Nov 23, 2020
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We play among us but Crewmates can vent in this modded mini game!!

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  • It turns black for me, DUN DUN DUN!!! The like button turns black for me, DUN DUN DUN!!!

    Karen BaileyKaren Bailey27 minutes ago
  • In the first round I knew it was nico and king cuz when king got sus, they both voted henwy

    Lavinia McNamaraLavinia McNamara31 minute ago
  • 2021 gang where you at?????

    Princessgal_14Princessgal_14Hour ago
  • play subnautica plz

    Nathaniel FloresNathaniel Flores3 hours ago
  • You should do among us but only crew mates can vent.

    Captain MorganCaptain Morgan3 hours ago
    • But they have like a cool down to vent so people can be sus of them and making it somewhat easy and hard for the impostors

      Captain MorganCaptain Morgan3 hours ago
  • cringe af

    Ezra DeanEzra Dean4 hours ago
  • so easy you can vent to tasks and sabotages

    Julie EsdersJulie Esders12 hours ago
  • how?!

    Hermiona GryfondomHermiona Gryfondom14 hours ago
  • Anyone else think the thumbnail is adorable

    thatoneguythatoneguy15 hours ago
  • shhhhhhhhhhh

    Among USAmong US20 hours ago
  • SSundee. Saying king vented was weird.

    Silas MinczeskiSilas Minczeski21 hour ago
  • yes its blue

    jesse jonesjesse jones21 hour ago
  • Do among us, but everyone is the imposter and it is last one standing

    Nevin NaramoreNevin Naramore22 hours ago
  • 4,881,197th :)yay!

    fabiano brabeckfabiano brabeckDay ago

    Eliza BarlowEliza BarlowDay ago
  • LOL

    Jayden EaleyJayden EaleyDay ago

    Mohammad BukhariMohammad BukhariDay ago
  • among us, but the map is UPSIDE DOWN

    Mohammad BukhariMohammad BukhariDay ago
  • Here are some games! SSundee first game crew 1:06 Second game imposter 9:21

    Melissa RicciMelissa RicciDay ago
  • Sundee can play among us on a VR headset.

    Isaac LondonIsaac LondonDay ago
  • Do it

    Lockemup320Lockemup320Day ago
  • Yes

    Lockemup320Lockemup320Day ago
    • Do it

      Lockemup320Lockemup320Day ago

    Mooch 2010Mooch 20102 days ago

    The reaperThe reaper2 days ago
  • omg yes

    Robyn ClostermannRobyn Clostermann2 days ago
  • "02:50" 👅 Well I used *DADYA𝐏𝐏.C0M* 📌 and frankly it's real

    marlin leonardismarlin leonardis2 days ago
  • '02:09' 😆 I would stick to *D A D Y A P P . C O M* ⏪ that's where we get ours

    Lady KillerLady Killer2 days ago
  • '03:48' 🤣 I've always got mine from *D A D Y A P P . C O M* 📲

    felisa mottefelisa motte2 days ago
  • '01:06' 😂 Better head directly to *D A D Y A P P . C O M* ... 🌏 should you know you really need it! 💚

    saamiya duasaamiya dua2 days ago
  • '08:86' 🤣 I would stick to *D A D Y A P P . C O M* ... ✏️ that's where we get ours 💛

    Tayna JamesTayna James2 days ago
  • I was lied to my like button turns white tho.

    random stuffedrandom stuffed2 days ago
  • "361:12" When someone wants a good hack for this one, only use *DADYAPP Site* Its good for everyone!! ମସ୍ତମସ୍ତଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    uri hayauri haya2 days ago
  • Mod: imposter can’t vent only crew can

    We love boys in skirts 09We love boys in skirts 092 days ago
  • How do they allow everyone to vent

    Blissfully MaddieBlissfully Maddie2 days ago
  • almost every game of among us i stack kill and vent kill.

    lucas ghandourlucas ghandour3 days ago
  • I like 'FOOT'

    hyper sypherhyper sypher3 days ago
  • I love how every video he goes "and if you click the like button it will turn blue!" And then edits himself blue

    Ella StinsonElla Stinson3 days ago
  • Hi

    Ikonik love scenarioIkonik love scenario3 days ago
  • Hey SSundee I love your videos and I just wanna say keep up the good work 😃

    CVJSCVJS3 days ago
  • Try imposters can do tasks

    BakteeryuhBakteeryuh3 days ago
  • I sus

    BakteeryuhBakteeryuh3 days ago
  • nico: hi stupid im nico! those are synonyms

    Crazy TDCrazy TD3 days ago
  • It turns black

    Ayden RAyden R3 days ago
    • If your in phone, close your USworlds app and reopen it and the video... I have had your issue before. Unless your on PC

      Lloyd_lyleLloyd_lyle3 days ago
  • 13:57 EUGHG

    Jackson FrancisJackson Francis4 days ago
  • Trust me 😀

    Moaz MohamedMoaz Mohamed4 days ago
  • Anyone can vent

    mohamed mahadimohamed mahadi4 days ago
  • An apple it turns black are you sure about that

    Gsjsjjsj EjjemGsjsjjsj Ejjem4 days ago
  • My like button turns black

    Gaming girlGaming girl5 days ago
    • Same

      FL1PZZFL1PZZ5 days ago
  • i made the like button turn blue omg

    Lil Que DaRealest 4LIFeLil Que DaRealest 4LIFe5 days ago
  • when ssundee said mountain dew suck I was like NANI cause mountain dew is my fav drink

    Ck_Caethegod 123Ck_Caethegod 1235 days ago
  • i havent had avent so do i unlike

    Teniqua OldenampsenTeniqua Oldenampsen6 days ago
  • Yes

    Ahmed vulturedidAhmed vulturedid6 days ago
  • i also like ur vids

    Emma ConnorEmma Connor6 days ago
  • its funny when you say blue hahahahahaha

    Emma ConnorEmma Connor6 days ago

    istaHass hatufistaHass hatuf6 days ago
  • Ssundee: And if your not lying!!! IT’LL TURN BLLUUUEEEE Me: Well....Sorry but i lied....😥 It turns white on mobile...

    Asmaa AlawadhiAsmaa Alawadhi6 days ago
  • World Record For Among Us Crew Or Impostor Crewmate: 0sec Impostor: *Disconected* Impostor: 0 sec cooldown Crewmate: *Banned Impostor*

    Team NTI OfficialTeam NTI Official6 days ago
  • *_*

    Alexander Gomez-AparicioAlexander Gomez-Aparicio6 days ago
  • Hi Sunday

    Eyan DafallaEyan Dafalla6 days ago
  • Me gets a vent kill me gets voted because someone was there ☹

    Mason CanalesMason Canales6 days ago
  • It turns white

    Joshua CrozierJoshua Crozier6 days ago
  • I am also smarter than a foot.

    Erin LarsenErin Larsen6 days ago
  • All of the games the crewmates and impostors should be able to vent

    Not MeNot Me7 days ago
  • Do among us but imposters have a hurricane ability

    Nolan LindseyNolan Lindsey7 days ago
  • Your the best youtuber

    April HereviaApril Herevia7 days ago
  • The like button is black for me now not blue ! Long live the meme!

    # DEVIL_SPAWN# DEVIL_SPAWN7 days ago
  • Fun fact actually really really sad fact it turns black for me If u think I’m right and it turns black like my comment

    Lina BorgLina Borg7 days ago
  • Now if you get it hit the comment button BrUH

    RUFYRUFY7 days ago
  • You just took socks idea

    Misslennerz1986 ReynaMisslennerz1986 Reyna7 days ago
  • dude SSundee plz make a mod that the imposters can kill someone in a vent

    Gamer Uzair Vlogs.Gamer Uzair Vlogs.7 days ago
  • if i gat 1 dollar every time hes saib foot i be a millionare :D

    Dobbie The House ElfDobbie The House Elf7 days ago
  • :D

    Dobbie The House ElfDobbie The House Elf7 days ago
  • it turn blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Melbourne Security Doors & Steel FabricationsMelbourne Security Doors & Steel Fabrications7 days ago
  • Random person:hey The 500 ppl and the 600 likes:hii Edit:thanks for 1 like I didn’t like it...

    Marya AlzahiryMarya Alzahiry8 days ago
  • E

    kristina avilakristina avila8 days ago
  • XD someone said i"i just farted" in the backround

    Olivia BaklundOlivia Baklund8 days ago
  • MY like button turns black

  • He says hit the like button and it turns blue. I have an iPhone 11 and it turns white so....

    Mj DMj D8 days ago
  • Is anyone else’s like button turn back when they hit it? 😥

    Emma SheltonEmma Shelton9 days ago
  • Everyone is crewposters!!!!!! Like if u agree😂😂!!

    Sarah RaySarah Ray9 days ago
  • ssundees video is cool

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez9 days ago
  • what if it happens for real

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez9 days ago
  • OMG

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez9 days ago
  • Vote the ded body

    Miguel ContrerasMiguel Contreras9 days ago
  • I'm not sure if you have any other sussers

    Peter DaniellPeter Daniell9 days ago
  • My like was black

    Angel GuzmanAngel Guzman9 days ago
  • New idea: imposter get the ability to turn invisible but they can not kill.And they’re is a detective,2 imposter

    TBC_Walker dassenTBC_Walker dassen9 days ago
  • I’m a big fan of you

    Maiana MorrisonMaiana Morrison9 days ago
  • I love it when he say ( the like button will turn blue! 🤣

    Alexander HolcombAlexander Holcomb9 days ago
  • I love Kings voice and I don’t know why 😂

    xXGamerGirlAlaynaXx Gaming AestheticsxXGamerGirlAlaynaXx Gaming Aesthetics10 days ago
  • SSundee a un YoutuBer te recomende para que colaboren juntos

    Marle1001Marle100110 days ago
    • Pero primero mira uno de sus videos, Su canal se llama Artinaje

      Marle1001Marle100110 days ago
    • Te pareceria trabajar con el?

      Marle1001Marle100110 days ago
  • The like button turned into Abraham Lincoln for some reason.😂

    Alei AndersonAlei Anderson10 days ago
  • Do among us but when the imposter for example the imposter wants to kill lime lime does not die a random person dies

    Lov2muchcoookies!!!!Lov2muchcoookies!!!!10 days ago
  • Do it to where the imposter can do tasks

    Steven W.8Steven W.810 days ago
  • My like button turned black

    Nazia SaeedNazia Saeed10 days ago
  • ssundee : if you have done a vent kill hit that liked button and if your not lying it will turn blue Me who has never played among us : WELP HOHOHO WHO'S LIYNG NOW SSUNDEE

    Gabriel SanchezGabriel Sanchez10 days ago
  • Do u no what ells terns blue the disklick

    sunny Seacrestsunny Seacrest10 days ago
  • It terns black for me

    ET GohomeET Gohome10 days ago
  • its henwy

  • Do Imposters’s change every 10 seconds

    Miller WrightMiller Wright10 days ago