All Zodiac Signs! The Person On Your Mind Right Now! *TIMELESS*

Apr 6, 2021
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  • You better call us Libras out 🗣🗣🗣

    Yera YeraYera Yera5 hours ago
  • Yes

    Lea TLea T15 hours ago
  • Thank you for another great reading, Ty🌷🌷🌷🌷

    Therese NydahlTherese Nydahl16 hours ago
  • Omg how is this so accurate. I cross watched libra for a boy and this is 100% what i feel

    PonitaPonita18 hours ago
  • Lmao @ libra read 😂 you’re not wrong though !

    Mon MeMon Me22 hours ago
  • LOL I have found myself using that phrase "crazier than a shithouse rat " all the time now LOL

    Amanda ChildsAmanda ChildsDay ago
  • Hello Sagittarius here

    Natasha WestNatasha WestDay ago
  • I love watching you. But focus on doing the readings, not the distractions

    Lisa MitchellLisa MitchellDay ago

    mae_ mumblesmae_ mumblesDay ago
  • I am Gemini I was with a scorpio he was toxic and a liar and drama I done with him he tried to put me in a 3rth party no way

    Irene WylieIrene WylieDay ago
  • I m a libra n mine was a leo.. n yes, he is dishonest. So, i really wanna get over it. Help me.

    Anu dritaAnu dritaDay ago
  • I love your singing 😊

    Soraya GriffithsSoraya GriffithsDay ago
  • We are not tired of you so do all the readings that you’d like! We love you! ❤️ They can stay away from youtube if they have a problem. 🤨

    JewelzJewelzDay ago
  • Am I the only one who watches the whole upload just to see what Tyler is going to say?? 😂 we love you Tyler

    Amanda RembertAmanda RembertDay ago
  • On point Tyler. 💯

    Danielle RuthDanielle RuthDay ago
  • Libra 22:35

    Abegail BautistaAbegail BautistaDay ago
  • Yes I can see you I'm a Libra my person's a Capricorn

    Michele muroshimmonsMichele muroshimmons2 days ago
  • 😘💖

    Astarte RapAstarte Rap2 days ago
  • Aries dealing with a Taurus. For Aries: "He is waiting for you to reach out. Secretly wants to reconcile, but waiting on you." Me: okay...I'm not reaching out though..I'm over this, not worrying about it no more. 😅 (Cross watching) For Taurus: They think they're over it and not worried about it, but it's a lie. 😂 Me: 😅😅😅 ..f*ck... Thank you Tyler for the read!🙋🖤

    Lee bearLee bear2 days ago
  • Libra other way around us libras give a dose of own medicine that all I can see your still hurt by a libra cause libra females are perfect we serve karma to those hurt us queens😎😁🥰

    Tylor SawyerpaceTylor Sawyerpace2 days ago
  • Libra🤬

    Pj FalPj Fal2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Diana LDiana L2 days ago
  • 32:02 Sagittarius ♐️

    Flower PowerFlower Power2 days ago
  • Some people are just annoyingly stupid, or rude. ₩₩₩

    Christopher EllisChristopher Ellis2 days ago
  • Resonates with both ❤️🙏🏾♋️👍🏾

    Charisma T.Charisma T.2 days ago
  • That libra reading was spot on I'm Aries dealing with libra

    lazy boneslazy bones2 days ago
  • "Aries and Leo thottin and bopping, what is going on" 🤣🤣

    LJ LLJ L2 days ago
  • I am cancerian. Thank you

    Penny PricePenny Price2 days ago
  • yes

    Tulip SpringTulip Spring2 days ago
  • I am a capricorn that was dealing with a 3rd party situation you said in 3 different readings that I would move away from it because they would not choose me. I have walked away now finally got the courage to not be the side piece. You are so spot on you just don't realize how much of a accurate tarot reader you are.

    Cappy GurlCappy Gurl2 days ago
  • Tyler you are hilarious asf but your Capricorn reads are the truth hunny tysm love you babe 😂🥰

    Pamela NonyaPamela Nonya2 days ago
  • ‘They don’t actually call me that but’ hahahaha I fucking LOVE you

    The New CleopatraThe New Cleopatra2 days ago
  • 3:17 Taurus, and , 47:38 collective

    Marty SwillisMarty Swillis2 days ago
  • 😆 Libra here

    Sky girl 2018Sky girl 20182 days ago
  • As a Libra sun and Aries rising. My Aries side says you’re right I was a bitch lol I gave him back what he gave! What goes around comes around. Until recently I said fuck him! But he keeps trying.

    Leilani DelouzaLeilani Delouza2 days ago
  • Man Tyler you’re always on point with Aquarius readings but this one was dead on! & I love your shade towards us lol I crack up every time “too many stories.... as usual” 😂❤️❤️❤️

    Alexa SAlexa S2 days ago
  • I remember you use to say one pill away from a straight jacket that’s my favorite been watching for 4 Year’s now my best entertainment 😀

    Michelle ThobeMichelle Thobe2 days ago
  • I just can’t. It is hilarious when Tyler clapping his hands. It’s so sarcastic.

    Catherine CCatherine C2 days ago
  • Accuracy 💯

    BrittanyBeauty LovieBrittanyBeauty Lovie2 days ago
  • Hi Tyler hope you are doing well I love your readings but most of all your sense of humor I’m 52 yrs of age I love your humor

    Michelle ThobeMichelle Thobe2 days ago
  • Virgo @16:45

    Virgo NationVirgo Nation2 days ago
  • Yes he expects I'll carry his child for free! the stupid pisces I left him and he is bitter I'm not interested or in love anymore I'm looking for better options 🙃

    Maha AlotaibiMaha Alotaibi2 days ago
  • I'm Aqua.. he is Leo.. 🤕... You are soooo cute.. ❤️😘

    Andrea MozeticAndrea Mozetic2 days ago
  • Thank you tyler spot on for me. Have a wonderful day.😊

    shelley gshelley g2 days ago
  • Accurate for my Libra ...need more action

    Vanessa QuinteroVanessa Quintero2 days ago
  • Virgo likes 3rd parties so ya they get treated like that excpt for the D. Ya im a twat

    Rose RoseRose Rose2 days ago
  • Thank you Tyler 🥳

    NobodyNobody2 days ago
  • Capricorn 35:30

    Charissa RaffieldCharissa Raffield3 days ago
  • Lmao at the virgo reading 🤣 it's all over the place just like him...Thanks Tyler very accurate

    Lauren BoleroLauren Bolero3 days ago
  • Wow Leo reading was dead on😳 haven’t been talking to this earth sign since February & he recently blocked me & I don’t know why! Thank u Tyler!

    Shon AlexanderShon Alexander3 days ago
  • I told to myself"don't you ever move to give a chance to this scorpio."Lots of strenght needed to hold back not to talk again to him🤣🤣🤣

    Tanzan HawkTanzan Hawk3 days ago
  • That’s soo interesting that you said Virgo for Sagittarius that’s exactly what happened she widthdrew because she can’t handle how intense the connection was.. I don’t understand why it’s been a weird sort of hell having her do this

    Far Seer40Far Seer403 days ago
    • Thanks for the feedback _for more juidance~~``~~``~ +1...(8••4••7••7••5••6••1••5••6••4) W..h..a..t..s..a..~~~~~~~```

      Tyler TarotTyler Tarot3 days ago
  • libra 22:44 💜

    Beccas VlogsBeccas Vlogs3 days ago
  • Libra accurate. IDK Tyler if I should reach out. TBH I blocked her everywhere after reaching out to her 3 times when she ghosted me. And TBH, I am upholding my values and don't take crap from anyone anymore.

    AntonioAntonio3 days ago
  • f****, im an aquarius... and u just called out Pieces!!! 1000%

    sinn sopheasinn sophea3 days ago
  • Love the haircut and love that shirt. The colours look nice on you 💕💕

    Michelle DeniseMichelle Denise3 days ago
  • Leo 13:30

    Musoka MukondaMusoka Mukonda3 days ago
  • Wow, you are so good!!!!

    Verna Jean Brentise-CrowlVerna Jean Brentise-Crowl3 days ago
  • virgo here, thanks for the reading tyler!

    xotwod lexyxotwod lexy3 days ago
  • Thanks Tyler 🙏🌀💙

    Lana Rose NelsonLana Rose Nelson3 days ago
  • Lol

    Jeanine ClineJeanine Cline3 days ago
  • Ugh, dude you be killin me 🤣😏 but you are rad 💜🙏 and you are right ♓

    Breyana AndersonBreyana Anderson3 days ago
  • Hit the nail on the head with Scorpio!

    Lindsey NicoléLindsey Nicolé3 days ago
  • Do you watch for your sun moon & rising?

    NicoleNicole3 days ago
  • Tyler we want u 24/7 live 😊😊😊😊🖤💜🖤💜.😘😘😘😘😘

    EveEve3 days ago
  • Tyler you always make me laugh 😂

    Sandra McQueenSandra McQueen3 days ago
  • Tyler has done it again! My goodness. Gemini? Check. Sag? Check. Pisces? Check. Spot on every time!!!! Love you Tyler! 💕

    Deja HopkinsDeja Hopkins3 days ago
  • Virgo read on point

    Britt anyBritt any3 days ago
  • I’m first story line ...

    Katrice S.Katrice S.3 days ago
  • Aquarius-Tyler you’re right. Stop doubting!

    Katrice S.Katrice S.3 days ago
  • Resonates with me all the way😲... The Gemini made me feel like shii today wen I texted to see how he was doin and I got the peace out sign frm him N he was being a smartass

    Ashley OrrAshley Orr3 days ago
  • Right on with the Libra, I’m a cross watcher and we have both been playing the downfall, you are correct. Love your readings 😘

    Jessica RohloffJessica Rohloff3 days ago
  • Tyler!!!! Who will get tired of you?? You are awesome! ♥️♥️♥️ thank youu for this reading 🙏🏼

    Carlos AlcivarCarlos Alcivar3 days ago
  • Yes can hear you just fine!!!

    Joann PondJoann Pond3 days ago
  • Im a virgo and he a Taurus what u said was correct

    Virgo Blue DreamzVirgo Blue Dreamz3 days ago
  • Wowwwww

    lovedejdejlovedejdej3 days ago
  • Saggie + cancer Long distance, we broke up because of it and started speaking just now again after he contacted, but he’s withdrawn. :( i miss my crab.

    Haute MuseHaute Muse3 days ago
  • If you need a break I understand, but Ull be soooooo missed.....🥲🥲🥲....thanks for a good reading... bless up

    Yaya AugustineYaya Augustine3 days ago
  • the signs listed at the bottom of the video is so helpful ❤️

    adirnaadirna3 days ago

    tmd850tmd8503 days ago
  • 13:04 Leo

    Madeline OMadeline O3 days ago
  • Yur funny 😅 hehehe he !!!! 👍🏻^_^

    Alejandra LopezAlejandra Lopez3 days ago
  • Virgo 😂

    AsiaAsia3 days ago

    tmd850tmd8503 days ago
  • Oh yes this Leo is definitely coward!!! Let him come back and I will talk to him with my foot up his butt. Along with his daughter who is a Aries. They both should just marry one another. Cause they both live life as one!

    Dawn NicholsDawn Nichols3 days ago
  • It's my wife I'm aquarius

    Kenneth McClamKenneth McClam3 days ago
  • Hey Tyler! Have you read the book called the Removalist? So good and right up your alley!!

    Paula StellaPaula Stella3 days ago
  • You’re right, I miss my Pisces. Idk if he’s still in a relationship. But man I miss him turned away from him 4 years ago but now that I’m completely self healed I miss him entirely too much. I’m just waiting for him to finally call or txt me. ✨

    Jacky E.Jacky E.3 days ago
    • I’m a Virgo btw

      Jacky E.Jacky E.3 days ago
  • Scorpio @28:44

    Trinidad AguiarTrinidad Aguiar3 days ago
  • Capricorn's read: Yes. That is how it was 😅

    Oracle PandaOracle Panda3 days ago
  • he is in afghanistan. 1-21-1981 and thinks i am w/someone else bc he is. 4-8-21 love u Tyler, u make me laugh when im depressed, i love it. i HEAR U & C YOU!!!! 4-8-21. 60th bday tomorrow 4-9, hes a coward and mentally inept to handle grown up issues.

    ann davisann davis3 days ago
  • This Cancer is driving me crazy! I’m the Leo! He ghosted me so I’m gonna stay ghosted but I am stuck on him! I would like to explain but he won’t speak to me and blocked me on err thang! Lol! I miss him! No ex in my life other than my deceased ex that I feel no one can compare to. Love you Tyler! Your always too accurate! Btw his bday is July 1rst.

    Angela SchockoAngela Schocko3 days ago

    ann davisann davis3 days ago
  • he is not waiting on a reunion with me. he is in military overseas and i feel like hes involved with a female at work and wont tell me. 1-21-1981 is his birthday. he told me 12-18-2020!!!! 4-7-2021. how the fuck do he think im not interested when hes the one that begged me for money for his woman. he has ghosted me online, ignored me online, told me he was coming to u.s. before my birthday apr 9 2021 and he is not willing to make a move towards me bc hes with someone else. narcisstic. never did anything for me but always begged me for money for his whoever to impress her.

    ann davisann davis3 days ago
  • It's me again I was trying to say I listen to you everyday and you are great in my eyesight thank you so much

    Lela CaruthersLela Caruthers3 days ago
  • I love your Capricorn reading it was true and on point I love this thing to you daily you are just marvelous Tyler I love you I love you keep up the good work

    Lela CaruthersLela Caruthers3 days ago
  • I always loved your readings💕

    Nischa WallaceNischa Wallace3 days ago
  • Gemini here I met him through work 14 yrs ago

    Gigi GrantGigi Grant3 days ago
  • Involved me in a third party situation

    Denna BrockDenna Brock3 days ago
  • Gemini came in with issues...always accused me of being sneaky

    Denna BrockDenna Brock3 days ago