are we dating? #shorts

Apr 3, 2021
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Our USworlds channel is organic rangers (😂😂we can’t change the name ok)
luv u

  • is the link or our channel name is "organic rangers" hahaha

    DatrieDatrie8 days ago
    • Yay

      Cøøkie QueenCøøkie Queen15 hours ago
    • @Evan Bourne niooo

      Alexis AdkinsAlexis Adkins21 hour ago
    • @Nero Claudius so she is ?

      Lacey BobaceyLacey Bobacey3 days ago
    • YAY

      Envy NightEnvy Night4 days ago
    • YESSIR

      Penelope JeanettePenelope Jeanette7 days ago
  • Is it so hard to say yes or no 😃

    ukiyoukiyo50 minutes ago
  • I’ve always thought they were lol were they not?

    Marie MarieMarie MarieHour ago
  • Already just said already I want to hear

    YounMaestro OFFICIALYounMaestro OFFICIAL18 hours ago
  • ( I ^ I )

    Probably AngelProbably AngelDay ago
  • Aitor You caes Going te puedo nada y no

    Ashley PenalozaAshley PenalozaDay ago
  • Her voice is literally so pretty 🥰

    Kaetlyn PorterKaetlyn PorterDay ago

    Reema muaReema mua4 days ago
  • It was obvious ngl

    mckinnon godlienmckinnon godlien4 days ago
  • Sooo you are?

    Nathan And Jen Smith-HarrisNathan And Jen Smith-Harris4 days ago
  • Her voice when it’s not super fast 😆

    mILzIeEmILzIeE4 days ago
  • I love you your like my Bestist friend im your biggest Fan i love your chanel I love you my real name Is millie love you datrie

    Steve GaleSteve Gale4 days ago
  • Are those your real eyes

    Aniket Saksena GamerAniket Saksena Gamer6 days ago
  • Yay

    BaconYTBaconYT6 days ago
  • For anyone who wants to know, yes they are

    Fozy LeenFozy Leen6 days ago
    • Thanks 😊

      Ella Mert-DevereauxElla Mert-Devereaux20 hours ago
  • Bruh

    Dragon FruitDragon Fruit7 days ago
  • Spoiler... Sike watch the video and you’ll find out 😉 😂

    Simran PashankarSimran Pashankar7 days ago
    • Damnnit!!!🤣🤣🤣

      123 321123 32117 minutes ago
  • Thanks gurl happy to know

    Nakia HambrickNakia Hambrick7 days ago
  • 😊

    •BB Butter bean••BB Butter bean•7 days ago
  • Are they dating?

    -Lovely Hermione--Lovely Hermione-7 days ago
  • Obviously yes 😂😂😂

    Yann GueYann Gue7 days ago
  • To save you time the answer is YES

    jessiethefoodlover 2007jessiethefoodlover 20077 days ago
  • Wdym on ur USworlds channel

    Zhalanda WardakZhalanda Wardak7 days ago
  • It's been so long. I watched your old channel and then you didn't post in for ever. So I just stumbled across this chanel. Omg glad your back tho I'm late.❤️🥳🥳

    Deutschland.Deutschland.7 days ago
  • Your so annoying Look bloow👇🏿 🥰🥰🥰🥰love it 👇🏿 Your not annoying you are the best🤩❤️😇🥰😍😘

    Amelia MatthewsAmelia Matthews7 days ago
  • Is check the there channel

    Hi YtHi Yt7 days ago
  • 👁👄◻

    karolkarol7 days ago
  • omg hi!

    JosukeCrazyDiamondJosukeCrazyDiamond7 days ago
  • they didnt tell us

    Victoria RVictoria R7 days ago
  • Ok it's annoying at this point. I love your vids out plz answer yes or no

    Jaylah ClarkeJaylah Clarke7 days ago
    • They just said they posted it in a video ✋👁💧👄💧👁✋

      -Cat Kline--Cat Kline-7 days ago
  • Yall know the drill soûp

    cathycrossingcathycrossing7 days ago

    Kirsten CoughlinKirsten Coughlin7 days ago
  • I would have been here sooner but I’m sick so I was sleeping

    Gizele_Playz 5Gizele_Playz 57 days ago
    • Feel better

      Alyna RojasAlyna Rojas7 days ago
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    Maurice DonaldsonMaurice Donaldson7 days ago
  • I never though datrie would get a boyfriend

    Billie GrandeBillie Grande7 days ago
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Jøvëlłiñe PhøbåJøvëlłiñe Phøbå7 days ago
  • I’ve waited for this day soooooooooooo long

    Jøvëlłiñe PhøbåJøvëlłiñe Phøbå7 days ago
  • 100 th comment

    Ktlisw The goatKtlisw The goat7 days ago
  • I love you guysss no drama!!😌🤍

    Ronny PonnyRonny Ponny7 days ago
  • I love uu

    Sandra AlbeerSandra Albeer7 days ago
  • Spoiler alert: they are

    GraceGrace7 days ago
  • Y'all adorable and I'm happy for you!!

    Ana B.Ana B.7 days ago
    • Are they dating

      Mackenzie ArcovioMackenzie Arcovio7 days ago
  • This is so obvious they are dating right 💑👇

    Hero GamingHero Gaming8 days ago
  • I made a tag in school and I put soup on it and it reminded me of you so I just wanted to say I love your vids I rewatch them all the time keep it up

    BreckBreck8 days ago

    LilyLily8 days ago
  • 0:37

    Peter MillerPeter Miller8 days ago
  • ThAtS not an answer

    Sebass LucasSebass Lucas8 days ago
  • that a yes???

    Sani FarhanSani Farhan8 days ago
  • that didn’t answer

    Millie BMillie B8 days ago
  • :)

    MatthewMatthew8 days ago
  • Hi datrie do u like dinosaurs

    Trizhia TupazTrizhia Tupaz8 days ago
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love you 💞💞💞😘💞😘

    AA8 days ago
  • I’m confused

    Paige MadisonPaige Madison8 days ago
  • Is that a yes or a no

    Luke MartinezLuke Martinez8 days ago
  • early :)

    soysause redsoysause red8 days ago
  • Noooo I want to KNOW !!

    Eden SpännareEden Spännare8 days ago
  • i’d like to confirm there is in fact a answer to the question on their channel🙂

    Layla CeeLayla Cee8 days ago
    • i found it but thxxx

      Kevin GordonKevin Gordon7 days ago
    • @Kevin Gordon their channel, organic rangers

      Layla CeeLayla Cee7 days ago
    • where?

      Kevin GordonKevin Gordon7 days ago
  • no views ono

    Caleb the bestCaleb the best8 days ago
  • USworlds is drunk 0 views 392 likes

    Emma WongEmma Wong8 days ago
  • So are u bf/gf

    CocoxbobaCocoxboba8 days ago
  • Sooooooo? Yeah 😃

    Addie WAddie W8 days ago
  • I was legit on Tik Tok

    Twin KabongoTwin Kabongo8 days ago
  • Love you’re vids datrie

    Randy ToralRandy Toral8 days ago
  • hiiiiiiiiii early im happy for you guys

    AhmedThePlebAhmedThePleb8 days ago
  • Bro datrie

    Shandhini SubramanianShandhini Subramanian8 days ago

    Itz_WolfieItz_Wolfie8 days ago
    • Phil from the promised never Land

      Ruby ValleRuby Valle4 days ago
  • Hiiii ilyyy

    Mangoplayz Among usMangoplayz Among us8 days ago
  • i need to think of something funny to say because i’ve never been this early

    saski rwsaski rw8 days ago
  • Hi i am first YAY

    thefrozenl Gameingthefrozenl Gameing8 days ago
  • Wait what video?

    Comix_ChxrryComix_Chxrry8 days ago
  • I really hope they are they are so cute together!🥰

    Capri SunCapri Sun8 days ago
  • Yall would look cute toghter

    Andrea AlfaroAndrea Alfaro8 days ago
  • Datrie u r si pretty and grow ur haur

    Anupama PaliwalAnupama Paliwal8 days ago
    • But why 😂😂

      x Ktrne07 xx Ktrne07 x8 days ago
  • Where?

    Genesis AquinoGenesis Aquino8 days ago
  • It is

    happy mehappy me8 days ago
  • First!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Vinod KumarVinod Kumar8 days ago
  • First

    meadow boyermeadow boyer8 days ago
  • Likes:29 Views:0 Well USworlds’s drunk again! OMG thanks for all the likes!

  • Am i the first person here

    illumi zoldyckillumi zoldyck8 days ago
  • Early :)

    Fiona BaruisFiona Baruis8 days ago
  • Datrie ❤

    Saumya GautamSaumya Gautam8 days ago
  • That wasn’t an answer

    Sisi GreenieSisi Greenie8 days ago
  • Oh no

    Presley BaerPresley Baer8 days ago
  • İm fırst

    Hazal AkçabeyHazal Akçabey8 days ago
  • Hi Datrie

    alexa cutiealexa cutie8 days ago
  • Ok

    Zoe BelailZoe Belail8 days ago
  • Omg hi first love your shorts

    Alyvia .AAlyvia .A8 days ago
  • Yes

    Kelvin Gaming1Kelvin Gaming18 days ago
  • Ooh

    Lora Elizabeth JonesLora Elizabeth Jones8 days ago
  • I think that’s a yes....

    Selina SSelina S8 days ago
  • Yes

    Rich RicaRich Rica8 days ago
  • I luv this

    Prim SopharyPrim Sophary8 days ago

    Wangeci MutukuWangeci Mutuku8 days ago
  • I literally searched that up 10 minutes ago lol

    x Ktrne07 xx Ktrne07 x8 days ago
    • Same

  • Finally I’ve always wanted to know lol

    Adrian AguilarAdrian Aguilar8 days ago

    chloe xchloe x8 days ago
    • @Leti Hdz yes

      chloe xchloe x7 days ago
    • Are they dating

      Leti HdzLeti Hdz7 days ago
  • hiiii

    Matt FMatt F8 days ago
  • Tell ysss

    Payten DavidsonPayten Davidson8 days ago
  • Close to first

    Faith BynumFaith Bynum8 days ago
  • Hello

    Ivet VasquezIvet Vasquez8 days ago