Architecture School

Apr 1, 2021
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  • Hey dom maybe you can make a video of your craziest family vacation if you like it please respond

    Jayden AlvaradoJayden Alvarado37 minutes ago
  • I almost went into architecture cuz i was really into How I Met Your Mother and i liked how Teds job was portrayed, but in highschool i took a architectural design class and it was soooooo boring that ended up hating it lol thankful

    NightLampTVNightLampTVHour ago
  • So what I’ve learned is that architects are engineers who can’t do math.

    Dat_Spartan_ GamerDat_Spartan_ Gamer2 hours ago
  • thanks for some info my guy, now I can suffer in architecture school too

    Juan Antonio CordisJuan Antonio Cordis3 hours ago
  • Do you remember jollibee

    DatBoi Playing GamesDatBoi Playing Games3 hours ago
  • The fact that you hit 8 minutes 🤚

    Kayla RaeKayla Rae3 hours ago
  • jajajaja column (it was very easy)

    Face Pepinito25Face Pepinito254 hours ago
  • That whole thing about filler words was just more filler to stretch to 8 min lmaooo

    OllaxiiaOllaxiia5 hours ago
  • Insomnia and back pain, the only two things i still have from architecture school

    jorge segurajorge segura6 hours ago
  • Fun fact! This also happens in every other school at a college! College is torture, even if you study in a field you actually want to be in. Dom basically summed up basically what happens to everyone who goes to college regardless if you do or don't go into the field. Ya get yelled at for not understanding basic shit, ya learn that everything is trash, and ya only remember like .5% of it because ya don't use the rest of it 🤣

    Gerell BurrisGerell Burris7 hours ago
  • 90 dollars for printing? Its a joke right? Pls tell me is a joke

    richiechan1richiechan17 hours ago
  • 0:10 hehe butt

    Roberto NistorRoberto Nistor7 hours ago
  • I’m now curious about the paper crane building design. Could you make it so only the main body is functional and the other bits are solid? Like the head and wings can’t be accessed (unless you add stairs somehow to the head for tourists)...I guess that would make it a quite small building but if you had the money and wanted to build it maybe it could still work

  • Loved it

    moon stairwaymoon stairway10 hours ago
  • Weird timing. I just started my first architecture job to try and convince myself I can like the real job better than ths school work. Why am I suprised to find out it's the same?

    tamar Itieltamar Itiel11 hours ago
  • ¨a young man in a red coat stands up on a parapet¨ makes so much more sense now

    Rock girlRock girl12 hours ago
  • Modernism is really bad

    Henriqve MαtiαsHenriqve Mαtiαs12 hours ago
  • That ending had me LAUGHING😂

    Just Another HumanJust Another Human13 hours ago
  • Idk why but i simply hate rooms without 90° angles. Idk it just bothers me to no end. Love rectilinear buildings.

    Piyasa MukherjeePiyasa Mukherjee13 hours ago
  • thank you so much for making the choice between architecture and restoring a lot easier - an almost joining a college student

    marimari14 hours ago
    • A little poll, I’m looking towards an architecture or engineering major, which would be the best option to go with?

      Rock girlRock girl12 hours ago
  • As someone who dropped out of archi school at the end of her 4th year, this video just threw a whole bunch of (pretty dark) memories right back at me. And that last line? "...but I hated architecture school, and I still blame it for my insomnia" GOD I have never related to a sentence more in my life. Sure, archi school made me all tough and thick-skinned, but it also gave me depression, made me SUICIDAL (over a freaking PIECE OF PAPER that is a degree!!) and completely sucked the soul out of me. 3 years later, and I'm still trying to move past that terrible experience, despite having switched to a better major, done infinitely better in it and graduated with flying colours. Archi school was, simply put, traumatic. And I also blame it for my terrible relationship with sleep. I literally refuse to sleep, even when I am dead tired. I just force myself to stay awake and will ALWAYS throw sleep under the bus. It's a habit I developed back in archi school because I was so busy all the time that when I did get a few hours to be human and only feel about 50% the amount of guilt I normally felt for taking a break, I was too tired and had to force myself to stay awake so I could cherish that free time. Basically, archi school made me feel like sleeping is a waste of time, whether I think that time should be used to work or to have a life.

    K OkK Ok14 hours ago
  • Me calling the column a pole

    Graphix StudiosGraphix Studios14 hours ago
  • I have an architecture degree and by the time I got the paper I vowed to never design again.

    Melisa WijayaMelisa Wijaya17 hours ago
  • HOW DARE YOU !!! it's all true, lol

    endarasmanendarasman21 hour ago
  • You still play Pokémon go just asking

    Kayers12 ChannelKayers12 Channel22 hours ago
  • When you know you know

    Mateo AcostaMateo AcostaDay ago
  • The video being 8 minutes and 8 seconds long 🙄

    Lucas GarciaLucas GarciaDay ago
  • Yeah no, architecture school is misery. It caused me to have a massive meltdown (after which I spent 4 years piecing my life back together). I'm back now, and I don't regret it because I do love the subject. However, the education style of "beat your students into a pulp of tears and productivity" is seriously archaic and harmful.

    Brandon KiehlBrandon KiehlDay ago
  • Like to know one of my oldest favorite animation youtuber’s still uploading.

    x Latte xx Latte xDay ago
  • Love how I already knew it was a column! I feel smart now 🤣👌

    YellohYellohDay ago
  • 2:40 Me: Oh that's a column Professor: It's a column Me: I'M A FUCKING GENIUS!!!

    BucketHat Ent.BucketHat Ent.Day ago
  • Zaragoza's Congress Palace is famous!

    Jaime LorenzoJaime LorenzoDay ago
  • You should do another smash tournament!!!

    Mateo RivesMateo RivesDay ago
  • A little poll, I’m looking towards an architecture or engineering major, which would be the best option to go with?

    Desiree AlonzoDesiree AlonzoDay ago
  • I wasn’t expecting the end xD But it is a cool video for me, because now I know why we all have house looking like Minecraft, and it is weird when we look a something, less cubik and more like the origami thing.

    Luna 013Luna 013Day ago
  • Am I the only one who knew they were called Columns the entire time ?

    Nahla TNahla TDay ago
  • We have windows on four different sides of my house....

    Dermot, Good Enough EntertainmentDermot, Good Enough EntertainmentDay ago
  • my first guess column

    Joseph RuizJoseph RuizDay ago
  • As a person who's got masters degree in architecture and works in this field i can say that I FEEL YOU BRO, it's terrible and irritating and i'm jealous of you that you had a courage to step off that path and found other occupation to risk it and go for it.

    upchunckupchunckDay ago
  • I want a spherical house now.

    John the ArminianJohn the ArminianDay ago
  • As a high school student wanting to attend architecture school. This scares me.

    Zineddine BelgaidZineddine BelgaidDay ago
  • Column? really?? what have you been doing your before university??? Licking your foot????

    S.Rafsun MahmudS.Rafsun MahmudDay ago
    • Really amazing

      kolim jonekolim joneDay ago
  • 7:24 Sorry engineers, But ya, I still push to enter and pull to exit...even if it is just written on the doors in every single super market:P Maybe because every single house system use a door you can only get in by pushing and get out by pulling...But Why is that?

    Nahian KabyoNahian KabyoDay ago
    • Nice

      kolim jonekolim joneDay ago
  • I was happy when I saw domic with the megamix because I know how to solve lots of different types of rubix cubes including that one

    Ryan SattiRyan SattiDay ago
  • for lord sakes just use mincraft to make cool buildings like Zhe ROM

    Ateeb RehmanAteeb RehmanDay ago
  • Shoot he's got a megaminx!

    SuneSuneDay ago
  • As a person that's attending architecture school... the experience is the same :')

    Artizeang DrawsArtizeang DrawsDay ago
  • 4:13 HE MENTIONED IT!! (High-pitched screams) Then 4:16 oh ._. I’m not from Toronto btw

    Erudito ÁmbarErudito ÁmbarDay ago

    Luke SchmidtlerLuke SchmidtlerDay ago
  • me looking for midroll ad with my youtube premium😂😎😎

    AshmaurAshmaurDay ago
  • Aww, you're welcome dom

    Deonardo LicaprioDeonardo LicaprioDay ago
  • If i ever become an architect, i will build only hexagon building, because hexagons are the bestagons

    Lennart SchulzLennart SchulzDay ago
  • I'm on my second year of five in architecture school.. I love your videos ywy thank you so much for giving us something to relate to

    ran uchiharan uchihaDay ago
  • i learnt more architecture in this video than my fives years in uni

    岸追追動畫岸追追動畫Day ago
  • 7:24 Reminds me what happened to Ozone Disco tragedy.

    Roberto Angelo CaraldeRoberto Angelo CaraldeDay ago
  • As an animation student who just dropped out in architecture school after 4 years of struggle, I've never relate so much to Domics. F*ck I HATE ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL! I hate every fecking details you have to draw and professors throwing your designs that are too much but when you get a job you'll just start from designing bathrooms or whatever. If Domics' architecture is plan L, mine was around plan F or G? But I like doing interior design tho.

    BlazingRoseBlazingRoseDay ago
  • Nice

    DarshanDarshanDay ago
  • Where did he graduate from?

    Urim ShinUrim ShinDay ago
  • "when u go through architecture school u can never look at a building the same way..." - me every time i see anything having studied design for 4 years!

    PuffyBudgerigarPuffyBudgerigarDay ago
  • So we basically learned architecture basics

    Rama DeviRama DeviDay ago
  • Is it me or does domics’s outro such a vibe

    Syed AaiezSyed AaiezDay ago

    Rafel AlvaRheaRafel AlvaRheaDay ago
  • well after watching this video I realised........THANK GOD I DIDNT GET INTO ARCHITECTURE🙂

    Shooky MinShooky MinDay ago
  • Its true! Architecture is hell if its not your passion! I took it in my first year because its close to fine arts (that my parents won't let me in) (also they're in the same building in my university) and I swear it sucked the creativity out of me. I'm just traumatized when I see art supplies now lmao. Good God, all the sleepless nights, and for the thing you're not even passionate about. You're awesome cause you actually finished 4 years kek. It took me a month and my graphics 101 professor told me to transfer that I should transfer courses which just really made me hate archi more than I did. I tried to finish 2 semesters and that was my limit. I begged my mom to get me lit of that hell. I really thought I was gonna like it cause its drawing and I love drawing! But eh, I just learned I hate drawing buildings lmao. But at least I know more about them. Also Istg "form follows function" is like the slogan for every single plate everyone did back then lmao.

    Ikemen HunterIkemen HunterDay ago
  • 4:40 I feel that, but more for game art. I'm an aspiring 3D artist and I can't look at game 3D models the same anymore lol

    GeekyNinjaKittyGeekyNinjaKittyDay ago
  • Uses this knowledge to build better sims/bloxburg houses

    Erin CollinsErin CollinsDay ago
  • Me too dom i cried when do architecture.

  • As a mechanical engineer who is working in a construction site. THANK YOU for thinking about us. I have seen questionable designs that made us engineers go "How TF are we supposed to build that"

    Jet CJet CDay ago
    • Bro share one of the stories lol I'm interested

      Deep PatelDeep Patel17 hours ago
  • Ahh yes... University and crying match well with each other

    Wafururu「ワフるる」Wafururu「ワフるる」Day ago
  • me an interior design student who hates their major somehow learning more from a person who hates architecture 😀👍

    absolutetrashabsolutetrash2 days ago
  • Oh man don't you just love architocture

    Sub Bot 1,000Sub Bot 1,0002 days ago
  • Dom: I hated architecture school and I still blame it for my insomnia. me: I hated engineering school and I still blame it for my anxiety. Anyone else got one?

    Nathan WNathan W2 days ago
    • I love architecture school, but it sure does give me insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

      Brandon KiehlBrandon KiehlDay ago
  • 3:55. As an engineer, I relate to this. I eat architects for breakfast.

    Jorge Miguel MilanoJorge Miguel Milano2 days ago
  • I just realized that my bedroom door opens inward

    Dumpster The FireDumpster The Fire2 days ago
  • I'm currently in a Architecture program right now and everything that he has talked about is 100% true. And I'm only in my first year. Three more to go..

    Sam SSam S2 days ago
    • It does get a bit better as you improve. 1. The long hours will get shorter as you learn how to work faster 2. (Most) professors get less brutal because they're not trying to weed you out anymore 3. You just kind of get used to having no social life and no sleep :shrug:

      Brandon KiehlBrandon KiehlDay ago
  • Not me immediately thinking of epcot’s spaceship earth being a sphere 👀

    Rayzor FireRayzor Fire2 days ago
  • Reminds me of when I took a psych class on intimate relationships where every afternoon was basically just watching a rom-com relevant to the chapter of the day. We get to topic of power dynamics and its clear the prof has an agenda against the classic animated beauty and the beast, and now I can never look at that movie the same way again. 0_0

    Nathan SegelkeNathan Segelke2 days ago
  • Architecture student here. I can confirm that our critiques (we call them crits) are a way for our tutors to literally bully us without any reproduction whatsoever.

    Joe DowningJoe Downing2 days ago
  • Idk why but it wasn't until you mentioned the glue gun part that I remembered my dad went to architect school in denmark. He made this cool model of a house that reminds me of traditional Icelandic houses but modern. He got a very high score on the project... then again my mom helped make it XD I often forget now that he did that because he is now a firefighter chief. Turns out architect is not as fun as he thought.

    Guðbjörg María ÍvarsdóttirGuðbjörg María Ívarsdóttir2 days ago
  • 2:37 i mean like i knew what is was...

    Darvid BoiDarvid Boi2 days ago
  • I did EGD (Engineering Graphics & Design) in high school. {it's like basic architecture} I HATED that subject. I wouldn't even mind if it was the only one I failed. So last year I failed my matric. I was 5% away from passing Maths. And I butchered EGD. I chose Maths and Mech Engineering to supplement my marks. My mom keeps asking why don't I rewrite EGD. I gave away my drawing cause there's no way imma even try that shit again.

    Suh GuySuh Guy2 days ago
  • I did architecture. I worked in architecture... I started my own job designing skate parks. (and was a lot happier). Also my time in architecture taught me: Form follows function, but landmarking has its place. Most of the Zeitgiest landmark buildings people use to orient themselves, define their culture, have intrinsic value 40 years later>>> are not rectangles. Frank Lloyd Wright' s Falling water, Utzon's Sydney opera House, Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut, Gehry's Disney Concert Hall, Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, etc none of them pay full respect to the human form (or the engineer's) , but they do enrich the Human experience. Fuck the engineers. Buildings designed by engineers get demolished in 15 years. What a waste of materials time and effort. People will always pay for 4 bedroom hot rectangle house instead of getting an amazingly designed 3 bedroom home that uses the environment weather, sun aspect and suits the owners lifstyle. That is why architecture fails. People are cheap. Also my part time course was contact 16 hours/week (at it's worst) and there were Full time arts students doing 12 hours...... Fuck arts students too.

    Reaver70Reaver702 days ago
    • People would buy houses if you made them right, I don't think they are cheap. If the engineers are winning that mean you people are doing something wrong here and can't design less expensive housing lol

      Deep PatelDeep Patel17 hours ago
  • Miku

    CurvedToasterCurvedToaster2 days ago
  • ¨a young man in a red coat stands up on a parapet¨ makes so much more sense now

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 days ago
  • So u took 4 years and shuved into an 8 minute video

    Galaxy vÜvGalaxy vÜv2 days ago
  • I'm in a 5 year architecture program and you just summarized my first 2 years should I be scared it will get even worse for me then lol

    ツWakatooツWakatoo2 days ago
  • Same with arts and design... almost ending in depression for the second time because the pressure of haing constant creativity and deadlines and so may different things to learn at one time (my bachelor is too wide, like i have so much related to arts and so much to design) and yeah, overall, i'm finishing it this year with a great amount of tiredness (is this a word?) lol

    NestlerNestler2 days ago
    • I stan your ending song

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 days ago
  • ... well how calming to find this video when I just did my first year of Architecture and just applied to get into the faculty of Architecture at my university. I guess I don’t have to worry because I’m doing interior design and not architecture. Hehe. *Awkward anxiety laugh*

    Hanna ChadleeHanna Chadlee2 days ago
  • archictecture student/ aspiring songwriter here... this left me in tears :)

    Loay KataryaLoay Katarya2 days ago
  • Bro listen to juice wrld

    Kirubel AbebayeKirubel Abebaye2 days ago
  • wait did i learned more about structural design than from my architecture school.

    Abijith KaAbijith Ka2 days ago
  • Dang it Dominic we caught you in 4k 📸

    redc15redc152 days ago
  • Lol the exit door fact is one of those I always bring up to people for absolutely no reason

    Mike DjukicMike Djukic2 days ago
  • Ever heard of 'The Antelia'?

    CallMeVia 29CallMeVia 292 days ago
  • what was plan b-k?

    Not frankNot frank2 days ago
  • The song in the video kinda sounds like Bloons Tower Defense music.

    UwU EchoUwU Echo2 days ago
  • I hear you sir🎩🎩🎩

    Lakshya TrivediLakshya Trivedi2 days ago
  • If Sponge Bob can live in a pineapple with apparent corners, ANYTHING, is possible! 🤣

    Roneka RobinRoneka Robin2 days ago
  • Lol this is how I feel about nursing school. The struggle is real.

    The New GenerationThe New Generation2 days ago
  • Wow wow wow wow wow

    majida abdulrazakmajida abdulrazak2 days ago