BlueBucksClan feat. Quavo & Hit-Boy - Lil League (Official Video)

Mar 26, 2021
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Watch the official video from BlueBucksClan feat. Quavo & Hit-Boy - "Lil League."
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BlueBucksClan feat. Quavo & Hit-Boy "Lil League" Lyrics
Why the fuck these n****s talking? N****s little league
Cash App the bitch a thousand, it's the little things
Bucks Clan, yeah Huncho wit us on the east
I'ma be the first in that Rezvani beast
I told my bitches I ain't shit, yeah I'm from the streets
You want n****s to perform, we need a hundred each
Off an addy with your bitch, I ain't goin to sleep
You be wifing all the bitches that be whores to me
Old money, old navy this is not a fleece
All the whips from Italy, it just say ""capice""
I can take your bitch standing in a tall tee
You pull up flexing that lil ten, you in the wrong league
I'm in the A making plays like I'm Jeff Teague
Paid a thousand on these pants these ain't just jeans
Eight hundred dollar cup this ain't just lean
We ain't let no lame n****s in, just leave
I don't kick it with them n****s I ain't Jet Li
Half a million on this water, bring a jet ski
If I don't call you I'ma jig you if you text me
Four hoes poppin X, goin Justice League
Told my bitch I wouldn't lie if I ain't care about you
Fendi eyes on my shirt I got a staring problem
Don't tell me about no normal bitches I don't care about em
N****s trash, feel like Future, I'm just being honest
I'm with two exotic bitches, they got German in em
Buying all these white pants, cherries burnin in em
I got n****s mad at me I ain't workin with em
All my bitches get Diors with the purses with em
Bitches you ain't ever seen, scratch the surface with em
Chrome Hearts on my pants, this expensive denim
Seen me with the same bitch? Them was different women
Play with Huncho or the Clan and it's consequences
All my bitches keep a fire and a Birkin with em
The gang lock your town down like Richard Sherman with em
Back then he was pussy, I went to church with em
Beyblade let it rip, I let the sticks spin em
Why the fuck these n****s talking? N****s little league
Cash App the bitch a thousand, it's the little things
Bucks Clan, yeah Huncho wit us on the east
I'ma be the first in that Rezvani beast
I told my bitches I ain't shit, yeah I'm from the streets
You want n****s to perform, we need a hundred each
Off an addy with your bitch, I ain't goin to sleep
You be wifing all the bitches that be whores to me
#BlueBucksClan #LilLeague #Quavo #HitBoy
Music video by BlueBucksClan, Quavo, Hit-Boy performing Lil League. Out The Blue Records; © 2021 UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Best thing I’ve ever heard profanity bots.. I wish I could staaab you f.cks twist the blade and collapse your lungs. Maybe a quick jab in the thigh meat for the hell of it before an artery push in the neck. Maybe just let my ridgebacks tear you to pieces. Either way the whole time I watched this utter f.cking sh.t I thought about ending your chubby soft crybaby .ss lives. Just to watch you twitch around and sh.t yourselves into nothingness would be divine. Don’t worry I’ll toss money and panties on you so you feel right at home. Sh.t I’ll even park an impala on top of you too. I love dreaming...

    Bric WildBric Wild10 seconds ago
  • AYE shit getting views gotta keep coming back to the song it goes hard shit bout to blowwww

    Treasure RightTreasure Right3 hours ago
  • Is that jadakiss?

    Banksdadon REACTSBanksdadon REACTS5 hours ago
  • Tapping in from Southern California

    West CoastWest Coast14 hours ago
  • Okkk, mad quack didn’t get to it

    Phoneix BreezePhoneix BreezeDay ago
  • love this

    Britney LiveBritney LiveDay ago
  • Future West coast Wednesday hit ... this hit smacks harder than edibles

    Jacob SandovalJacob SandovalDay ago
  • 🧤 ⬇️, this is F*CKIN BANGA 🔥💯

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  • Big dude sounds like tee grizzly

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    pedro soloriopedro solorio2 days ago
  • Blue bucks gonna kill it this summer no cap

    Ryan CaronaRyan Carona2 days ago
  • That quavo ft was definitely like 50k lol

    dean alamdean alam2 days ago
  • Quavo crip

    happythoughts love everybodyhappythoughts love everybody3 days ago
  • Richard Sherman

    Stephanie LopezStephanie Lopez3 days ago
  • Told my bih if ion lie ion care about you 😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ATL to LA this a BANGER 🤟🏾

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    YvngEliThaMenace 420YvngEliThaMenace 4205 days ago
  • I’m glad Quavo made a hit again

    Kirito VidsKirito Vids5 days ago

    baluga senpaibaluga senpai5 days ago
  • Lil League dammit!

    LilGviLilGvi5 days ago
  • anyone kno the girls ig like the girl from 0:21

    vyracvyrac5 days ago
  • They all snapped!!

    Hammington BoonHammington Boon5 days ago
  • LA ain’t seen this much buzz since Dj Mustard and YG hit the scene... Bluebucks most definitely got tha West on they back !!!!

    Matrix SevenMatrix Seven6 days ago
  • Quavo got the Saycheese Jacket lol

    toni enchalottitoni enchalotti6 days ago
  • THEY ON.

  • 👍

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  • BucksClan! Got Huncho On The East...

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  • BLUE BUCKS fina take off past the moon with this clapper of the summer

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  • How is a song with 3 rappers only 2 mins long?

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  • “Beyblade let it rip let the stick spin em” -Quavo Huncho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Here @ 6k views🔥🔥

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  • Keep up good work bro 😎🔥🔥💙🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁💙💙🏁🏁🏁 it would be cool to see u in cole Bennett lyrical lemonade video

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  • Yu pull up flexing wit ah 10, yu in da wrong league... -Huncho 🌊🦾

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  • Honcho paying to crip

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  • You can’t say BlueBucksClan 3 times fast Bet

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  • Detroit beats dont make yo head bob like this😂😂 yall niggas confused

    Siah_thoSiah_tho9 days ago
    • Omm...Detroit don't use that kick like how the West do. They style different

      j.k.woryon MBAj.k.woryon MBA8 days ago
  • Migos always advance....listen to the huncho he sounds great

    mikey flackomikey flacko10 days ago
  • #Team producer of the Year #HitBoy💯😎

    Dionne GriffinDionne Griffin10 days ago
  • 0:40 All the whips from Italy, engines say: capisci? 😂😂💀💀

    Lando CarlissianLando Carlissian10 days ago
  • Yeah y’all den fucked up for allowing quavo to get on a song wit y’all I’m a fan of just bucks clans by themself .. this ain’t it trash

    Cesar DeleonCesar Deleon10 days ago
  • Ms New Music ✔️🏁

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  • Why did I get an add for this video on a pxrn website

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  • Sheesh! Sheesh! Gang Gang

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  • Forgot about the clan

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  • "Old Money, old navy, this is not a fleece" 🔥🔥

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  • This HIT DIFFERENT 🗣🔥💯

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  • well from the wise words of ak STREETIE unleashed the beast from quavo

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  • Quavo always runnin

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  • Same O’l shit no New level no new sphere no new dimension no new game The lyrics and beat #lousy

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