Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones

Mar 30, 2021
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  • ok but can we really trust express VPN tho

    smoothie cardozasmoothie cardozaHour ago
  • no, youre right. this guys an ass

    Alex MatthewsAlex MatthewsHour ago
  • this is funny

    Anne LongoAnne Longo3 hours ago
  • the way they both mutually agreed to both hate each other

    xo cidxo cid4 hours ago
  • this is so humiliatingggg lmfaooo how can this man ever show his face again

    maddie andersonmaddie anderson6 hours ago
  • cody, love ya but for the love of god and my sanity pls stop calling it “the cut” PLEASE

    StilldreyStilldrey7 hours ago
  • The second person is already biased when going through the phone. They should have shown each person a pre-recorded video so the woman could have received an objective opinion.

    Z ZZ Z8 hours ago
  • that dude is for sure a business major in the worst frat on campus

    StraybleStrayble8 hours ago
  • I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

    Phalon McKinleyPhalon McKinley9 hours ago
  • this guy woke up and choose violence

    Abdost AslamAbdost Aslam9 hours ago
  • "he works out - a little bit" lmao i love her subtle attacks on him. he really got on a date video just to be relentlessly roasted

    WaltWhitmanWaltWhitman9 hours ago
  • the dude literally reminds me of bryce hall

    Nicole MohajerNicole Mohajer9 hours ago
  • “She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested

    Emily AnEmily An10 hours ago
  • I just hate the girl bro.

    ZaChonkoZaChonko11 hours ago
  • This girl was not a good person either i mean she was just rude.

    ZaChonkoZaChonko11 hours ago
  • You know, normally I would find this funny and jump on the wagon of roasting the dude but.. it is funny but not as funny as I'd normally find it. He really does though not present himself well at times, but, not like I can know how he really is. Sure you can infer but.. Rather than shitting all over someone or judging either or, I wish we all showed more humility, open-ness, and love.

    Port of WidsomPort of Widsom11 hours ago
    • @Emily An at that point in time they kinda came off that way, yeah. I just wish people in person and even in the comments would choose love man. I'm a devout spiritual person, and it's easier said than done.. but when I'm really thinking about it I'm like.. I gotta change and I wish others could be more compassionate as well

      Port of WidsomPort of Widsom9 hours ago
    • my god they were both such shitty people

      Emily AnEmily An10 hours ago
  • Watch phone swap on snapchat

    McRae LiburdiMcRae Liburdi11 hours ago
  • I was gone for like a minute and suddenly Cody's rocking the Winter Soldier cut

    Lacey SmithLacey Smith11 hours ago
  • The dude was bad no doubt but the girl was really passive aggressive

    Risto BorgmanRisto Borgman12 hours ago
  • He got a huge "no" from me the moment he said "brethren". He's just an incel who works out.

    JustPassingThroughJustPassingThrough12 hours ago
  • He was so mad 😂😂

    saucyysaucyy12 hours ago
  • That dude saying “yeah ik” pissed me off. No you didn’t. If you did you would have done it right. Don’t get salty because a girl knows more than you.

    erinaerina12 hours ago
  • wait until Cody finds out about “Phone Swap”

    Maz ieMaz ie13 hours ago
  • I have literally never watched a less attractive man wtf is he xD

    Megha RethinasamyMegha Rethinasamy15 hours ago
  • weell it’s clear why he’s single

    tattitatti15 hours ago
  • When the guy said “I’m a child myself.” I actually said out loud “clearly.” Like I’ve never genuinely had a verbal response to a video like that 😂

    OliviadonOliviadon15 hours ago
  • jesus..

    Colby CramerColby Cramer16 hours ago
  • this is what an ego death is but make it entertaining

    shecutieshecutie16 hours ago
  • Her-"he has calculator plus?" Him-"stumbles out of room, DONT LOOK AT TH-" HER-"WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CP"

    CRAZYCOW031CRAZYCOW03117 hours ago
  • *ITS NOT SHORT* says the guys who made a song named short kings..... okay cody :,)

    merel janssenmerel janssen17 hours ago
  • my god they were both such shitty people

    Diana GreenDiana Green18 hours ago
  • You got a whole baby?!

    Chris’ CornerChris’ Corner19 hours ago
  • He’s fighting for his life 💀💀💀

    Mateo JacksonMateo Jackson20 hours ago
  • What a jerk lol

    Noelia BohmNoelia Bohm20 hours ago
  • The photos in my phone are 98% screenshots of inspirational quotes and 2% my cat. I need help 🤣

    Nitara JonesNitara Jones20 hours ago
  • i hate that guy omg

    alyssa jadealyssa jade20 hours ago
  • just realised he might have been the type of guy in school who would shut down your laptops and snatch your phones

  • when the girl called him a slight bit creepy I was like you are way too considerate cause that is 100% creepy

  • lol dudes defending the guy saying he matched energy when he’s the one that brought those vibes.

    michelleisngmichelleisng21 hour ago
    • She roasted him first...

      Shri SivaShri Siva5 minutes ago
  • Has he heard of the snapchat show called phone swap? The cut stole the premise of that show

    Jadon SchwartzJadon Schwartz21 hour ago
  • That girl reminds me of that person in high school who had way to high of a view themselves even though they weren’t attractive and really judgmental, then would complain they can never find good guys not considering maybe they’re personality kinda sucks

    PolyvenusPolyvenus21 hour ago
  • The guy looks like russel from Up as an adult

    Marin CollinsMarin Collins21 hour ago
  • You CANNOT be telling me that you’ve never seen phone swap on Snapchat before

    Rachel BrownRachel Brown22 hours ago
  • I love this chick, she should hit ME up! Lookin like Alexandra daddario damn

    g0ttequilag0ttequila23 hours ago
  • Thats the type of dude who says he wants a fit girl then goes to the gym and keeps trying to tell women how to dead lift and to get off the machine

    AshlynAshlyn23 hours ago
  • She roasts his creepy ass and I love it!! 😄

    Miss SeveriMiss SeveriDay ago
  • fuck that was funny

    Jessa FraserJessa FraserDay ago
  • "Kinda weird you have a bunch of pics and screenshots of girls on here" Vs. "Low battery bitch with the basic white girl phone widgets and ugly ass selfies"

    R BoothR BoothDay ago
  • The “ugh” noise when they were asked to meet really just brought the whole thing together

    mikin liroumikin lirouDay ago
  • Isn’t this just phone swap but by cut

    Dallin DalgleishDallin DalgleishDay ago
  • Well I would've been a whiny ass too if she roasted my screenshot collection

    Daeva PathDaeva PathDay ago
  • my god i love how confident he was and then how she completely destroyed him

    futaba's left brain cellfutaba's left brain cellDay ago
  • That's toxic masculinity right there

    Ran SingRan SingDay ago
    • why are y’all siding with girl she was the one who was rude wtf

      mikin liroumikin lirouDay ago
  • Every mans photos looks like his or worse, respect the king bro had the balls to let her see

    Justin MJustin MDay ago
  • brush your damn hair

    Drew BennettDrew BennettDay ago
  • Video idea : Cody and Noel checking each other's phone

    Nabaneet SharmaNabaneet SharmaDay ago
  • 7:15 “This is a man of a face”

    JackBurbyJackBurbyDay ago
  • Wait this is literally just phone swap

    ConsumedConsumedDay ago
  • Like button: *smeeshed*

    Hudson SteereHudson SteereDay ago
  • this grown man really bragged about living with his parents

    Julia MaryJulia MaryDay ago
  • This made me go to my gallery and start deleting stuff

    Anti Monday Lasagna CatAnti Monday Lasagna CatDay ago
  • absolutely rolled this guy

    Hannah FolkertsHannah FolkertsDay ago
  • Cody's a S-S-S-S-S-SIMP

    Harekam GillHarekam GillDay ago
  • he sounds like he’s just learned curse words and doesn’t know how to use them😂

    Cautiously Optimistic Wolves FanCautiously Optimistic Wolves FanDay ago
  • 7:14 “this is the man of a face who is down”

    Prisha GellaboinaPrisha GellaboinaDay ago
  • Man wanted to be the main character in Journey to the Center of the Earth😭😭💀

    XBL IsraelXBL IsraelDay ago
  • why are y’all siding with girl she was the one who was rude wtf

    Beep BoobBeep BoobDay ago
  • They really found two of the most annoying people to do this with 😭

    Haley HansenHaley HansenDay ago
  • 48k 😭😭

    justine mareejustine mareeDay ago
  • It's bizzare to save asses in your phone? I have like 3gb worth of nudes in my phone, so do my friends.

    Chris BafaloukosChris BafaloukosDay ago
  • "this is the man of a face"

    Miracle LynnetteMiracle LynnetteDay ago
  • As soon as he said brethren I f KNEW he was a piece of shit

    Rose LopezRose LopezDay ago
  • 7:14 this is the man of a

    Rebeka TongeľováRebeka TongeľováDay ago
  • She was dawgin him the entire time and then gers mad when he makes some comebacks. Smh

    Manjere HungweManjere HungweDay ago
  • He was trying to hard to hurt her feelings omg

    Karina GonzalezKarina GonzalezDay ago
  • What happened with the cult video?

    Clayton FosterClayton FosterDay ago
  • Cody is the one hope I have for the male kind

    Laura BarssLaura BarssDay ago
  • This guy is so overrated

    ZellexzZellexzDay ago
  • The guy was roasted so he obvs had to fire some stuff back. Whilst it fell badly, she was also bein pretty rude as well lmao but these comments are just dissing him

    SklikSklikDay ago
  • We just gonna ignore that cut copied Snapchat’s phone swap show?

    Logan WickLogan WickDay ago
  • Oh he’s a weirdo... creepy as heck LOL

    Rose TRose TDay ago
  • He said “yeah I work out” and she said “yeah a little bit” LMAOOOO

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • the dude sounds like belethor from skyrim

    Molly CMolly CDay ago
  • So your telling me you pay 5 dollars a month to get shittier targeted adds ?

    milan torniermilan tornierDay ago
  • "He's doing it wrong" damn

    Codename MangoCodename MangoDay ago
  • This made me clear out my photos

    Peter TranPeter Tran2 days ago
    • Caught in 48k😂😂💀

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • “Dont drop my phone” could be reasonable concern or banter, nothing wrong with teasing/banter. Why would be so triggered by that? She basically called him a creep, not good at what he loves to do, and just being condescending. Taking a screenshot of a sexy photo is just as bad as post a sexy photo for the world to see. He was just not so tactful with his shade aye, this video clearly bias for the girl side from the beginning.

    Snark FartsSnark Farts2 days ago
  • KID FOR KID!!!

    gbluecheezgbluecheez2 days ago
  • Yo bro, never seen your channel before but you look like a complete simp not calling this girl out for anything. I'd say she's just as bad as the dude. She came in there instantly roasting the guy and he fired back. As a proud supporter of the feminist movement, I demand equality here. I'll go read some gender study articles now. Bye bye.

    kenet hernandezkenet hernandez2 days ago
    • Dababy

      VictørVictørDay ago
  • Yo these comments are crazy. Appearently the woman didn't do anything bad and the guy is complete trash. Women can't be held accountable for anything these days. Just look at the comments in the actual video. Completely different from here.

    kenet hernandezkenet hernandez2 days ago
  • It would've gone better if he just didn't say a word

    Itsjackinth3hatItsjackinth3hat2 days ago
  • 6:46 SUS

    Isaiah HillIsaiah Hill2 days ago
  • ‘Brethren’

    Chalice JonesChalice Jones2 days ago
  • She’s not that cute in person and she has a masculine upper body build. Like most women in the IG era she’s a bit narcissistic, which makes her basic at best. And of course being a young, single mom is a huge strike against her when searching for a partner. He’s short and felt intimidated by her after realizing she was a tall woman. He matched and even surpassed her energy with his insults, and rightfully so. However, he’s weak for still holding out hope for a hook up after trading jabs with her (he was slow to deny the 2nd date and didn’t look like he was going to say no until she turned it down).

    First LastFirst Last2 days ago
  • The delivery of "this guy sucksss" at 12:00 is amazing

    LuckyDTLuckyDT2 days ago
  • She wasn’t being rude.

    Tooth_acheTooth_ache2 days ago
  • More than 2M views and not even 1k likes, Cody is the goat.

    ramiro zavanramiro zavan2 days ago
  • Bruh I went to high school with this guy and nothing has changed 😂

    Toms CichlidsToms Cichlids2 days ago
  • Cody why are you humiliating this man

    VV2 days ago
  • Caught in 48k😂😂💀

    Hunter HollowayHunter Holloway2 days ago