Feb 20, 2021
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  • Ya know your right we have to put our self in your place. But i know i would not yell cuss words. That is not cool. Please clean up your mouth....

    Just SayingJust Saying11 hours ago
  • CJ please stop calling them things their spirits

    Just SayingJust Saying11 hours ago
  • When CJ said that spirits attach to objects and the music box (I keep wanting to call it the PB&J.LOL) I think that it was agreeing with him.

    Andrew CoonAndrew Coon12 hours ago
  • You need to do a 360 video so we can watch behind you. Watch Omar Gosh to anyone that wants to see how the 360 view works. Its really neat, you can see up down and all around. It's freaking awesome😃

    Tammy HansonTammy Hanson18 hours ago
  • There is someone/thing playing games with you. that's what I am getting.

    Adam Ball Southend Guy ParanormalAdam Ball Southend Guy ParanormalDay ago
  • I'm still waiting for Cj to get scared and fart, it was hilarious when that happened lol

    Yvonne HickeyYvonne HickeyDay ago
  • I want a lot of this stuff

    wayne halewayne haleDay ago
  • 14:45 long soft whistle

    Emma SEmma SDay ago
  • Goose on the roof. Please gobacl

    Pat AcquavivaPat AcquavivaDay ago
  • Please come back to the antique shop

    Pat AcquavivaPat AcquavivaDay ago
  • I have never seen the PMB box THAT active before

    Kate SpeedKate Speed2 days ago
  • The little girl in pink is not the girl in the picture

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The little girl in pink stays in the plate room

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • It's the boy, that wants you to play

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • It's not the girl in the picture

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • Your asking the wrong questions

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • While you are talking the boy is back,by the book shelf, the mist man is in front of him

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • He is on his knees

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The mist man is setting off the box

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • It's a dark mist but is a sized mist

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • When ever the box goes off the little boy hides

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The black mist is setting off the black box, the boy left

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • There is a dark mist that scares the boy

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The native boy likes the the left side by the book shelf

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • What is behind you is the old man,

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The one that knocking won't show its self

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • Good thing the crystal room is there, it stops the dark shadow

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • Not surprised you don't like dolls, there used in dark magic

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • It's a big shadow, I think it's a man, but it's evil

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • The young long haired native Boy with black jumpsuit with a white zipper and a red spot on the front of. Keeps moving around with you.

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • There is an old bald man he is wearing dark pants and a dark sweater and a white shirt. In the area of ware Gwen feels like she is being watched.

    Nicole BaxterNicole Baxter2 days ago
  • Awesome video

    phantom titanphantom titan2 days ago
  • Another fantastic video. Thank you for sharing

    Michelle FultzMichelle Fultz2 days ago
  • 45:14 it's like it got all playful after that! 😄

    Proving_Silent Echoes91Proving_Silent Echoes912 days ago
  • I wish I could have been there with you!!

    Shannon FryShannon Fry2 days ago
  • Yes, please revisit this antique shop and I think you should video record the bear-doll when you are not right with it for atleast a little while. Something about that item gets to me, as you say "it creeps me out".

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden3 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing about that store because my family and I luv going to those kind of stores and I luv finding neat antiques; I seems like half the things we have a antiques and we luv the stories and personalities that come with them!

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden3 days ago
  • I believe that was a Knome and not an Elf, they're just a little different.

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden3 days ago
  • I also heard that 1st Thud you heard that started you, it was back further in the store then you walked to.

    Holly Oicle-BowdenHolly Oicle-Bowden3 days ago
  • A lot of energy there

    cjbrown824cjbrown8244 days ago
  • Song why do We Need all the Cursing ? ?

    Bill HunterBill Hunter4 days ago
  • stop cussing homie

    lm mlm m5 days ago
  • yummy loving great content ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

    Hunny FytHunny Fyt5 days ago
  • 18:19. I feel for ya, CEEJ. You get so worked up. I'd'a done fallen over of a damned heart attack by now. They'd'a found my dumb, dead black ass in the store the next mornin', keeled over in that haunted chair! I've seen this Stephen King flick before. I KNOW who dies FIRST!!!!

    Messenger Guardians ParanormalMessenger Guardians Paranormal5 days ago
  • 18:01 I have that exact animatronic Santa! It dances and sings Christmas songs

    Legendary LegendLegendary Legend5 days ago
  • I will never look at santa claus without hearing CJ in my head.

    Amanda TeetersAmanda Teeters5 days ago
  • The famous words of a famous CJ Faison "OH SHIT...OH DAM AND OH MY GOSH" 😂🤣😆

    Holly WhiskersHolly Whiskers5 days ago
  • I guess I never thought twice about how creepy antique shops can be due to the fact how old most of the objects are that reside there. I love antique shops and so next time I go to one I will probably look at them in a different light considering there could be haunted old objects there 🤔

    Holly WhiskersHolly Whiskers5 days ago
  • I'm a grown lady and i am still a little crazy when it comes to the darkness. I will literally walk backwards as I am turning off the lights in my! I always feel like the darkness is going to pinch my back if I turn off the lights walking!

    Holly WhiskersHolly Whiskers5 days ago
  • I'd sooo love to go there and pick up on the items , the energy / spirits that may be attached bc I feel there are a few for sure , much love and light to you CJ ❤😘🙏🤗

    Tara MelnychukOGTara MelnychukOG5 days ago
  • Dang that heater coming on made it sound like a tornado 🌪 was going through that place 😳

    Holly WhiskersHolly Whiskers5 days ago
  • I should see if u can get access to Brushy Mountain prison in Tennessee it's closed for good but some of it still open for tourists

    extraterrestrial 420extraterrestrial 4205 days ago
  • I too love antiques...i would be purchasing several home is full of i may have some spirits in my home....don't let santa scare you cj

    la lala la5 days ago
  • Once again CJ I enjoyed your video. You make me laugh. Definitely come back to talk to that girl. Xoxo

    Brenda BuckBrenda Buck5 days ago
  • hey bud, Im not hating on the video or anything, I love alllllll your videos, but that nascar sign is probably moving because of the heat being on..

    Kameron CunninghamKameron Cunningham5 days ago
  • Cj. U need to get a sls camera

    Alaina JohnsonAlaina Johnson6 days ago
  • CJ! I really enjoy you!

    Marcia ShownMarcia Shown6 days ago
  • Yo I want that death eater's mask 😅

    JDSJDS6 days ago
  • There was a black shadow be hide you wen you change you member card

    Ashley TytulaAshley Tytula6 days ago
  • The box goes off until you point your camera in the direction of it. I think it was just trying to get (& keep) your attention. Maybe there’s something it wants to keep you from or protect you from, every time you went to check out a different noise it would go off until you turned back.

    Genelle MarquetteGenelle Marquette6 days ago
  • Love you cj your such great inspiration to keep on keeping on everyday thank you for being you ❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀

    Mary FowlerMary Fowler6 days ago
  • Cj saw that behind you at 2:58 FYI

    Sharon’MarieSharon’Marie6 days ago
  • Satan Claus is evil!

    Lacy LavenderLacy Lavender6 days ago
  • You crack me up so bad I almost peed myself. Love ya dude 🤟🏼

    Pam MPam M6 days ago
  • Honestly, for the life of me I cant understand why c.j doesn't have more subscribers then he does now. He should have a million by now, Awesome video c.j keep them coming.

    TheShagdog1313TheShagdog13136 days ago
  • And by the way, the little trolls, are called lucky trolls :-) I grew up with them, they are very common here in Norway, still today, as keychain, decorative figure, etc ... You can also get them at souvenir shops and often bookstores and around . Available in different sizes and hair colors :-) Big hugh from Norway!

    Pina` ColadaPina` Colada6 days ago
  • When you finally get in mutual contact with a spirit, who also answers / confirms your questions via the ghostbox you used, that you then do not use the opportunity to ask some yes / no questions ??? And instead of asking a thousand times over and over again `how old are you ?? what is your name ?? `etc ..... Ask sef about it and, but not all the time and only that ?? When you finally have the opportunity, why not come up with some more interesting / exciting questions that could be answered?? These are just examples, but things what happens after death, direct questions about something you wonder in this world, if bigfoot exists, lol :-), More wars ??, Is there life on other planets ??,If you meet your close again after death ??, etc ...... !! Instead of doing what EVERYONE ELSE DOES !! Ask a thousand times about the name and age of the spirit. Even when they have received an answer, they continue to ask about the same thing, as if there were no other things they were wondering / wondering about in this world or spirit world !! Big hugh from Norway-girl!

    Pina` ColadaPina` Colada6 days ago
    • ^THIS!!

      Adrienne PAdrienne P2 days ago
  • Come on CJ you knew tht box was gonna go off 😂 thx for sharing 💯✌🏾👍🏾

    Carmelo RolonCarmelo Rolon6 days ago
  • Damn CJ u never finished ur intro! 😂

    Carmelo RolonCarmelo Rolon6 days ago
  • I'm enjoying watching and strolling my eyes with all the antiques when you scared the s**$ out of me when you saw Santa Claus, jeez it scared me too by your reaction... you can try the device MindSeedTv, they are using it for yes or no answer by using the light color.

    Jenny MatibagJenny Matibag7 days ago
  • 17:52 that was so funny. Thanks for this!!

    pizzarolls21pizzarolls217 days ago
  • Hahaha...."that son of bitch is creeping me out" when he walks past the doll on the floor. I laughed so hard!! Cj u are hilarious!!

    Kara DeMarcoKara DeMarco7 days ago
  • Yesss🥺🥺🥺

    Meemwolverine CoverMeemwolverine Cover7 days ago
  • Her name was Nelle she said so when you asked her.

    Sharon CraftsSharon Crafts7 days ago
  • OH MY GOD! JIMMINY CHRISTMAS! HOLY SH!T!!! Yup.... Pretty much got them all out!!

    Lizard SkinardLizard Skinard7 days ago
  • I seen that four poster bed howuch for it look at the tag CJ I want itplzzzzz

    michele opdykemichele opdyke8 days ago
  • Yea please do another part 🙂

    kristen sweeneykristen sweeney8 days ago
  • C J you are a star in every way young man, I love your ghost hunting, and I do believe in the paranormal and have had many instances seeing a ghost in a window then walking into a doorway which was bricked up, but in the spirits time alive this would have been an open doorway. I was shaking like a leaf bud but stayed there in the castle grounds, this took place at a castle called Barnard castle in Durham UK. the only thing is i never owned a camera and now wish I had one to take the shot. AWEsome video C J and will catch you on your next vid. Respect.

    Colin HutchinsonColin Hutchinson8 days ago
  • I think it kept going off cause the rocking chair is also moving (hanging from ceiling) @ 9:55 girl earlier pointed it out. I think they're both moving because it's windy outside maybe it's causing the rafters to sway

    Sean Sav.Sean Sav.8 days ago
  • Sign is moving from the air that is circulating in the attic from the attic vents. Rear end of the car seems to be by attic rafters.

    Sean Sav.Sean Sav.8 days ago
  • come back! and when you do someone mentioned the jack in the box, you should interact with that and the flour thing that was also mentioned!

    Micheal BakeriiMicheal Bakerii8 days ago
  • I don't know how you're doing it because I do know for a fact that demons follow antiques they get detached to them and some of them not all that is so freaking scary to be in there I am scared

    Beverly MiklaszewskiBeverly Miklaszewski8 days ago
  • Yes come back there. But don't buy that pic. Its creepy

    lyllian pilcherlyllian pilcher8 days ago
  • I don't know if this is true but I think since you past the room with the crystals that the spirits can not pass through to the other rooms

    Gabrielle VanlandinghamGabrielle Vanlandingham8 days ago
  • Ok I have tried to watch this three times and people keep bugging me , go way so I can watch Cj. Go shuuu, shuu, good day to you.

    lyllian pilcherlyllian pilcher8 days ago
  • What a cool antique store, big thank you to the owners for letting you investigate it overnight.

    Jackie MorrellJackie Morrell8 days ago
  • Did anyone else hear the first note of the pmb box go off at 7:46?

    Jackie MorrellJackie Morrell8 days ago
  • Lol he said O MY Jimney Christmas ! Good golly the he said o my shit !

    Nick TodaroNick Todaro8 days ago
  • Somebody please make "Jeyoh! My gosh! Jimminy Christmas! Holy shit, Santa Clause!" into a meme! That would be fucking hilarious!

    John AdlerJohn Adler8 days ago
  • I wish I could go on a investigation with u and say hi to a demon and make him my biatch

    Nick TodaroNick Todaro8 days ago
  • The black doll with the red dress 👌🏽

    Nick TodaroNick Todaro8 days ago
  • CJ: *Looks at Horror movies* Also CJ: WhY dO aLl Of ThEsE lOoK lIkE hOrRoR mOvIeS?

    John AdlerJohn Adler8 days ago
  • I’m really disappointed in you C J you been caught hoaxing, using wire to make things move & cgi for that famous Sunny D slap at the farm 😖😖😖

    NicolaqNicolaq8 days ago
  • Where is the antique shop located I would love to go there and shop..

    Patty RobertsPatty Roberts9 days ago
  • That’s all around just weird man

    Bryce GroundsBryce Grounds9 days ago
  • Wow I love it it really amazing the things u do CJ faison

    Cris ECris E9 days ago
  • 53ish min there is an orb that flys over your head.

    Kaitlin CookKaitlin Cook9 days ago
  • the race car sign could be moving due to the a/c unit/ heat....

    Kaitlin CookKaitlin Cook9 days ago
  • CJ my mom and I literally love watching your videos. That’s our time to hangout when we watch your videos!! 💕

    JessicaJessica9 days ago
  • I think the little girl is twirling around when it goes off.

    Cynthia ReeseCynthia Reese9 days ago