Bro made it look real 😂

Feb 28, 2021
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Bro made it look real 😂
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  • He just did mix between beamng drive and forza and real life

    Nbze 1Nbze 149 minutes ago
  • His neighbors are probably looking like: what thee hell?

    Skeb ySkeb yHour ago
  • My driving in gta* Michael in the car

    Eduardo EnriquezEduardo Enriquez2 hours ago
  • Nice Lancer Urus he got there!

    Fares DjebbarFares Djebbar3 hours ago
  • Hi


    Marcus AdjeiMarcus Adjei3 hours ago
  • This was amazing 😂

  • that was funny im in tears

    Janiecia AbramsJaniecia Abrams4 hours ago
  • lol

    salah manursalah manur5 hours ago
  • Lmao

    Sam PiazzaSam Piazza5 hours ago
  • No life

    Kev RedKev Red5 hours ago
  • His channels name is on point

    Archungus GamingArchungus Gaming5 hours ago
  • I do not know your body can flow in the air when you're falling to the ground in the car 🚗 rest in peace to guys bottom

    ocean blue clouisocean blue clouis6 hours ago
  • That's why you wear seatbelts.

    ArkoArko8 hours ago
  • Kratos: "I'm the strongest video game character" Doomslayer: "I have killed gods like you with the power of just my anger" Steve: "I could carry more than you could ever even imagine" Forza Horizon Protagonist: "Amateurs"

    VCtoothpickVCtoothpick9 hours ago
  • swaz

    Adam ŠušaAdam Šuša11 hours ago
  • If this was what happened to your avatar in forza them my avatar is most certainly jammed into the back seat

    car1938car193812 hours ago
  • What kind of meme is this

    kingofjay Leddakingofjay Ledda13 hours ago
  • how he timed that

    NianNian14 hours ago
  • That's why always wear seat belt 😂

    Deepanshu JindalDeepanshu Jindal16 hours ago
  • Did anyone noticed that he is sitting in a lamborghini urus

    Surya Pradeep vlogsSurya Pradeep vlogs16 hours ago
  • And that's why you wear your seatbelt

    Afterfall81Afterfall8117 hours ago
  • Imagine if they never invented seat belts

    MachiPachiMachiPachi17 hours ago
  • And this is why you wear a seatbelt

    Sora TatamiSora Tatami18 hours ago
  • Damn Logitech

    Nightwingdude 38Nightwingdude 3818 hours ago
  • Dude forza be my shit

    POLECAT257POLECAT25718 hours ago
  • if that car was in first person this shit would be realistic as a mf

    EngeeneEngeene18 hours ago
  • Oh he’s in a Urus

    Raymond SRaymond S20 hours ago
  • plot twist: it's real

    sir dansir dan20 hours ago
  • His neighbors looking at him like what in the fuck kind of drugs is he on

    matt johnsonmatt johnson20 hours ago
  • Person outside window: _🤔_

    Mr. PeanutbutterMr. Peanutbutter20 hours ago
  • We not gonna talk about how this dude is sitting in a Lamborghini

    Yeesack FilmsYeesack Films21 hour ago
  • Who said it's fake?

    DaeshawnDaeshawn22 hours ago
  • imagine being baked as fuck getting some snacks and you walk by his car

    jjDay ago
  • should've had on his seatbelt

    PaystreePaystreeDay ago
  • thats what seatbelts are for

    Thomas WhitfieldThomas WhitfieldDay ago
  • 😂🐐

    Cosmo VlogCosmo VlogDay ago
  • Hggiojffty

    5ve2w04our5ve2w04ourDay ago
  • But isn’t the video at the bottom real?

  • But wouldn't he be leaning forward based on the way the direction the car was falling?

    Andre LAndre LDay ago
  • its a lambo

    CompYT WarzoneCompYT WarzoneDay ago
  • The original one is actually GTA V in real life in the USworlds story shorts

    SinfulnessXSamurai 99SinfulnessXSamurai 99Day ago
  • Lmao 😂

    Zander KZander KDay ago
  • that fall

    Tata KingTata KingDay ago
  • That's Dope

    ade fadliade fadliDay ago
  • Always wear a seatbelt :)

    SearsonSearsonDay ago
  • Where is the airbag?!?!

    OhMyQuadOhMyQuadDay ago
  • Legend has it he has a cardboard box in the wheel well...

    Your_TypicalCivicYour_TypicalCivicDay ago
  • So this channel just stealing people's content to make money.

    Camron MacDougallCamron MacDougallDay ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Dane IbsenDane IbsenDay ago
  • When you go off road on 2077

    ThatOneGuyFromSchoolThatOneGuyFromSchoolDay ago
  • Lolllll

    RyanRyanDay ago
  • This is why you wear a seat belt kids

    Nam PhamNam PhamDay ago
  • He was flying! And also why did it look like he was dead when he was flying?

    Mr Deamon_09Mr Deamon_09Day ago
  • Bruh.. I thought the game trynna make real the dude incident... Feel stupid ad fuck

    burro birraburro birraDay ago
  • Hahaha hahaha😂😂😂😂😂 give some awards to this guy😎

    StarboyStarboyDay ago
  • That dust is a paid actor

  • What the hell man? 😂😂😂

    kenny-kent60kenny-kent60Day ago
  • I can't stop watching

    Vape cat !Vape cat !Day ago
  • y’all got too much free time 😂

    Brandon 98Brandon 98Day ago
  • F up

    MildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortniteMildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortniteDay ago
  • damn this guy put a lambo interior in a lancer.

    Jdplayz2007Jdplayz2007Day ago
  • Where's the credit? 👎

    Steven FrenchSteven FrenchDay ago
  • And that’s why you wear a seatbelt kids

    elieliDay ago
  • Noiiice!!💯💯🤙😂

    K Martin802K Martin802Day ago
  • 0:12 his back crunched

    Tiktokhead44Tiktokhead44Day ago
  • hahahah ah who else be getting scared af when this happens in a game shut out to the people who afe scared of heights hahah

    Avion MurrellAvion MurrellDay ago
  • Bro why is the lint particles even floating through the frame. 😂😂😂

    SP GlideSP GlideDay ago
  • Want to see this from the neighbors pov 😆

    y my mDay ago
  • I think we found our next fast and furious actor

    Arcane PandaArcane PandaDay ago
  • Bruh that’s really how forza is huh

    ITZJTZITZJTZ2 days ago
  • Lol

    Slothy RobloxSlothy Roblox2 days ago
  • Who else realized he was in the lamborghini urus?

    plxtsplxts2 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • KING JESUS CHRIST is returning. Repent and get right with GOD. 🙏

    Treasure RobertsTreasure Roberts2 days ago
  • ":awesome:"

    rogi gtrogi gt2 days ago
  • Wear your seatbelt you fool

    WesleyParksonPCWesleyParksonPC2 days ago
  • Not really

    Nolan PodporaNolan Podpora2 days ago
  • and this lady and gentleman, is why you wear a seatbelt.

    AquaGAquaG2 days ago
  • Pov of your gta character all this time

    Jayy RonJayy Ron2 days ago
  • oo but thats some amazing acting

    Im SorryIm Sorry2 days ago
  • Wear your seatbelts

    ChillinChillin2 days ago
  • Meanwhile in Russia

    suborna ranidharsuborna ranidhar2 days ago
  • And was that the guy who is a pro soccer trick shooter

    BWOM 1BWOM 12 days ago
  • This dude: having a seizure in his car in the Walmart parking lot Everyone in the parking lot:👁👄👁

    RibbitJimRibbitJim2 days ago
  • Only part that doesn’t look real are the seats. His in a Lamborghini

    MEMSMEMS2 days ago
  • He can count, big whoop.

    Just InJust In2 days ago
  • Lol

    vxHypnoticvxHypnotic2 days ago
  • .hack//car

    KFlex FantasticKFlex Fantastic2 days ago
  • 0:10 mosquitoes eeeeeeeeeeee

    jeswinjeswin2 days ago
  • use sitbealt kids

    Siraj Muhamad JabalSiraj Muhamad Jabal2 days ago
  • Lol

    TeskyFXTeskyFX2 days ago

    TNA qu0RtZTNA qu0RtZ2 days ago
  • The virtual experience that every Lambo buyer must have before they leave the dealership..

    Kyoti JhanKyoti Jhan2 days ago
  • :awesome:

    GrahamCracckerGrahamCraccker2 days ago
  • Even the dust seem like it’s floating 😂

    JayxxJayxx2 days ago
  • Im dead. Help meXD

    Muhammad KhoiriMuhammad Khoiri2 days ago
  • He probably smoked some pot. Only pot heads drive like that.

    Mr. MannyMr. Manny2 days ago
  • Nice😀

    Rhein ZakkiRhein Zakki2 days ago