Animaniacs: The Ugly Business of Making Art

Jan 18, 2021
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Animaniacs: The ultimate rebuke to the business of Hollywood?
You probably remember Animaniacs as a wild and slightly unhinged take on classic animation. But you might not remember it as offering scathing critiques of the shady business of Hollywood. We’ll show you what you might’ve missed in this Wisecrack Edition on Animaniacs: The Ugly Business of Making Art.

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Written by Myles McDonough
Hosted by Michael Burns
Directed by Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics by Dean Bottino
Editing by Mark Potts
Produced by Evan Yee

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    Chesterson JackChesterson Jack2 days ago
  • i love this channel but the #ad during the intro is annoying

    Trash BagTrash Bag9 days ago
  • I loved this show when I was little

    Dakota MulhearnDakota Mulhearn10 days ago
  • Finger Prince

    DD12 days ago
  • Brain: do you know what most humans use phones for ??? Pinky: i think so, but i dont think i can say it... 😂😂 I cant with him 😂

    Fook-ItFook-It12 days ago
  • True art isnt about the money in your pocket. Look at Seraphine, art from nothing. It really isnt about how much they throw at you because to me, it makes the content lack content and focus only on what drives the cash flow. Just “build it and they will come”.

    Gabriel MooreGabriel Moore12 days ago
  • It’s time for Animaniacs! I loved this show back in the day.

    CAP198462CAP19846212 days ago
  • Can you tell me which pages the Christian Fuchs quotes come from in Communication and Capitalism? Thanks!

    Ciar O'MahonyCiar O'Mahony14 days ago
  • Hollywood cares about money and not art is a cynical take?

    Mina HuntMina Hunt15 days ago
  • Bull Winkle

    Derek FullerDerek Fuller15 days ago
  • unless your at Warner Media, then they could care less what audience and fans say. Especially when it coincerns Zack Snyders Justice League. Clearly it has high audience reaction, and critical reaction , but Warner media clearly doesnt want anything to do wityh Zack Snyder and his movie if they can get away with it. and have tried to publish news and articles designed to take away attention from the movie....

    William BrownWilliam Brown22 days ago
  • I get why you're peddling hair loss products, gotta make that money. I'm not gonna judge any artist/ creator on their hustle. What I don't understand is, who the hell is buying this bullshit? Whether it works or not, why is being bald such a big deal? It's a part of life, who we are. Why do men spend a billion dollars a year trying to fight inevitability?

    Eddy BEddy B23 days ago
  • New version sucks

    The Dirty SandwhichThe Dirty Sandwhich25 days ago
  • Love this show

    FabulousKilljoy917FabulousKilljoy91728 days ago
  • I like this video. I'm going to spend some time telling other people how much I like it so they can come watch it too.

    vicky foxvicky fox29 days ago

    steven goldmansteven goldmanMonth ago

    steven goldmansteven goldmanMonth ago
  • We need that big data conversation like yesterday

    kadeem.kadeem.Month ago
  • Great vid

    D BD BMonth ago
  • The reboot sucks ass. They took the Marxist ideology of the original series and replaced it with braindead neolib ideology.

    Sex ToiletSex ToiletMonth ago
  • I remember seeing some discussions on a similar track a few years ago. The concept brought up was that because of the presumed expense of making a movie, TV show or any other property the person who pushes for it ends up under a lot of pressure. If it fails and was a fairly original property they often have a lot less to protect themselves with, whereas if they have a ton of market data that shows it should have worked they at least have some level of protection. This is why we might have a thousand remakes or movies based on random properties that are at least somewhat well known if only because if it bombs it's safer for the person who pushed it forward. Not to mention how many times they may just slap a differnt name and make a few changes to an existing script to fulfill a contract involving a property or something similar (see also Wanted)

    Darkstar1484Darkstar1484Month ago
  • oddfuture

    Guillermo CristobalGuillermo CristobalMonth ago
  • Raise your hand if this was your favorite cartoon as a teenager!

    simplyafederalistsimplyafederalistMonth ago
  • this is totally off topic but "Fuchs" is not pronounced fyukes but more like fooks where the "oo" are like in book. Just mentioning this as the name seems quite common. It is German and means fox by the way 😊

    JeffreyJeffreyMonth ago
  • "Christian Fuchs"

    Benjamin von SückBenjamin von SückMonth ago
  • WAIT WHAT THERE’S A 2020 reboot?!?!?

    Rory O'KaneRory O'KaneMonth ago
  • Oh no I just checked and saw that I’m not subscribed. Sorry boss, won’t happen again.

    fakeanamefakeaname2 months ago
  • Perfect. Mallets up

    Erwin HavranekErwin Havranek2 months ago
  • Its not just entertainment, its all industry. We are all consumed as part of a process that works itself out like a ruthless food chain.

    Tricia WhiteTricia White2 months ago
  • It's a real shame that Tom Reugger, the creator of the Animaniacs and Tiny Toons, is banned from both show reboots. They just slap Steven Spielberg's name on the show and he gets all the credit. Which I guess makes the whole thing of "selling out" painfully poetic.

    samsam2 months ago
    • Ready Player One (a film that Steven Spielberg directed) is cringe and its basically Spielberg trying to be trendy. Steven Spielberg was also one of the producers of the Cats remake from 2019 is also a bad thing.

      Mike’s flim reviews.Mike’s flim reviews.2 months ago
  • I guess I don't understand why anyone would set themselves up for failure by thinking a production that costs million$ and employs thousands would Not be money-focused? 🤔

    If:ThenIf:Then2 months ago
  • This makes sense as America continues to become more and more greedy our movies get fucking worse and worse because money matters so much more than actual talent in the industry (not just acting)

    Ryan KellyRyan Kelly2 months ago
  • You is doing that

    Bernadine KeenanBernadine Keenan2 months ago
  • thanks for pointing out the obvious. seriously how you hacks have any momentum is mind boggling. just think, if REAL people didn't create content then you wouldn't have an excuse to exist. must be nice, trying to make a living(like a parasite) off of others' work. pathetic world.

    sentryogmixmastersentryogmixmaster2 months ago
  • This show was the reason so many millennials were so drugged up by their parents. “There are two kinds of kids in this world, kids who like Animaniacs and kids who don’t like Animaniacs. Which one are you?” -RomperStomper.

    Liam McNieveLiam McNieve2 months ago
  • Good analysis. Awful Russia depictions by production team.

    Timothy IveTimothy Ive2 months ago
  • I really enjoyed this reboot... more people should watch it

    Dwayne MDwayne M2 months ago
  • Good video

    AlanGD PlayerAlanGD Player2 months ago
  • I like this show but tiny toons was better in my opinion

    Rod ShawRod Shaw2 months ago
  • Sadly I'm likely a member of that 1\3 that doesn't lose hair

    William SWilliam S2 months ago
  • 5:15 I’d love to see a who framed Roger rabbit mockmentary with various 2d and 3D animated pictures being being interviewed and meeting thier fans. Who with me?

    Jarod 1999Jarod 19992 months ago
  • Do a video on Lonnie artists and animation like hazbin hotel.

    Jarod 1999Jarod 19992 months ago
  • Attention hooked. No irony here.

    Jeremy WattsJeremy Watts2 months ago
  • So I shall be billing you for watching the video and placing this comment. I will withhold my like until payment.

    René van DensenRené van Densen2 months ago
  • ...and this story from film/animation repeats itself in the games industry... Your free games are not made for free... but they try to get it as close as possible

    Matt WymanMatt Wyman2 months ago
  • I think you're awesome Micheal

    Ian MainaIan Maina2 months ago
  • I love how Prince was obviously OK with it.

    Michael PriceMichael Price2 months ago
  • I couldn't stand annimaniacs in the 90s now even less. This is a Hollywood joke for Hollywood folk. Rest of the world cares less.

    Arkangel ArkangelArkangel Arkangel2 months ago
  • It’s just reality

    Mac RosalesMac Rosales2 months ago
  • Speaking as a member of the entertainment press (with which I've been associated for twenty years), I can say that Animaniacs is accurate and intelligent. So much so, in fact, that watching it when I was a kid offered a sort of ad hoc Cliff's Notes for my conduct when I entered the entertainment minefield, years later.

    Bill AdamsBill Adams2 months ago
  • The cynicism here points at the lack of broad emphasis demonstrated within corporate undertakings, and from not fully differentiating the difference from a single-handled business and a corporate business involving multiple yet separately-defined parties. In fact this had a major part in the 1929 stock market collapse and its immediate aftermath. To run a multiple-business company well requires being able to demonstrate versatility, and adhering to a fixed policy does not always serve to help with that. Samuel F.

    samuel Farrissamuel Farris2 months ago
  • I'm starting to get frustrated. Every show is so self-aware and meta these days. Critiqing the industry and not offering any alternative

    алишералишер2 months ago
  • Hey Michael, Michael here!

    Michael TetreaultMichael Tetreault2 months ago
  • Question about our being “employees” of the industry without “seeing a dime.” If we like, subscribe and participate in discussions about content, aren’t we generally rewarded with more of that content? I like this channel and watch most of its videos. By generating a view to each video and one (1) subscriber, aren’t I broadly “compensated” each time a new, interesting video comes out ?

    Matt CostelloMatt Costello2 months ago
    • You could be rewarded with a video without having your data mined and used for profit

      Ayoub MalkaouiAyoub Malkaoui2 months ago
  • Viva anarcho communism

    LeviathanLeviathan2 months ago
  • The show should have been an ongoing one! So it would be as trendy as South Park! Then it would be a total hit - criticizing the industry and being topical.

    MakcraftMakcraft2 months ago
  • Normally if you don't pay for it you are the product

    Jeffery WallsJeffery Walls2 months ago
  • Not Peestamitic enugh

    Satish TilokaniSatish Tilokani2 months ago
  • How did the finger prints joke make it passed the censors?

    Reanetse MolelekiReanetse Moleleki2 months ago
  • Animaniacs in the 90s: the workers are disadvantaged because they lack leverage in controlling the means of production Me then: wut Me now: PREACH

    c.e. mcawsomc.e. mcawsom2 months ago
  • The animaniacs reboot existence alone is already some sort of critique material that I doubt they will poke fun at. As far as I know, they made the reboot without even telling the original creator, and then went on to tell that they did

    Whatever you sayWhatever you say2 months ago
    • That’s just plain rude and disrespectful, they are doing the same thing with the Tiny Toons reboot.

      Mike’s flim reviews.Mike’s flim reviews.2 months ago
  • Aaah, I’m a cog in the machine! ‘Scuse me... I gotta go catch up on Animaniacs.

    Winona LieuxWinona Lieux2 months ago
  • You know it's funny. The people who protest about "art for profit" the most never seem willing to do it for free.

    Ryan HandRyan Hand2 months ago
  • Strangely, the people that I got into this cartoon were older (I watched this on during study breaks while in university). Pretty much a great cartoon. Very subversive. I mean, couching heavy handed criticism in a cute cartoon...the wit seems sharper.

    thomas thompsonthomas thompson2 months ago
  • I'm just glad this show is coming back. I grew up loving this show and its nice to see a revival. Only show i can think of, that i actually want to see coming back with a bang. And the design is honestly closer to the original design than any other animated revival I've seen so far.

    Shalaun NelsonShalaun Nelson2 months ago
    • The Animaniacs reboot is not made by the original people and they got Family Guy writes for the Animaniacs reboot.

      Mike’s flim reviews.Mike’s flim reviews.2 months ago
  • OMG @ 4:33 is my best friend Adam! He's the fancy man on the right😁 he has a USworlds channel under Adam Nikkel!

    Kira MillerKira Miller2 months ago
  • If you are getting something for free, then you are the product.

    The Thieves' DomainThe Thieves' Domain2 months ago
  • We don't "receive a dime" for our attention because our compensation is entertainment that in other circumstances (movie theaters, concerts, stadiums) we have to pay for. Considering how pricey those are, we are being paid a lot.

    R1 SR1 S2 months ago
  • Hell, even USworldsrs are chasing that algorithm money.

    ziem83ziem832 months ago
  • LoL I love how people think this show is aimed at kids. As a young college student when the original came out, I can say honestly it's a wake and bake TV. Does anyone else remember then line up? Animanics, Pinky and the Brain, Freakizoid, Earth Worm Jim. It came on late Sunday Mornings, stoner TV for sure.

    Jeni TotenJeni Toten2 months ago
  • I clicked the like button to help you share, now give me money

    Manny ManitoManny Manito2 months ago
  • Not pessimistic enough

    Carah KatzendornCarah Katzendorn2 months ago
    • Pay me for this

      Carah KatzendornCarah Katzendorn2 months ago
  • I took me 20 years to understand all the adult jokes lol

    Nadia NDNadia ND2 months ago
  • Really hope this wasn't ALL you had to say about this show.... Man, should I ask youtube to pay for this comment or You?

    cjsher90cjsher902 months ago
  • Sooooo.... USworlds and Facebook are attention factories. Wisecrack is just a filter for the raw material (you time) to determine the best product (collection of eye balls) for the consumer (ad companies).

    K SK S2 months ago
  • Love the Animaniacs

    AndrewAndrew2 months ago
  • Wholly shit! 11:35

    De ViceCrimsinDe ViceCrimsin2 months ago
  • While corporate greed is a large issue to cover I think a more relevant and crucial one is political influence in kids shows. Not just animaniacs but everything that was created after 2016.

    Mr. KMr. K2 months ago
  • I see this fella is a Joe Pera fan. Very nice hat.

    James SanfordJames Sanford2 months ago
  • anime animation 3D animainacs 1993-1999.-2020-2021. donald j trump, joe biden,

    jorge cameras lopez1jorge cameras lopez12 months ago
  • The irony of the bald guy with a hat on hawking Keeps in this video is a nice touch.

    VanadyanVanadyan2 months ago
  • Cant wait to get a DVD copy of the reboot, it looks promising.

    ????????????2 months ago
    • I watched the Animaniacs reboot on Hulu and it’s woke. It’s not even made by the original creators and writers and I heard they got Family Guy writers to write for the Animaniacs reboot.

      Mike’s flim reviews.Mike’s flim reviews.2 months ago
  • Wisecracks guy has beautiful eyes...

    Dardenelle GreenDardenelle Green2 months ago
  • Communication Worker slave checking in: Animaniacs is the PERFECT level of pessimism. Let's face it, being a kid basically means you're lied to about how the world works...or it's oversimplified. This show is letting kids and adults know, the world ain't what you were told it was.

    Dave HanDave Han2 months ago
  • Hello to all my 90s babies 👍🏼

    Mohamad El ChamaaMohamad El Chamaa2 months ago
  • Please talk about American Gods

    i dislike cringei dislike cringe2 months ago
  • Please do a Video on The Trailer Park Boys!

    Mic VillainMic Villain2 months ago
  • 2:33 Pollo!

    User NameUser Name2 months ago
  • 0:42 Damn! That lady's got some wide hips! 😁

    User NameUser Name2 months ago
  • The lyrics in the musical numbers are so fast i can't keep up at all.

    MilubeeMilubee2 months ago
  • it's not possible to replicate 90s standards of consciousness through a bidding spree for relevance so long as the people lack the standards of living that have dried up long ago.

    Samuel BairSamuel Bair2 months ago
  • About people becoming "unpaid participants..." I think at this point in time people should start getting paid for the data they generate and create from biometrics when you get a physical or browsing the internet. You can look up from how many billonaires and millionaires are being created off your data so its not a straining industry. Granted, you probably arent going to make a living wage from it but, like the video mentioned, you are being exploited.

    CaseNumber00CaseNumber002 months ago
  • Before going too deeply into the business of making entertainment/art, I think it's worth noting how closely Yakko, Wakko and Dot resemble the Marx Brothers -- also a Warner Brothers "property". That's what makes them the perfect characters to expose the seamy side of Hollywood.

    John DemerittJohn Demeritt2 months ago
  • I think the 2020 human character designs are very ugly compared to the 1993 versions.

    jrrollins84jrrollins842 months ago
    • @Mike’s flim reviews. Looks about right.

      jrrollins84jrrollins842 months ago
    • That’s because they got Katie Rice (one of the woman that the creator of Ren and Stimpy sexually abused as a teenager) as an animation director on the Animaniacs reboot.

      Mike’s flim reviews.Mike’s flim reviews.2 months ago
  • Oh crap! I think I just watched something educational but didn't know it because I was being entertained

    Erin S.P. BrownErin S.P. Brown2 months ago
  • After this video, I wonder, mr Wisecrack, what do you think YOUR role is in the entertainment industry... :P

    GW2ScapadesGW2Scapades2 months ago
  • I think I love this video and for the first time ever watching this channel, I can finally acknowledge a way that I am, in fact, being exploited. Thank you, and I will collect my Hollywood stimulus, now. Seriously. Also, yes. Take apart Hollywood, _I know you want to,_ I’ll bring the gasoline!!! Great Stuff!!!

    mekman4mekman42 months ago
  • @5:56 classic advice

    Must Have MediaMust Have Media2 months ago
  • The Attention Economy exists. The audience is an unpaid worker. Except in California, the first state to take steps making our data a property right, and getting us paid for it.

    Matthew EmbreyMatthew Embrey2 months ago
  • You should make a video on Freakazoid

    ZakynthosDiamandisZakynthosDiamandis2 months ago