Andrew Schulz | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #331

Mar 27, 2021
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Theo sits down with podcast prodigy, Andrew Schulz, to discuss Theo's theory on the US Postal Service, the UFC matchups they want to see, Schulz getting called out for leaving New York and the podcast wars continue with Bad Friends.

Andrew Schulz:
Flagrant 2:

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    Theo VonTheo Von15 days ago
    • You need BFB the Packman on the pod to ask him about the postal service...he’s a rapper blowing up online while still working his everyday job at the post office...the pod would be great like 5 different ways....and he’s from Flint...cmon Nick someone

      channeldirty7channeldirty718 hours ago
    • Your the best theo would love to have a chat with you. Franklin Parish Winnsboro Louisiana 71295

      Big HumphreyBig Humphrey2 days ago
    • maybe the 2nd question was asking about vows?

      lil_dead_ shroomlil_dead_ shroom3 days ago
    • You guys talking about governors comedy club? lol. I love how your friendship blossomed. You two are my favorite comedians.

      Brian BBrian B3 days ago
    • Don't argue with me. You know I'm right. I really liked you. And nobody else argue with me.

      randall wrandall w4 days ago
  • Can someonw timestamp the safe vax thing

    Gooey StuffGooey Stuff15 hours ago
  • Dad: what powder is in this lil baggie son? Me: 35:42

    Spika RooniSpika Rooni21 hour ago
  • Was having a good time but started to go astray when they got around politics. Like Andrew sounding like all European countries have "evolved" into the same try of political system. FFS Andrew even if you just look at the EU, not only half still have constitutional monarchies but the other 6 still have different forms of democracies. Parliamentary, semi-presidential, unitary state, federation of states, etc. They might be older countries than the U.S. but none of them stand out as the model for which all other countries should strive to be.

    Moderately AmusedModerately AmusedDay ago
  • I love it when they can't make eye contact when they talk sweet to each other lol

    JojoJojoDay ago
  • Riley needs some bluetooth at that desk lol. Wires all over 🤣

  • But didn't you do Tiger belly ? But yet you said No to their podcast?

    MådKîñg ITMådKîñg ITDay ago
  • These two can’t get anything done when together 😂

    matt W.matt W.Day ago
  • best pod I've watched this year

    lebohang mbejelebohang mbejeDay ago
  • lol that "corridor" comedy club in new york is, pretty sure, The Stand. Tiny af

    John QJohn QDay ago
  • This might be my fav episode

    James ReidJames ReidDay ago
  • Since you moved you’ve had THE BEST guests and vibe. Keep doing your thing ya lil Swamp Rat. My Brother lived in Shreveport and Minden and I went down for his funeral and when we crossed the Texas border into Louisiana it got dark real was like all the passengers in the vehicle immediately got a dark tan and an attitude, that place is rowdy and a damn good time if you like watching your back. I think that’s why my brother loved it haha

    Lownds_82Lownds_82Day ago
  • "he's not asian, he's korean... he's american" (Schulz)

    nolenpernolenperDay ago
  • Make a podcast together. I love you and Brenden's chemistry but both of you have a great chemistry also. I just think it would be a missed opportunity.

    Nova MessNova MessDay ago
  • This podcast was outta control 😂

    Justine LombardoJustine Lombardo2 days ago
  • Hilarious

    Shiver Me TimbersShiver Me Timbers2 days ago
  • Andrew lacking that confidence laugh when he's with Rogan.

    armin38822armin388222 days ago
  • I want a “ we got rabies baby” shirt

    Blake JohnsonBlake Johnson2 days ago
  • Screw Riley that boi scared scared

    Tate PetersonTate Peterson2 days ago
  • The zebra.. is for the black and whites.. sorry that's how I read it at first.. til Theo said it.. but still I think that's what they are trying to say and everyone in between

    David HallDavid Hall2 days ago
  • 45:04 "Cuz they're idiots. Have you been alive? Have you been outside of your eyes?" 🤣🤣🤣 55:02 YOU GUYS ARE BAD FRIENDS TOOK ME THE FUCK OUT 😭😭😭😭😭 Don't come for my people bruhhh

    Justine LombardoJustine Lombardo2 days ago
  • Chris Hanson has a habit of ripping people off, he’s not a good guy. He’s a total fraud. Look it up guys

    Dusty DopeyDusty Dopey2 days ago
  • Must be shit if Theo turns up to your wedding and doesn't come up to you to say he hasn't slept with your wife. Time to run out of that wedding.

    jamiepottermusicjamiepottermusic2 days ago
  • Hey really hate Jacksonville, Florida huh? Well I live here and I've been long time fan. ❤

    Susan BennettSusan Bennett2 days ago
  • #FreeRiley

    Noe ArguellesNoe Arguelles2 days ago
  • Tv: "By the end of the year the stage is packed" As: "Kinda like a Wu-tang Video" 😂😂😂

    Eme TeeEme Tee2 days ago
  • Good laugh

    Aaron SenaAaron Sena2 days ago
  • Anyone can work at mcdonald's unless you don't like being treated like absolute fucking garbage 😂

    Carter SteinbrecherCarter Steinbrecher2 days ago
  • These two men are the funniest people on earth

    Carter SteinbrecherCarter Steinbrecher2 days ago
  • The fuck is Schulz always laughing at? Ffs.

    Andy RavenscroftAndy Ravenscroft2 days ago
  • holy shit this is funny. honestly theo is one of the only ppl that makes me really laugh out loud

    Mark IvanMark Ivan3 days ago
  • thinking about how I am not white, look white but not quite... also I am River Slav 😂😉

    Bernard ZjakicBernard Zjakic3 days ago
  • At 8:29 is that why Brendan, Chris and Nick left abruptly towards the end of the last KATS?

    ErinErin3 days ago
  • Man you guys r fuckin good together this should be the flagrancy man

    Victor BraspenningVictor Braspenning3 days ago
  • 1/10 Expected to hear about godhead, instead I got this

    I have to wait 90 days to change my nameI have to wait 90 days to change my name3 days ago
  • You thought you would hire another Chin huh? Looks like you found a dud.

    mje19Dmje19D3 days ago
    • Chin is 20 years older. Tons more experience.

      Susan BennettSusan Bennett2 days ago
  • Andrew forces his laugh so much it’s not genuine

    David SalazarDavid Salazar3 days ago
  • 49:18

    Booty HawkBooty Hawk3 days ago
  • Lmfao, " both thoes guys, are guys I said I wouldn't do podcast with " LMAO

    Jake GirouardJake Girouard3 days ago
  • Theo should force Riley to read scripts and do improv like Bobby Lee and Santino do to Rudy 😁✨

    PiscesXXXPiscesXXX3 days ago
  • In case some people didn’t get it the “their making coke sand “ line meaning Asians are so smart... at a beach a big problem is the sand is so hot walking there before it’s wet so he’s saying there so smart they invented and made cold sand lmfaooooo. Hilarious golden line theo vons brain is incredible!

    Late NightLate Night3 days ago
    • Cold sand*^^

      Late NightLate Night3 days ago
  • Great show!!

    alex bishopalex bishop3 days ago
  • This may have been my favorite podcast ever

    Randal ArmstrongRandal Armstrong3 days ago
  • A whole lot of laughing in the first 20min. But nothing remotely close to funny has been said

    DreamingbigDreamingbig3 days ago
  • I mean Young Riley isn't as good as Young Jamie, but we still love him.

    Andrei ArcaAndrei Arca3 days ago
  • "The best thing about corona is people from LA and New York realizing there are other places to live." That's been the worst part about corona for the rest of us

    NariNari3 days ago
    • Well of course people aren’t moving out of NY & California to the UK 😂😂😂

      T MT MDay ago
    • I don't know, living in the UK I can honestly say I've not noticed

      AngryOscillatorAngryOscillator2 days ago
  • I just love having access to all these amazing people. Quite a beautiful world we live in! 2021 is your year

    Lee RIchmondLee RIchmond4 days ago
  • Who’s the next person you’re going to stop being friends with? 😂

    Jojo LunaJojo Luna4 days ago
  • 1:30:20

    Joe FJoe F4 days ago
  • Best podcast

    Poop PantsPoop Pants4 days ago
  • 44:50

    Joe FJoe F4 days ago
  • Theo is not funny.

  • 20:30 LMAO

    Joe FJoe F4 days ago
  • Goddamn seems like a nightmare working for theo

    nathanbnathanb4 days ago
  • I love when Andrew complimented Theo on Tiger Belly.. he said Theo is so talented, with most comedians when they tell a joke I can go ok I didn’t think of it, but I can see how they got there.. with Theo.. I have no idea how he gets there”

    Le TigreLe Tigre4 days ago
  • Gotta love theo, thanks for not being a creeper dawg🤘

    jayce torresjayce torres4 days ago
  • Bro, the way Theo said "Caipirinha" made me howl, man. Cheers from Brazil

    Folheto GrenáFolheto Grená4 days ago
  • “Find a better way to fix it Riley”

    Joseph AniekweJoseph Aniekwe4 days ago
  • Where the green Fern grows brother let me get that hit up I suppose between two ferns is closer but I follow my nose where the flavor grows my bro

    Bobby LudlamBobby Ludlam4 days ago
  • I died at the retarded part

    Poop PantsPoop Pants4 days ago
  • Best ever, period.

    Jim BerryJim Berry4 days ago
  • I have never laughed so hard in my life. Funniest Podcast ever !!!

    Eric H. MartinEric H. Martin4 days ago
  • Where the Riboflavins?! LMAO 😆

    Matt DMatt D4 days ago
  • 46:30 Theo says black guys are unreliable.

    John BlanchardJohn Blanchard4 days ago
  • Dear New Yorkers who now realize their state is garbage and the people running it are tyrants, please do not go mess up other states. You made your bed, lie in it...or fix it. New Yorkers have been trying their best to turn Georgia into the s-hole they came from. They have almost succeeded with Atlanta.

    Jon HelgusonJon Helguson4 days ago
  • This has been one of thee funniest episodes yet! Could you please have him back on and just talk about stupid products lol 🤣

    bearded_patriot7bearded_patriot74 days ago
  • This is hysterical!

    Scott St. ClairScott St. Clair4 days ago
  • Andrew shows us more and more how unfunny he is without editors and scripts...

    yodogyodog4 days ago
  • This is one of the funniest pods I’ve seen in awhile😂😂 they are great together!

    Pull Out PerformancePull Out Performance4 days ago
  • i Don't Want to Watch You Past Year to How You Treated Chris D 'Elia. You, Bobby Lee, Multiple Traitors as fake friends to him. Heartless. All I do is watch podcasts. You acted like Bobby Lee, Brenden Schaub, and Byran Callen. So disrespectful. Geezuz be a friend first before hopping on board with fake allegations and accusations. Have respect and Heart. I'll argue all day against what you did and anybody else. I worked in restaurant kitchens. Our whole day is comedy.

    randall wrandall w4 days ago
    • wat

      Gay RetardGay Retard4 days ago
  • "I'll beat that baby's ass" this man's gold

    Adish KulkarniAdish Kulkarni4 days ago
  • I thought I was going to bed at 130am....but then.... I found this video...

    New IdentityNew Identity4 days ago
  • These two are hilarious together

    John HaupenthalJohn Haupenthal4 days ago
  • These fucking two need a show asap

    Brandon VasquezBrandon Vasquez5 days ago
  • The ending LMFAOOOO 🤣

    Santiel Da SavageSantiel Da Savage5 days ago
  • Theo :Riley mao is with us today Riley : 7:38

  • Why is Theo between 2 ferns?

    Steel NationSteel Nation5 days ago
  • Andrew broke the fourth wall with that communal garden lol

    Evan PhillipsEvan Phillips5 days ago
  • This was a great podcast

    Dennis SlonDennis Slon5 days ago
  • Theres maybe only two or three funny left... its kyle dunnigan the greatest....and Theo....and adam Carolla...and David spade... but the future of the world of non miserable funny is theses guys.... but everything in the world is kyle dunnigan, he is the David letterman of today. Kyle dunnigan is love bro....the greatest in this world

    Jake BestJake Best5 days ago
  • 1hr mark soooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay AguilarJay Aguilar5 days ago
  • Have you been out side of your eyes 😂😂

    Slurm careySlurm carey5 days ago
  • USPS joke at min 47 is all time funny

    gabe Moongabe Moon5 days ago
  • Fantastic pod. I lmfao the whole time

    Jacob AldermanJacob Alderman5 days ago
  • Dude I Love Theo and I love Andrew lets get this show rolling!

    T JT J5 days ago
  • I’m surprised Chris D wasn’t on.. he has been a podcast std

    Loser LaughsLoser Laughs5 days ago
  • 43:27 Amazing watch for 5 minutes after this. This why you watch the whole thing

    TheGhostHAGTheGhostHAG5 days ago
  • Two of my favorite people on earth!

    John RollinsJohn Rollins5 days ago
  • There is a movie about this same thing.

    Michael MarekMichael Marek5 days ago
  • Who the fuuuck does theo think he's fooling? Have you heard his fucking openings all the time, "Uhhh I dunno mann, I just been feelin down lately andddd uhhh gang ganggg! Get that hitter pizza YA'LL." Who the fuck is your guest anyways? Some nobody.

    Kurt LuvvinzKurt Luvvinz5 days ago
  • Schulz is up there for worst laughs

    loser foreverloser forever5 days ago
  • Chris Hansen should have a prank show. Where celebs walk in and he tells them to have a seat.

    George NegronGeorge Negron5 days ago
  • When I listen to podcasts like this it makes me wonder how many people struggling with mental health issues, keep themselves going by using this to keep their mood up?

    LeonLeon5 days ago
  • Andrew, Miami is not Florida

    Pork fried ricePork fried rice5 days ago
  • "Epifet for Koby"

    Casey WilderCasey Wilder5 days ago
  • Cant listen to this clown yo

    Neva ShookNeva Shook5 days ago
  • 1:13:41 Chinese activists exist... Chinese Rosa Parks is NOT getting air play. she gets a free bus ride. china was failing real hard, up until right after Mao died when they rushed to adopt capitalist economics. Theo was alluding to 'Late-Stage-capitalism', which is a trendy idea peddled by communists but isn't actually a thing. that "feeling" is the weakening (inflationary) effect 'socialist policies' have on the dollar.

    ShivaTheDestroyerShivaTheDestroyer5 days ago
  • “Find a better way to fix it Riley!”

    nicholas summerleenicholas summerlee5 days ago
  • Balkans defy white stereotypes. A Albanian will sell sell herion to a black kid then steal a Asian kids bike.

    George AksichGeorge Aksich5 days ago
    • Real shitbags

      Kao GoogleKao Google5 days ago
  • Where is this thooo

    Johnny EadieJohnny Eadie5 days ago