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Jan 11, 2021
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I Ran A Marathon In The World's Largest Shoes

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  • I’m never gonna meet him :> Cuz I live in Indonesia and my parents don’t want to go there :>

    FallyuiFallyui55 minutes ago
  • His mom:: What do you want to be when you grow up? Mr Beast: I wanna be famous by giving money to people who watch my videos of giving money to other people! His mom: uh honey is there anything else? Maybe have kids, be a doctor, you can be president!! Mr Beast: That’s dumb. It’s not beneficial.

    Gacha Kiwiii :DGacha Kiwiii :D3 hours ago
  • That kid's money would be taken by his parent's...So sad

    Tomba KhumukchamTomba Khumukcham6 hours ago
  • I Subscribed Lol

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  • Mom:let me hold on to the money honey Kid:okay mom

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  • I subscribe but I live in Canada French man head That’s so far away So you couldn’t make it Bye

    ꧁andrea Gray꧂꧁andrea Gray꧂11 hours ago
  • Any chance that you will visit beautiful Brazil? :)

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  • Mr beast the best 🥰😘

    Ninja StreamNinja Stream12 hours ago
  • Irgendwo ein Deutscher hier in den Kommentaren, der sich denkt: warum gibt es sowas nicht in Deutschland?

    Toxic_Gaming [CoC]Toxic_Gaming [CoC]13 hours ago
  • The mother at home:hmm thats a lot of money give it to me i will hold it in my purse

    dagger dudedagger dude13 hours ago
  • Are you subscribed?

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  • Challenge: like ever single mr beast short video

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  • Watching your videos give me hope, it makes me believe there are some really nice people around who really want to see me happy and smiling. Your videos bring smile on my face even during this hard times ❤️ Love you my brother @MrBeast Shorts God bless you.

    Shan ShaheenShan Shaheen19 hours ago
  • Watching your videos give me hope, it makes me believe there are some really nice people around who really want to see me happy and smiling. Your videos bring smile on my face even during this hard times ❤️ Love you my brother @MrBeast Shorts God bless you.

    Shan ShaheenShan Shaheen19 hours ago
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  • I would not take a cent from this guy.

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  • Mr beast I'm saying with honor go sometimes to Europe 20 come from there

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  • I subscribed can I have a oculus quest 2? I don’t want five or three bc I know your gonna pull some trick mr.beast

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  • I Ben here for 5 years

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  • Oh her god, no.

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  • It seems the lady said "OMG TY" as if it was her money, as in she was going to make him give it to her

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  • lol can you imagine walk in the street and then this guy just comes and gives you money

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  • Subscribed and NOTIFICATIONS BELLS BANGING MR BEAST! God Bless you guys ROCK!

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  • I am also subscribed but tooo bad I live on sweden

  • What if every single american was subscribed to MrBeast and came to him irl?

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  • But I Live In New York :/

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  • there is a very small chance i am going to bump into Mr Beast in real life because he lives in America and I live in the UK

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  • u always help to peoples plz help me bruhhh 😥😥

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  • ON

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  • Tell mr best that he can record a video in the style I give money to people who asked me through paypall, I believe that there are many who sent him a request for money ...

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  • Yes sir.

    Timfim but on PHONE!!! yes.Timfim but on PHONE!!! yes.2 days ago
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  • I live in south Africa but love your video's

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  • I did subscribe today

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  • So desperate

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  • Can I have money

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  • Sooooooo can you come to Europe ?

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  • Well I subbed on 19 accounts

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  • I love ur videos and ur hilarious

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  • heheheheheheheh MrBeast honey ad On MrBeast video :>

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  • When ur mom sees mr beast .........

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  • But if I was in America f**king covid is hear anyway

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    • lol

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  • I'm in Ireland :(

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    • and me in india :(

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  • I subscribed where is my money lol jk I would be thankful those

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  • Hello, Mr.beast can you please come down to California and buy everything from my dad store it's a Mexican supermarket. PLEASE IT WILL MAKE MY DAD HAPPY.

    WALLY 25WALLY 253 days ago
  • He is a cash cow (no offense)

    Candy EggCandy Egg3 days ago
  • His mom at home be like: GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY OR YOU WILL GET CLAPPED

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 days ago
  • How lucky they are! It would be great if you were a citizen of our country. You give money to many people. I don't have a laptop to take online classes. With the father's income, three brothers and sisters have to pay for their education every month. Dad can't save money that way. I just think that if you were from our country I would probably get a laptop prize from you. When I watch your video, I get a lot of pleasure thinking about it. You are a very good minded person, may Allah bless you very much

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  • You must come to South Africa mrbeast

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  • Man i want r o u x but to bad

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  • I m subed i will not run into you

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  • ur so kind @mr beast im subscribed great content

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  • Ppl Who live in evrope

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  • Who realised he was wearing oversized shoes?

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  • Wanna know how much pewdiepie earns? Watch my video

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  • From india

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  • I pray whoever sees this will be successful in life

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  • Uff i live in italy it will be very hard to see mrbeast here

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  • Bruh...... Mr.beast giving money to ppl to subscribe............ Those ppl shouldda be real simps

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  • "Life is short" "Girlfriend is nothing" "parents are motivation" "support is everything I need your support from everyone. It's only click for you but a lot for us.❤

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  • Imagining a world without awesomeness is like imagining a world with out mr beast. Btw you rock

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  • I am 9 and I like your vids

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  • I made a separate account just for this.

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  • that mom was sus she prob after that was like mine my money sorry billy Lol

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  • For a sec I thought mr beast walked into that girls car

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  • Parents: that isn't your money this is our money here's $1

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  • I am really too much unlucky BECAUSE I leave too long with you 😣😣😣😣 But I want to meet you (Mr beast ) Big fan bro 🎉🎉🙂 From INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • My self Amit shahu From INDIA

    • Love you mr.beast

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  • I really wonder if you can let me go on your videos

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  • Me living in poland be like:i lost my chance to met mr beast omo,

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  • need some moneyy🤣

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  • If drops by Ri ima flip

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  • I am you're so big send the you give me your credit card number

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    KribKrib4 days ago
  • “Like that’s ever gonna happen”~Famous Green Ogre

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