Bellinger Hits a Home Run but it doesn't count, a breakdown

Apr 1, 2021
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  • Here is the ruling of the play: You cannot give a player a homerun till they have crossed all 4 bags legally (rule 5.05(a)(5). By passing Turner it is deemed illegal so the homerun does not count (rule 5.09(b)(9). If Cody stayed on first the base would be his because he is entitled to it so Turner would only be out if they tagged him (if the ball is in live play) so if Cody would have just waited at first for the umpire to signal home run or out he would have had a two run homer.

    Wool SocksWool Socks12 days ago
    • @Brent Hooton Nice observation! 🙂

      James SnJames Sn4 days ago
    • @Alex Riedel you would think so, but like my comment, MLB has stupid rules for stupid people

      deansusandylandeansusandylan5 days ago
    • @อัครัตน์ จารุมณี Because he had already reached first base but was called out before reaching second.

      hbk314hbk3146 days ago
    • @Brian Sevilla I'm not sure about the rule change. Because it is players' responsibility to see where the ball goes. In this case, Justin and Cody may be asked how they saw the ball went. My bet Cody saw a homerun but Justin saw a catch. And Justin was too hurry to go back to 1st base.

      อัครัตน์ จารุมณีอัครัตน์ จารุมณี6 days ago
    • @อัครัตน์ จารุมณี I believe it was because he was out so to a base running mistake

      King CjKing Cj6 days ago
  • Gingers, man.

    CamCamDay ago
  • 2:56 top left of the screen

    Cash HeltonCash HeltonDay ago
  • This is a dumb rule that needs to be changed. If the ball goes over the fence it should be a dead ball play.

    B BB BDay ago
  • This rule is the "Fumbled out of the endzone" of the MLB. Totally counter-intuitive to the game and its so easy to tell what the correct call should be

    Cooper VezeyCooper Vezey2 days ago
  • Hey Turner... get your head out and play baseball! You're even laughing about your dumb mistake! Great teammate... NOT!

    FrankFrank2 days ago
  • huh

    Matt MMatt M2 days ago
  • Here's what is dumb and is filled with dumb rules.

    Mr. RyMr. Ry2 days ago
  • This dude is so funny

    Kamryn CurlKamryn Curl2 days ago
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    Timothy AsdentTimothy Asdent3 days ago
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    P420 ?P420 ?3 days ago
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    P420 ?P420 ?3 days ago
  • When that line kicks in 2:44

    Ep0nzEp0nz3 days ago
  • Turner owes Bellinger a steak dinner.

    Nathan RogersNathan Rogers3 days ago
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