Jan 17, 2021
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The Game We Played ► Among us angel role
Mod -
Hi i'm alex and i love playing roblox games with my friends! We like to call ourselves 'The Squad'! Subscribe to join us on many adventures! our content is aimed at audiences 13+
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  • Hi

    Peter JackaninPeter JackaninHour ago
  • My god to romantic

  • Hello

    Lisa RodriguezLisa Rodriguez3 hours ago
  • Hi

    Jahel OgarroJahel Ogarro5 hours ago
  • I'm literally trying so hard to watch the Squad's among us games 😩😩😩

    Lavender LavagirlLavender Lavagirl9 hours ago
    • I think everybody’s mad about no other games

      lilhjchat gaming Joneslilhjchat gaming Jones8 hours ago
  • zach you suck at singing

    Mina dizdarevicMina dizdarevic13 hours ago

    mishell Dalsonmishell Dalson23 hours ago
  • alex how to get it in amogs

    Chanel JamesChanel JamesDay ago
  • I don't want to die

    Darran HeathDarran HeathDay ago
  • 😆😃

    Unicorn OliviaUnicorn OliviaDay ago
  • You guys are so funny hahah😾

    Unicorn OliviaUnicorn OliviaDay ago
  • Wow I'm a big fan

    Richard LoftusRichard LoftusDay ago
    • Me three

      Sweet Candy PopSweet Candy PopDay ago
    • Oh me too

      Carlos DanielCarlos DanielDay ago
  • Jade is super super super Psycho

    A.J. NicksA.J. NicksDay ago
  • Everyone. Silence

    • You liked your own comment? Wow. You must really be desperate

      Mooshroom OofMooshroom OofDay ago
    • 😨😰😓😥😢😲😱🙁😔😔😀

      JUS WAAJUS WAADay ago
    • 😲🙁😭😭

      JUS WAAJUS WAADay ago
  • Sora was in havin

    elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • Alex X Jade

    Roblox Benjamin BrownRoblox Benjamin BrownDay ago
  • Since when did Alex and jade start being discusting

    Eduardo TerrazasEduardo TerrazasDay ago
  • Zach X Alex

    Purseus HooverPurseus HooverDay ago
  • It's light and the dimon is charli

    Jhoana marie SisteverioJhoana marie SisteverioDay ago
  • Zach your a simp

    Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
    • @Kawaiigirlx !!!! Yes

      ʏ /ɴʏ /ɴDay ago
    • For Alex

      Kawaiigirlx !!!!Kawaiigirlx !!!!Day ago
  • Poor Charli Light and Zach can be a jerk sometimes

    Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
    • Don't forget Jade lol

    • CHARLI should get light as a boyfriend

      Merpups Slime ShopMerpups Slime ShopDay ago

    Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
    • N O

      ʏ /ɴʏ /ɴDay ago
  • Jade: SUSCRIBE OR DIE! Me: bruh she doesn't even know me nor know if I SUSCRIBE so I can't die My sister: GAHHH BRO! SUSCRIBE OR WE DIE! ME: YOUR SUCH A IDIOT

    Yoon LeeYoon Lee2 days ago
    • Yoon Lee

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • @ʏ /ɴ Then I think they know your name

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • But still suscribe

      ʏ /ɴʏ /ɴDay ago
    • Btw

      Jared MendonesJared MendonesDay ago
    • Ik my sister is a idiot

      Yoon LeeYoon Lee2 days ago
  • Afafafafafafafafadafafaf

    T. G.T. G.2 days ago
    • Yassssss queen

      Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
  • Rip my ears 5:04

    Ava HodderAva Hodder3 days ago
    • Off

      Victoria LeungVictoria Leung2 days ago
  • Alex im a huge he fan

    Payten WoltersPayten Wolters3 days ago
  • I like drama Sora -2021

    Suechung KohSuechung Koh3 days ago
    • Same Sora just watch’s drama

      Jared MendonesJared MendonesDay ago
    • Same sora xdddddd

      Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
  • Me: I don’t want to die :c

    Gabby MonsterGabby Monster3 days ago
    • You just sub

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • You don't die It does nothing

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • It's a lie

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • Charlie girl, you don't need light. He never wants to try with you and you deserve better! If a man treats you like that than he's not worth it. You find a man worthy of you like sora or one of the squads members! You go girl!

    Darren FullDarren Full3 days ago
    • How about we try to get them together ok comment to me whenever kk!?!?

      Sso OreoSso Oreo2 days ago
  • Please can you tell me how you play mods

    Joice Janett.S.A.Joice Janett.S.A.3 days ago
    • Same

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • Or at least video

    Todd StricklandTodd Strickland3 days ago
  • I subscribe to all your videos now can I be in the squad I am the rainbow

    Todd StricklandTodd Strickland3 days ago
  • Jade sound like the person in tik tok who said " WHY IS IT SPICY "

    Kawaii PotatoKawaii Potato3 days ago
  • 2:59 IM DEAD

    Chrisgam3rChrisgam3r3 days ago

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • NO

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • ✨I think I have diarrhea✨😚🤞

    Cotton candy second account soraCotton candy second account sora4 days ago
    • Hit that by the way 👎

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • 😑

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • 🐔🌹

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
    • No worries about that

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • same

    Taylor SvobodaTaylor Svoboda4 days ago
  • I am subscribed how are you supposed to kill me

    Samuel RachalSamuel Rachal4 days ago
    • It's bc it was a lie

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • I love it 🥰

    Heather BurtonHeather Burton4 days ago

    Brianne StarrBrianne Starr4 days ago
  • alex is alitol werd in dis vidio and jade

    laila can kawaiilaila can kawaii4 days ago
  • No it’s Jade or Zach Not Alex She is better

    Chloe ThomasChloe Thomas4 days ago
  • Boys are fat and dum and girls are fighting. Boys and they are fat and dum

    Chloe ThomasChloe Thomas4 days ago
    • No🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I have a brother and dad.

      Pokemon wolf pack YayPokemon wolf pack Yay4 days ago
    • No girls are fat but you your are so fat

      KidVids ChannelKidVids Channel4 days ago
    • Nah

      Amanda MorenoAmanda Moreno4 days ago
  • light is fat Alex

    Chloe ThomasChloe Thomas4 days ago
    • 2671? Is that

      elsa tmelsa tmDay ago
  • Alex and Zach you are cooking cool

    Chloe ThomasChloe Thomas4 days ago
  • Zach:light was like a girlfriend to me Alex: *gets real uncublue*

    Bobby G Gabi girl!Bobby G Gabi girl!5 days ago
    • Hahahaha! True

      SW ‘s FunworldSW ‘s Funworld5 days ago
  • Ti Alex

    Amin AlaminAmin Alamin5 days ago
  • Zach has horrible singing LOL 😂

    Spy ninja FanSpy ninja Fan5 days ago
  • I think slogo copped them ?

    amoung us gamer girl123amoung us gamer girl1235 days ago
    • People can do the same mods

      ꧁Night Teddy꧂꧁Night Teddy꧂5 days ago
  • me: is sora dumb that jax not in the video uwu

    Alegrio GonzaloAlegrio Gonzalo5 days ago
  • I am a fan

    Elli’s toy TalkElli’s toy Talk5 days ago
  • 7:42 is weird

    Liam SaxburyLiam Saxbury5 days ago
  • 4:03 someones been watching The promised neverland huh? 😏

    Skyler ReganSkyler Regan6 days ago
    • Same gurl

      Briley WillisBriley Willis5 days ago
  • omg they never suspect Alex

    girly rosariogirly rosario6 days ago
  • Kann USworlds Priester pacing around the cursor the real then I think everything you

    Lea DuricLea Duric6 days ago
  • a sinker?

    David LeungDavid Leung6 days ago
  • I will never understand you Jade never understand you

    nicole bnicole b6 days ago
    • Me neither

      Jacinth TaylorJacinth Taylor6 days ago
  • 14:18 I saw ghost Jax come out of the grave and killed light right in front of me: XD

    Blox PlaysBlox Plays6 days ago
    • Oh wowww

      Giorgi ShavteliGiorgi Shavteli6 days ago
    • Oh wowww

      Jacinth TaylorJacinth Taylor6 days ago
  • I think he meant a bart feeling 😂😂

    EasonGirlsEasonGirls6 days ago
  • Thats cool wow

    Jj ParungaoJj Parungao6 days ago
    • Um what’s cool?? Sorry I don’t know

      Jacinth TaylorJacinth Taylor6 days ago
  • arch

    Dominik KijakDominik Kijak6 days ago
  • 😇😅👿

    Ingelle GonzalezIngelle Gonzalez7 days ago
  • Funny too funny but I can’t even stop laughing because it’s Sara

    Ingelle GonzalezIngelle Gonzalez7 days ago
  • Ha ha it was so funny

    Ingelle GonzalezIngelle Gonzalez7 days ago
    • IKR

      Jacinth TaylorJacinth Taylor6 days ago
  • 00:00 00:01 00:02 00:03 00:04 00:05 00:06 00:07 00:08 00:09 00:10 00:20 00:30 00:40 00:50 00:60 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00

    MochilifeMochilife7 days ago
    • @Sallieu Mailke he he

      Jacinth TaylorJacinth Taylor6 days ago
    • Jaja 😜

      Bernardo Bautista HoepfnerBernardo Bautista Hoepfner7 days ago
    • HOLY chill man

      Sallieu MailkeSallieu Mailke7 days ago
  • ur my top 1 fav yuoutube

    Jk LemonJk Lemon7 days ago
  • :l

    Tatum DallasTatum Dallas7 days ago
  • It’s Jade Jade is a imposter

    mohamed ananymohamed anany7 days ago
  • Charlie is a stupid squirrel and simp

    Stan Cobb JRStan Cobb JR7 days ago
    • That is a bit rude though

      MochilifeMochilife7 days ago
    • True

      amber spradlingamber spradling7 days ago
    • Yeah

      Janice LiptrotJanice Liptrot7 days ago
  • hi

    Sabre's TVSabre's TV7 days ago
  • ummmm

    Sabre's TVSabre's TV7 days ago
  • I subribed jade I did ok

    Marsh HaskellMarsh Haskell7 days ago
  • *i have nothing but to say E*

    jian cesar hiponiajian cesar hiponia7 days ago
  • I ship angel Alex and demon jade. Imma make a fanfic now. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Analeia MealeyAnaleia Mealey7 days ago
  • Holy water for killing gacha heat :v

    Liko_ _ChanLiko_ _Chan7 days ago
    • 💅💅💅💅💅

      Liko_ _ChanLiko_ _Chan16 hours ago
    • Yesssss

      Blue KittyBlue Kitty7 days ago
  • Yo what's up

    Kianna Tiznado CortesKianna Tiznado Cortes7 days ago
  • The impostor is Sara

    Cathy TiptonCathy Tipton7 days ago
    • I'm sorry that you are being. Rude and I guess. Your parents did not teach you to not be rude

      Cathy TiptonCathy Tipton7 days ago
    • I'm sorry that 9

      Cathy TiptonCathy Tipton7 days ago
  • Jjshsjs

    Jackson MorrisJackson Morris7 days ago
    • Hi🤗

      Jackson MorrisJackson Morris6 days ago
    • Hi

      Rose & SlushyRose & Slushy7 days ago
  • *breathes*

    AlgorishAlgorish7 days ago
    • That’s sus

      Shadow jayShadow jay7 days ago
    • W

      Nani Likes CookiesNani Likes Cookies7 days ago
  • 5:04 Zach is so good at singing it’s music to my ears

    The Pokémon Kid UKThe Pokémon Kid UK7 days ago
  • I like your video!

    Zoey Maya KeoasaZoey Maya Keoasa7 days ago
  • "Flowers grow out of the body/blood" I didnt know Zach has watched The Promised Neverland

    Hitoka YachiHitoka Yachi7 days ago
    • Same lol

      Samantha ErhartSamantha ErhartDay ago
    • Me neither ;v;

      Judith DelgadilloJudith Delgadillo7 days ago
  • I did anyone notice the gacha club background in the middle of the video?

    Annette CaballeroAnnette Caballero8 days ago
    • 12345678910

      Destiny CastanedaDestiny Castaneda7 days ago
  • 4:05 the promised never land refrence

    LovleypurpleblossemLovleypurpleblossem8 days ago
  • I am ur biggest sharky :3

    JazJaz8 days ago

    Noddles And Pie :DNoddles And Pie :D8 days ago
    • hehe

      Noddles And Pie :DNoddles And Pie :D8 days ago
    • *s a d b o i h o u r s f o r s o r a*

      cinnamon rollcinnamon roll8 days ago
  • yeah me too

    br bbr b8 days ago
  • squad how get a mod please tell me!!!!!

    marvin bundamarvin bunda8 days ago
  • I have a Ak -47 rapapapappapapa

    Mekhi AkintolaMekhi Akintola8 days ago
  • 4:35 not a funny part just saving! :) xoxo

    Noel シNoel シ8 days ago
  • sharbox -Zach 2021

    RoyalieAmeliaRoyalieAmelia8 days ago
  • Charlie your right light is hoy lol

    Ghost wolf of FortniteGhost wolf of Fortnite8 days ago
  • live and alex love others

    unice diaounice diao8 days ago
  • Sora is not the imposter cuz he’s thik

    8228megan8228megan8 days ago
  • Ma. Ilas ha zei s. Layosa ok

    Ellisha & Elleri TVEllisha & Elleri TV8 days ago
  • Be quiet

    Dominic DelormeDominic Delorme8 days ago
    • No.

      C L O U D YC L O U D Y8 days ago
  • Yes

    Joey VenturinoJoey Venturino8 days ago
  • I like Charlie

    wackoo99wackoo999 days ago

    Kaitlin TerryKaitlin Terry9 days ago
  • I only like it when you guys are going crazy and mad like when Jade did

    Koa KestnerKoa Kestner9 days ago
  • Me to

    Lilsoph107 PlayLilsoph107 Play9 days ago