Ask Adam Savage: How MythBusters' Stunt Training Later Saved Adam's Life

Feb 18, 2021
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Tested member Dungeonmaster V asked Adam, "You guys basically did stunt training for vehicles on MythBusters. Has that training helped you out of a jam in real life?" Adam has quite the answer for THAT question. Thank you, Dungeonmaster V! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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    Adam Savage’s TestedAdam Savage’s Tested17 days ago
    • Wow Adam, you are so cool!

      Rebecca DychesRebecca Dyches2 days ago
    • That traffic story was wow, I like ware you said u made it to ware it's no way braking again lol just all weld 💯% that thing XD

      HÆX A.HÆX A.12 days ago
    • @Rat Shion > With all the bullshit yall have blown up. Taking that into account, I could even imagine anyone from the local PD seeing this video and think: "Okay, so he just confessed to have sirens in his car which are technically illegal. But I certainly will _never_ cite that bloke for that for obvious reasons." :-)

      Drops2centsDrops2cents16 days ago
    • @Adam Savage’s Tested Hey Adam, I've never in my life heard of a steering link fail like that from general use. That's terrifying! O.O Glad you had a siren. lol Because of course you added one. :P I'm now not sure whether I'd feel safe being a passenger with you or not; on the one hand, you're a REALLY good driver (and as a Canadian, I salute your handling of black ice). On the other hand, much like what your wife said... you seem to be jinxed. XD

      The LegacyThe Legacy16 days ago
    • Everything we do is to prepare us for the future... Adam use your brain for the good of the country please ..your playing with toys compared to what you could really apply your creativity to

      seansean16 days ago
  • Took the Kentucky State Police defensive driving course before I got my license. It has successfully saved me on 3 separate occasions involving ice and 2 more with idiots barreling toward me. I then joined the Army and BCT skills I learned have assisted me in normal daily operations. Gotta say if you can go to any kind of driver training or stunt training, Any kind of safety trainings. DO IT!

    iitsTre_iitsTre_Hour ago
  • aah yes, 4 people in 2 cars, sounds like california

    Rob MckennieRob Mckennie7 hours ago
  • A lot of old CB radios have a PA system output without sirens. I used to hide my face when a friend in high school would use it to try to talk to girls at the mall. (it didn't attract the women he wanted to attract).

    az_maxaz_max15 hours ago
  • Am I the only one thinking "if you hit your 4th patch of black ice, maybe you shouldn't be driving at that time, on that road?"

    David KadonskyDavid Kadonsky20 hours ago
  • I’ve had the plywood thing happen, but with muddy water that froze on my windshield instantly. I had to look at the car next to me because I was on the freeway in a construction zone with no breakdown lane, one of the most terrifying moments of my life 😱

    kuramaisminekuramaismineDay ago
  • Losing control of your vehicle is always the result of a choice you made.

    negativespace000negativespace000Day ago
  • Coming from New England ,you don't need stunt driving school you learn this @ 16 and 1/2 years old the first winter you drive...good story loved it reminded me of my youth. :}

    quinton quillquinton quillDay ago
  • I had never driven on a freeway OR anywhere with ice or snow. I had to break hard on an icy freeway in heavy traffic once. I was going maybe 60km/h. I felt the car go, I hit the breaks, the steering locked up, and I slid for about 30 -40 metres in a straight line until the last bit where the back of the car slid to the right, moving into the lane next to me. MIRACULOUSLY I didn’t hit anything, and no one else hit me. I eventually stopped and hit my hazards. I was blocking 2 lanes and The steering wouldn’t unlock. I could move forward and backwards, but I couldn’t turn.The traffic backed up a bit and some really nice people, who I could never thank enough, helped move my car into the emergency lane and turn it slightly. They kinda lifted and pushed until it was only in the emergency lane. The slippery road made that a little easier, and it was only a tiny car too. I got it towed, and the mechanics managed to unstick the steering, and I vowed to never drive on a wet or iced freeway again. Even driving in the rain scares the shit out of me now.

    Probly a sweet potatoProbly a sweet potato2 days ago
  • Adam... I love you to death man... but do you think anyone at all would choose saving discovery tens of thousands at the cost of your life? Im glad you made it... but for a smart man ,thats the dumbest thing you've ever said. Im glad it worked out but think of you and your family in life or death situations...not money!!

    Klint KarasKlint Karas2 days ago
  • did u break The porsche??? the one that was filmed?? that thing was nice

    TravisTravis2 days ago
  • Wow, what a story! Been loving these takes on Mythbusters and your stories, Adam. Mythbusters was such a huge thing for me growing up and I was so sad to see it go... But man, what a ride it was! Hope we can see that land cruiser someday! (Dunno if Adam will ever see this!)

    J-TechJ-Tech2 days ago
  • Oooooooo destruction Me like

    Spike 365Spike 3653 days ago
  • That last story gave me goosebumps. Glad you're okay and thanks for sharing everything you do.

    nochillzanochillza3 days ago
  • So how much money did you make from the tires you turned to diamond in the land cruiser? Jeez I got sketched out just hearing the setups

    Mat lMat l3 days ago
  • Adam Savage is the OG youtube smart guy.

    Lunic PilotLunic Pilot4 days ago
  • The black ice story seems more dangerous to me, and the training must have helped more. For the broken steering knuckle, you can't do anything besides slow down.

    Quake LawQuake Law5 days ago
  • Mans out here living his best life

    Terry BranniganTerry Brannigan5 days ago
  • It's odd that despite living in california for almost 120 years that i at least know of, he still calls the freeway numbers like he's from new york. He says "280 North...101" and not "THE 280 or THE 101" like any native southern California or bay area kid would have learned already. I, a native Bostonian, lived there for 5 years and i even started saying it, just not to make the locals ears curl :-D

    Evan ParkerEvan Parker5 days ago
  • Stealing my grandpas car and going rallying on a rocky road next to a cliff was the best driving lesson one can get. You learn when and where to brake and which path to follow around the turns while hopping over tumbling rocks. We also get insane ice and have a huge incline to get home and I am the only FWD driver to make it up there almost all the time (One time there was just too much ice on the bottom of the hill after a corner and as I started ripping my trunk lining to use it for grip a guy from the village showed up with a 4x4 pickup truck and helped me up so not counting... Still missing the lining)

    Sketch1994Sketch19945 days ago
  • Glad you and your son were okay

    LandOfForeverSummerLandOfForeverSummer6 days ago
  • Did you get in trouble for using the siren or since it was an emergency situation did they wave it off?

    xGo4TheGoldxxGo4TheGoldx6 days ago
  • Adam savage is the GOAT of dad's!!

    Oscar ZetaAcostaOscar ZetaAcosta7 days ago
  • Ahhh that's scary I didn't know that a steering wheel could break like that 😱

    Sophie LSophie L7 days ago
  • That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing.

    MatthewFloMatthewFlo7 days ago
  • SkarmoryThePG SkarmoryThePG 1 second ago Oh man I've been looking for where you've told this story before for a while now. I think it was Still Untitled. I don't think you even brought the siren up then!

    SkarmoryThePGSkarmoryThePG8 days ago
  • When I was going to get my license the first thing my dad did was to take me into an empty parking lot and practice driving on ice until I could drive sideways and turn with the gas.

    John SmithJohn Smith9 days ago
  • "my wife and I..." Damn it.

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson9 days ago
  • Adam, I'm so glad you and your family are safe! Any breakfast joint that sells burgers os a Good breakfast joint😀 I, too, have greatly benefited from my on/over the limit driving training. I strongly recommend anyone who has the ability to take a course like this to do it!

    Chris MorrisChris Morris9 days ago
  • Glade you are ok Adam . Your Landcruiser story was interesting from the standpoint of your vehicle failure , you didnt elaborate too much on what caused the failure of the knuckle . Let me guess it was the right side , all too common on the Cruiser . Again without knowing the details you need to stay on top of the maintenance of the front end of these vehicles ..

    Waynes butlerWaynes butler9 days ago
  • In Denmark going on a wet course is a mandatory part of training for your driver's license. I have never had to use it in real life, but boy am I glad I've tried losing traction in controlled circumstances - it's absolutely terrifying, but at least I know what it feels like and what I should do to counter it.

    PassionPopsiclePassionPopsicle9 days ago
  • That's some prodigious Range Rover wrangling Adam. ✌

    James BarisitzJames Barisitz9 days ago
  • GTA v irl

    Unborn FetusUnborn Fetus10 days ago
    • Can you imagine if it was bulletproof and you were basically invincible in there, it would be even more of an absolute beast.

      Nikoisugly JkNikoisugly Jk7 days ago
    • phantom wedge

      Krishan DevarajahKrishan Devarajah7 days ago
  • Very cool

    tt10 days ago
  • Basically the same thing happened to myself and my pregnant wife, Drag link fell off on a hotrod power tour scariest situation ive been in thankfully everything Worked out

    Reece CarpenterReece Carpenter10 days ago
  • i've just spent a lot of time driving in bad weather for the joy of it. my favorite one was the time i drove though a white out blizzard ,through Nebraska, on I80. you couldn't see lights past 30 feet, there were people pulled over, people in the ditch, crashes, jackknifed semis in the road. it was pretty neat.

    iamzidiamzid10 days ago
  • And this is why I have taught myself and my sister how to slide our truck in the snow (was also for fun) but it has saved me especially on one occasion. I was driving on highway 26 near Collingwood Ontario where it is a 4 lane divided highway, when as I am in the right lane the 18 wheeler in the left lane stratus to veer into me. As I move over to not get hit I get pushed into a snow bank which instantly tries its best to fishtail me and put me in the ditch, for those wondering I couldn’t have slammed on the brakes as the highway was very busy and had 1-2” of fresh snow on it which had I done that likely would have resulted in a pileup as sadly most people aren’t experienced enough or frankly even have snow tires, thankfully I had disabled the primitive traction control our truck has and engaged 4 wheel drive, so I countersteer and slam on the gas which pulls me out of the slide prevented me from being involved in a 400/401 style pileup, if you live in southern Ontario you know what I mean.

    Jack ThayerJack Thayer10 days ago
  • Can't tell if I want to ride with Adam or never-ever-ever-ever-ever ride with Adam.

    willhousewillhouse10 days ago
  • As a person from New England I can vouch for the highway thing lol

    Rick GanioRick Ganio10 days ago
  • Adam should do a showcase video on his Toyota, that'd be great!

    Martin NiemeyerMartin Niemeyer11 days ago
  • Reason y u shouldn't call cops on kids drifting in parking lots there just learning to drive safer in the weather they live in

    Cody LeonardCody Leonard11 days ago
  • DungeonmasterV is either a DND fan or he isn't

    AmeliaAmelia11 days ago
  • Crazy that 2006 is a long time ago

    David TownsendDavid Townsend11 days ago
  • So moral of the last story is having illegal equipment can save lives

    Subject DeltaSubject Delta11 days ago
  • Route 90,93?

    isaac P.isaac P.11 days ago
  • the most terrifying part of that story is getting burgers for breakfast

    Jackson GreenJackson Green11 days ago
  • "I'm Adam Savage, and this is Adam Savage"

    Saint JynrSaint Jynr11 days ago
  • There's nothing wrong with a long answer. Thanks for sharing.

    DuelScreenDuelScreen11 days ago
  • Yeah, my wife doesn't like it when I slide on the snow. Ever.

    ra kerra ker11 days ago
  • Black ice is scary as hell. I've rolled a car because of that stuff.

    Wolf LolingWolf Loling11 days ago
  • Good training (and some illegal equipment).

    SolSammoSolSammo12 days ago
  • He drives nearly as good as Stevie Wonder when he's holidaying with Elton John

    system Skynetsystem Skynet12 days ago
  • I love when the roads getting snowy/icy. I always push the car past its limits and go into slides/drifts constantly when taking turns. Its the only time I truly have fun on the roads anymore.

    TON O'CLAYTON O'CLAY12 days ago
  • "Stop looking for the black-ice" sounded like something else...

    ZarkowZarkow12 days ago
  • Almost exact same thing happened over Christmas with me and my sister. 2wd PT Cruiser hit black ice going around a curve on the interstate while everyone was doing 65 around me. So i had to keep drifting it around the curve to keep from hitting the wall. Ol' Cruiser didnt want to stay straight after the curve and I had to correct it back and forth until it caught traction again around 40mph. If i didnt have fun in the snow or drift around old dirt and gravel roads it'd be a different story.

    TheDIRTBIKER10TheDIRTBIKER1012 days ago
  • Anyone else get “The Californians” vibe from this story?

    Ben SachsBen Sachs12 days ago
  • I was confused fir a minute there as he was telling the prop destruction story because in that instance he was the only one not in danger, he was the danger

    Brandon LinkBrandon Link12 days ago
  • The siren you've used, you used it during an emergency which could have ended with lost lives, by alerting other drivers you reduced the chance of anyone getting hurt!

    Vash BaldeusVash Baldeus12 days ago
    • yeah that's why he used it

      Quake LawQuake Law5 days ago
  • moral of the story, doesn't matter if its legal if it prevents an accident in emergency. or Moral of the story, any training you get can help you in the future.

    KittsueraKittsuera12 days ago
  • lol

    Owen DuffOwen Duff12 days ago
  • So it was the wealth to have mostly illegal and unnecessary toys included on your vehicle with a little added luck that saved you and your child. Sadly the majority of us are too oppressed to enjoy those luxuries no matter how much we might also train for severe conditions.

    OlórinOlórin12 days ago
  • That's awesome.

    EMdemoEMdemo13 days ago
  • My first thought was “this is why everyone needs sirens” then I realized I was being stupid because this ONLY worked because sirens are so uncommon everyone knew something was wrong

    Kaze RyuKaze Ryu13 days ago
  • As someone who ends up in a lot of stupid driving situations... I'm getting a PA in the Jeep GC asap. Great story!

    Altared TVAltared TV13 days ago
  • I just saw you on The Expanse, very good job channeling your inner Captain Kirk.

    CptSpears007CptSpears00713 days ago
  • Good that you had that training and quick reactions. There are no frequent mandatory car inspections in the US yet?

    NilsNils13 days ago
  • Great stories! Both made me go "Whew!" for you at the end. I hit ice under snow once in my Jeep Wrangler and lost control on a back road (thankfully few cars were on it) and ended up across the left lane, down and up a ditch and through a barb wire fence. I found only a few scratches on the Jeep after my heart rate & breathing got back near normal. Wish I'd had your training. BTW, as long as you keep at 35 mph or above in a Wrangler, with the top down, you won't get wet in the rain.

    Andy RobsonAndy Robson13 days ago
  • Adam would you ever come back to New England? I call Maine home

    Zachary HatchZachary Hatch13 days ago
  • Wait is mythbusters where rockstar got the idea semi-turck with ram on the front?

    killerbee256killerbee25613 days ago
  • Adam, the is 684 ...

    Robert ReillyRobert Reilly13 days ago
  • On a note for the black ice, the lesson you taught me in that episode saved my life when I was driving 160km/h and hit a patch of gravel on the highway. I would have totaled my Audi TT. It saved my life and a friend's life while driving her polo in the rain, hit about 7-8 patches of deep water where we aquaplaned and the same technique worked there to keep us alive and accident free. I hope you and the Mythbusters team understand just how many lives you've saved as a result of how well you made the show, how easily it sticks in your head and how fast people remember those tidbits of the episodes that come into play irl at the moment when they're most necessary.

    Ian VisserIan Visser13 days ago
  • Mythbusters really taught me alot. About robotics (Rip Grant), about stunts (Rip Jessi), about film and VFX (Thanks Adam and Jamie), about making science fun (thanks Tori). I'm an AI dev as a result of the curiosity you instilled in me as a kid. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for molding me into the person I am today.

    Ian VisserIan Visser13 days ago
  • How high are you ?

    Bodhi89Bodhi8913 days ago
  • I don't know how this works on the US, but here in the Netherlands if you're stranded in a dangerous spot in traffic you're supposed to call 911 (112)

    TimoTimo13 days ago
  • Either I'm drunk high or just had a out of body experience but I thought you said you were adam sandler.

    Matt SprayberryMatt Sprayberry13 days ago
  • Controlling the car on slippery surface (fwd and rwd) regaining control and doing breaking and avoiding in those conditions is training you need to do in order to get your license in Sweden. Most people forget it quite quickly tho since it is just one hour. Especially in the south where they don't have icy roads for months every winter. I always encourage people to find an empty snowy parking lot and do some skids just to know how their car behaves when they lose traction.

    Anders ÖhlundAnders Öhlund13 days ago
  • How mad were you when they tricked you with the cattle fence shock?

    J BJ B13 days ago
  • These would be good vinwiki car stories

    weaponlover32weaponlover3213 days ago
  • I love and miss HMB!!! Can't wait to get back there after the plague is gone!

    Brian TerrillBrian Terrill13 days ago
  • Adam "the best uber driver" Savage

    urboihazurboihaz13 days ago
  • Im just learning to drive, im starting out a little late im 23, but honestly this has made me consider if payong for stunt driving training would be useful. If there was a place to learn nearby.

    CelticShadowCelticShadow13 days ago
  • Still having that Energy. What a guy

    Inko GnitoInko Gnito14 days ago
  • Great story. Just fyi the "grassy" strip in the middle of roadways are called Median strips not meridian. :)

    Bryan NelsonBryan Nelson14 days ago
  • Storytelling in this episode is 🦾

    Marcus FurrowMarcus Furrow14 days ago
  • I grew up in Northern Mn about a mile from Canada. Once he knew the ice was thick enough my dad took me and my sister out on our gravel pit lake and we practiced getting out of fish tailing. I have used that training many times.

    Eric NielsenEric Nielsen14 days ago
  • Adam's truck story reminded me of the few times the hood flew up and slammed into the wind shield when I was driving about 60mph, one time being on a highway. I didn't try to keep driving like he did, but I was impressed that I was able to calmly slow down and pull off the road.

    cullenatorguycullenatorguy14 days ago
  • U kneed ta grease it..(A Real man understands,and can basic maintenance His Families ,vesicles. 😎 I will be your ,,MIND GREASE. 😊 Your Family is your oil,,y'all. My VW-Beetle,,and my sleeping bag.). you closeted socialistic,,anti-reality . fork head.

    Greasy CockGreasy Cock14 days ago
  • MEDIAN, Adam! Median, not meridian!

    Neil VA5WXNeil VA5WX14 days ago
  • Do American cars not have a Hazard button that flashes the 6 indicator lights?

    Anthony PaullAnthony Paull14 days ago
  • That's pretty amazing. I would have just put my hazards on and started honking too, seeing as I wouldn't have had a siren.

    Amethyst JeanAmethyst Jean14 days ago
  • Dungeon Master V? You mean, the DMV is asking you about your cars?

    Wizard_BrainsWizard_Brains14 days ago
  • Glad everything worked out with the busted steering, it's really amazing how fast specialized training can come back when needed.

    WolvieWolvie14 days ago
  • that first scenario probably happened around 2008 as there was a large snowstorm that went through atleast Ohio

    Cᐰptain ᐰwsomeCᐰptain ᐰwsome14 days ago
  • Adam seriously!!! Thing One and Thing Two. I have been watching you for nearly 2 decades and i know you can do better bud 😂🤣

    Adok24Adok2414 days ago
  • I miss mythBusters

    Samzilla BuddySamzilla Buddy14 days ago
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    Todd YahuShuaTodd YahuShua14 days ago
  • What a great story Adam. It's amazing how adrenaline can slow time or speed up our thinking in those emergencies and give us those precious moments to allow training to take over.

    Michael NoneMichael None14 days ago
  • I wish I was as happy as Adam Savage seems to be

    billiondollardanbilliondollardan14 days ago
  • I had a really nasty moment on my honda deauville motorcycle in snow once I was driving home from work and snow had started coming down during the day just enough to start settling on the road and I was approaching a roundabout I pulled onto the roundabout as normal (just slower due to snow) and the back wheel started coming round and I remembered my instructors words "don't panic, don't brake and don't freeze" I kept the engine turning as it will help your balance and was fluid with the bike only made minor corrections only and I ended up going round the roundabout sideways and luckily I got grip before I ran out of luck and safely got off the roundabout. Its one thing losing traction with 4 wheels another thing with 2 wheels and balance thrown in the mix

    jasonpeace1991jasonpeace199114 days ago
  • Just out of curiosity, is the Thing 1, Thing 2 nicknames something you actually call them, or is it just a way to keep their privacy intact when talking about them? As a father myself, I have nicknames for each of my 5 tricycle motors, but somehow, I'm not sure if either I or my ex-wife would be okay with calling them that... Unless they were huge Dr Seuss fans I guess.

    JDG IndustriesJDG Industries14 days ago