. Am I wrong ??? I will NvR understand why LeBron is always talked over Kobe. 1 TEAM, 5 RING’s, 1 3’PEAT

    shangrila107shangrila107Month ago
  • "MJ is the only player to average 30 for a postseason career" Me:these ppl only care about points...Lebron lead with more points,rebounds, and assists in the finals than both teams...twice smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ ppl with closed minds will yell Jordan forever cause they so in love...I love Lebron believe he is the goat but Pete Maravich is my favorite player of all time and I’m just waiting for the next player to be better than Lebron...reall basketball fan

    ghent973908ghent973908Month ago
  • LeBron win championship in every team he played. Jordan didn't win in Wizard

    Ruel EscalonaRuel EscalonaMonth ago

    Terri RicksTerri RicksMonth ago
  • Nick on point 💯💪🏾

    JI400_RED_TOP JI400_RED_TOPJI400_RED_TOP JI400_RED_TOPMonth ago
  • jordan has no wickness...yeah..choke 1989 4th quarter shot one field goal

    Ryan PeraltaRyan PeraltaMonth ago
  • Actually its harder to win NBA championship with 3 different teams,then with one stacked.

    Ramo DugalicRamo DugalicMonth ago
  • The east was trash? But he beat the best in the west 6 times

    Ken TownKen TownMonth ago
  •'re heavily misguided

    D BD BMonth ago
  • I have mj #1 Kobe#2 Wilt#3 Magic #4 Bill#5 Kareem#6 Lebron #7 Bird#8 But....lebron's championships are too cheap. He's always won after forming a superteam

    D BD BMonth ago
  • I just looked at lebron's and Jordan's net worth, then looked at my bank balance..... this debate is clearly not for me

    fishplug10fishplug10Month ago
  • You know you've got them when they do the fake laugh and start with the cliche 'I expected better from you.' I think, as an outsider, that Jordan's personality is more suited to be the GOAT. All swagger and arrogance. People like that from champions. LeBron is as dull as a diplomat by comparison. I doubt it'll happen, but if LeBron manages a 3peat with the Lakers, at this age, then you've gotta put him as at least equal to Jordan.

    Paddy McPaddy McMonth ago
  • They talk about winning with the same team as a big accomplishment, but anyone who has actually played a sport KNOWS there's a huge luxury in playing with the same team, same guys, same coach, year after year after year.......VS jumping from team to team, new players, new systems, multiple coaching changes, zero continuity that Lebron had and STILL dominated. That is so much more difficult....and so much more impressive. If you don't believe that you have likely never actually played a team sport.

    Jeffrey PhillipsJeffrey PhillipsMonth ago
  • If 6’8 250 lebron played inna 90s where he could hand check he’d have 7 dpoys

    MBK ShodMBK ShodMonth ago
  • I'm a Jordan lover but you must admit that LeBron did not have the same team structure as Jordan. Jordan had at least 3 top ten players on his team🤔

    Khareem CabeyKhareem CabeyMonth ago
  • Jordan wouldnt be great in this era. He wouldnt be goat he would be a superstar. The skill set every player needs now is over the top. And MJ’s height and build is below what superstar are today

    MCMCMonth ago
  • Dude @10:06 dropped FACTS on Nick Wright. Bronsexuals try and bring up numbers when Lebron's cumulative numbers are due to longevity. He's not 2 way player Jordan is defense or offense. Jordan has the defensive and offensive accolades to prove it. Jordan also didn't look to pass the ball to a less talented player just because that guy is "open". Jordan could dissect you from anywhere on the court; inside and outside. Therefore, 9/10 he was the best person to pass the ball to. Lebron passes the ball off to the other guy and gets frustrated when his teammates don't come through. He get's his share of points and will definitely pick him over Pippen, Magic, or any other passer. But he's a guy who scores 25+PPG by getting his shots here and there, he doesn't go crazy and take the game over. LIKED HIS GAME 5 PERFORMANCE for the record.

    Advent616Advent616Month ago
  • Nick was saving this.. he caught a body

    Ultra InstinctUltra InstinctMonth ago
  • Man, I would have been scared to have nick debate Obama after what he did to Chris ! Got damn, That boy made me this Jordan was a scrub for a minute. Chris Broussard trying time come with, is that all you had, I would have expected more” More ! More would have been if he just strait, slapped the shit out of Michael Jordan ! Lol, Shit, Jordan hear this shit. And will straight start contemplating coming out of retirement cry saying, Put some respect on my name, all tree of y’all “ lmao

    Rodney LovingsRodney LovingsMonth ago
  • I’m not used to Chris taking Jordan’s side and pointing out Lebron’s flaws. I like it.

    Blair PattersonBlair PattersonMonth ago
  • It’s funny how not a single person actually responded to anything nick said

    Devin SmartDevin SmartMonth ago
  • Jordan can’t shoot a three

    JP ClanJP ClanMonth ago
  • Why all these idiots need to shout when talking. Relax dudes.

    TribesmanjokoTribesmanjokoMonth ago
  • Bron"ll get 6

    John DavisJohn DavisMonth ago
  • Jordan had pippen.. and then he got an older Rodman in 96. Rodman averaged in his 14 years. 7.3 points and 13.1 rebounds per game. Now ask your self How many Superstars has LeBron played with.. Wade ,Bosh , Ray Allen. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis. You can make the argument that Jordan didn't win when he didn't have much help..but LeBron has lost with some good teams to the Mavs 2006, Spurs 2014.

    kung fu fury 2kung fu fury 2Month ago
  • Y’all acting like MJ never won shit till Pippen got there and the started winning chips immediately, lol!! Also Nick adding 40 year old Wizard years so if y’all think Nick won that I feel bad for y’all!

    Bret ViolaBret ViolaMonth ago
  • Nick wright is a national hero for this

    ogugua obidikeogugua obidikeMonth ago
  • so you wanna point that all so when lebron had 2 players that averaged 20ppg and still barely won jordan had only 1 and that was pippen and he didn't even averaged 20ppg all the time please stop this debate

    Kenneth raifordKenneth raifordMonth ago
  • can we stop this lebron goat talk its been over since it never started lebron is great but he isn't even better then kobe yet lebron is like 6 or 7 alltime

    Kenneth raifordKenneth raifordMonth ago
  • Millennial thread i see.

    long distance 808long distance 808Month ago
  • But MJ don't have SPURS AND THE WARRIORS ...OK THIS IS THE SCENARIO.. MJ 4 YEARS IN NBA DO HE HAVE CHANCE WITH HIS ROSTER 1987? WHERE MJ 1987 DD NOT EVEN 8TH Mj year BRON IN 4TH YEAR IN FINALS..4- 0 BY SPURS .. MJ 22-43 IN HIS 4TH YEAR.. Mj year 8- 9- 10 3 peat .. Bron 8 9 10 againts DALLAS / OKC/ SPURS i think BULLS maybe they can lose 1 series .. even dallas ..MJ year 12 lost 13 14 15 ..3 peat..BRON 13v14v15 one series againts the warriors year 13th ...2016 ..2017 ( 14) 2018( 15) Mj bulls againts warriors 2016 2017 2018 do you think bulls will beat them 3 times?

    AngelAngelMonth ago
  • Nick is right

    T DillingerT DillingerMonth ago
  • Is Brandon the new Molly ?? STFU !!

    Dre GDre GMonth ago
  • Jordan the only player to average 30 ppg in the post season,well do some more research on that cause that's wrong,he's not the only one

    Patrick FrancisPatrick FrancisMonth ago
  • BIG 🧢 Why is it so hard for them to give Lebron his props bro! He had to play against the fucking warriors with the Cavs, Golden state clearly was the healthier and more talented team

    Don JulioDon JulioMonth ago
  • none of those guys beat jordan in the finals meanwhile lebron got smacked by tim duncan 2 times steph curry 3 times kd 2 times and kahwi won fmvp for locking him down. and u cant say golden state was a superteam bc the only reason lebron has 4 rings instead of 2 is bc he joined 2 other top 12 players and still underachieved.

    Azian PriceAzian PriceMonth ago