Astra Gameplay Reveal Trailer - VALORANT

Feb 27, 2021
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She’s already got it all planned out. Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Agent in VALORANT.
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Trailer made in partnership with We Are Royale.

  • Aurelion Sol what

    Mark Wilson AlcalaMark Wilson Alcala2 days ago
  • Musıc?

    Feyza DumanFeyza Duman3 days ago
  • Still waiting for a french agent 👌

    Random GuyRandom Guy4 days ago
  • I’ve only known her for 1:12 and I already love her

    The Meaning is Always VagueThe Meaning is Always Vague5 days ago
  • Fun fact:valorant is inspired of the name of Covid vaccine astrazeneca hahhaha just joking

    David Jonathan inesDavid Jonathan ines6 days ago
  • ah yes, Valorant. where there are people who uses technology to their advantage and people that can manipulate time and space.

    Jay VwjJay Vwj6 days ago
  • If you ever play this character in low end pc, you probably know the sadness of loosing fps, 1 time getting 105fps, next passing through her smoke 20-30fps, very nice

    Sneaky NinjaSneaky Ninja8 days ago
    • Hahahaha, me too, hope THEY puto a new update that Astra smokes dont lag

      Vromerob YTVromerob YT7 days ago

    Sivan VakninSivan Vaknin9 days ago
  • Wonder what's the new AGENT coming..

    Rift WalkerRift Walker11 days ago
  • Ad Astra Abyssoque

    get_neppedget_nepped11 days ago
  • i have no idea how this character works

    QuakeQuake13 days ago
  • Anyway yoru is better anyway he is the best agent

    Electric GamesElectric Games13 days ago
  • rip my fps

    snwy isnwy i14 days ago
  • i kinda didnt liked her

    SleeperSleeper14 days ago
  • this will be op

    Johanes JeffersonJohanes Jefferson14 days ago
  • Alguém pode me dizer o nome dessa música?

    Dennys GamerDennys Gamer15 days ago
  • Background music name??

    Himangshu Ranjan MahantaHimangshu Ranjan Mahanta15 days ago
  • Can’t even play valorant with low ping in Ghana

    Brian ABrian A16 days ago
  • Me see's astra: cool Me again see's her ablitis: that looks sick Me see's astra's ult: haven't we seen this before?

    Rift VoidRift Void17 days ago
  • When will they make skin for Agents ?

    Quang MinhQuang Minh17 days ago

    ksy.ksy.18 days ago
  • Her name astra all new skillz

    Rabithah RasyidRabithah Rasyid18 days ago
  • it looks like a game that you would play in a Middle School computer lab

    Brian ShattuckBrian Shattuck20 days ago
  • wow she looks cool I almost got her contract to tier 5

    Ri LuRi Lu20 days ago
  • The mix of traditional clothing and street wear blends beautifully

    Jared FJared F21 day ago
  • Astra on my team: lol we got a god Astra on my team: im new

    Za PlayerZa Player22 days ago
  • ithats mybain now

    Mamun AshrafMamun Ashraf23 days ago
  • Bg song lit

    Kaneki PantuaKaneki Pantua23 days ago
  • Viper mains are crying

    pappapappa23 days ago
  • is she from WAKANDA?

    Ribfan HariyantoRibfan Hariyanto23 days ago
  • Woooooow i like this caracter.

    HaNa -!HaNa -!24 days ago
  • Soooooooo it's cosmic reyna?

    FunnyDudeFunnyDude24 days ago
  • other Ghanaian's here?

    Aseda Adusi-pokuAseda Adusi-poku25 days ago
  • CAN YOU PLSSS ADD RAGDOLLS!?!?!? thanks :)

    BOBEL nr.2BOBEL nr.225 days ago
  • is it just me or her ult kinda stolen from symmetra

    nicu unicu u25 days ago
  • Lore: Her full name is Astra Zeneca

    MK ULTRAMK ULTRA25 days ago
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    Claudio RodríguezClaudio Rodríguez26 days ago
  • So this is what happen when you combine crack and crystal meth

    Yami KariYami Kari26 days ago
  • Thanos girl boutta get me to quit

    MubλrekMubλrek26 days ago
  • Thanos 2.0

    Ruzaini Ramlee.02Ruzaini Ramlee.0226 days ago
  • Is this thanos wife or daughter?

    Nothing To See HereNothing To See Here26 days ago
  • The perfection they show in this gameplay is diff when a player plays it in reality.

    Ved PrakashVed Prakash27 days ago
  • ever thought that the nebula knife was somehow related to astra? because it’s purple and galaxy(ish) looking like her smoke and because of her “nebula/dissipate” ability? 🤔

    Nadia LindellNadia Lindell28 days ago
  • sound like the girl who made orisa from overwatch lol

    Misiluni LEILUA-TOILOLOMisiluni LEILUA-TOILOLO28 days ago
  • Zarya grav from Overwatch Doomfist slam from Overwatch Symmetra wall from Overwatch Overwatch overwatch from Overwatch OMEGALUL.

    GramerDimGramerDim29 days ago
  • I actually unlocked and played her only once cuz she is trash

    Electric GamesElectric Games29 days ago
  • zzzzz

    FinnFin AnimationsFinnFin Animations29 days ago
  • i cant pay valorant my game is problem

    Sharifur RahamanSharifur Rahaman29 days ago
  • aurelion sol

    DelmaDelmaMonth ago
  • lol

    NekouNekouMonth ago
  • Арабка

    CatorCatorMonth ago
  • Please make an agent which can control time like Doctor Strange👍

    Surya KarnanSurya KarnanMonth ago
  • holy shit they fucking added thanos

    Yuno GasaiYuno GasaiMonth ago
  • Astra ultimate 1 FPS, Help

    VonRuizVonRuizMonth ago
  • Didn't know Aurelion Sol and Soraka had a baby

    DakureDakureMonth ago
  • fps : -21235 ping : 21921231 this look cool

    arthur serelepearthur serelepeMonth ago
  • I m from future i have played astra and it sucks

    gaming And vlogsgaming And vlogsMonth ago
  • Hi sombra

    Michael HuangMichael HuangMonth ago
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    Claudio RodríguezClaudio RodríguezMonth ago
  • Can you die if enemies found you in your astral form???

    lisa's predebutlisa's predebutMonth ago
  • Imagine her design being more elegant like Senna and less like Xayah Would be playable

    Ahri hates humansAhri hates humansMonth ago
  • Can someone tell me who Is her voice actress please?

    FemslashYuri4AllFemslashYuri4AllMonth ago
  • Human aurelion sol

    eymen bozdağeymen bozdağMonth ago
  • This one looks bad

    G GamerG GamerMonth ago
  • Some of her voice lines sounds like my teachers voice xD

    Frostkid64Frostkid64Month ago
  • Why am I the first one who wants to know what this song was

    JayRock RussellJayRock RussellMonth ago
  • so god has been added to this game. FUN

    //Hyper_Dragon\\//Hyper_Dragon\\Month ago
  • 0:45 new map Easter egg?

    c o f f e ec o f f e eMonth ago
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    Cathleen HarrisonCathleen HarrisonMonth ago
  • She looks like THANOS sister ;-;

    sahil jagnanisahil jagnaniMonth ago

    ETAETAMonth ago
  • Ooh Game Crasher Agent !

    N F ChatthaN F ChatthaMonth ago
  • She has godlike powers but still uses a gun

    IIAwfulWaffleIIIIAwfulWaffleIIMonth ago
  • can y’all release it for consoles i really wanna play it so bad :( it’s so much fun

    Vl ImHated lVVl ImHated lVMonth ago
  • Wakandan and Dr. Strange all rolled into one.

    Gerald G. OrrosGerald G. OrrosMonth ago
  • Idk how to get out of the ult space thing....

    MAXMAXMonth ago
  • She sounds like shuri from black panther

    Casuel ColinCasuel ColinMonth ago
  • Honestly, they should make the way you place her stars easier

    gRunggRungMonth ago
    • It’s not that hard at all I can relate to not having the ability to place them far away but just clicking your mouse is simple enough

      Soap DispencerSoap DispencerMonth ago
  • More maps plz

    pjitapjitaMonth ago
    • I want them to give her this line: Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Valorant.

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • dude my name in valorant is astral and the agent that came out is named astra how fking cool is that only one letter missing tho

    GTN_ReaperYTGTN_ReaperYTMonth ago
    • worst character ever\

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • oh kid cs:go?

    Mango KarstenMango KarstenMonth ago
  • Beautiful work

    GuemboGuemboMonth ago
  • My brain can’t comprehend this and that’s why I’m gonna suck playing her

    pida siouypida siouyMonth ago
  • Devs : Ok we are making character that can go into astral form..So, we'll need a good name Also Devs : Astra Again also devs : noice!

    James BondJames BondMonth ago
  • so shes literally a god and quite op but bruh its hard to use her stupid star thing

    bilge mertbilge mertMonth ago
    • @D B ello from league controls time for himself, so I guess a person that’s ult could turn back time for their teammate if they were to die or something?

      Soap DispencerSoap DispencerMonth ago
    • @pida siouy how...would that work

      D BD BMonth ago
    • Ay, hear me out, hear me out, imagine a time controller agent

      pida siouypida siouyMonth ago
  • Thanos reincarnation is that youuu

    Mariam FathimaMariam FathimaMonth ago
  • Thanos loses to the Avengers Astra: Fine, I'll do it myself

    alida flusalida flusMonth ago
  • nice , sieht geil aus. erstmal austesten

    ErcieZ 40ErcieZ 40Month ago
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    Paul FaducciPaul FaducciMonth ago
  • iam so confused XD

    jack the gamerjack the gamerMonth ago
  • like huh?

    jack the gamerjack the gamerMonth ago
  • Trash game with trash updates lmaoooo

    Chicken NoodleChicken NoodleMonth ago
    • @Zagi Productions awww did i hurt ur feelings lil bud?

      Chicken NoodleChicken NoodleMonth ago
    • Trash comment with trash opinion lmaoooo

      Zagi ProductionsZagi ProductionsMonth ago

    safeZerosafeZeroMonth ago
  • worst character ever\

    Alp GashiAlp GashiMonth ago
  • I want them to give her this line: Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Valorant.

    Mr.StarPhishMr.StarPhishMonth ago
  • Wtf is going on

    Orest PellumbiOrest PellumbiMonth ago
  • Astra looks so powerfulll

    VviperinVviperinMonth ago
  • I first heard "You can tell a peasant's character by their first action."

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMonth ago
  • no idea what her abilities are.. good video.

    mrshihtzumrshihtzuMonth ago
  • Ay, hear me out, hear me out, imagine a time controller agent

    Absolitude CornerAbsolitude CornerMonth ago
    • @Zagi Productions well for ultimate i would imagine an instant time stopping for few seconds and regional, more like Killjoy's but without the warning. And it would affect the spike timer.

      Absolitude CornerAbsolitude CornerMonth ago
    • Sounds cool but hard to balance

      Zagi ProductionsZagi ProductionsMonth ago
    • Astra broken LULW

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMonth ago