Another Day, Another Lie: Serial Police Impersonator Marathon, Part II

Apr 7, 2021
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Welcome to part two of the marathon. Get comfortable.
At ~22:30 in this video Jennifer claims that Jeremy told her he owns a "police escorting business" through which he escorts "funeral processions" and assists "government employees go[ing] from Point A to Point B." Jennifer states that Jeremy specifically mentioned Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.
Remarkably, Jeremy's claim - assuming he actually made it - appears to be at least somewhat reality-based.
Shawn Dunlap is a labor leader for central Florida law enforcement. In 2015, Dunlap was President of Orlando's Fraternal Order of Police Lodge.
On April 1, 2015, Dunlap exchanged emails with Captain Dean Deschryver, labor chair Randy Thames, and Sergeant Richard Ruth. [Titles are current as-of April 2015.] At the time, Deschryver commanded OPD's Special Operations Division, which meant that he was also responsible for special events permitting. Ruth commanded OPD's Motors Unit. Their emails were in reference to an escort Metro State had illegally provided "Hooters for Scooters," a charity event.
Dunlap wrote: "I personally observed Metro State completely blocking the intersection of Central at Summerlin. Randy Thames observed them overtaking vehicles using lights and air horns as well as crossing over double yellow lines."
After questioning whether Metro State has "the proper licenses to operate as a Security Company," (an odd question, because of its irrelevance) Dunlap wrote the following:
"It’s a scary thought that the Mayor was not only involved in this event, but drove the lead car in a non-law enforcement 22 mile escort through 3 jurisdictions."
The mayor he is referring to? Buddy Dyer.
Dunlap has refused to comment on his words, and as of the publication of this video, the mayor's office has not responded to questions about the relationship between Mayor Dyer and Mr. Dewitte, nor explained why the mayor drove a Metro State vehicle as the lead car in a 22-mile unauthorized escort. This story will be updated if and when the mayor or Mr. Dunlap respond. More to come on that front.
Separately, in this video Jeremy talks about his nonexistent military service, helpfully clarifying what we already knew: that he was lying about it. Here, Jeremy states that his military service was limited to two years of college ROTC, and that he attended 'special forces' training as an ROTC summer program.
Earlier today, around 5:15 am, we spoke with James Daley, ROTC coordinator for Valencia College (circuitously, through University of Central Florida). Coincidentally, we also recently learned Jeremy Dewitte's dates of attendance at Valencia College. Mr. Dewitte attended for a total of three fall semesters: 1999, 2000, and 2004. He did not graduate and did not receive any honors, awards, or other recognition. He was never there for a spring semester.
According to Mr. Daley, although he was not involved with Valencia ROTC when Jeremy claims to have been, UCF's ROTC program does not offer "special forces" or "ranger" training to students, and Daley reaction to the very idea was disbelief, stating that ROTC cadets are new to military culture and lack the indoctrination and discipline necessary to succeed in such an environment. Daley added that most people spend "a year or more" preparing physically for such programs.
Jeremy Dewitte might have been in ROTC for a semester or two, but... despite referencing his “first two years of college" Jeremy never attended college for two consecutive semesters, let alone years. If he was actually in ROTC, it is extraordinarily unlikely that as part of ROTC he was sent to nonexistent special forces training... and even if that did happen? Fort Bragg is pretty far from Fallujah.
Trivia: Jennifer Burton also attended Valencia College, but her attendance never overlapped with Jeremy's. Burton was enrolled at Valencia in spring 2004, spring 2007, fall 2011, and spring 2012. Her attendance in 2004 is supported by a child support attestation she filed at the time, on which she claimed to be unemployed and a "college student."
0:00 Preview
1:50 Meet Dylan, Jeremy's brother
5:10 The judges throw them out!
18:45 Or do they?
20:15 Brief intro to Jennifer, by Jeremy
21:30 Jennifer Burton: The Full Interview
26:47 Jennifer doesn't get that her recording was a crime
37:53 "Everything he's ever said is a lie"
41:35 The Muslim connection
1:01:35 Jeremy Dewitte: Full Interview
1:08:55 "Why do you shoot O.C. rounds as an escort company?"
1:11:12 "Were you special forces at one point?"
1:17:03 In a meeting in a closet.
1:31:32 Interview of Rania Dewitte
1:38:14 Jennifer Burton?!
1:39:07 Witness tampering?
1:43:34 "I don't f*** you in front of your wife!"
1:46:04 Jessica calls Rania
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  • you can keep your flashing lights but for God's sake, take off the metro state lettering and all the stuff that makes you look like a cop. Put big letters on the back of your jacket that say: FUNERAL ESCORT. STOP PRETENDING TO BE A COP AND STOP ACTING LIKE ONE....... CUZ YOU'RE NOT. .

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  • I can believe I’m about to ask this, Is it just me or does Jeremy seem more reasonable lately? Calmer almost? The police are gonna end up making Jeremy rich cause it kinda seems that Orange country is sorta, kinda, maybe harassing Jeremy just a little bit, the one where they pulled him for the pepperball gun being concealed was straight stupid on the cops part and this one is kinda dumb. As much as I think Jeremy is a dumbshit, he is kinda in the right on the last couple.

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    Joseph SokoloskiJoseph Sokoloski4 hours ago
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    Mark MartinMark Martin13 hours ago
  • The end of Dewitte's run on life was his idiotic antics in his funeral escorts & Jennifer Burton brings the rest of his life burning down around him... He should've just stayed with his wife Rania who was more than good to him - his infidelities wound up being the difference between his plane going down in flames & it being picked up by the hand of God mid-crash and spiking the plane into the ground like a football in the end zone. 😂🤣😂

    Jason RobertsonJason Robertson14 hours ago
  • I don't think Florida Statute § 316.1974 means what DeWitte thinks it means. The statute states that ''... if the lead vehicle enters an intersection legally, the other vehicles may follow it regardless of a changing traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign provided they exercise due care to prevent collisions.'' It does *not* say anywhere that the lead vehicle may stop in the middle of an intersection until the last car goes through, and it most certainly does *not* allow the lead vehicle to ignore red lights, top signs, or yield signs. He must enter the intersection legally, not run a red light and block traffic so the procession can go through.

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    corey Babcockcorey Babcock19 hours ago
    • He records everything (narcissistic & paranoid), and when he got arrested they took all the body cameras & his computer's hard drive that had thousands of hours of body cam footage - and since it's public record once it goes thru law enforcement - then you can do a freedom of public information, it costs 💰💰 but you can get it... Unfortunately for Dewitte personally. Lol

      Jason RobertsonJason Robertson13 hours ago
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    TalonTalon19 hours ago
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    Joe JosephJoe Joseph21 hour ago
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