Biden just slipped on Gun Control... This could be huge for us people!...

Feb 18, 2021
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In this video, we discuss how Biden is floating Executive Orders for his Gun Control package. This is huge and nothing short of a win for us people! Check it out!

  • Gun control is like putting bandages on sin, law abiding citizens don't shut people, mentally ill people shut people! Guns are here to stay forever. Disobedience to god is mental illness. The solution is simple with reasonable people!

    William AcuffWilliam Acuff59 seconds ago
  • We call her Chuckie.

    London RainLondon Rain11 minutes ago
  • States are giving Biden the middle finger on the 2nd Amendment. Utah just passed a law saying you don't need a conceal carry permit to conceal carry. One of many examples. They might be able to make it more expensive to purchase new guns and ammo, but they aren't taking away the guns we have. The only way that I can see them getting our guns is if they kill the economy even more than they already have, and if people are starving, they will trade in their guns to the Fed's for food. Guns for Food program. Might be in our future. Prepare people, don't rely on the Government to take care of you. They are out to enslave all of us.

    William MillerWilliam Miller42 minutes ago
  • Join your State gun associations!

    Kim KohlKim Kohl42 minutes ago
  • “Far left gun control” would mean everyone can have whatever guns they want lol

    Aka GobAka Gob44 minutes ago
  • Raggedy Ann

    Emerald 58Emerald 5847 minutes ago
  • I'm not too hopeful about taxes not being used through via executive order. While I believe that such efforts would be obviously unconstitutional, the US government (In particular Obama) proved that they aren't scared to unconstitutionally and unilaterally determine tax policy through executive order as we saw with ACH mandate waivers that were done with the stroke of a pen. Just my two cents...

    kenneth ratcilkenneth ratcil49 minutes ago
  • I think you are correct. The fact they mention resorting to an EO means they have no faith they can pass legislation. The effectiveness of an EO is limited. South Dakota has already filed a lawsuit against the Biden EO that restrict the state's fossil fuel policies and will devastate SD's economy. The USA is a federation of states which means each state retains a measure of autonomy that cannot be trampled at the federal level.

    Valkyrie SardoValkyrie Sardo55 minutes ago
  • "They can't impose taxes, they can't impose licenses..." Erm...wut? You mean federally? Cuuuuuz I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Even if they technically can't do that federally, they can get states to go along pretty easily in most cases.

    MarkMark58 minutes ago
  • I'm smelling what your stepping in.

    Trevor WalshTrevor WalshHour ago
  • God bless You Guys!

    TomTom DishmanTomTom DishmanHour ago
  • The reason an executive order might be necessary isn't because the majority of Americans are NOT for common sense reform. It's because the Democrats don't have the 60% majority needed to pass anything on their own. They can force only just a few things through. So they have to pick and choose. Things like covid relief and healthcare are more important than gun reform. That's why they've been trying to work with Republicans on covid relief instead of forcing it through with a very limited majority. Think of it as "time outs" in a football game. You only get 3 per half. So you don't waste a timeout on something that's not important to the game like the QB being thirsty. You save it in case you need extra seconds at the end of the game.

    Jim SterJim SterHour ago
  • Bidens going to throw in with UN's disarmament squad formed to Target us

    George CowieGeorge CowieHour ago
  • Western Governments are ruled by the predatory CLA$$. Who is at the top? Follow the money. The Trillionaire/Billionaire club who are closely tied to the eg. military industrial complex, pharmaceutical cartels, prison industrial complex, big tech, the list goes on. Politics is influenced by donations for political favours and kickbacks. Leaders are chosen from the top educational institutions from their performance in being able to follow the agendas, and be easily influenced. Most of the media is orchestrated by the very same predatory class. Agendas pushed by organisations formed centuries before (before-not mentioned, do your own research) and after WW2 eg. UN, IMF/WEF, World Bank, all controlled by the winners of the continued orchestrated wars. They use divide and conquer tactics as used in Roman times, and are a useful tool to divide and control the population. The US foreign policy seems to be, to creat chaos. Useful sources of information: Investigative journalism - independent in-depth reporting - James Corbertt The Corbertt report dot com, Whitney Webb of unlimited hangout dot com, Robert Sepeher, Author, producer and Anthropologist, (specialist in linguistics, archeology, paleo biology. All open the eyes to the lies taught in our schools and our media, including the brainwashing from Hollywood.

    Paul DarnsPaul DarnsHour ago
  • the White House is slowly turning into the Brown House (of poo).

    Robert SpearsRobert Spears2 hours ago
  • jen sucky sounds like a complete moron when she opens her mouth. I miss Kayleigh..

    James ScottJames Scott2 hours ago
  • Jen psaki is Zuckerberg in drag.

    Digging up the pastDigging up the past2 hours ago
  • When they come for my guns they will get all of my ammo first!

    Digging up the pastDigging up the past2 hours ago
  • Don’t call them lefty !! They’re communists fools!!!

    Soutchay SiharathSoutchay Siharath2 hours ago
  • No you're spot on!

    Gerry OBrienGerry OBrien2 hours ago
  • Gun control means hitting your target!

    Gerry OBrienGerry OBrien2 hours ago
  • These people who were elected to office took a oath protect the constitution they have violated there oath so American s need to be impeached

    Paul De LeonPaul De Leon2 hours ago
    • Sorry American people need call for there impeachment.

      Paul De LeonPaul De Leon2 hours ago
  • All that creap can do is EO no one but the very far left wants gun control. All the shootings during Obama's regime were to push gun control. The left hated Trump because he stopped their little 16 yr plan. To destroy America. His 8yrs to weaken up and Hillary would destroy the USA. Now we have more awakened, but not enough to stop this agenda. The time is very close, where we won't be able to fight back.

    dolores lopezdolores lopez3 hours ago
  • gun control...population control......planned parenthood another agenda driven whitewash,,,

    lon arbucklelon arbuckle3 hours ago
  • Bribedem is still a potato!!

    Irish salt miner 29Irish salt miner 293 hours ago
  • No clue what to think. They could try a certain type of flag event then push it through congress.

    Neal RobinsonNeal Robinson3 hours ago
  • I’m a retired combat soldier, these democrat aka communists can go kick rocks in Gitmo

  • Anyone that takes a stimulus check, unemployment benefits or farm aid, as well as any Texan that accepts my tax dollars to bail themselves out of their home-grown problem, should never scream about socialism again! Sink or swim on your own!

    Singular SpaceSingular Space3 hours ago
  • Your big mistake is imagining that we're still a nation of laws and not a Banana Republic

    Michael PauMichael Pau4 hours ago
  • ❌ Folks remember incompetent Joe Biden called Andrew Cuomo the (Gold standard) on handing Chinese coronavirus patients. Yes he was the gold standard at killing elderly people in New York by putting them in nursing homes with healthy people. Cuomo belongs in jail and Biden is too incompetent to be president. Sorry if the truth hurts you thin skin liberals.

    David R. StoneDavid R. Stone5 hours ago
  • During the Obama administration my company was going to become a distributor for ammo. At the last minute before our delivery was to be made from manufacturers we were informed that the government had signed a contract to take all of their inventory. This was a scary situation to think they could shut everyone down with one a contract. We all need to get in on this fight to protect our rights before it is too late

    Terri AllisonTerri Allison5 hours ago
  • biden signs an executive order to take firearms and he's signing his own death certificate. maybe these leftists need this made clear. 75 MILLION Americans if not MORE feel completely cheated by this fraud riddled election. we have hard evidence coming out across all 50 states of the country of voter fraud, people who are felons, people who are using fake addresses, who may or may not exist them selves, we have evidence of people being denied access to screen the vote tallying, we have the dominion shit, (cannot connect to the internet in any way) has a fucking Ethernet port in the back..... you democrats think oh hehe we've won we did it yahoo but what you don't realize is you're jumping up and down dancing like idiots on thin ice. people are pissed. we generally don't trust a word out of your mouth as a governing body and you've already had historic shit going down ie January 6th storming of the capital, that right there in and of its self should tell you just how pissed off people are getting over this. and yet you keep throwing stones from a glass balcony....... maybe you've forgotten what happens when you sit there and demonize half of a nation, then make them feel completely dejected by their government and then ignore their grievances while stepping on their rights, because see while you might have the worlds most powerful military. so did king George, ask England how that worked out the last 2 times he pissed off the American people

    Mike burnerMike burner5 hours ago
  • Yesterday there was another school shooting....and when I looked at all of them since 2000 there is a problem and it isn't guns, likely video games, television, and mental non-wellness GMOs and maybe even the schools!

    Marcia GtahamMarcia Gtaham5 hours ago
  • (PX jesuit) canon law supercedes the constitution

    Yello Jello GuyYello Jello Guy5 hours ago
  • Nancy Reagan’s “War on Drugs” America still has a drug problem

    Civil Guard K9 LLCCivil Guard K9 LLC6 hours ago
    • started under Nixon

      joe desthersjoe desthers59 minutes ago
  • The things he can do via executive order are pretty damaging. Blocking ammo and ammo related imports will fuck us for the next 4 years for ammo availability

    GIboy1990GIboy19906 hours ago
  • What scares the crap out of me is that this country goes further towards communism/socialism. First action of those ideologies is to always disarm the public so they can't fight back.

    Chris OliverChris Oliver6 hours ago
  • Psaki and AOC need to do one of those make up tutorial vids. Such honorable role models for the young women in this country.

    Bob StewartBob Stewart6 hours ago
  • Smoke and mirrors

    Kelly HoganKelly Hogan6 hours ago
  • Sounds like the liberals in canada. Thanks

    Dale ParkerDale Parker7 hours ago
  • Please please let this be true...

    William DunhamWilliam Dunham7 hours ago
  • We've lost our voice and our vote. It's time for revolution.

    PreacherPreacher7 hours ago
  • Dude, that’s liberal gun control, not leftist gun control. Leftist thought on gun control is, “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

    kobudokobudo7 hours ago
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    Don GilliamDon Gilliam8 hours ago
  • You're headed in the right direction because that's exactly what he's wanting to do

    Buster WardBuster Ward8 hours ago
  • Biden can executive action all he wants. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED. It's not in anyone power to take away guns. It's a God Given unalienable right that cant be legislated away. So do your thing little joey. Do feel free to make a fool of yourself. Off my cold dead hands dip.

    Kevin MiddletonKevin Middleton8 hours ago
  • Biden just slipped on the staircase too

    Jason LosierJason Losier8 hours ago
    • Don't worry, he's gone. He'll find out before he finds out where the hell he is

      Jason LosierJason Losier8 hours ago
  • I'm reading your talk text message is connected

    Sylvia VinsantSylvia Vinsant9 hours ago
  • Woooo! NOW, I can maybe get some sleep at night! Thanks my dude!

    Marvin ThomasMarvin Thomas9 hours ago
  • I'll let them make an appointment to take my ammo first.

    Diksaca YehovahDiksaca Yehovah10 hours ago
  • Executive Orders are Different Than Executive Actions

    Howard BrinkHoward Brink10 hours ago
  • I highly dislike Jen Psaki but goddamn she's very plowable. I like me the firecrotches

    clamumclamum10 hours ago
  • Not trying to troll here but... Is it cold in your house?

    Dylan FuhrerDylan Fuhrer10 hours ago
  • Don't ever take their news as good news. They are catfishing you just like they did during voting.

    Wade EightyeightWade Eightyeight11 hours ago
  • Gun control is unconstitutional, period. No law! Why are democrats always trying to disarm citizens? Maybe cause they know we are not buying this slavery policy they pushing.

    G massetG masset11 hours ago
  • first time watching your videos. First observation: you didn't even begin to get to the point until 2:00 minutes into the video. You didn't get to the main point until 4:40.

    powell789powell78911 hours ago
  • This all could of been prevented with more dementia awareness.

    limpqizbuitlimpqizbuit11 hours ago
  • I've been told they are taking my guns for almost 30 years. I'm tired of the fear mongering.

    Jeff VollmerJeff Vollmer11 hours ago
  • "Circle Back Psaki" - Colion Noir

    Soli DeogloriaSoli Deogloria12 hours ago
  • psakirburg

    lucky luckensteinlucky luckenstein12 hours ago
  • Or maybe the 50 50 split with a dem from WV means that they only can pass things on a simple majority so he will go after what he thinks he can actually get done. I personally think trump destroyed the Republican Party but I know there are moral republicans out there somewhere... and I also believe you are right that there isn’t support for devastating gun bills, or any way a registration would ever happen. Honestly I am not worried at all about my gun rights bc no one will ever take them. And I have everything I need. Let’s just hope Hawley and trump fall down a well so Republicans can return to being true patriots

    Firearms and Politics PeriodFirearms and Politics Period12 hours ago
  • You LIE. You LIE big time . Your statements do NOT pass a simple fact check. Only an IDIOT... or someone to LAZY to think for themselves would believe your CRAP

    Kelly BrownKelly Brown13 hours ago
  • Hopefully the Republicans will turn their guns on themselves.

    Frankie JayFrankie Jay13 hours ago
  • Half of liberals love guns too.

    Yuh ChuangYuh Chuang13 hours ago
  • If we all refuse to comply....

    Michael HullMichael Hull13 hours ago
  • Is the NRA even functioning right now?

    SerpentLord666SerpentLord66613 hours ago
  • Will NEVER happen! Just politically biased fear mongering... who is going to enforce any new BS law? Who is going to come and take the guns away? Answer: Nobody.

    Chris B.Chris B.14 hours ago
  • For the Dems, 2A is the 3rd Rail. They are shi**ing bricks.

    Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius14 hours ago
  • I smell this coming from #UncleJoeCarbuncleBiden who has issued more Executive Orders in his first month than any other president in history. Not I used a small p in president because Biden has a small . . . . Okay. I'll keep it clean. Though disrespect to the man in the high castle is definitely meant. Biden was a known liar, plagiarist and now thief. An Executive Order issued by a president to make a law including making a law regarding a right in the Bill of Rights that shall not be infringed will not hold up in court. The day he issues such an EO a lawsuit needs to be filed. #QuiProQuoJoe

    Charles W Jansen IICharles W Jansen II14 hours ago
  • Raggedy Ann

    jason Mackjason Mack14 hours ago
  • Back in the 90s during the Clinton Presidency they pushed some law that required gun dealers to sell guns with certain safety on them. Smith and Wesson agreed to it and the gun buying public literally refused to buy their guns due to "safety" issues. The company was running on fumes for awhile before they rescinded this action. Another time there was some anti gun legislation that I can't recall that gun owners flat out refused to go along and Clintons advisors told him that the protest were overwhelming and that they couldn't comply with the law so that was rescinded as well. Maybe one of the readers can detail what this legislation was.

    pete chaupete chau14 hours ago
  • They're going after the ammo industries, he even said it. No ammo and guns are useless.

    Sophia GreySophia Grey14 hours ago
  • So with your 2and Amendment Rights, why are you worried about someone taking your guns? I guess your waiting for Superman .

    arnoldarnold15 hours ago
  • Good commentary! Executive action only means a lack of a majority support in the Congress.

    D A AD A A15 hours ago
  • Nobody is taking your guns. JFC Fear mongering BS.

    Michael BauerleinMichael Bauerlein15 hours ago
  • Gun Control is only Against the Good Civilians, AND they help the Criminals...That's kinda opposite of what they say they want... Ignorance is common with them, Intelligents is MIA

    Sin EaterSin Eater15 hours ago
  • You are on point!!! Been watching these idiots they are scared and now they are starting to make mistakes.....

    Michelle ReuterMichelle Reuter15 hours ago
  • Fine, so far so good. But let’s not ignore feints, disinformation and bluffing. Not all Dems are tactically stupid.

    Chas ShelleyChas Shelley15 hours ago
  • not one cop i know will come to take your guns

    RightPushBackRightPushBack16 hours ago
  • I'm smelling what you're stepping in

    John SimpsonJohn Simpson16 hours ago
  • Yeah that does make sense

    Kevon Sherwood300Kevon Sherwood30016 hours ago
  • Just fucking try it...

    Mitch C.Mitch C.16 hours ago
  • Jen Pspspsaki= Peppermint Patti= Red Nag Bad.

    George CullenGeorge Cullen16 hours ago
  • Progressive liberals want to take away the guns. Problem is there are millions of liberals who own guns. Huge problem for Biden and Pelosi.

    KsAdventuresKsAdventures17 hours ago
  • Biden sniffs Psaki's hair.

    Steve MintonSteve Minton17 hours ago
  • Useless Biden. Useless.

    Simon JSimon J17 hours ago
  • pissaci is zuck in drag.....

    Chris WalesczakChris Walesczak17 hours ago
  • I just found your channel. I was trying to guage whether you were pro 2-A or not. Then I saw the loading bench.

    James DorpinghausJames Dorpinghaus17 hours ago
  • Yes Sir! I can smell what you're stepping in from here in the UK. Keep stepping Mr Langley, that's what Shit-Kickers are for. We've been conned out of our means of self defence, so we have to find another way of plugging that arsehole.

    Frank DayFrank Day18 hours ago
  • Biden is a moderate Republican soooooo

    Justin CrumptonJustin Crumpton18 hours ago
  • The scary part is some people here in America are willing to give up the freedom and rights our ancestors fought and died for so future generations could have rights as well as freedom. Idk what is wrong with some people. How can they live in America and call themselves American when they support people that want nothing but strip away everything that makes us America. Everything the Democrats stand for is everything that goes against America 🇺🇸 I will just never understand those people or the people that want nothing but to destroy this country.

    Kayla GarciaKayla Garcia18 hours ago
  • Conspiracies are much like ghosts , one thinks in their minds it's happening. Guns , Guns , Guns ... Shoot , they are and have always been a false sense of security.

  • I'm hearing you...

    Donald VaderDonald Vader19 hours ago
  • Jen Hacky pSaki shows the weakness of the entire administration. The White House is only a sock puppet for Pelosi and AOC's agenda. I think the people should turn the razor wire around on Pelosi's wall and make it a prison for the next four years.

    Dave GualcoDave Gualco19 hours ago
  • Buck Fiden

    Mr. McCoyMr. McCoy19 hours ago
  • Awesome dude. First time watching

    Diane StarDiane Star19 hours ago
  • The left is arming its self and don't want to loose their investment or there protection

    Chris FerrellChris Ferrell19 hours ago
  • Hope so! Thank you!

    Debra CharlesDebra Charles19 hours ago
  • Look at it like this. Any gun owner, legal or not, doesn't care wether you ban them or not. We still got em, and we still use em. Now what?

    Robert EdgemonRobert Edgemon19 hours ago
  • Gun owners should get a life and give it a rest. Nobody is coming for your guns- that's a myth that used to scare you. What people don't want is some nut using to politically intimidate or randomly kill people. Guns are not fashion accessories either.

    Fulla BlarneyFulla Blarney19 hours ago