Big wrecks and a new winner: Bristol Dirt Race Extended Highlights | NASCAR Cup Series

Mar 29, 2021
191 625 Views

Relive all the action from the 2021 Bristol Dirt Race, including big accidents that took out dirt-ringers Kyle Laron and Christopher Bell, and NASCAR gets yet another new winner this season.
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  • If anyone reading this knows anybody that makes a difference please tell them to use Arkansas gumbo. Just like they use at the ditch in West Memphis. It will still go through all the changes but there's no orange dust in the air. It would be great if they could see so get reisfield gumbo for the track

    Alan HarrisAlan Harris8 days ago
  • I was excited to see them finally race on dirt but the track maintenance during the race was not good. The dust was way too much. They have got to figure something out.

    Sir GregorySir Gregory9 days ago
  • Nascar is scratching the bottom of the Barrel trying to stay alive.Well u should have not pissed off 80 percent of Fans who live in the South.. I can't wait till they drive that last nail..

    scott burtonscott burton9 days ago
    • i can't wait until toxic people like you are 6 feet under

      Brandon DavisBrandon Davis8 days ago
  • I was disaoppointed with the bristol race . After 40 laps you were racing on asphalt in the center . why not take up the asphalt and have a real dirt track ?

    Tube dudeTube dude10 days ago
  • Ridiculous. This isn't a dirt race. It's dirt spread on concrete that gets blown off and creates a dust cloud. I thought this was a bad idea and I was right.

    Roy Baty2021Roy Baty202112 days ago
  • Byfar the most expensive demolition derby.

    Bobby StaffordBobby Stafford12 days ago
  • Seven different winners in a row. The playoffs are starting to look REAL interesting now.

    C.J. O'DellC.J. O'Dell13 days ago
  • Oversteer mania

    STeaLTH Se7en is EZSTeaLTH Se7en is EZ13 days ago
  • That was fun!!!

    jedger13jedger1314 days ago
  • Is that Tokyo drift with nascars loved the race good job joe

    Mason AndradeMason Andrade14 days ago
  • Interesting....🤔🤨🧐

    Myles OkaiMyles Okai14 days ago
  • This is what nascar should be

    RandomboxguyRandomboxguy14 days ago
  • As a European I normally only watch the big races, But this was too cool to not watch

    Noah CoxNoah Cox14 days ago
  • In what universe was this considered a good idea? Why just WHY?

    ValiskValisk14 days ago
  • This race proves that these guys can't really drive. When actual skill is involved, they suck.

    Kevin HenryKevin Henry15 days ago
  • 40 laps in and you can see the original track again

    sickbonfiresbrosickbonfiresbro15 days ago
    • Tell me have you been to an actual dirt track before

      The DolphinThe Dolphin13 days ago
  • Will the full race be available to watch in europe? At the moment it's unavailable in Belgium

    KoelKoenKoelKoen15 days ago
  • You know the super late models the week before were running 16 second laps while nascar cup series was running 20 second laps.

    Cory HensonCory Henson15 days ago
  • Best race I've watched in ages

    Mikey MathisMikey Mathis15 days ago
  • If this was an F1 race, you would have had $300,000,000 in damage. They honestly should have welded steel guards along the sides. There would have been half the damage.

    Aaron SorensenAaron Sorensen15 days ago
  • Did somebody say DiRT? Do more of this NASCAR, it was awesome 😃

    DIRTDIRT15 days ago
  • Nascar wasnt cool till now

    Cody RoweCody Rowe15 days ago
  • We need more of this kind of race.... DIRT RACE!!!

    Lex L.Lex L.15 days ago
  • 1950s-1960 Offy 255 & 270 CID powered Sprint Cars FLA State Fairgrounds Half Mile Clay In February... For the Fair! Sun baked brick hard Red clay Ground in rubber black line! Bobby Grimm Miss Bardahl #2 Black Duce... Winding 8000+ rpm! FULL SONG! Stayed away muddy years... QUIT when they let in the 360 CID Chevys All gone now No track at the new edge of town fairgrounds... )-:// J.C.

    375GTB375GTB15 days ago
  • I want to see this on a figure-8 track. 🥸

    WORDWORD16 days ago
  • I'd like to see a Talladega version...but there probably wouldn't be many cars left running after a few laps 😂

    GrayGray16 days ago
  • It reminded me of the street window washers needed to clean the inside of the drivers side..Just Sayin' !!

    Dennis JandaDennis Janda16 days ago
  • As a true NASCAR fan, you'd think I'd love the dirt racing at Bristol. I don't. I don't even like Bristol. You can blame Denny Hamlin for that. The Cup Series does NOT belong on dirt. Leave the dirt racing to the Truck Series. Trucks belong on dirt tracks. Cup Series cars belong on Superspeedways and Road Courses (7 of them is a EXCELLENT start, but it ain't enough for me... I'd like at least 10!) The Xfinity Series belongs EVERYWHERE, since it's The Proving Grounds Of NASCAR.

    Roy GoodhandRoy Goodhand16 days ago
  • What's next NASCAR; are you gonna take one of their 4 tires away, or give the drivers a 6 inch opening to see through to try to make things more interesting? this is ruining this sports once good races imo.

    Dan KoningDan Koning16 days ago
  • bad idea. should have used cars made for dirt. that might have been good

    Todd WarrTodd Warr16 days ago
  • This race was about as exciting than getting stuck in a headlock faceup by a 550 pound sweaty women from Alabama.

    Sheriff-LarueSheriff-Larue16 days ago
  • When did they start dirt racing that s pretty sick

    Brad DoyleBrad Doyle16 days ago
  • Dirt sucks

    Jeff PostonJeff Poston16 days ago
  • Never, ever got back to asphalt! Seeing them all coming out of the turns drifting, getting sideways. THIS WAS AMAZING!!’

    AJ KeeneAJ Keene16 days ago
  • Cant even see to much dust

    Jacob GunterJacob Gunter16 days ago
  • What a ridiculous clusterf*&%!

    Aldo RodriguezAldo Rodriguez16 days ago
  • This is the stupidest thing I ever saw. Go to a real dirt track

    Hell Rider 32Hell Rider 3216 days ago
  • Sorry, this was the worst idea in a long time. Bristol as a concrete track, the world's fastest half-mile, was the absolute best track on the circuit. Changing this great race to the equivalent of Friday night heat races was awful. Competition cautions? No pit strategy? Slower speeds with reduced visibility? Ugh. You want a dirt race for some reason, go to Eldora. Or Hickory. Or even Martinsville. But not here. Ever. Absolutely ruined one of my two favorite races each year.

    Bill NolteBill Nolte16 days ago
  • They are trying everything to get people to watch this dying series. Transgender driver will be next.

    Tommy MorganTommy Morgan16 days ago
  • But yeah fun to watch

    Michael VantuinenMichael Vantuinen16 days ago
  • leave the dirt to the world of outlaws series

    Michael VantuinenMichael Vantuinen16 days ago
  • that dust will never leave that track NEVER

    rolling acres farmsteadrolling acres farmstead16 days ago
  • Best NASCAR race I have watched in decades.

    Nerd VanguardNerd Vanguard16 days ago
  • This is honestly a first for me idr watch nascar that much but ive never seen the cars dirt race before. For me ive always seen the trucks do it so this is a pretty cool and new thing to see.

    Rockstar16Rockstar1616 days ago
  • Nascar jumped the shark... This is ridicolous

    Giuseppe CoronaGiuseppe Corona16 days ago
  • I bet you that air filter was full of dirt and you couldn't see, good job guys 😎👍🇺🇸

    Alvino PeltAlvino Pelt16 days ago
  • Late models are waaaaaaay better on dirt!

    Boris SaidBoris Said16 days ago
  • This! This dirt track needs to be there every year. Road course in Watkins Glenn, Dirt in Bristol, Brickyard, Huge course at Daytona and Talledaga, and then, and only then, arrange the schedule for smaller tracks around those. This will bring me back to NASCAR. I've been away too long.

    Rik EvergladeRik Everglade16 days ago
  • Cup,... dirt,.... really, ??????? SMH

    psbrad64psbrad6416 days ago
  • Time for Daytona to go back to dirt. Really get back to the roots.

    Tim ArnoldTim Arnold16 days ago
  • Nascar has a lot of work to do.there needs to be 2 races to many cars for Dirt. Nascar will figure it out they always do

    Lee DavisLee Davis16 days ago
  • Hell yah! This is what Nascar needs. I vote more dirt racing like this. I knew it was gonna be good. 😎🏁

    James DaltonJames Dalton16 days ago
  • Nascar Old timers are loving this. This is classic

    Fun While It LastedFun While It Lasted16 days ago
  • Looks like Nascar trying to renew it's dwindling fan base. Finally doing something people want to see in over 20 years.

    mrpotatoheadracingmrpotatoheadracing16 days ago

    OldBloodNewMoonOldBloodNewMoon16 days ago
  • what a load. that dirt track needs to be tamped down by years of dirt racing. and al that dust.... gag the bowl bad idea

    jim smithjim smith16 days ago
  • I will also say, this is absolutely the first time i have ever heard them say ["The track is too clean, we need to get some dirt on that track"] paraphrasing of course (10 minute delay).

    Collin PughCollin Pugh16 days ago
  • Not gonna lie, I've been watching NASCAR for the last 22 years *(that I can remember, I've been born and bread into NASCAR for the last 26 years of my life)* and this is the best race I've ever seen. As soon as I saw they were trucking in dirt to Bristol, I couldnt not watch it... NASCAR viewership had to expanded tenfold... I'd love to make it back to another race if I can here soon and camp in the camping spots like my dad and I did when he was still here!

    Collin PughCollin Pugh16 days ago
  • Great race, but I missed the whole thing cuz it was a Monday and I was at school.

    Jr.Jr.16 days ago
  • Nascar is the dumbest thing ever created. 2 thumbs up.

    Chris EasonChris Eason17 days ago
  • NASCAR going back to there original roots

    Joshua EscamillaJoshua Escamilla17 days ago
  • Next race. NASCAR races when it rains 🌧

    AnthonyJ350AnthonyJ35017 days ago
  • God I wish I wasn’t at work when this happened

    Clorox Fresh Meadow BleachClorox Fresh Meadow Bleach17 days ago
  • This race should not have been a points race

    Kris FreelandKris Freeland17 days ago
  • This just got me back into nascar

    Casey PeppardCasey Peppard17 days ago
  • I like how denny crew chief said find away before the restart and he did find away right into the wall awesome

    Donald DeamerDonald Deamer17 days ago
  • no one: Americans: ok, let's race cars made for dry tarmac racing, race on dirt

    fidan2fastfidan2fast17 days ago
  • I will admit, I've wanted to see the main series run El Dorado for years and years, but watching this I'm having a bit of a "Welp, that was a terrible idea" moment and at the same time, many wishes have come true. Hell of a day!

    CMDR BoomCMDR Boom17 days ago
  • You Need Turn Left, to Turn Right!- Doc Hudson

    Pranav PrasadPranav Prasad17 days ago
  • *Kazuma steals Concrete from BMS*

    skeleguns 10,ooo,oooskeleguns 10,ooo,ooo17 days ago
  • Tomoyo:Time for you to get changed. Sakura:What? But why? *Bristol Transforms into a Dirt Course*

    skeleguns 10,ooo,oooskeleguns 10,ooo,ooo17 days ago
  • Use existing dirt tracks.

    Dan HDan H17 days ago
  • Daytona 500 on dirt

    NoNo17 days ago
  • Ditch the windshields

    Dan HDan H17 days ago
    • They always have windshield even back in the day when they ran on dirt.

      Donald DeamerDonald Deamer17 days ago
  • This was amazing. Thats what we want to see in NASCAR. Keep it going!

    Giovanni SGiovanni S17 days ago
  • if there were 30 more laps when the c came out, stenhouse would have won. on the last lap, joy says, "Stenhouse sends it in," stenhouse gained some ground. if he keep it up he'll be first. anyways great finish for ricky.

    Vivekanand SinghVivekanand Singh17 days ago
    • You never race on dirt I see you can't do that you will burn the tires up and go the other way and before you go and say what do you know raced on dirt for 13 years and know what happens.

      Donald DeamerDonald Deamer17 days ago
  • 9%

    Kimberly PingolKimberly Pingol17 days ago
  • 15%!

    Kimberly PingolKimberly Pingol17 days ago
  • 1+2+3+4+5=15

    Kimberly PingolKimberly Pingol17 days ago
  • 1++2

    Kimberly PingolKimberly Pingol17 days ago
  • 64+1=65

    Kimberly PingolKimberly Pingol17 days ago
  • Please never do this again

    Lunar DayLunar Day17 days ago
  • Safe to say,dem boyz have a hard time on dirt 😂

    The King's ServantThe King's Servant17 days ago
  • Next year nascar need to take out the windows use the metal mesh and a bungee strap old school simple change make all the difference I would also like to see the stage length inverted with a short 25 to 30 lap shoot out at stage 3

    Shane GleavesShane Gleaves17 days ago
    • Nascar never did that always ran with windshield even back in the day when they ran dirt

      Donald DeamerDonald Deamer17 days ago
  • Yeah this is it. Hope to see more.

    GordonGordon17 days ago
  • Cup cars need bull bars and nerf bars, return to the dirt more often, I love it

    dannyoaks85dannyoaks8517 days ago
  • Oh my lord, this race was actually amazing. Possibility of carnage at every turn, dirt everywhere, sure the repair bill will be hefty but damn, do more dirt races in these cars.

    Alan AngcaoAlan Angcao17 days ago
  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♦️

    STILLSTILL17 days ago
    • Those who begin to practice in the spirit of gradualism often assume that the goal of self-transcendence is far away, and they may spend years overlooking the very freedom that they yearn to realize.

      AsylumSaintAsylumSaint17 days ago
  • Why didn’t they wet the Track down to kill the Dust?

    Len M.Len M.17 days ago
  • This event was a giant clusterf***.

    WildwoodClaire1WildwoodClaire117 days ago
  • Where the dirt go

    Jack SalomanJack Saloman17 days ago
  • The epitome of “It’s not if it will happen….but WHEN it will happen,”

    Jay RaymundoJay Raymundo17 days ago
  • Dirt track is the way to go! I'd actually watch it if they always raced this way!

    Brad ReedBrad Reed17 days ago
  • NASCAR's trying to think of any thing to save it's self from it's slow and inevitable death

    Josette MorcelliJosette Morcelli17 days ago
  • Next time, they need to go back to Daytona. Not the track, but the original BEACH.

    ZoltanZoltan17 days ago
  • This isn't racing. This is a demolition derby.

    chookalanachookalana17 days ago
    • This is ridicolous

      Giuseppe CoronaGiuseppe Corona16 days ago
  • Is that asphalt under the dirt or just compacted dirt?

    ETX KevinETX Kevin17 days ago
    • The black is rubber being laid on the dirt compacting it

      john boejohn boe17 days ago
  • almirola hits hard like taco bell lol.

    Randy MashawnRandy Mashawn17 days ago
  • Throw a bunch of dirt on Talladega

    Joshua JamesJoshua James17 days ago
  • Nosssss

    Porter DrinksPorter Drinks17 days ago