Apr 6, 2021
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"As Far As The Stars" is a collaboration album w/ Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart
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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MUSIC BY: Really Slow Motion
COMPOSED BY: Dylan C. Jones
Original Link: usworlds.info/slow/video/fopkqaTbsqqed4s

  • everyone can change there stars

    Masters Doobie KlydeMasters Doobie Klyde49 minutes ago
  • Me to always told I won't go no were but I feel I'm ok or I'm good

    Rod FoxRod Fox50 minutes ago
  • Nailed it. As everything you do. You are the inspirational no one has ever seen. Unbelievably done with genius. You're old enough to be my kid. I would be so proud

    Jonny WalkerJonny WalkerHour ago
  • This was a really good inspiration Tom keep up the good work

    Elite 8709Elite 8709Hour ago
  • Noice

    Gordon freemanGordon freemanHour ago
  • We never went to the moon 🌛

    Syracuse BearSyracuse BearHour ago
  • That was absolutely beautiful. May all your dreams come true Tom. God bless

    Stacey M Frost-OliverStacey M Frost-OliverHour ago
  • Shit is clear to day to me, but look how dark it gets.

    Scotty BranhamScotty Branham2 hours ago
  • Wanker!!! POES!!!

    Snot KopSnot Kop2 hours ago
  • Beautiful bigg dogg... you touched people's hearts...keep doing what your doing

    Justaguy Justaguy1Justaguy Justaguy12 hours ago
  • Gave me chills dude!

    J LJ L3 hours ago
  • Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Saturday!! 👋👽I bring thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸

    Karmic WheelKarmic Wheel3 hours ago
  • Dammit.. I am searching for the song man.....

    Jenna StrangeJenna Strange3 hours ago
  • Damn, man. YEAH!

    We, The Peoples VoiceWe, The Peoples Voice3 hours ago
  • This his newest vid...yes no...

    shane woodardshane woodard3 hours ago
  • So when do you guys go big time? Producer, lead actor? LETS DO THIS!! 👏🏻😍♥️

    Melissa WaltonMelissa Walton4 hours ago
  • Bro ur doing awesome maybe someday I can find what ever talent is inside me and make out of it what u have, tattooing and the oil patch won't get me there but it keeps me going

    Mike GreerMike Greer4 hours ago
  • I’m laugh 😆 if my man ever reaches to the moon 🌙 for real with nasa lmfao

    Sol BadGuySol BadGuy4 hours ago
  • Just got goosebumps

    RainbowLoom QueenRainbowLoom Queen4 hours ago
  • Space is fake and we have already been saved buster....

    Sunder AldridgeSunder Aldridge5 hours ago
  • Why is this so cool hahaha.

    rachel yatesrachel yates5 hours ago
  • Space isn’t where it’s at. There are plenty of different levels of this pain to get to.

  • That was dope bro 👌💯

    CodyCody5 hours ago
  • Holy fuck tom

    Michael FramMichael Fram6 hours ago
  • How long does it take to get the album... i ordered it yesterday?

    Joseph SherrillJoseph Sherrill6 hours ago
  • Purchased mine right after I seen this!

    Chuck TChuck T7 hours ago
  • We LOVE you!!! 🙏❤️

    OC Glam TanOC Glam Tan7 hours ago
  • Space is fake moon landing never happened

    Mary Vegan powerMary Vegan power7 hours ago
  • 🔥

  • You are jesus in the flesh these days!!!!! And if you think its wrong to say it now! Who was wrong saying it then???????

    Justin MillerJustin Miller9 hours ago
  • Dude!!! Send in your video to Elon to get aboard the spacecraft taking a group of artist to the moon and back. It’s a 6 day trip approx!

    Ben BrewerBen Brewer10 hours ago
  • 😭✌🏽💙

    Sylvia CraftsSylvia Crafts10 hours ago
  • Space is fake and nasa is full of shit

    Chico from Ph33nixChico from Ph33nix10 hours ago
  • Loved it. "shoot for the moon, even is you miss you'll land among the stars".

    StravenStraven10 hours ago
  • Love ❤

    ehsan khehsan kh11 hours ago
  • Your dream came true Tom, you are saving the world one song at a time and I hope you know this and never stop doing such amazing work!

    Marko JakoveticMarko Jakovetic11 hours ago
  • Well done 👏👏👏

    Green JeansGreen Jeans11 hours ago
  • Tom for governor! For realsy.

    Green JeansGreen Jeans11 hours ago
  • Unfortunately as aware as he is, he still hasn't realized the greatest lie ever told. NASA lies. Sorry break the news to you but you are stuck here and all those pretty "pictures" are just as real as Star Trek.

    N HN H12 hours ago
    • @Teresa Frogue what the same rockets that don't go straight up into space but actually taper off and fly into the distance conveintly in Florida strategically placed to fly off over the ocean. Keep dreaming the rockets aren't going anywhere other then another place on our earth.

      N HN HHour ago
    • I invite you to come down here in Florida and watch the rockets taking men up in space.

      Teresa FrogueTeresa Frogue5 hours ago
  • Thank you for this #TomMacdonald Thank you for helping me believe in myself with your lyrics everyday. One Day I WILL have a HIT and you will be there in that moment because we remember the little people... #tonytractor

    Tony TractorTony Tractor12 hours ago
  • 460 people, why are you gay. this was an amazing vid.

    XxFearLessFilm ProductionsxXXxFearLessFilm ProductionsxX13 hours ago
  • I'm shooting As far as the stars 🌟

    Prashant GurungPrashant Gurung13 hours ago
  • Tom the people who said you won’t and you can’t and probley not there are just douting you I no you will no dout

    Dale WatkinsDale Watkins14 hours ago
  • Tom, you are a star, shining light on the darkness that has blanketed earth. Keep shining brother

    Jimmy RugovaJimmy Rugova14 hours ago
  • Wow if this didnt bring a tear to your eyes ..u need to look beyond the stars..

    VTLV FishingVTLV Fishing15 hours ago
  • Congratulations

    Joseph AyscueJoseph Ayscue15 hours ago
  • LpCharm is another influential truth rapper from Canada too! These two should collab

    Addiction HitsAddiction Hits15 hours ago
  • That was pretty darn good!!!!!!!!

    BTD 747BTD 74715 hours ago
  • Never seen a more motivational or inspiring video, this will be more then foreshadowing advertising someday.

    JOHN DOEJOHN DOE16 hours ago
  • yeet

    GanontoonsGanontoons16 hours ago
  • ...hah...praying...like that helps...hopefully you educate yourself out of that nonsense before you waste too much more time...

    Deric' AnslumDeric' Anslum16 hours ago
  • From the mean streets of K. n A philly to middle class Life is great went back got a trade. Made it I'm 60. N life is sooo good n so is our father who wants us to thrive towards great things if u are a. Carpenter. Welder BOILERMAKER great that's Ameraica ps if can't. N won't never done nothing good. Awake 👁️👁️🇺🇸🍁🇺🇸

    Mike UndereoodMike Undereood16 hours ago
  • Tom the fu*+kin Bomb. To the stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Mike UndereoodMike Undereood17 hours ago
  • Was I the only one waiting for the beat to drop?😂🤦🏼‍♂️

    Tyler MauldinTyler Mauldin17 hours ago
  • Been told a lot of stupid shit But I will keep my head up chest out and keep standing for who I am what I believe with the stars always in sight. Great video ya did a great speech

    Paul AllenPaul Allen17 hours ago
  • That was dope !!!

    Real7im3Real7im318 hours ago
  • Tom you are truly an inspiration!!!! Keep doing you and shoot past the moon don't let anybody tell you can't won't and probably not 👍💪🚀👨‍🚀🚀

    Vernon RiveraVernon Rivera18 hours ago
  • Kool monolog. Got cheesy for a few secs. But good over all

    chozen0018chozen001818 hours ago
  • To the farthest star and back as I tell my daughter

    Shawn RahmShawn Rahm20 hours ago
  • That was just really cool 😎...lots of love from an ol' broken country girl. Sharing with my teenage nephew.....you are truly an honest down to earth musician. You have opened another door of understanding for him.. My lil' man is awake. Has been for awhile now. Look forward to our next visit together. Nothing better than having a teenager wanting to hang with his aunt!? I think its THE BEST! All my best to you guys! ❤😏🤑❤

    F.N.D. TesscalanteF.N.D. Tesscalante20 hours ago
  • Tom just write movies already man fck!🤣

    Mike BeetsMike Beets20 hours ago
  • Hey Tom when are the Autographed albums coming out?

    SkyHigh FadedguySkyHigh Fadedguy21 hour ago
  • That looped music smacks of laziness from musicians of all people. WTH!

    MusicManMusicMan21 hour ago
  • Nasa is full of shit.

    Ka JaKa Ja22 hours ago
    • Mad vid tho

      Ka JaKa Ja22 hours ago
  • This is incredible! Nuff said 💜🛸💫✨🌟🌎

    MBennzMBennz22 hours ago
  • The stars are all aligning for you! Congratulations!

    Christine BrennanChristine Brennan22 hours ago
  • Ground Control to Major Tom!

    EllieBelleEllieBelle22 hours ago
  • Bruh...i cant wait

    brock griffithbrock griffith23 hours ago
  • Great! Now I wanna be an astronaut.

    Jay RoseJay RoseDay ago
  • First tattoo faced president ever? I think kinda maybe yes

    gaspa _mgasp_amgaspa _mgasp_amDay ago
    • Got my vote 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      Vernon RiveraVernon Rivera18 hours ago
  • Man whether he wants to be or not Tom is THE MAN of 2021. I want to seem him continue to rocket past the moon and land in a galaxy of success.

    M JM JDay ago
  • Wow, I cried, this is beautiful, I mean it's just plain beautiful.....

    Jeanne RandallJeanne RandallDay ago
  • I have so much to offer as a puppet then a realist...fucking sellout no wonder why you quoted "fake woke" and "clown word" that moment was just a moment and $ now it's a different world so your moving on peace

    Joshua BeaumontJoshua BeaumontDay ago
    • Wtf are you talking about

      Kyle BrittKyle Britt16 hours ago
  • Another epic recital ♡

    Cher KarCher KarDay ago
  • Blast off ton 100 .

    Jared OwensJared OwensDay ago
  • Tom ! Your Canadian Right?This is some cheesy shit man ! unless im missing the point ! could be .

    mikeygreenmanmikeygreenmanDay ago
  • TO INFINITY, and/or BEYOND!!

    PaulPaulDay ago
  • This is the best album promotional that I have ever seen.

    Buster AllenBuster AllenDay ago
  • This dude has been placed up here for a reason..yall just too blind to see it... Hell, I mean..it doesnt take much for our society to be misled without us realizing it...social engendering..anyone ⁉️🤔 It's like Hollywood movies being control by the CIA. Like, everyone should know that, but...too much distraction going on & so purposely ❗ Same for that covid chess game...we just can't smell the game and that we are ALL GETTING PLAYED❗

    S RDVizionsS RDVizionsDay ago

    QQDay ago
  • ✌️😘🤘

    zbhaz1105zbhaz1105Day ago
  • Why are you limiting yourself to only hard copies only?... I’m fan and it just sucks, you do hard copies only. 💿 are a thing of the past ... I get that you gotta make your money. Make it! But maybe a month later you can drop it on iTunes and other platforms.

    Trigger Happy MobTrigger Happy MobDay ago
  • ...that speech rivalled the rocky balboa inspirational speech... damn tom...

    Judess 69erJudess 69erDay ago
  • Just ordered the new CD. Love you all. Congrats!!!!!!!!

    M HM HDay ago
  • This dudes story telling is hypnotizing. You don’t want it to end, I felt like this was the prelude to a movie. Like his ghost story I didn’t want it to end.

    Justin ButlerJustin ButlerDay ago
  • NASA means "TO DECEIVE". There is no space they say there is!!!!!!!!!!!

    Borzymir SłowianinBorzymir SłowianinDay ago
  • I thought you were going to come out into the FE moment with ODDTV or something maybe someday?

    Sean P.Sean P.Day ago
  • Tom 2019: "you an actor Dave I don't need rehearsals" Tom 2021: "I wanna be a spaceman!"

    Matsutake JonesMatsutake JonesDay ago
  • a national treasure I wanna see the stars too i will

    Sheldon ShniklefritzSheldon ShniklefritzDay ago
  • Imagine disliking this video. You're one of those "you can't, you won't, probably not." "You'll be nothing but a spec of dust".

    inslowmotioninslowmotionDay ago
    • Well said.

      Teresa FrogueTeresa Frogue5 hours ago
  • You shoot for the stars to land in the clouds you shoot for the heavens to conquer your dreams

    zbhaz1105zbhaz1105Day ago
  • This dude is already better than most. in my eyes. He is the goat. Nobody is stopping this train. Eminem, MGK, they want to be him right now. Dont get it twisted.

    Nobody ImportantNobody ImportantDay ago
  • That is good

    Elizabeth ChristopherElizabeth ChristopherDay ago
  • He look it's another Satanic sellout pushing fake space

    Numb OneNumb OneDay ago
  • Damn!!! I just felt like I had therapy

    Marc ThomasMarc ThomasDay ago
  • space is fake, nasa lies 💯

    Live FireLive FireDay ago
  • Can’t wait to hear your new CD!!! You rock!!! HOG forever 👊 WWG1WGA 🐸🐸

    Beanz_17 QBeanz_17 QDay ago
  • You'll go far enough to where the people behind you won't matter

    Chris PrattChris PrattDay ago
  • I'm excited to get my album

    Timothy BakerTimothy BakerDay ago
  • This is so creative. Appreciate the writing + acting skills and an incredible marketing strategy

    Anthony GirtonAnthony GirtonDay ago