Beasts vs. Zappers | Fan Controlled Football Week 1 Game Highlights

Feb 13, 2021
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Beasts vs. Zappers | Fan Controlled Football Week 1 Game Highlights
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  • For anyone that wants to know what this is, here we go. This is a fan controlled league where the fans make choices for their team, including drafting the players, and calling the plays. You call the plays on twitch, after you pick a team to become a fan of and linking your twitch account to their app. There is a draft every week on Wednesday and games are on Saturday. Both are over on twitch. The teams are all owned by celebrities, and you can get more info on this league at More info after seeing some people's replies: Yes teams change from week to week except for 2 players, who are "franchised" by the owners. The o-line and the defense are both considered one unit each (for example you would just draft a defense, not specific positions). The game has two 20 minute half's and is played 7v7 on a 50 yard field. Again, they have a lot more info and how to sign up over on their website at

    KOAla8923KOAla892313 days ago
    • This is dumb af. Entire world gone to shit and we have twitch football from a bunch a burnouts and half baked "celebrities" with too much fucking money.

      brad hesterbrad hester4 days ago
    • @BrianfukinBoyd 43 I’m pretty sure god bless is just another way of saying “thank you” for a lot of people. Plus, they never even mentioned Jesus, not sure where you got that from. I’m personally not religious, but I would never get offended if someone says god bless, because it’s just like saying “thanks”

      KOAla8923KOAla89237 days ago
    • @Zahary Nussbaum 2 games tonight, I’m hyped!!

      KOAla8923KOAla89237 days ago
    • Who ever not only came up with this, but got it to actually happen at least once is my hero.

      Zahary NussbaumZahary Nussbaum8 days ago
    • @ejjk ejjejej why god bless? So confused? I read comments and there are always these people that bring god into a completely irrelevant conversation. Stop pushing ur stupid religion on o op people. Really hope it helps u but this isn’t the place and Jesus was just a magician that made people go wow, you can make that bread disappear and then reappear in 2 pieces!? Wow the glass of wine was empty, now it’s full?!? Simple magic bro. Chris angel can walk on water and David Blaine has more impressive feats than the bullshit Bible stories all put together. Sorry but don’t want that shit here!!

      BrianfukinBoyd 43BrianfukinBoyd 438 days ago
  • not of fan of the commentary but i love the helmet cam

    Rampage1623Rampage1623Hour ago
  • Johnny is gonna be in the XFL in 2022.

    Gang GreenGang Green20 hours ago
  • trash

    Don OwensDon Owens21 hour ago
  • unreal

    Brandon GangeBrandon Gange22 hours ago
  • This is the way football should be played. Having FUN.

    King PeytonKing PeytonDay ago
  • too much talking

    MaxMaxDay ago
  • He’s running so slow

    BadvsGoodBadvsGood2 days ago
  • I don’t want my announcers sounding like a group of drunk friends on the couch watching a game

    CruzCruz2 days ago
  • Another league that won’t last long..

    Travis MellowTravis Mellow2 days ago
  • Went to school and was on a little league football team with Christian Saulsberry on the beasts. Good shit bro, hope you prosper.

    OutlawsOutlaws2 days ago
  • Where’s the try outs at? I think I have a shot.

    Sean JacksonSean Jackson2 days ago
  • Ahh yes madden mobile 'the yard' always hated playing it but I enjoy watching the highlights

    Whacked out CookieWhacked out Cookie2 days ago
  • The Receivers are trash in the short quick slant routes in the endzone.

    Oh, no! It's her!Oh, no! It's her!3 days ago
  • Imagine being a former nfl 1st round pick and still losing to fans

    Eat My shortsEat My shorts3 days ago
  • I wana play this

    treshaun trouptreshaun troup3 days ago
  • Why is this so good? I love the concept, so innovative with the fan input

    Brendan MolloyBrendan Molloy3 days ago
  • Awesome this league actually looks good we shall see if it last tho

    Shadow RaiderShadow Raider3 days ago
  • final stats?

    Hector EstradaHector Estrada3 days ago
  • Win or lose

    empire jeffempire jeff4 days ago

    IBEIBE4 days ago
  • Yeah let me know when football players are allowed to hit again, idc what league.

    This ThreshThis Thresh4 days ago
  • I bet i could actually be decent as a receiver in that league

    andrew2586andrew25864 days ago
  • This is amazing btw

    WilliamNPCWilliamNPC4 days ago
  • It shouldn’t be fair to have Johnny manzel on a team

    WilliamNPCWilliamNPC4 days ago
  • Hes back bitches

    Kal-el Lilly-LafondKal-el Lilly-Lafond5 days ago
  • There should be some extra shiz involved honestly this is just arena football but way more boring😂😂😂

    IM ABYSSIM ABYSS5 days ago
  • Commentary needs a lot of work. Too many people talking at once. Other than that it's better than I expected.

    Jonathan DrydenJonathan Dryden5 days ago
  • Let's be honest we came here from rbt tiktok

    Caisen HaynesCaisen Haynes5 days ago
  • Go home Johnny you're drunk

    Andrew DouglasAndrew Douglas5 days ago
  • Quit screaming into the mic for F#cks sake!!

    Humble PieHumble Pie5 days ago
  • Draft all new teams regularly? How is this going to resonate with fans when all the tribalism is removed?

    Ravishing BeastRavishing Beast5 days ago
  • I just hope any and all shreds of "wokeness" are *verboten* in this league.

    SuperPat88SuperPat885 days ago
  • This is arena football with a twist 🤣🤣😂

    Eddie TerwilligerEddie Terwilliger5 days ago
  • Everyones a Lamar

    Jospeh CujiJospeh Cuji5 days ago
  • I used to like the glacier boys but I’m a fan of the beast fan now their mascot cool

    Sports Talk with PrestonSports Talk with Preston5 days ago
  • One million views for Johnny football!!!

    Hoops Prod.Hoops Prod.5 days ago
  • AAF: Folds XFL 2020: Almost Folds FCFL: Third Time’s the charm

    SirLogan47SirLogan476 days ago
  • at first i thought it was a dumb idea and i still think it is kind of weird, but after seeing how much fun the players have and how it brings joy and fun to many people i think that whoever made this had the right idea.

    Zeek McZeek Mc6 days ago
  • madden copied fcf with The Yard

    Kevin FenceKevin Fence6 days ago
  • We have Johnny Manziel, announcers screaming like they are rooting for the cons in the longest yard, a weird sort of cubby hole where players all run to celebrate and what appears to be bingo announcers for’s perfect

    Jeremey ShelleyJeremey Shelley6 days ago
  • Dalvin Cook has made a successful purchase

    Mr ChanceMr Chance6 days ago
  • I hear the Best Man himself, Miro!

    Michael KrastingMichael Krasting6 days ago
  • Imagine of Lamar jackson was on this field

    gns freakygns freaky6 days ago
  • 5:42 bro didnt even have to try

    Hamilton SoutherlandHamilton Southerland6 days ago
  • Manziel still playing Running back I see

    Slick RickSlick Rick6 days ago
  • All he had to do was show up and play ball...smh. What a waste of talent.

    Ryan O’CallahanRyan O’Callahan6 days ago
  • Can't wait to see Marchie and Flowers play in the future

    DaGoated WrDaGoated Wr6 days ago
  • This is actually really entertaining

    SpencerSpencer6 days ago
  • Nobody: Manziel: Let's wreck this league.... no really I'm goin to wreck it!!

    Mark StrowMark Strow6 days ago
  • It is interesting to see this as this game is about running, quick action. I don't see big hits or the sort of things that are more injury causing. This combines skills you would might see more so in skills comps at the pro bowl so its interesting.

    nick2snick2s6 days ago
  • what a shitty uniform combo

    Matthew GreerMatthew Greer6 days ago
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    Harry SinghHarry Singh6 days ago
  • Was very entertaining

    eyemme ohighoeyemme ohigho6 days ago
  • Where can I watch this? It looks so entertaining

    Yoav Judges gamesYoav Judges games6 days ago
  • Johnny football what a joke

    Patrick WhitePatrick White6 days ago
  • W

    Angry garfieldAngry garfield6 days ago
  • Last play lowkey one of the greatest endings to any football game.

    Kush SharmaKush Sharma6 days ago
    • He crossed the line of scrimmage but I thought the same thing 😂😂

      Charlie PhungCharlie Phung5 days ago
    • Fr

      my stummy hurtmy stummy hurt5 days ago
  • This looks like the yard 😂

    Richard HernandezRichard Hernandez6 days ago
  • Wtf

    jimmy hintzjimmy hintz6 days ago
  • Who here remembers the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles from the IFL?

    Willie BoydWillie Boyd6 days ago
  • Have a good day god love you

    ElieElie6 days ago
  • Bro fire the commentators they are so annoying

    Kane LemkeKane Lemke7 days ago
  • that ending was actually insanity

    George KassabianGeorge Kassabian7 days ago
  • Lol wtf

    Elijah NakumuraElijah Nakumura7 days ago
  • The commentary is horrendous holy shit

    Celtics Banner 18Celtics Banner 187 days ago
  • Trash defense

    Hunter DavisHunter Davis7 days ago
  • Damn Manziel getting benched in FCF too. Marchi is miles better than him.

    Auxilla86Auxilla867 days ago
  • This is overhyped asf

    Big_TastieBig_Tastie7 days ago
  • These announcers are ridiculous 🤣

    Quintin FinkQuintin Fink7 days ago
  • Well that was nine minutes I'll never get back

    Jacob CampbellJacob Campbell7 days ago
  • Let’s go Zappers!

    Three Putt MasThree Putt Mas7 days ago
  • Austin Powers: “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR”? Johnny Manziel:

    G GatesG Gates7 days ago
  • So much energy in this league, I love it.

    GamingBeFlyGamingBeFly7 days ago
  • This is dumb.

    jsca0420jsca04207 days ago
  • O Coordinator like yeah that read option is there Manziel. Umm 🤔 yeah of course it is..the rules make it illegal for backers to come downhill and d lineman can’t stunt. Smh

    •Embrace The Vision••Embrace The Vision•7 days ago
  • Did Manziel complete a single pass? Lmao they benched him real quick

    TCplaya28TCplaya287 days ago
  • This looks stupid. Bummer.

    JediFightJediFight7 days ago
  • Dude couldn't even win in this league.

    JokersOblivionJokersOblivion7 days ago
  • We need jamarcus russel in this 😂😂

    Aidan LawrenceAidan Lawrence7 days ago
  • I love the vibe

    Alison BarriosAlison Barrios7 days ago
  • Found your rl channell

    lazzzerslazzzers7 days ago
  • Lmao, cool

    TrunksTrunks7 days ago
  • Do what the heck are you doing moments

    AP RranbowAP Rranbow7 days ago
  • It reminds me of the yard in Madden mobile.

    Arinze NomehArinze Nomeh7 days ago
  • This is literally just the Arena Football League😂 just with different teams

    TrueMaggot747TrueMaggot7477 days ago
  • 6:54 im dead lol

    Terry RodgersTerry Rodgers7 days ago
  • After they score a TD these dudes should just shower together. We need total coverage!

    Toby ReinhardtToby Reinhardt7 days ago
  • yo this is lowkey fire af!!!!!

    OhshiiOhshii7 days ago
  • It sounds like somebody overlayed commentary from an FGC tournament.

    Novian CobbNovian Cobb7 days ago
  • The QB has so much room to run. This is rather boring

    Dallas AdamsDallas Adams7 days ago
  • I love it! Extremely bullish on Johnny Football (more so off the field than on)

    TheCardiacKidTheCardiacKid7 days ago
  • This league is trash

    Phillip LaughPhillip Laugh7 days ago
  • this is a joke of a league

    octavio silvaoctavio silva7 days ago
  • you an ding prod are so close to 1m!

    natnat7 days ago
  • Much like every other non NFL football league... It's just a matter of time before it goes under. Besides LFL and that's just because dudes want to see T and A.

    Curtis MartinCurtis Martin7 days ago
  • Didn’t even know this was a thing

    GentyGenty8 days ago
  • This is kind of dope

    dooiedooie8 days ago
  • manziel is still 🗑

    Louis RichLouis Rich8 days ago
  • For context: Johnny had 1 week of practice and quarterbacks switch every 3 drives

    Heccin RavioliHeccin Ravioli8 days ago