a true story about me littering in the ocean

Mar 30, 2021
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Shot on Insta360 🤙
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  • tiktok banned this video already for "promotion of illegal substances".....🤦‍♂️

    Aquatic ApesAquatic Apes11 days ago
    • @White an Nerdy they don't ban cringey kids

      Ireneo Rivera Jr.Ireneo Rivera Jr.4 hours ago
    • @White an Nerdy oh that's nasty. I will continue to be what feels like the only person to have not downloaded tik tok

      Jordan NickersonJordan Nickerson23 hours ago
    • @Jordan Nickerson great.like for example zoe laverne,she literally kissed a 13 year old boy and her fans are still supporting her like what? This is not a disney movie lol

      White an NerdyWhite an NerdyDay ago
    • @White an Nerdy and now I'm even happier to not have it

      Jordan NickersonJordan NickersonDay ago
    • Fuck tiktok

      The Rat ChadThe Rat ChadDay ago
  • Just tie a string around it

    Jirka SvítilJirka Svítil7 seconds ago
  • No joke that Fish look bussin

    starwarsfan91starwarsfan9113 minutes ago
  • Why dont u put it on a line so u can return the crackpipe

    AlaniTV1AlaniTV129 minutes ago
  • You should put a line on it

    Joseph SamuelJoseph Samuel2 hours ago
  • Can't you just attach a long string to it?

    julie stashajulie stasha6 hours ago
  • trash is the problem sure but saying shit like straws are the cause of fish dying is like saying toothpicks are the main problem.of deforeststions. anyway the real problem with ocean is fishing

    Haywood_FloydHaywood_Floyd7 hours ago
  • "Crack pipes are trustworthy" What a legend.

    AtrexitiveAtrexitive11 hours ago
  • Military dumped tons of trash off ships for years.

    JaturungkabartJaturungkabart13 hours ago
  • Why not just tie fishing line to it

    Dale FountainDale Fountain14 hours ago
  • How about making it stay at a certain depht with the help af weights and boyancy?

    JinquisJinquis15 hours ago
  • Like him and Joe Biden sons got something common

    Wes WhittWes Whitt15 hours ago
  • Next time tie a string to the pipe so you can reel it back 👀

    MichaelMichael16 hours ago
  • Could you tie the pipe to some fishing line then tie the other end to a floaty bit of wood?

    DaveDave17 hours ago
  • Dope on a Rope, Tie that crack pipe to a string

    ghostofwar ghostofwarghostofwar ghostofwar18 hours ago
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to tie a transparent line around that bad boy and THEN throw it?

    The Hispanic TurtleThe Hispanic Turtle19 hours ago
  • I think a heavy duty string would be fine. Like drill a hole and attach it to the boat or something idk. Just an idea.

    Johnny NajeraJohnny Najera22 hours ago
  • LoL , the commentary is funny .. Loved it

    Melody DawnMelody DawnDay ago
  • Can't you just use a piece of bamboo?

    Thomas S.Thomas S.Day ago
  • Mahi mahi is Hawaiian for “Yummy Yummy”

    Eric StodolnikEric StodolnikDay ago
  • "I love crack"-YOU GONNA SHARE?!

    Cooper EmmonsCooper EmmonsDay ago
  • Naughty boy

    Unicorn gal 69Unicorn gal 69Day ago
  • Put a long string on it so you never lose it

    Chef_H_VapesChef_H_VapesDay ago
  • Why dont you just tie some fishing line to it and have it on a reel

    Junior. LizardJunior. LizardDay ago
  • I've lost so many flashers while spearing fish, its inevitable especially when the fish takes off and you only have so much breath left and the flasher is gonna be 10 ft below you

    peter manpeter manDay ago
    • But why not just attach a thin piece of braided line to it

      Sam TorresSam Torres13 hours ago
  • Is it possible to attach your crack pipe to a floater so it's even less likely to happen again?

    Kurt KlefischKurt KlefischDay ago
  • I think Hunte Biden likes crack pipes even more than you. He would have dove down to get it

    Pandamoniumm VicPandamoniumm VicDay ago
  • You should attach a string to it so you can pull it back up

    kevin-knows-painkevin-knows-painDay ago
  • Damn I hate when I lose my crack pipe too 🌬 🪨

    aka_just_mattaka_just_mattDay ago
  • Not gonna lie they had us in the first part

    lemurgaming ytlemurgaming ytDay ago
  • Why not call it something else lol

    Cone DawggCone DawggDay ago
  • Him: “I hate littering because it endangers marine life🥺” Also him: 🐠🪛🔫😈

    Miguel A. ZapataMiguel A. ZapataDay ago
  • I’m sure others have suggested this, but why not just tie a line to it? Never lose a pipe ever again, plus it is just another thing on your belt.

    Jamal GleesonJamal GleesonDay ago
  • I couldn’t give two hump back chubs about spear fishing but the crack pipe bit made me laugh... well done 👍

    Kyle DemerchantKyle Demerchant2 days ago
  • HAHA 😄 I use a crackpipe everyday 😅 ooh man.

    Salty_DabsSalty_Dabs2 days ago
  • Why not tie a very thin and long string to it?

    shooterjarishooterjari2 days ago
  • wait cant you tie a fishing line to it doe

    ShiroKarito TKG2ShiroKarito TKG22 days ago
  • Is he talking about the pipe 😂😂💀

    NarutoNaruto2 days ago
  • Have you ever encountered a shark

    Natasha NobleNatasha Noble2 days ago
  • Idk If anyone suggested this but maybe put fishing line in it an attach it to your speargun or smth you take with you

    Ben 0Ben 02 days ago
  • Were you in Bali?

    19-Juniardo19-Juniardo2 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Crack head fisherman

    Glenn 420Glenn 4202 days ago
  • Why don’t you put a long long string that attaches to the pipe AND you that way you don’t have to be as worried abt not getting it back and litering in the ocean, just an idea

    Scorpion 9511Scorpion 95112 days ago
  • What about a Bamboo "crack pipe" but yeah u might think am i to cracked up not to know that Bamboo floats, hmm yes but what if u put like a Stone or something in it to make it heavier but not so heavy that it will sink to fast, like if that Bamboo CRACK PIPE weights around 30gramms then use like a stone with a weight around 15-20gramms idk if that could work cuz the bouancy of the bamboo would maybe require a bit more weight ... but I think to test that out its up to you. ( sorry if my english is not that perfect, Greetings from Germany and the lovely Crack flooded Frankfurt 😂😅 )

    Daseko GamingDaseko Gaming2 days ago
  • It's one single PVC pipe fucking relax it'll probably give a crab or something a home

    Dominic BenedettoDominic Benedetto2 days ago
  • How muck does that cost

    Screaming PotatoScreaming Potato2 days ago
  • How many times have you attracted a shark because the spearfishing or because of your crack pipe lol such a funny name for a fish attracting tool.

    Joshua ChandlerJoshua Chandler2 days ago
  • Just attach a line or ripe to the pipe amd that wont happen

    Justin SmithJustin Smith2 days ago
  • Why not attach it with fishing line to you or your boat so if it goes too deep you can pull it back up

    WillWill2 days ago
  • This is not your average crackhead

    Aye Are Tee Ello PeazAye Are Tee Ello Peaz2 days ago
  • What if they made those pipe things eco friendly

    Bunny YeonBunny Yeon3 days ago
  • Sorry to hear that Maybe tie a bobber and line to your crack pipe

    Frederick GrankeFrederick Granke3 days ago
  • Just as bad that you’re actually fishing the fish we’re running out of... as well as littering...

    Lewis CooperLewis Cooper3 days ago
  • Ah yes so you bait the fish to come to you instead of finding them. Dude I don’t disagree with hunting as I hunt myself but at least don’t bait the animals before hand.

    FlamityFlamity3 days ago
  • I was on board until you said "not the drug"

    xTINYtOOthPICKxxTINYtOOthPICKx3 days ago
  • The fact he made this short is telling us he honestly didn’t mean to litter. He could’ve easily have just said he caught a fish with a crack pipe and not say he littered, props for this man for being honest to us.

    Xdpe47_KingXdpe47_King3 days ago
  • It’s a 3/4 pvc not a fucking crack pipe

    Yt WifiYt Wifi3 days ago
  • Start talking about crack pipes and the first thing I think of is Hunter Biden...

    Liberty RevolutionaryLiberty Revolutionary3 days ago
  • Loosing one piece of PVC to the ocean bed is in no way comparable to dumping trash in the ocean.

    Liberty RevolutionaryLiberty Revolutionary3 days ago
  • I thought this was hunter biden

    Just A PatriotJust A Patriot3 days ago
  • I have so many questions

    Le Cynical FoxLe Cynical Fox3 days ago
  • He was sad he lost a cheap pvc pipe when he got like a 50 pound fish

    LF_ CalebLF_ Caleb3 days ago
    • @dungen master ohhhhhhh ok yea that makes sence now

      LF_ CalebLF_ Caleb2 days ago
    • It’s not about that as much as it is about littering

      dungen masterdungen master2 days ago
  • Yeah and I love crack heads

    Sergeant Meme’sSergeant Meme’s3 days ago
  • I mean... Why not just tie fishing line through it and to you... Like with surfboards

    Nikki DunhamNikki Dunham3 days ago
  • I'm tea total and like it that way😇😊🤗

    A HA H3 days ago
  • Remember kids, crack pipe responsibly

    Kaitlyn BuckKaitlyn Buck3 days ago
  • Crack kills

    Anne NesemeierAnne Nesemeier3 days ago
  • Yeah I love crack pipes too

    Jselse ,.Jselse ,.3 days ago
  • Out of context

    Carlton ParksCarlton Parks4 days ago
  • Why dont you just have some fishing line attached to the pipe?

    Sheepdog OutdoorsSheepdog Outdoors4 days ago
  • I too use a crack pipe for crack

    Fat CatFat Cat4 days ago
  • Your a dk u are killing fish slow deth why man why

    mizHitzzmizHitzz4 days ago
    • He’s not killing them slowly if you shot a fish and caught it you would get it and stab it in the head.

      ًً3 days ago
  • Get him shark, get him.

    Kevin NKevin N4 days ago
  • Have u tried tying a long string to it I use some fishing road string and tie it up in side a small hole I drilled inside the pipe then I tie the end of the string to the boat so I don’t loose it I use more string if needed

    Wild WolfWild Wolf4 days ago
  • Apes: I love crack pipes Advertisers: *hmm interesting*

    E GgE Gg4 days ago
  • reminds me of the show King of the Hill when all of his friends we're out fishing feeding the rock cocaine as bait I never knew that actually work I'll be damm lol

    Matt GMatt G4 days ago
  • I accidentally paused the video and the only thing I hear was “I love crack”

    someonesomeone4 days ago
  • Ok hear me put why not tie a thing line to it before you throw it just in case as well

    BhinoBhino4 days ago
  • You always makes my.day dude.

    Glenn EchaviaGlenn Echavia4 days ago
  • Question, are the big fish that came mauhi mauhi or something like that. And aren’t they like sorta deadly??

    :} Daddy 21:} Daddy 214 days ago
    • @:} Daddy 21 nothing

      ًً2 days ago
    • @ً what

      :} Daddy 21:} Daddy 213 days ago
    • @:} Daddy 21 :D

      ًً3 days ago
    • @ً thx i didn’t know for sure

      :} Daddy 21:} Daddy 213 days ago
    • No they aren’t as far as I know deadly fish like triggerfish pufferfish etc live deep in the see so it’s pretty rare to see one

      ًً3 days ago
  • Honestly don't let it bother you. I'm sure your method of obtaining food is so environmentally friendly that you could drop a few and you still be better than most

    18matts18matts4 days ago
  • is this guy eating on leaves

    Rampant BucklerRampant Buckler4 days ago
  • Forget tiktok u are doing perfectly fine on youtube bro

    UNKNOWN unknownUNKNOWN unknown4 days ago
  • Uh

    Cavon WeathersCavon Weathers4 days ago
  • Yummy fish 🤤🤤

    SilverZergSilverZerg4 days ago
  • POV: You're Hunter Biden

    GranukeGranuke4 days ago
  • Next time pay attention its bad luck you have the stinkies ame to get a dang mahe mahe it doesn't take that long to kill a mahe mahe

    Christina ReedChristina Reed4 days ago
  • It's called a crack pipe because that's what you use it for not the crack read between the lines

    Germain DiazGermain Diaz4 days ago
  • Why not attatch a device that floats it once it hits a certain depth or pressure?

    helmsplitter0233helmsplitter02334 days ago
    • Cause a device like that doesn’t exist and if it does I’m sure millions will be using it instead of a crackpipe

      ًً3 days ago
  • I was hoping a fish would have brought it back and smack you with it's fin for dropping it

    Jordan HuguenardJordan Huguenard4 days ago
  • Resemble other fish? Ok............

    My HeroMy Hero4 days ago
  • 4000 feet deep o_O I feel bad for the crackpipe down there all alone

    HorizonHorizon4 days ago
  • I'm terrified of the ocean so it's amazing to see a person just jump right in and catch fish. Have you ever seen a shark?

    lsd puppylsd puppy4 days ago
    • They obviously won’t be swimming in shark infested waters only insane lunatics will do that so no need to get scared :D (unless you are a insane lunatics that swims around shark infested waters) and if they are swimming in shark infested waters well good luck buddy.

      ًً3 days ago
  • Try attaching thick Fish wire

    Bluey1698Bluey16984 days ago
  • At first I thought it was a home made stick of dynamite that you where gona blow up and deal splash damage to fish

    Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box Bfdi4 days ago
    • Putting dynamite in the water is illegal therefore meaning 3-5 years of jail it kills the fish nearby and destroys landscape

      ًً3 days ago
  • I gotta ask...when you're out there, cutting up fish, getting blood all over the place, are you ever a tiny bit FREAKED OUT OF YOUR GOURD about sharks? Cuz, y'know, I would be.

    Mark LowryMark Lowry4 days ago
    • He obviously would not be swimming in shark infested waters and the sharks smelling that blood is very low.

      ًً3 days ago
  • I didn’t know Hunter Biden knew how to scuba and spearfish!

    kingcoopakingcoopa4 days ago
  • Homie be sound dumb asf

    Little bit of EverythingLittle bit of Everything4 days ago
  • Bro said I love crack pipes

    Josh MartinezJosh Martinez4 days ago
  • E

    YeastYeast4 days ago