Amanda Bynes is REALLY MAD at ME

Feb 21, 2021
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#AmandaBynes has been stuck in her conservatorship and it's not getting any better. Miscommunication on Twitter has NOT helped the situation.
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  • SLO4N. You are soooo lovely. U always make me smile. You would not hurt a fly and i am sure Amanda will know how much you never want to discredit anyone with any maliciousness. Please stay safe. Luv luv luv you. Xxxx

    Deborah HendersonDeborah Henderson2 hours ago
  • Can we agree that these conservatorships are just an easy way out for bad parents

    Katie ReckleyKatie Reckley12 hours ago
  • Your channel is great - love your personality and all your detailed researching. Plus, totally love your passion for what you do and love for people.

    Rose ElleyRose Elley13 hours ago
  • Ok just paused the beginning of this video long enough to say that the parents that have conservatory ship over their grown kids money are the same ones that wanted their kids to be children celebrities to beginning with. Very sad....

    ScorpioChildScorpioChild21 hour ago
  • She is pretending and is obtaining her importance by leaching onto Brittney Spears and yourself. It works both ways but you can help by being you

    zachiso firezachiso fireDay ago
  • I mean tbh you knowingly go out of your way to put everybody else’s business on your USworlds channel that gets plenty of views. Also judging by your thumbnail I really don’t know if you feel bad at all. I get your intentions might be good but these are peoples lives and some don’t want others investigating that. The thumbnail is really cringy tho and it shows that you aren’t taking it seriously.

    James RobertJames Robert2 days ago
    • I also really think if you truly cared you would be asking for permission to post these videos from the people themselves. It’s just coming across as you don’t really care just as long as you get your views and that you have this weird savior complex. It was okay when it came to exposing Dan Schneider but now it’s going too far dude.

      James RobertJames Robert2 days ago
  • You sure she was referring to YOU on Twitter? She didn't mention questioning the account she is upset that people claim to be looking out for her yet they exploit her & her private life for views & notoriety. Speaking of exploiting her...A CAMEO ACCOUNT called: AMANDA BYNES BOYFRIEND?? WTF? Does she know that? Is there a demand for that? Really? I love Amanda but honestly could care less about her dude. I have great intuition & it tells me he is no good. I don't know why/what, but I get a bad vibe. I think she needs to cut him loose... her parents need to cut her loose... she needs to remember who she is (& I mean a superstar boss, not a child actress). She's going to make a comeback... and I'm not saying to act again... she might... might not... but she is going to get herself healthy, vibrant & happy at some point in the future. Probably after she loses the guy. There's a darkness around him... in him...& Amanda has a darkness as well & I think hers stems from him. She was always so radiant/ glowy/ bright...& now that's not there... but I believe it will be.

    TheShadyLady !TheShadyLady !2 days ago
  • #FreeAmanda

    Nat FranklinNat Franklin2 days ago
  • I don’t think that tweet was necessarily specifically in response to you ?

    Aminin625Aminin6253 days ago
  • Tamara CARES ALOT

    Alen FergusonAlen Ferguson3 days ago
  • Wait.... doesn't he know that's not the real amanda?

    Thomas DavisThomas Davis4 days ago
  • Ngl this dude a goat

    Don 13Don 134 days ago
  • I feel like this video should be titled, "Exposing fake Amanda Bynes Twitter Scam"

    Lady GraceLady Grace4 days ago
  • @sl04n Let me ask this , when Justin Bieber had his breakdown, did he have his rights money and privacy stripped away in a court of law ? Of course not because he’s a male. This world is sooooo INSANE

    The Loner StonerThe Loner Stoner4 days ago
  • When you said fiancé the first couple times I thought you said “Beyoncé’” I was like whaaaat 😂

    ashley folinoashley folino4 days ago
  • She should ask for a change of venue- maybe the judge is on the take 🤯🤬

    Lana GainerLana Gainer4 days ago
  • Your such a doll! I love this! Totes down with this movement! I absolutely loved her and it really hurt when she just kinda lost it, who would blame her bc of her growing up in the limelight world. I could never be famous lol but I thought there was alot of stuff ho down kinda like with Britney and Lindsay it was weird ya know but I would love for them to tell their stories and make a bad a come back!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💞💞💞💞💞💜💛💚💙🧡❤

    Samantha C StevensSamantha C Stevens4 days ago
  • It could be Amanda's real account....Or, if it is Not her account then don't you think who ever is pretending to be her is really "banking" on her account and would do anything to make you think it really is her.....hence the name..."Ashley Banks"??? Idk how we can figure this out but I am with u and just want the best for her and hope she can confide in someone she genuinely trusts so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all...p.s. Love ur channel and You ....You are so sweet and genuine and Always a pleasure to watch! Keep up the great content. 😘😘💜💜👍👍👍

    Lisa VonahLisa Vonah4 days ago
  • Ew her fiance is probably so controlling. I'm sorry but that heart tattoo.... she had to have been on drugs. I am a recovering 10 year addict, sober 2 years. So I am not shaming, I just feel so sad for her. I hope she gets the help she needs. Sloan you tried your best 💖💖

    Lindsey PLindsey P4 days ago
  • Shes kinda right though, your videos have been v e r y sensationalized and this reaction is both self centered and shows that you dont really care for her boundaries as you continue to share her private tweets (you know, for views) even though she expressed displeasure with it. Your intentions may be good, but this aint it chief

    BeckBeck5 days ago
  • For Amanda to have schizophrenia, typically there should be schizophrenia or other mental illnesses in her family. Likely one of her parents suffering it. However since they have conservatorship and seem VERY happy people, i can't see the schizophrenia being likely. I watched the Amanda show too and her movies, so it's horrible that she's in this position and i totally understand how it feels to have your own parents ruin your life.

    Fairy dog motherFairy dog mother5 days ago

    Rusty AngelRusty Angel5 days ago
  • Brother save your money. Don't throw it away to a maybe lol

    TexasPoonTappa !TexasPoonTappa !5 days ago
  • If you are really sorry stop exposing her private account and don't make a video like this.

    Catherine A.Catherine A.5 days ago
  • The Ashley Banks account is her. One of the first shows she was ever in was All That, her child hood actress name was Ashley. She must of just thought of Banks as the last name because true fans of the show would know Tyra Banks was also in the show All that. She just put them together to create a hidden identity. But it is really her I believe. I would bet A Lot Of Her Status’s have hidden messages too. She probably is telling us, with out actually telling us everything.

    Danielle VialpandoDanielle Vialpando6 days ago
    • Its not her stop believing a fraud.

      interestinginteresting2 days ago
  • I really appreciate your well researched videos and attempts to out ab***ve individuals and protect victims. Please don’t feel bad 😞 we (the viewers) know your intentions are good and if that account is really AB, then this has been a misunderstanding... Anyway, keep being you! You’re great & I love your channel.

    Jessica AlexandraJessica Alexandra6 days ago
  • Her tatts on her face weren’t done well

    Lil’ BirdLil’ Bird6 days ago
  • The only thing I really blame her for is the bong... misd possession of paraphernalia isn't worth the chance of killing someone throwing a bong out your high floor home. Everything else is just shit that's happening because of what all happened and is happening to her. Still nothing but love

    SarahloveeSarahlovee6 days ago
  • 🖤🖤🖤

    Krystal EscarsegaKrystal Escarsega7 days ago
  • I love your channel #freeamanda ❤

    Abdul KhalikAbdul Khalik7 days ago
  • I think parents should be prohibited from pimping out their kids for fame...or at least have some protection laws. We have animation and adult actors. We shouldn't use children for entertainment. It puts so much stress on the young minds. Also, some parents are so narcissistic they will do anything to these kids, including adopting children for clout. These things won't stop until we stand up to the exploitation.

    Sophie NSophie N7 days ago
  • I’m so confused how her mom is allowed to “allegedly” spend AMANDA’S money to buy a house for herself. The parents/guardian should only be able to buy what is needed to support the individual under the conservatorship and not on personal or frivolous things. How is this even legal? Who’s monitoring these people to make sure the conservatee isn’t being taken advantage of??

    JenniferJennifer7 days ago
  • Amanda goes to FIDM (the fashion school in LA) & there’s classmates that have asked her about the twitter account, she says it’s not her lol

    Joanna Ch.Joanna Ch.8 days ago
  • You’re such an adorable, beautiful person!!! 🤗💜 I love how you show the things people send to you & how you add the details when it’s a business, you’d be helping a lot of businesses & talented people trying to make a living. I think it’s amazing how you do that & I’ve personally not seen any other USworldsrs doing that. You are beautiful!!! 🤗💜😍 P.S... BUNNY IS SO DAMN ADORABLE & WOW!!! THAT CROCHET HEADPIECE IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!! SHOUT OUT TO THE TALENTED SARAH!!!!! 🙌🏼😃👏🏼😍

    Knowledge is PowerKnowledge is Power8 days ago
  • What did you do

    Keirshanna GilsonKeirshanna Gilson8 days ago
  • 33 dollars.... And a half gram of heroin is 30 dollars....Hmmmmm, kinda fishy if you ask me ( especially since that's always the amount she's asking for).

    Andrea RumicAndrea Rumic8 days ago
  • can we please start a petition to send dan to fucking jail

    Leslie RivasLeslie Rivas8 days ago
  • #FreeAmanda !

    Breaking The ImageBreaking The Image8 days ago
  • I want to personally thank you for getting this out there. To many elites are covering all of the Hollywood pedo and human trafficking. Being a survivor from physical and sexual abuse, I know the struggle these children face. Thank you for speaking up for us that find it hard to speak. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Bless you 💚

    June SaundersJune Saunders8 days ago
  • The ending is the best!!! So cute

    OMFGjesuskittyOMFGjesuskitty8 days ago
  • Sorry bother 😂... but your being played🤣. That's NOT her. Hey man I need money to get a ride to work too🤗

    Abouttime KAbouttime K8 days ago
  • It is TWITTER. How private can it be?? If you are twetting you want to be heard. I'm sure you are not the only one showing her tweets so how do you even know that the person behind the account is mad at you?

    Elizabeth E.Elizabeth E.8 days ago
  • i like you so much!! i normally don’t comment but i recently found your channel and you seem so genuine, you obviously actually care and you are so sweet. love ur channel 💞

    jesstinajesstina8 days ago
  • Feel bad lmao 😂

    soapychikinsoapychikin8 days ago
  • Get in touch with Catfish I'm sure neve is down to see who's behind that account or he might just have a way of contacting the real amanda

    joshua vardojoshua vardo8 days ago
  • I still love her

    Jordan MikesellJordan Mikesell8 days ago
  • So I opened up a twitter and personalized it and stuff and started adding people and added lapersian27 and after I did that, I got a notice stating my account was suspended for "suspicious behavior"!?

    Carrie LominacCarrie Lominac8 days ago
  • She knows some really scary things about potaToes

    The Energizer MommyThe Energizer Mommy9 days ago
  • I wish she would be a bigger person as in see all your videos and the over all intentions you have for her. You are the only on advocating for her so much. You are AMAZING! Amanda is in a bad place and can’t see things as straight and correctly as they are. And maybe she’s scared. I’m she she knows inside you are the best and loves you.

    MsStarlet21MsStarlet219 days ago
  • I support what you are doing sooo much!! I have been on Amanda’s team the entire time! And I want to support anyone who is trying to bring attention to the truth! #freeamanda

    Blonde GravieBlonde Gravie9 days ago
  • I mean who knows how much she knows about what her fiancé is doing.. but I am a little suspicious of him tooo but I mean if he turns out to be really good for her at the end of the day I am here for it #freeamanda

    Blonde GravieBlonde Gravie9 days ago
  • I think that she is going to be suspicious of anyone trying to “help her” especially at first.. and I mean can you blame her? I am glad you were able to explain your intention because I do believe your heart is in the right spot and honestly if she is telling us how we can better help her and be there for her I am all for it #freeamanda ❤️

    Blonde GravieBlonde Gravie9 days ago
  • It is legitimately sad that people are just now starting to show even the slightest bit of compassion.. I have truly always wanted Amanda to just get better and be happy 😭😭❤️

    Blonde GravieBlonde Gravie9 days ago
  • Oh no bummer! I hate that she was upset by your video! Because I feel like your intentions are good!

    Blonde GravieBlonde Gravie9 days ago

    Cheeseburger BaeCheeseburger Bae9 days ago
  • I grew up with Amanda bynes

    Cryptic MorgueCryptic Morgue9 days ago
  • Is that a tattoo or a filter 🤦‍♀️

    Sara GanusSara Ganus9 days ago
  • Conservatorship? Sounds like modern slavery to me. Though people love screaming "tin-foil hat" at the mention of MK-Ultra I honestly believe if such a program "still" existed Bynes may have been subjected to it. Celebrities like her, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Minaj, all have split personality dissociative disorder. It's hard to think that's just a coincidence.

    StoicCraneStoicCrane9 days ago
  • Off topic but why does she look so different from when she was younger and before the face tats??

    Meri FaithMeri Faith9 days ago
  • You are doing your best trust me we see it and I’ve learned we can help but so much .. it’s up to her honestly but don’t put this in the closet just yet because I can feel it n my heart that she need help

    Tiffani ArchangelTiffani Archangel9 days ago
  • the biggest red flag for me is the transportation cost thing. I have gotten messages from people I barely know like "help im desperate im stranded can you Venmo me?" and I thought it was weird and turns out they'd messaged a bunch of others the same thing on different occasions. from what I can tell, it's a common scam.

    merritt gatesmerritt gates9 days ago
  • Didn't she want her account private from her family and legal flying monkeys? If you had a question wouldn't you just ask directly or not donate? Or just a way to use her name ? I think your messing with something your not equipped to understand or handle At the end of the day that is a real live person at the end of your hashtags.

    Honey PieHoney Pie9 days ago
  • Hey Sloan, I just DM'd you on the Free Britney thing that I think would shed some light on it. (All positive). Your platform is huge and I think this piece of information might help. If you happen to check it, my username is the same on both of these accounts.

    jenmontzingojenmontzingo9 days ago
  • I have a feeling its not her.

    Cirah Shakira VintonCirah Shakira Vinton9 days ago
  • PersianLA IS NOT AMANDA. They are taking advantage of Amanda's situation!

    Reignman MusicReignman Music9 days ago
  • You seem like you are helpful.

    Cameron De BaetsCameron De Baets9 days ago
  • Your intentions are pure sloan...u r my favvv xx love n support from Kentucky your friend tish ❤️

    Latishia CouchLatishia Couch9 days ago
  • Thank you Sloan for being so compassionate towards financial freedom for Britney and Amanda. May God bless you for this.

    rfsantiago711rfsantiago71110 days ago
  • Why would you further exploit this woman after all she's already been through. Why would you tell everyone her private account??? How awful of you.

    KyutenessssKyutenessss10 days ago
  • She deserves better man. Life’s crazy even your parents don’t want you to succeed nowadays😐

    DjDj10 days ago
  • Any betrayal is heartbreaking and life changing. I feel for Amanda. Also, I feel Amanda needs to keep the conservatorship for her own benefit.

    FrostingFrosting10 days ago
  • I feel like this is totally tinfoiling, BUT weird that you mentioned they BOTH (Amanda & Britney) were in a conservatorship at 26. SO, we ALL know about the 27 Club, how many celebrities died at that age when they were deemed, "Troubled", "insane", or "on drugs". How odd...have you looking into that?

    mayhemmayhem10 days ago
  • : )

    KillMEDS.710KillMEDS.71010 days ago
  • Tbh I wouldn’t give someone money if I’m not 100% sure exactly who I’m giving it to, but that’s just me . and could it possibly be, if it is Amanda, that she’s mad that you’re spreading her already 30k follower private account and risking it being found by her parents who use her? Also, I’d also feel a type of way if people were getting popular off of my misfortune while I’m still living and breathing, but again idk her and maybe she really is seeing help from it. Edit:: don’t feel bad. your intentions were good and nobody got hurt

    PBHumanPBHuman10 days ago
    • and?? She was hurt because her former manager sold stories about her. It’s not a far off thing to assume she’d be upset at anybody else that could be telling her story for her?

      PBHumanPBHuman10 days ago
    • the thing is is that you can’t help someone who does not want it no matter how bad it looks

      PBHumanPBHuman10 days ago
  • I cant see someone on that level ever asking for cash over the internet, i would suggest NOBODY EVER senx money to ANYONE UNLESS IT IS 100% CONFIRMED THEM!

    MEL MMEL M10 days ago
  • Keep it in question tho bc you're spending your own money

    Brooklyn DBrooklyn D10 days ago
  • Why is Amanda staying in a motel????

    Keldas LushLifeKeldas LushLife10 days ago
  • Yay canadian gift 🎁 💖 I’ve bought some of her items. They are so cute !! 💖

    Nugz NotDrugsNugz NotDrugs10 days ago
  • she’s very obviously tweeting for money for heroin. she’s just denying the account publicly bc heroin. from an ex heroin addict.

    Alison Delli-GattiAlison Delli-Gatti10 days ago
  • Most like Disney stars that girl has had hard... Its sad, but true ... Amanda and Brit have been through it... But these two ladies are grown .. SO its time for mom and dad to get off the Bank accounts on a real!

    Annette The CrowAnnette The Crow10 days ago
  • #SL04N✨ #YOUHAVESUCHANOBLESOUL✨ pls #neverchangeSL04N 🙏🏼 #YouMakeADifference IntoThisWorld ♥️ 💋🙌🏼

    Thatiane CruzThatiane Cruz10 days ago
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    Thatiane CruzThatiane Cruz10 days ago
  • You’re not a bad person. But you’re getting ‘fame’ off of others peoples problems. Bringing light to other people’s shadows. That’s not your battle. Give it to God and move on, if you feel she hates you. Leave her name out of your mouth. We are energetic traders, it’s time to look at yourself and your actions only, if you want positive energy back.

    Mone VMone V10 days ago
  • ashley banks ? ooooo fresh prince memories

    ꧁† Gloomy sunday †꧂꧁† Gloomy sunday †꧂10 days ago
  • Sloan you sent them money?? oh my god. never send ANY random person money online, especially not someone sitting and begging for it on Twitter like this. this is obviously not Amanda. you literally mentioned that Amanda HERSELF said (in an article) “I’m being impersonated on Twitter by Ashley Banks”, so don’t you think, you know, she’s telling the truth?? this is a pretty stupid situation hun, I’m not going to lie. stop interacting with the blatantly fake account. it IS confirmed by now that it isn’t her.

    jippunjippun10 days ago
  • We can only help pick her up if shes willing! for life fans.. #freeAmanda

    Montana SchulatzMontana Schulatz10 days ago
  • *apologizes and says he doesnt want to insult Amanda bynes* *immediately insults Amanda by calling her brittany* 😂

    Toxic HipnoticToxic Hipnotic11 days ago
  • If anyone owes her an apology it's the person who marred her pretty face with that crappy tattoo.

    NemFXNemFX11 days ago
  • Look how much Amanda’s mom resembles ghislaine maxwell !!! That’s so creepy 1:06

    Malcolm BlaccMalcolm Blacc11 days ago
  • They always send you cute stuff. They make stuff for pets 🥺 aw Your pup pup is the cutest

    Singing The BluesSinging The Blues11 days ago
  • The dogs so cute hope the new video soon hope all well with you

    Abby MarinAbby Marin11 days ago
  • Sometimes you stay with someone who is shitty just so you won’t be alone. Edit: talking about her boyfriend and I really hope that it’s not the case

    Singing The BluesSinging The Blues11 days ago
  • I used to give this conservatorship not even a second thought and was all about the free Britney and how Lou and Taylor tried this same tactic allegedly with other women such as Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan and I thought because Amanda didn't seem right that the conservatorship was probably the best thing for her. I only just realized that even though I am a woman I am being hella sexist. I definitely think that if Amanda were a man the conservatorship more than likely wouldn't have happened. Even if she is schizophrenic or has mental trouble it's her money she earned it if she wants to blow it all on tacos and whatever that's her prerogative. This case needs to be brought out into the light as well thank you for continuing to Champion it.

    Unboxing :0Unboxing :011 days ago
  • AMANDA you can trust him he is loyal loving and sincere

    TriciaTricia11 days ago
  • DONT you dare feel bad you did nothing wrong. You need to know if it’s real or fake because you don’t want a lot of others who are giving her money and yourself if it’s not really her. You have a right to question. We know how easy it is to be someone else online

    TriciaTricia11 days ago
  • I can see that you mean well and you want to help but think about what Amanda has been through. According to what I've seen, she grew up in a toxic environment. Many people in her life who claimed to want to help probably screwed her over. The people in her life who comforted her probably damaged her in ways that the public doesn't know. The two people who were supposed to care and give her what she needed weren't available. How is someone like that supposed to trust anyone when a majority of people in her life have failed her. You've already posted videos about Amanda. In her mind, she might see that as trying to use her to get famous, even though you mean well for her. Sometimes in trying to do the right thing, we end up going about it the wrong way and end up making things worse. I've done this too many times. Honestly, you'd probably have better success reaching her if you said, hey I would like to use you for my own good by helping you get through whatever life obstacles you are going through. Obviously that's not true but if you did that she might actually have a little more trust in you compared to what you've been saying. I'm not saying you should stop fighting for her rights but If Amanda needs your help, she knows you're out there. I wouldn't push it. In her eyes, you pushing it might come off as a negative instead of a positive. I'm probably 100% wrong about what I've written but that's just what came to mind as I watched your video.

    Greg Snead IIGreg Snead II11 days ago
  • Oh no! :/ hope all gets better

    Amanda FrancoAmanda Franco11 days ago
  • I wish she knew how bad that heart on her face looks.

    KissyAdairKissyAdair11 days ago
  • Honey she was never a super star but good luck

    lola Blakesleelola Blakeslee11 days ago
    • She actually kinda was my childhood was that show

      Malcolm BlaccMalcolm Blacc11 days ago
  • Please don't send any more money to this account SLOAN

    Miss SteakMiss Steak11 days ago