being a youtuber in LA is WILD (winning $10k, my car BROKE DOWN AGAIN...)

Feb 19, 2021
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why did i move here and why is it absolutely chaotic every single day
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  • Good god, your life is so wasteful.

    Kendra LynnKendra Lynn13 hours ago
  • People make fun of my buick too :,( I feel you sis

    marindeboltmarindebolt2 days ago
  • i can’t use curasity because i have over 10k on tik tok but no instagram... i’m upset

    Ju 430Ju 4302 days ago
  • You cannot give me enough content lol I fucking live for your content you are living the exact life I always dreamed for myself

    Madison EveMadison Eve4 days ago
  • sometimes i actually forget how funny you guys are

    Adrianna GutierrezAdrianna Gutierrez6 days ago

    Sadie CSadie C7 days ago
  • it’s been heartbreaking watching you turn into one of the racist transphobic homophobic youtubers. you have literally turned into the influencer that you have previously said you don’t like

    sofia turnersofia turner8 days ago
  • caitlyn why are you hanging out with racists?

    sofia turnersofia turner8 days ago
  • I see you in all of Bryce’s vlogs😭🤣😘😘😘😘

    carly tcarly t9 days ago
  • No idea if you will actually see this and or read it but....thank you so much for making these videos they really help more people than you think, Alot of people think they are alone and this is an escape for others, Sometimes you feel like nobody can understand what you are going through that is why youtube is such a great platform, (even if its frustrating at times) it's almost like a diary for some or like a memory book and that is so coool!!!! I just wanted to spread even a little postivity today

    Hope MarieHope Marie9 days ago
  • it’s crazy to me that you don’t have a million subscribers yet. ive been here for so looooong. i’m gonna be so proud

    Sofia FoulksSofia Foulks10 days ago

    Kiersten PicardKiersten Picard10 days ago
  • omg I didn't know y'all were dating!!! y'all r the exact same people but different genders I swear!!!

    Skrt SkrtSkrt Skrt10 days ago
  • Best advice if wanting to get a car with no payments, look on offer up and sell your car and look for any Honda. They have them reasonably affordable

    annemarie larotondaannemarie larotonda11 days ago
  • 2020 Malibu Premier 2.0 .... great lease deals, champ on gas, ridiculously reliable, leather interior, wood grain detail, heated and cooled seats, way more room then it seems

    Melyssa BorzilleriMelyssa Borzilleri11 days ago
  • Rory = negative Ned 🤣

    Evon SpurlinEvon Spurlin12 days ago
  • me just now realizing i don't know caitlyn rae's last name...

    SarahSarah12 days ago
  • The party animal merch🤠👍

    Lena tomlinsonLena tomlinson12 days ago

    Ashley MorganAshley Morgan13 days ago
    • @ghost no they didn’t love i just got confused because i didn’t recognize him at first and thought he was a new man or something lol

      Ashley MorganAshley MorganDay ago
    • wait did they break up?, or am i bad at reading lmfao

      ghostghostDay ago
  • me watching this knowing that i played paintball at this place .....

    eden geddeseden geddes13 days ago
    • the day after my bf broke up with me too

      eden geddeseden geddes13 days ago
  • get ur dream car girl. you work hard and deserve it!!

    Kellsie MayhewKellsie Mayhew13 days ago
  • Not me also having a Buick Regal and it has broken down on me multiple times ☺️🥲 we need new cars

    Kerigan VedderKerigan Vedder13 days ago
  • I just noticed Addison and caityln have the same last name 🤭 are they sisters or cousins lol I need to know ?

    Dayoungan JayDayoungan Jay13 days ago
    • Neither. Its just a basic and common middle/last name.

      melissa 444melissa 44411 days ago
    • Rae is Caitlins middle name....

      PrisPris12 days ago
  • whenever i see caitlyn talk while holding a glass of wine i always get anxious that it will just spill 😭

    butera baebutera bae13 days ago
  • you not being able to shotgun a white claw is actually me, i can’t chug for SHIT and i have no idea how to shotgun in the slightest but i’ll take shots like a pro

    Yeet YeetsonYeet Yeetson13 days ago
  • I’ve never heard anyone say highway 🤣 I kind of like it. In LA we call it a freeway

    jacquelinelugojacquelinelugo13 days ago
  • the signs are beautiful

    Jenna AnnJenna Ann13 days ago
  • who else is so jealous of their friendshipssss. so lucky. I just uploaded a video of us teenage girls going on a girl trip and you should check it out bc the vibes are immaculate:))

    Trinity SuchanTrinity Suchan13 days ago
  • The shot gunning segment hit home for me because I also never went to college and cannot chug that much liquid at once

    Bethany NelsonBethany Nelson13 days ago
  • A little los angeles tip. Assume everything is an hour away. While you get ready open the map and check traffic. Then leave whenever you need to. In this case I would have left like 50 min before giving 10 min for extra traffic and walking to/from the car.

    carolyn wheelercarolyn wheeler13 days ago
  • Kinda sad you’re complaining about buying a new car when you have the money smh :/

    ShayleneShaylene13 days ago
  • This makes me so jealous cos I’m the uk right now we’re not even aloud to hotels or even travel out of the town your from without a reason wayhey 😬

    BECA RBECA R13 days ago
  • You’re like the only influencer I actually watch, because your videos are always somehow entertaining, and hilarious, and very relatable.

    tomtom13 days ago
  • I can't wait for caitlyn to pop up on influencers in the wild lmao

    talker51292talker5129214 days ago
  • i was definitely too drunk to follow the chaos in this video but love you caitlyn!

    Alexis KokkoAlexis Kokko14 days ago
  • I’ll go to the ocean with you🥺🥺

    Ayaya O.Ayaya O.14 days ago
  • My bf also loves snickers and I hate them too but still buy them for him.

    Ayaya O.Ayaya O.14 days ago
  • why are discounts given to the people who can afford it the most lol i’ll probably die old and never understand the logic of that

    bb14 days ago
    • @Aimee Bird omg i was just talking to my friends about this yeah i get it now that’s really smart from a business perspective and sucks for people like me hahaha

      bb11 days ago
    • So that they go there and basically promote the place so other people go and they get more money

      Aimee BirdAimee Bird12 days ago

    Georgia RaeGeorgia Rae14 days ago
  • time to buy a 10k Instagram LMAO.

    Katie DevriesKatie Devries14 days ago
  • Mini Cooper countryman s 4 door

    Elma MetjahicElma Metjahic14 days ago
  • Toyota Camry or Corolla are best for cheap repair and longevity

    Güera's WorldGüera's World14 days ago
  • the way you shook around your wine glass while its 3/4th full stressed tf out of me

    Elma MetjahicElma Metjahic14 days ago
  • get a honda or toyota those won't ever break down on you 😭

    Giselle SuarezGiselle Suarez14 days ago
  • cars from kia recently have been BEAUTIFUL. but thinking practically, honda and toyota are known to last well over 200,000miles if taken care of; and they're the cheapest & easiest to fix if anything does go wrong.

    Arianna ZankArianna Zank14 days ago
  • get a reliable honda civic

    Hannah ChurchHannah Church14 days ago
  • Is it just me or do other people think that that mirror had a camera behind it cause that’s super unusual. Maybe it’s just me I’ve seen to many TikToks about that stuff.

    E VE V14 days ago
  • get a tesla the insurance is so cheap and best car safety wise

    MarionMarion14 days ago
  • if you're going to buy a new car PLEASE sell me your Buick. I'm in la it'd be iconic ily.

    Emiliano CurielEmiliano Curiel14 days ago
  • “i don’t have a reason to wear a bikini” don’t you have a pool? lmfao

    gabriella garzagabriella garza14 days ago
  • First off, this was so entertaining and nice :) Second of all, the car situation. Tbh, a good (and safe) car is super important. But why should the next car you buy be the DREAM car, the most expensive car? I think it is very common under people from your field to have a big expensive car and to get it in your early twenties. But that is so far off reality. You mentioned that you love traveling and partying and doing all that, then choose that, that is what your early twenties are for.. You can get can that Mercedes, BMW or Audi later in life, like most of us do. Just get yourself a good car for less, a less popular one, maybe a MINI Cooper or a smaller audi A1 (those are really good ones). Still expenssiiveeee but not as crazy as most people do.

    Emma BerndtEmma Berndt14 days ago
  • wtf that view just gave me dejavu for some reason

    mink minkmink mink14 days ago
  • glad you're okay girl!!

    alana brownalana brown14 days ago
  • Hilarious and funny!!

    JJJJ14 days ago
  • I like her shoes

    MaliaMalia14 days ago
  • Caitlyn time for a new car hun 🚗😏

    danasadie1982danasadie198214 days ago
  • Yes. A good chaotic video 🛴

    reiniereinie14 days ago
  • damn girl where are you getting pierced? i just pierced my own ear and it didn't even hurt or get sore.... there was blood before i did it but that was from a different thing.

    Shelby WaltersShelby Walters14 days ago
  • Not even kidding, on Valentine’s Day my car broke down too. No joke I was crying in a Olive Garden parking lot before I had to go to work after almost dying.

    Christine RichardsonChristine Richardson14 days ago
  • can we get an addison caitlyn and rafy collab?

    zara kellyzara kelly14 days ago
  • get a tesla

    Roxy HavardRoxy Havard15 days ago
  • where are all ur earrings from

    Roxy HavardRoxy Havard15 days ago
  • I would say just get a tesla but with your luck something would probably happen to that car every 3 months haha

    Nichelle ColtrainNichelle Coltrain15 days ago
  • I literally took pictures & vlog footage at the rocks right in front of her room like a month ago

    MELIMELI15 days ago
    • lol

      MELIMELI15 days ago
  • Casually friends with addi

    Nessa FayNessa Fay15 days ago
  • “i’m gonna chug this and get ready so here we go” *literally takes 3 sips in 20 minutes*

    Taylor RobertsTaylor Roberts15 days ago

    Sofie KSofie K15 days ago
  • well that was...eventful

    Emma TacchinoEmma Tacchino15 days ago
  • get a new fucking car bc you can use a credit card for flights and get points

    Elena YbarraElena Ybarra15 days ago
  • I got a cartilage to and two on the same side and yes it did not hurt in the moment but it will still be hurting for like three weeks straight after you get it or a whole month because I got it done on the 30th of January and still hurts.....

    Paris JacksonParis Jackson15 days ago
  • I recently got rid of my Buick because I wasn’t about to fix the head gasket so RIP because she hauled ass!! So people don’t even know how bad Buicks are til you have one especially when it’s working😂❤️

    Marissa LynMarissa Lyn15 days ago

    Elsa BlueElsa Blue15 days ago
  • Just get a new car.. its better to be safe

    Galilea PaezGalilea Paez15 days ago
  • you doing your first shotgun is such an accurate representation of everyone’s 1st time doing a shotgun 🤣😭😭😭

    Sierra SpurlockSierra Spurlock15 days ago
  • Cars are soooooo expensive just deal with the buick until the podcast starts bringing in $$ 😝

    Val SlothVal Sloth15 days ago
  • Caitlyn points to Rory: “Ladies and Gentlemen; her.”

    Kate 1998Kate 199815 days ago

    Val SlothVal Sloth15 days ago
  • Omfg this happened to my car but I didn’t even make it to the right lane I was in the left lane of the highway. BTW I’m terrible at chugging too 😂

    Savannah WoldSavannah Wold15 days ago
  • I literally work down the street from Tom Bradys house. That man is a WILD CARD.-

    Jescena LJescena L15 days ago
  • White Fiat 500

    Orla o learyOrla o leary15 days ago
  • gurl you need a fucking new car get a damn dodge fuck the buick

    Margaret SenatoreMargaret Senatore15 days ago
  • We got so much snow in Oklahoma and I got in an accident on the 14th too😬 wtf!!

    kyla meekkyla meek15 days ago
  • Rory and Caitlyn are the best couple

    Samantha loves fairies and being a virgoSamantha loves fairies and being a virgo15 days ago
  • Fuel PUMP Zlol not fuel PIPE 🤣

    Brittany B.Brittany B.15 days ago
  • You should get an SUV or Jeep - really safe, preferably one that will hold its value 😁

    Cheyenne NezatCheyenne Nezat15 days ago
  • What’s your real last name?

    Bridget HittBridget Hitt15 days ago
  • How do you not have 5 million subs. They are missing quality content

    Devon SaaliDevon Saali15 days ago
  • this was cute lol i love these two together

    ZombaeZombae15 days ago
  • I will never understand why they give influencers and celebrities hundreds of thousands of dollars in free shit. Like THEY ARE THE EXACT PPL THAT CAN AFFORD TO DO AND PAY FOR THESE THINGS THEMSELVES!! Yet, its them that they choose to help send hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing, jewelry, makeup, TRIPS etc. FOR FREE LIKE THEY DONT HAVE THR MONEY FO PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES. While all of u are over here like.. 👁👄👁 watching them have the fun and the luxury we will maybe have once or never. 😑

    Brittany B.Brittany B.15 days ago
  • I still say "ooooh" with the intro everytimmee

    Tay GluntTay Glunt15 days ago
  • Maybe your CamShaft broke? That sounds like what happened to my car, but I drive a Cruze. I hope It’s not that though because I paid like $3200 for mine to be fixed 😅

    Alexa SAlexa S15 days ago
  • We love you CAITLYN

    Ella RoseElla Rose15 days ago
  • Have you gotten your car back yet?? Glad your safe ❤️

    Allison ClarkAllison Clark15 days ago
  • Caitlyn dude it’s time for a new car. Driving is a big part of living in LA! And you gotta be safe! Get you a Subaru. Spend the money and just enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with having a car that you trust ✌️

    tash mtztash mtz15 days ago
  • How did you meet Addison

    Blueberry CocoBlueberry Coco15 days ago
  • my life is like caitlyn’s minus the fun exciting part so rly its just unfortunate events on repeat

    Megan MorelandMegan Moreland15 days ago
  • Rory is such a fucking mood

    William HarrisWilliam Harris15 days ago
  • Mercury is in retrograde right now so stuff with communication, technology, transportation and other stuff is so wacky but it’ll be over soon!!

    Emma EmmaEmma Emma15 days ago
  • at 15:29 lol can anyone tell me what that little clip of a song is from?? it’s super super familiar and i feel really dumb rn

    not availablenot available15 days ago
  • Get any kind of jeep literally ANY jeep I promise she will do you right girl ☺

    Cece PozosCece Pozos15 days ago