ALLEN IVERSON: The Answer [FULL Documentary]

Feb 16, 2013
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Paying homage to one of the GREATEST EVER to play the game and one who revolutionized the guard position with his athleticism and skills. Hopefully he returns to the NBA as a Hall Of Famer one day. Please Enjoy, Like and Share his LEGACY!

  • 15 year old and got a baby. WHAT THE FUCK! aint nothing changed in the community. maybe an up tick in abortion, but come on black people!

    Tech HTech H2 hours ago
  • Read your bible and praise god and Jesus.

    Amartey TvAmartey Tv16 hours ago
  • The cheated Milwaukee Bucks that year

    Chia LeeChia Lee16 hours ago
  • Man a young SAS is such a contrast

    Chia LeeChia Lee17 hours ago
  • 14:37 .... this guy started the trend of white boys not knowing how to give a proper high 5 lol

    Chia LeeChia Lee17 hours ago
  • 2021 who all here

    Loway or noway StaffordLoway or noway Stafford18 hours ago
  • my favorite player of all time

    hachim lamrharihachim lamrhari19 hours ago
  • 20 years from now; Will 10s of 1000s be fussing online about OUR accomplishments?!? #aimhigher

    Richard SteeleJrRichard SteeleJr2 days ago
  • Who watching this 2021

    Kaleb PerryKaleb Perry3 days ago
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    Donette ShonnaDonette Shonna4 days ago
  • I Loved the shoes!!! 💥💯💯💯

    Robbin GreerRobbin Greer4 days ago
  • Iversons genetics are crazy. His arms are as long as his body. Plus he has that quick twitch muscle fiber. Unstoppable

    Brian CannonBrian Cannon5 days ago
  • The lil wayne of basketball

    Snow J. PimpsonSnow J. Pimpson5 days ago
  • “Im not brave enough to miss that many practice” Next game. “We talking about about practice”

    BG303BG3035 days ago
  • My starting 5 is D.Rose , AI, Ben Wallace, Bill Russell, Bill Russell. MJ fan over and out

    Ryu LittlefieldRyu Littlefield7 days ago
  • 45:06 Carter should've passed to Curry!

    Chase Brewer Sr.Chase Brewer Sr.7 days ago
  • Michael Jordan open the door to the reality ,life and the daily challenges means you need to be ready to fight its always your best effort that count's.

    Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson7 days ago
  • You played a beautiful game. You'll leave this world a hero. You earned it, and no one can take it from you.

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    She RatchetShe Ratchet10 days ago
  • to me he's an MVP and a hall of famer. no ring i dont care. that man is a legend

    Thanos is RightThanos is Right11 days ago
  • I’m watching this in 2021, and there is no one to replace AI in today’s game. The game is soft (and politicized) now; it’s not the same game. To be sure, I miss the old days.

    Jimbo DavisJimbo Davis12 days ago
  • Hoooo ohh i still get hype when i watch A.I my all time favorite ball player

    staylifted187staylifted18712 days ago
  • If basketball will have a pound for pound ranking just like boxing, AI will be number 1.

    Mark RohanMark Rohan12 days ago
  • Is Keith David the narrator ?!!!

    Ricky AlkurdRicky Alkurd13 days ago
  • 2021 still watching A.I

    mig millmig mill15 days ago
  • The greatest I've ever seen touch the ball

    mig millmig mill15 days ago
  • 2021 Iverson was and still is my favorite player of all time 76ers faithful all day 💯💯💯💯💯

    Fame CoronaFame Corona15 days ago
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    Drew NelsonDrew Nelson16 days ago
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    Ker LozanoKer Lozano17 days ago
  • The system tried to shut down another black greatness... the system eventually took an L on this one ✊🏽

    Philip BammekePhilip Bammeke17 days ago
    • “...when my career is over, I wanna say I did it my way” He sure did ✊🏽

      Philip BammekePhilip Bammeke17 days ago
  • Championships are earned first and then "deserved." It's rare to see an undisciplined "leader" win a championship. Iverson did his championship. The championships always goes to the more discipline led teams. Oh, AI didn't deserve a championship which is partly why he never got it. Justice!

    W MauriceW Maurice18 days ago
  • Movie! He deserves it and so do we❤️ Iverson die-hard fans

    Justina WardsJustina Wards18 days ago
  • Georgetown Coach. We Love and thank You.

    AQF Hardwood Tile and stoneAQF Hardwood Tile and stone19 days ago
  • Bill Burr called itfirst...QuickTwich.

    AQF Hardwood Tile and stoneAQF Hardwood Tile and stone19 days ago
  • my favorite player evrer

    paco deluciapaco delucia20 days ago
  • underrated player i dont know why im watching this because i aready watched the documentary unless this is a diffrent one

    ツRyZeツRyZe20 days ago
  • 2021 and still here

    ksfsknksfskn20 days ago
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    David KangDavid Kang20 days ago
  • this isnt the full doc

    Hendrix J.Hendrix J.20 days ago
  • It wasn't just a crossover, it was a hesi-crossover

    Adam The TurtleAdam The Turtle20 days ago
  • One of the best basketball documentaries ever. Always liked him but after seeing this. Wow.

    starchildarrylstarchildarryl21 day ago
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    Neil HassNeil Hass21 day ago
  • I love LBJ but imagine if AI had gone to pistons for rings or had another superstar like him on his team he be having few rings by now, the only reason lbj won is because he had wade he had bosh or Irving ect players by his side Allen played with Eric snow I bet most of y’all don’t even know the guy

    Ben ZadehBen Zadeh21 day ago
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    Neil HassNeil Hass21 day ago
  • Idk, who knows. He has a tough personality but plays like a champ. I definitely think someone like phil jackson would have been far superior than brown. Jackson knew how, for example, rodman was and could be more flexible. Brown is a hardass, HE should have been fired, AI was the talent...unbelievable

    JackJack ThompsonJackJack Thompson21 day ago
  • Brown and AI was a terrible mix. Brown is an old school coach, worst person to help steer someone like AI. Too bad only one Phil Jackson...

    JackJack ThompsonJackJack Thompson21 day ago

    Miles ReignMiles Reign21 day ago
  • His story is perfect without a ring

    Fillipe GskFillipe Gsk21 day ago
  • I've loved this man like i know him personally since his Georgetown days & he is my fav of all time😍

    Nexxa JNexxa J22 days ago
  • My favorite basketball player of all time.

    MawMaw22 days ago
  • How the hell could they try and drag AI thru the mud for challenging MJ??! What a damn shame. Did they know how much of an asshole MJ was on the court?? Salute to AI for being fearless and crossin MJ ass up

    King CashKing Cash22 days ago
  • A man's attitude goes a long way in determining how successful that man will be. That's why no ring.

    Thompson ThompsonThompson Thompson22 days ago
  • Ai he is what u call a straight baller he would try to do everything his small body will let him do for his team. His greatest strength is his greatest weakness in that is his big heart why do I love watching him play is he don't wait to play his heart out the moment he step on the court he has your back no matter if u the last man on the bench he has your back in that's why I love watching his high lights on USworlds he will always be my favorite player.

    Keith ThomasKeith Thomas22 days ago
  • I've never been into sports, I'm also half black and Jewish an American. I just felt proud to be a humann being watching this and how race didn't seem to matter at the end when everyone on that team and in that city pulled together. what a great story in the end of this video.

    Scott RosenfeldScott Rosenfeld23 days ago

    Scott RosenfeldScott Rosenfeld23 days ago
  • Screw Jordan, he's a jerk in real life I heard

    Scott RosenfeldScott Rosenfeld23 days ago
  • 15 minutes in had tears running down my face.. . and they there's no more racism in America, that it no longer exists. his story...idk...although great was always tragically sad somewhere in the background.. . as if he was white or another color, he wouldn't be have had any of his problems

    Scott RosenfeldScott Rosenfeld23 days ago
  • 2021 still reminiscing A. I game

    will wockeezwill wockeez23 days ago
  • Even though he didn't win a championship at the end of his playing career he has the heart of the Champion.

    Pogi ManPogi Man23 days ago
  • The guy who made the nba change their dress code! 😂💯

    Shawn MackShawn Mack26 days ago
  • Damm... as a Detroit Pistons fan, All I can say is damm... F..k Matt AI... best crossover ever...!

    pete vanderpoolpete vanderpool27 days ago
  • “We all should be fortunate that Allen Iverson wasn’t 6’5” - Kobe Bryant

    qizar 6qizar 627 days ago

    Goat MambaGoat Mamba27 days ago
  • I wish he had a ring too

    lewis boydlewis boyd29 days ago
  • One of the most fun players to watch in my lifetime and I been watching the NBA since the 70's with Dr,J and Skywalker David Thompson and I rate Iverson up there as a player with them as far as being one of the most exciting players I would be willing to pay to watch play I ever seen. Sure there were hall of fame players like Magic Johnson and Kareem back when I was growing up but those guys while great players didnt do things that took my breath away like a guy like Iverson could do.....There were guys like Kareem and Magic who were great but not exciting and then there was guys who could just do things that no one else could quite do like them and I rate guys like that in a group above all others....Iverson is in that group.....sadly he has destroyed his life by not being able to manage all the money he should have been set for life with....but I wish him the best he was the most exciting player to watch in the NBA in the late 90s

    StetsonStetsonMonth ago
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    RSVP HeatRSVP HeatMonth ago
  • His # should have been 24, he was the next Jordan

    † Prayface †† Prayface †Month ago
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    matt waldmanmatt waldmanMonth ago
  • A.i. Underdog .status.

    junk food junkyjunk food junkyMonth ago
  • What an amazing talent

    MrBolas33MrBolas33Month ago
  • What team is going to go too the finals in the East?Mckie...Greiger...Snow....Lynce...Mutombo.... Hell No.. No Fu@king way they dont have a chance too make it out the first round... Iverson: hold my beer!

    Car PeteCar PeteMonth ago
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    Elena ScottElena ScottMonth ago
  • Iverson was the greatest. I3

    joel jamesjoel jamesMonth ago
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    pamela angelapamela angelaMonth ago
  • If he was 6'6.

    B A D D O GB A D D O GMonth ago
  • He had the biggest heart as a player in the NBA

    Ifirst SelassieIfirst SelassieMonth ago
  • This man deserves a ring

    Swag_21Swag_21Month ago
  • that pat Croce dude is such a vibe

    Hussein Abdul-RahimHussein Abdul-RahimMonth ago
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    Henry BackeHenry BackeMonth ago
  • Iverson had a beautiful mother! U see that pic when he was a baby with her?

    jamie fraserjamie fraserMonth ago
  • I feel like if the Sixers didn’t play the Lakers, we would’ve won that finals. But also at the same time, AI played almost every single minute of every games in the finals.

    bryan gleisnerbryan gleisnerMonth ago
  • Ive been watching AI highlights and stuff like this for an an hour and a half, i think i have a problem

    Michael StewartMichael StewartMonth ago
  • Mom's love is true always.

    Justice ButlerJustice ButlerMonth ago
  • Why do I feel like even Kyrie Irving is trying hard as hell (like Lebron intends to surpass MJ) to surpass Iverson.

    Franklin EnigweFranklin EnigweMonth ago
  • I hear the voice of morpheus!!!

    jamie fraserjamie fraserMonth ago
  • When i think of iverson i think of cornrows. No one wore them better in history. To be honest he should keep wearing them for the rest of his life lol

    jamie fraserjamie fraserMonth ago
  • Is the the doc that jordan saw? And picked the sane director for the last dance???

    jamie fraserjamie fraserMonth ago
  • I didn't know that Cpt. Anderson was a commentator before joining the Alliance. LOL

    Hwa HoodHwa HoodMonth ago
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    Jãy JäyJãy JäyMonth ago