Jan 14, 2021
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Among Us coded so that there's a new Black Hole Sabotage
Support a creator code: Bakbak
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  • Got any more custom sabotage ideas? You name it we make it :)

    BakbakBakbakMonth ago
    • You make one with all the regular Sabotage but you have 2 minutes to do all or you die

      Kill Squad0804Kill Squad080421 day ago
    • If there's a option ben 10 ability each alien can do different abilitys

      Angery DestroyerAngery Destroyer27 days ago
    • Ac-130

      AnthonyAnthonyMonth ago
    • How about ship crash where you had to go to nav and stear the ship

      Stacie HagerStacie HagerMonth ago
    • lol

      RiEL DiRKRiEL DiRKMonth ago
  • I really wanna play the mod!

    Calvin CorazoCalvin Corazo2 days ago
  • 1:57 1:56 1:55 1:54 1:53 1:52 XD

    Kingbabybr1th Playz - robloxKingbabybr1th Playz - roblox3 days ago
  • Bakbak play with socks

    mr.uzamakimr.uzamaki6 days ago

    Hiryu the DragoniteHiryu the Dragonite9 days ago
  • Snap

    Duvall YoungDuvall Young10 days ago
  • His accent just makes these videos so much better, like he just makes mad creations 😂

    Chad MChad M10 days ago
  • my favorite word is when blaza screams

    Tristan Wilbert TanumiharjoTristan Wilbert Tanumiharjo11 days ago
  • how can they play this

    Lateria HawkinsLateria Hawkins12 days ago
  • 0:06 POV: Blaza is going to Brazil

    Purple GuyPurple Guy12 days ago
  • Damn if I'm correct there was maybe two black holes because the inpostor spawned them at the same time? Or it was a glitch (love your vids💖)

    Olga AmbrizOlga Ambriz12 days ago

    Vivian DelgadoVivian Delgado14 days ago
  • 6:24 lolloloollo

    A RobotA Robot14 days ago

    Dragon WoodsDragon Woods14 days ago
  • It was very crazy. Mr blaza rercord it too. He join socksfor1 server.

    Denny NathaDenny Natha15 days ago
  • Thanks 🤩

    Sarah Al-DallalSarah Al-Dallal15 days ago
  • 1:52 Blaza screaming going by is the funniest thing I've ever seen

    DevKryzDevKryz15 days ago

    Dillon GardnerDillon Gardner19 days ago

    Joshua QuinteroJoshua Quintero19 days ago
  • hi maybe a sabotage that will give people different roles like you start off as detective and then you become a troll after the sabotage??

    Christina LeongChristina Leong19 days ago

    Shylah AndersonShylah Anderson20 days ago
  • THIS WAS THE SAME VID IN MR BLAZA. Ooooooookaaaaaaaay?

    Esmeralda HenriquesEsmeralda Henriques20 days ago
  • Bakbak’s voice and accent is everything

    Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concertDon't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert20 days ago
  • SCP mod will be cool.

    LainAzanaelLainAzanael21 day ago
  • Could there be a lava tsunami

    Daniel RidleyDaniel Ridley21 day ago
  • I know a custom sabotage but it might be a bit weird

    Daniel RidleyDaniel Ridley21 day ago
  • Bakbak pls can u play among us with me one day with the other fans

    Daniel RidleyDaniel Ridley21 day ago
  • The rare moustache inevitably fancy because bobcat dentsply chop excluding a scarce copy. outrageous, few fierce bath

    straight savstraight sav21 day ago
  • 9:14 I can't stop laughing at that

    landon Hesterlandon Hester22 days ago
  • That inter its so funny when bap a tries to run form the balck hole them gets immediately suked back in and combing in that with proximity cha ti's so funny jsut a fading scream lol

    Naoise MayNaoise May24 days ago
  • Hold on is bakbak danish. he said" the imposter skal plac down a black hole"????

    Benjamin SaabyBenjamin Saaby24 days ago
  • Everyone: blaza playing with bakbak?????? Og fans: he literally played with socks like 4 months ago

    Jotaro's MemesJotaro's Memes24 days ago
  • me if i play this mod : *hides in communications* comms is the safest lol

    ProMagixVegasTehLogoEditor854 / TVPLM795 HDProMagixVegasTehLogoEditor854 / TVPLM795 HD25 days ago
  • Bakbak: hi blaza:) Socks: im watching you bakbak >:|

    Venom1Venom125 days ago
  • Hulk mod

    Channing CooperChanning Cooper25 days ago
  • Well I think the black hole should stop when like it drank about 8.5/10

    Cool Thaid XCool Thaid X25 days ago
  • Blaza plays with bakbak not just socks

    Rowan BriceRowan Brice25 days ago
  • *S U C C*

    A Derp That Does StuffA Derp That Does Stuff25 days ago
  • The way Bakbak said "I'mma eat him in one bite. NOM" LOL I AM DYING

    abdul wadoodabdul wadood25 days ago
  • BLAZA! How did you get there!!??

    Spidey PlayzSpidey Playz25 days ago
    • He came from the sky (totally not Socksfor1 reference)

      Josh LambertJosh Lambert24 days ago
  • Lightning sabotage

    XxCoffee WolfxXXxCoffee WolfxX26 days ago
  • Sabotage:Get swirled up by a blender

    Bianca D.Bianca D.26 days ago
  • Meteor sabotage I’m not sure if they did this or whatever but here it goes Basically it’s like the BLACKHOLE one but a meteor comes down on a point on the map (imposter chooses) and killed anybody in range The range can be like a red circle that appears and it has a blast raidius of like 2 jellybean cremates away from the rock and has a 110 second cool down so yea And u could make it like fire or freeze or something whatever that comes to ur crazy mind

    The heater smelterThe heater smelter26 days ago
  • 5:47 Famous last words

    SuperGoker64SuperGoker6426 days ago
  • It would be nice if you put the link of the mod in the description

    Kokee YousefKokee Yousef26 days ago
  • Blaza is now playing without socks

    Michael SaccoMichael Sacco26 days ago
  • Yall have more freinds than people I know

    Firedup BoyFiredup Boy26 days ago
  • This is so fun 🤣🤣🤣

    Mark SmitMark Smit26 days ago
  • umm i thought blaza was on sock's channel

    Daniel RobinsonDaniel Robinson26 days ago
  • Fun fact: blaza play with sock for 1 Don't believe me search for the channel u see

    Not Sabrea PrendergastNot Sabrea Prendergast26 days ago
  • You should do this on the other maps

    Joseph Schembri [SMA]Joseph Schembri [SMA]26 days ago
  • Touch da more inner parts your dead

    Angery DestroyerAngery Destroyer27 days ago
  • Bakbak fails 2 Time

    Thuy HuynhThuy Huynh27 days ago
  • Tornado

    MaksFireplayMaksFireplay28 days ago
  • Blazes from sockfor1

    meme platinummeme platinum28 days ago
    • I mean blaza

      meme platinummeme platinum28 days ago
  • How do we play these

    RossMurrayFamRossMurrayFam28 days ago
  • Multiple imposters for 15 sec.

    HalfdapurgeHalfdapurge28 days ago
  • Blaze how could u betray socks, Ladd, juice, muffin, tbh honest, and the others like this

    jarrett hellumsjarrett hellums28 days ago
  • 4:20 back to back action NOOOO

    Xiomara MoralesXiomara Morales28 days ago
  • Blazaaaaaa there is a black hole stay close to this held by nothing except gravity table to escape it's massive sucking power

    limbolimbo28 days ago
  • 1:56 *AA* Aaa!¡

    M1CH4ELM1CH4EL29 days ago
  • ?

    Sebastián MoyanoSebastián Moyano29 days ago
  • how we dowland the black hole

    Sebastián MoyanoSebastián Moyano29 days ago
  • I freaked out when I saw blaza

    Woody BoiWoody Boi29 days ago
  • Hola Blaza. Socksfor1 released a quarter of your face on his Instagram

    jennifer russelljennifer russell29 days ago
  • When you realize bakbak played with the dream smp group and now plays with blaza and blaza is conected to socks

    ThijquintNLThijquintNLMonth ago
  • Ice rain

    Family FusionFamily FusionMonth ago
  • ahahAHAH

    David OlaleyeDavid OlaleyeMonth ago
  • yall should play the undead mode again lol

    Tidmouth StudiosTidmouth StudiosMonth ago
  • wish this was in among us for real... no mods or nothing.... its AWESOME and so random

  • how the heckles is blaza there

    Awaan HamidAwaan HamidMonth ago
  • Is it the same mrblaza that is in sock’s videoes?

    The Headless MarioThe Headless MarioMonth ago
  • Tsunami sabotage!

    SB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSSB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSMonth ago
  • Stickman mod

    SB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSSB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSMonth ago
  • Gwen 10 mod

    SB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSSB - 02OJ 892670 Goldcrest PSMonth ago
  • 6:25 bakbak: alright ima take one bite...nom me: did he just take a bite out of rotten flesh?!

    Summer CristSummer CristMonth ago
  • doi this agian

    John NewtonJohn NewtonMonth ago
  • 4:12 Now what you should’ve did was to close the Reactor door

    Jordan TanksleyJordan TanksleyMonth ago
  • Blaze plays with bak bak?

    Mustang593Mustang593Month ago
    • Auto

      Mustang593Mustang593Month ago
    • Blaza I hate atom correct

      Mustang593Mustang593Month ago
  • "didididididididi"

    Ech DeathEch DeathMonth ago

    ShAh3ryAr AfsArShAh3ryAr AfsArMonth ago

    Charlyn LongCharlyn LongMonth ago
  • I love his accent comedy gold 😂😂😂

    The Free movie makerThe Free movie makerMonth ago
  • 4:48 gave me MAJOR anxiety lol

    ThatOneRandomBookNerdThatOneRandomBookNerdMonth ago
  • Sup blaza

    Kadrian CarterKadrian CarterMonth ago
  • why does bakbak sound dutch

    mathijs van pomerenmathijs van pomerenMonth ago
  • Lighting

    Umar NathUmar NathMonth ago
  • Omg I can’t believe blaza is in this I thought he only played with socks,Nadwe,meme,etc.😅😅😂

  • Bakbak: Someone reported my dinner! Me:lol

    Patrice Te MaroPatrice Te MaroMonth ago
  • Blaza why aren’t you with socks!?!?

    Робот БобРобот БобMonth ago
  • Акккк

    Евгений ФедоровЕвгений ФедоровMonth ago
  • Bruh like I thought he fake but I mentioned his voice so like yeah

    Ellen LimEllen LimMonth ago

    Ellen LimEllen LimMonth ago
  • Blaza what you doing here

    Midnight WolfMidnight WolfMonth ago
  • I just saw blaza's video about a black hole I saw bakbak has a black hole to

    Kent Amuel MasudaKent Amuel MasudaMonth ago
  • place it on the right side of the map then call reactor, or call O2 and put a blackhole in the hallway to admin, or call lights and put one in reactor and then kill someone and then run away as soon as you can

    Daymian GamerDaymian GamerMonth ago
  • Tornado sabotage

    Croalex7Croalex7Month ago
  • The Storm mod (Lightning strike kills in a certain area) (Thunder makes it harder to do certain tasks like asteroids) The flash mod (Impostor have the ability to make certain crewmates run faster or slower, whenever they're fast or slow they can't do task or report a body) Super glue mod ( Based on how much glue you have on you'll walk slow or super slow. Only way to turn to normal is to give the glue to someone else *1 Impostor* ) The Captain mod ( The captain has the ability to choose the impostor, whenever the captain chooses the Impostor and the impostor gets voted out he can choose another crewmate to be impostor. Only way to win is to vote out the captain an impostor) ( The captain can do task to fit in with the crew BUT he's a backstabber) 😈🔪

    Lamar JayLamar JayMonth ago
  • “H-How are we alive?” Your are in the ergosphere, that’s why. KURZGESAGHT LOGIC! (Im bad at spelling sorry)

    Tabby_cat Meow!Tabby_cat Meow!Month ago
  • Make a mod that a imposter has an a-bomb

    petar vukapetar vukaMonth ago